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[Manga Dub] All the women at work hate me until they find out that my daughter is my niece [RomCom]


That girl is creepy she doesn't seem to be affected by her parents death who's gonna take care of the child my family couldn't look after someone like Dan I also don't want that either she says things as though she knows what I'm thinking if I had a granddaughter like that around me it would be so bothersome say I.

Am my daughter we can live together okay thanks this place is a little small but will you be right with that but you know you'll get used to it after a while from now on We Are Family let's have a good time I I'll be going now teacher please take care of I yeah yeah see you later pop wow it's a sunny day today my name.

Is kotaro shirishi my sister and her husband passed away so I have recently become a father for their daughter my relationship with my daughter is going well my life was going well and so was my work it was not exactly the situation that was because I had one worry I wish that their mood would be as nice as this weather good morning Miss a guy yeah.

Yeah oh as usual she is cold towards me good morning Midori Kawa the thing I told you about yesterday oh really thanks good morning let's work hard today Mo you're energetic this morning as well I don't look good with an annoyed face and it doesn't match my character either good morning outsuki good morning well they say and what they.

Do are different why only me yes this is my worry the people in my department are women and as you can see they're all beautiful there is ran Akai akane Midori Kawa and mo outsuki the first two of my seniors for some reason in this planning department these three women are called towards me they're really unfriendly did I do something to them just until.

Recently and they were not like this Papa can't seem so happy can you tell there are some difficult matters you worked hard you're such a kind child oh I feel moved by it ah Mr cervaishi there is something I have to tell you oh what is it I'm sorry just on you but next month our Nursery will all right we've arrived this is where I.

Work so I have some sorry Bill let me quickly stop didn't you take the morning off yes in order to see the in-house Nursery here I say hello my name is her daughter 's daughter for three months what so the nursery she goes to close I see so that's why you're gonna have a go to the in-house Nursery yeah.

We're gonna see it today I want to make sure if it's a good fit for or not so Mr shirishi you were married no she's my sister's daughter we had some issues and I'm now taking care of her oh what she is a quiet child she'll be in your way so could you let her stay here until it's time for the nursery they accepted me and I without voicing any complained.

That I was surprised in particular what surprised me were those three women's reactions Hugh hates Peter harms his dog I was wondering what I should do if they were funny towards I too well I didn't need to worry about it your name is I right is the air conditioner not too strong if you'd like you can use this blanket oh you thirsty you can drink.

Anything you like juice or tea same Mr shiraishi does she have any allergies can I give her some snacks hmm thank you very much this is saying something a child around check it out incredible it might just be my imagination but I think those three are a little bit more friendly towards me it's thanks to I maybe I should pray to her that might.

Have good fortune for it in the end it was our big misunderstanding after I saw him being called Papa I felt so embarrassed for my misunderstanding no wonder he wears no ring jeez I wish I asked him right away so you girls were the same he both liked him but had given up because you thought he was already married but I couldn't.

Stop liking him it was becoming painful just to see him so I became unfriendly towards him uh but this is our chance isn't it now that we know he's single we don't need to hesitate hold on a second just reflect on how cold we have been towards him for all this time we had been so unfriendly to him but now that we know that he's not married we change.

Our attitudes to him completely is the worst that's true as a grown-up or rather a person it's unacceptable is it the worst well what about it there was a right path for love in the end the person who goes for it wins whoa and since I am cute I can just tell him that I had misunderstood him I'm sure I will be forgiven for that if you two are.

Going to give up be my ghost I will not give up how you talk girl I will not let you have him when Earth happened hey shivaishi sorry you thought I had been behaving rather strangely towards you recently as a way of an apology we should have lunch together today hi I am so sorry to have been called towards you until now they.

Had a misunderstanding towards some things a misunderstanding exactly so I will make sure to make it up to you hey wait a minute there I had been talking to him first oh really sorry about that you were so small that I didn't see you oh you have guts don't you Mr shivaishi how about having lunch together oh but those two it would be better to.

Leave those two monkeys alone something but me exactly it's obvious they have all fighting to get you I can't walk quietly if things stay like this yeah it was quite flustered it was good that these women became friendly towards me compared how they were before this is too much of a change what happened they would try and spend time.

With me just the two of us alone or keep each other in check in particular atsuki is over the top she doesn't hesitate to come right up to me this is easy all three of them like you papa if you like like you you see it directly I love you is what it is but seriously yet what it seems to me from the past I was sensitive to people's emotions it's.

Sweet and thick It's mighty and a little black I knew that my sister and her family were spooked out by her when not taking care of her properly when they pursued her desire so honestly it feels better that way the reason they are taking care of me is because I am your daughter the vision is clear it is so simple and clear it's good it's so easy.

To understand very good I see yes they all are good people in particular your Junior worker Miss Moe and the way she talks is a little out of place but she is very kind I know they're good people but I can't just leave things the way they are if this really starts to affect the work that would be bad also I can't even think about dating someone right.

Now I don't plan to either the next day I asked the three of them to come see me and told them at the start I'm really happy about how you feel about me but I also think that we can't inconvenience a company either oh right now I want to point I first I can't think about other things I am really sorry I know I'm not putting this very delicately and I'm.

Being very straightforward with you shivaishi Mr shivaishi Mr shivaishi what have we been doing all of us I want to hide myself once again I am so clumsy I didn't want to have to go through that that's not what I had intended are you all right the way you did it was maybe not the best but I thank you for liking Papa I I am happy that you feel the same.

