Home Manga Dub [Manga Dub] “Are we gonna… KISS???” I came in close to the delinquent girl at school [RomCom]

[Manga Dub] “Are we gonna… KISS???” I came in close to the delinquent girl at school [RomCom]


I'm naoto Kubo I'm not extroverted enough to be overly friendly with girls but I'm also not introverted I'm just a normal high school student with a few friends in my class there's a beautiful blonde girl with a mean look in her eyes who everyone avoids Chihiro ogami has long blonde hair and.

Slanted eyes she wears a worn out uniform with buttons missing in places because of her scary appearance there are bad rumors circulating that she's a Yankee yours interacting with delinquents from other schools and my seat happens to be next to hers good morning Olga Misan good morning she greets me back but.

She's a bit scary she always frowns and looks scary but she's probably a nice person kubokoon yes could I borrow your notes for Japanese but of course I handed over the notebook to ogamisan instantly thank you is Kubo being used by ogamistan today as well it must be tough sitting next to oga Misan.

People around me say that I'm being used as an Aaron boy but I've never done anything like that even now I'm just lending her my notebook Olga Misan thanks me properly so I believe she's a good person gym class today was volleyball all right that's it for now start cleaning up okay time goes buying a blink of an eye in.

Gym class next we have to move classes hmm there missed me I saw students playing with the ball even though it was time to clean up geez you guys will get scolded if he catches you wonder what they're doing Olga Misan is glaring at the boy playing with the ball it's true that it's not good to play.

Around during cleanup time oh shoots my hand slipped where are you aiming the ball changed course and headed straight for ogamisan who was standing next to me oh no careful huh I reflexively moved the shock on my head felt like someone had punched me with all their might I know my vision ouch.

Oh got me son are you okay when I looked up at oga Misan her eyes narrowed and she was looking up at me with sharp eyes for some reason oh my God I pushed ogami son down I'm sorry I was aiming to cover you but I ended up pushing you down she must be angry oh got me son.

She suddenly came near my face and she's pretty close so close we could kiss I'm prepared to get yelled at yo why stood up and reached out her hand to me I grabbed her hand and stood up kubokoon saved me right thank you no not a big deal oh but it is no uh afterwards we received an apology from the two boys and augamistan immediately.

Forgave them I'm glad I ended up with just a slight bump during lunch break I went to the infirmary just in case the pain in my head is subsided and I was feeling much better Misan seemed to have been waiting for me head okay ah yes.

I just got a little bump is all see I wonder if she's worried because of what happened but I'm really fine so I should change the topic Olga Misan if you don't mind why not have lunch with me huh look everyone started eating above all I want to eat with you ogamisan was I being too pushy.

I wonder if she thinks I'm weird if you insist oh thank you it was my first time having lunch with ogami-san she and I moved to the courtyard and we were sitting side by side on a nearby bench we sat down but we're silent the entire time hmm.

We were silent even when we started to eat the sky is blue and wide having absolutely nothing to talk about I ended up mumbling about such an obvious thing I was the one who invited her to eat so we should talk about something.

I heard a cry from somewhere I found the source a cat in the distance it's a cat maybe it's lost oh gummy son she's glaring again scary uh Olga Misan do you dislike cats I don't dislike them why would you say that no because you're glaring at the cat over there your eyes.

Look sharper than usual over there pointed my finger and explained but it seemed as if she couldn't see it any chance making fun of me I'm not kidding you it's really there oh the cat came on its own thank goodness you're right it's a cat origami-san.

Gently patted the cat's head there there see I told you sorry for doubting you I don't really care enough to want an apology but ogamisan seems to be used to handling cats and the cat immediately became attached to her it even laid down to show its belly it seems she couldn't see the cat I would have thought anyone could see it from.

That distance maybe origami-san has really bad eyesight that would explain why she suddenly approached my face during PE Ace on do you have poor eyesight yeah very bad so that's what it was she was frowning and had a scary look because of her poor eyesight.

I wonder why she doesn't wear glasses kuboku uh it's nothing I figured it'd be better if I didn't ask about it now um hey what are you pondering about yo ow my sister suddenly slapped me on the back it hurts like hell that's definitely going to leave a handprint.

That hurts big sis you're strong so take it easy on me what I'm just worrying about you can't you just approach Me Gently but no since you got home you've been thinking for a long time did something happen at school as expected mother you are Sharp I told my mom and my sister about ogamisan I also told them about the.

Contents of ogamisan's Bento which I caught a glimpse of were only bean sprouts and white rice oh my that is concerning if you have bad eyesight all you have to do is buy glasses but I wonder if the contents of the Bento have something to do with not doing that.