Way about Papa I like Papa very much too my real dad and mom they always fought and they didn't like me on that day Mom and Dad were going out so Papa said that he would take care of me during that time but both of them died in an accident that is why I have been relying completely on papa papa doesn't have anyone he likes he doesn't try to date.

Anyone it's all my fault so if you all could continue to like Papa I would be happy too hi I'm so sorry I'm sorry she is really crying she cries easily I'm surprised thank you sister MOA this is the mother's instinct a true one Moe likes children after all she was the one who talked and looked after I the most she is being a good dad I can tell when.

I see that child yes he is a kind person there must be hard times but he doesn't show it all the time at all true he is serious and sincere and takes care of other people at all times that's why I that's why we came to like him after that the three of them went around to apologize to everyone for causing them the inconvenience after that they.

Returned to their normal cells or not quite they all seem better somehow I wonder what happened I says happy people and look satisfied with herself and that was not the change that happened to those three sorry about all the things we've done to you I know it doesn't make up for it but if there is anything that we can do to make it up to you let us.

Know I have prepared the documents for this matter also for the next meeting here they are this is for I it's a cute lunch pack I prepared for her really cute yummy it's delicious and Joseph falls on your tongue of course it's lunged at the cutest girl on earth made after all I am sure that the taste is the best too I don't.

Understand the connection between one's appearance and The Taste but Lois lunch looks incredible when I made it it doesn't come out right say more teach me next time the three of them came to have better relationships with each other on top of that they started to help me now on various matters I'm sorry to trouble you with I all the time it's no problem.

We enjoyed doing that so no worries exactly don't apologize we would rather want to hear just words of appreciation oh thanks oh are you crying aren't you a man but you too Miss Akai your eyes are a little red really no this is because my eyes are itchy the two one of them seem happy they also seem to be having a good time.

You're right I you can understand everything yeah papa I'm happy for you oh thanks I what are those eyes so creepy why do you know what I'm thinking you said something strange the nursery again didn't you why'd you become such a creepy child how should I know it's not my fault I'm sorry a dream I we're having Curry tonight.

Papa thank you always thanks to you papa I am happy and enjoy every day but I wonder if it's okay for me to be with you am I not in the way of your future a ticket to the theme park yes my uncle is managing it how about we all go together you said something quite incredible I didn't realize you came from such a rich family this is so popular right now on.

Top of that these are priority tickets theme park yeah it sounds fun but I might not be so good with huge crowds of people I want to go oh really will you be all right it'll be a lot of people there it's fine I want to go I want all of us to go and have fun and it was a weekend I came since I was so into the idea but so many people everywhere it's.

Like a wave of people wow it looks like we could really swim at it all right let's go we can enter from the staff's entrance so no problem for someone amazing she is looking like a goddess right now let's pray to her for now maybe we will all have good luck oh this is Mr muscle he is giving up balloons I don't go too far away from us eyes were.

Shining and she started running a little flustered by it but I was also relieved it's been a long time since I've seen I enjoy herself like this oh let's see it the fun color the happy color say let's go over there next come on words don't pull on my arm they all seem to be having fun papa is gentle.

Strong and an incredible person he has always been like that puts me ahead of everything and thinks about me all the time that's why he can't have lovers he doesn't want to make a family if I weren't here he might be together with one of the three ladies now and be happy maybe all right I found you your playful daughter that was this princess this way.

You can see fur into the distance Papa I don't know about women's Hearts but I do understand you you're probably thinking about something strange again right because Papa if I weren't around you would be more happy I'm happy I when you're by my side it makes me happy that makes my life enjoyable Papa they are really a wonderful daughter and father.

Oh I started to cry so easily at things like this all right as we agreed on earlier here today is for I we will make sure that she has a great time yes the princess dress suits you yes as cute as I am this is the limited edition Frappuccino here I have some oh there's a racing car that children could ride on let's go on together Mr shirai I look.

This way wave I'll take a picture now Mr Shiva is too big for the ride he's being shy how cute oh that's true hey shirai make sure not to let I fall so I where do you want to go next there's a VR Corner as well apparently the theme park bought the rights to a game called building Fantasia or are you hungry eye there's a restaurant over.

There everyone what is it I I am really happy right now I am having so much fun everyone thank you after that I continue to have a great time she laughed a lot so much more than I'd ever seen her do before then Simon by very quickly look at the time we had so much three of them very well well I think they took care of eyes so.

Much they must be tired thank you so much for today hey don't mention it Moy was the one who got us the tickets of course I'm thankful to alsuki but he made sure that your weekend will be free from work right hey just let us take care of such thing for that though here's.

Usually consider a girl but she is the one who really is considerate of many things for all of us um I wonder what kind of dream she is having as she spoke she took careful to speak quietly so they would not wake up she was a considerate one my senior co-worker looked gentle but Dory cower.

And outsuki were sleeping happily I can't thank them all enough thank you so much I was truly glad that we could come here today I could see I having so much fun although her name men's loved she didn't receive any love from her parents as her family as her father I want to protect her future I want to make her happy but when I saw I playing with.

Other I thought for a second maybe someday there will come a time when I choose someone and that's what I feel as a lover a partner as a member of eyes family the candles stay like this forever I can't lie to the feelings that are starting to grow inside me but I want to think of what's best for I there will probably come a day when I have to.

Make up my mind I don't think that day will be too far off maybe I'm just arrogant or am I just being selfish but that is what I can't help thinking I want things to say like this just a little while longer thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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