I thought about that too but I wonder if it's okay to rush into it today was the first time I had a proper conversation with ogamisan it would be rude to barge into her family issues all of a sudden no no I plan to and if you get to invite her over please do so mother.

Always smiles and she's a little goofy but she's very reliable in times of need I know of course my sister too I began to actively talk to ogamisan she started opening up to me too recently we began walking home together ogami-san let's go home together sure.

Kubo's been with ogamistan lately huh isn't he afraid maybe she isn't that scary as she looks kumacoon thanks for always talking to me of course after all we're friends so it's only natural it's fun to be with Olga Misan after all I had misunderstood her because of her appearance kubokoon is the only one who is kind to.

Me that's not true if only everyone knew you're a good person when I said that ogami-san stopped can you listen to my story you could do it while walking of course I actually live in a single mother household she began to talk about herself as we walked she's from a single.

Mother household however her mother is physically weak and finds it difficult to hold multiple jobs so the family is in poverty I was working part-time to help out but it's suited for jobs that require customer service or communication just with those words I could understand the hardship ogami-san was going through.

I'm sorry for suddenly telling you such a dark story I'm an idiot I should have reached out to her sooner Olga Misan can we work together work together for starters come to my house oh of course I don't mean it in a strange way I just think I could be of some help to you with her approval I invited oga Misan to my house.

This is my classmate Chihiro ogami nice to meet you I introduced Olga Misan to my mother and sister augami-san seemed a little nervous it can't be helped since I forcefully brought her here oh my is this the girl she's cute it's a hero Chad I hope naoto didn't do anything strange to you are you all.

Right what happened to your trust in me to Hero Chan let's work together dear huh me too huh then I explained ogamistan's situation in my sister's room they chose clothes that fit her size mother gave ogami-san a tupperware filled with food for dinner kubokoon thank you for today and thank you for coming to my house so suddenly.

My sister and mother seem to have taken a liking to ogamisan when I get home I'm sure they'll annoy me to bring her again your mother is so kind and good at cooking and your older sister is a very caring person I even got some hand-me-down clothes had a smile on her face.

I was glad we can part here all right get home what's wrong forgot something yeah and just what I thought she was about to come back here kubokoon thank you so much I'm glad I got to meet you she said to me with a huge smile on her face.

That smile origami-san is really cute the school Festival was approaching so everyone's role was decided all right this patient if you'd like to be in charge of finances shopping me I was waiting for someone to raise their hand when ogami-san who sat next to me.

Raised hers she's still scary so I don't think as I heard the class Roar quietly I had the urge to shout out and refute me even if I speak here now about the good things about ogamisan it probably wouldn't make a difference all I could do was raise my hand to think we'd be.

Sent on an errand right away we got everything right yep that's everything we finished buying everything we needed but Olga Misan why don't we take a break at the park I'll buy you some juice okay thank you for the juice kubokoon no problem by the way why is the park actually there's something I want to.

Give to you this these are glasses they're based on the data you gave me about your vision test so I think they'll probably match I thought that origami-san would be happy to receive them I can't accept it I can't accept this all Gummy son you have done a lot for me already even your mother and sister you all have been very.

Kind to me but I haven't returned anything to kubokoon to everyone I can't do anything for you Olga mistan while she was happy she must have also felt apologetic that's why you can't accept the glasses ogamisan nodded slightly well then I took out the glasses and put them on ogamisan can you accept it as a.

Gift for me because I want to see you smile huh at first I was afraid of you and found it difficult to approach you but as I got to know you you thanked me every time even for the smallest things and I realized you are a caring and kind person and your smile is beautiful too kubukoon that's why I want you to wear those glasses.

I don't want you to be misunderstood by everyone just because you have a mean look I also want to see more of your smile I got it I'll take care of it does it look good on me yeah it looks great on you thank you very much kubokoon the smile I saw on her face that day was without a.

Doubt the best smile I've ever seen I vow to stay by her side and watch over her so that this smile could be seen more every day after that Olga Misan became positive it seems that wearing glasses has improved her impression and helped her feel more relaxed if you don't mind would you like to hang.

Out with me next time as a result everyone became less afraid of her and her classmates began interacting with her thanks to naotokun every day is fun I'm also happy to see a lot more of your smiled shihiro if you were to stay by my side I might be able to smile even more leave it to me.

I said confidently after that I confessed to Chihiro and we became lovers which caused many people to Envy me but that's another story thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.