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[Manga Dub] As we practiced for the role as a married couple for a school play… [RomCom]


I'm takayuki sakamaki a high school sophomore I'm not really good at making conversation and I'm always by myself at school I don't initiate conversations so people around me don't try to talk to me either between classes I'm always reading or listening to music but recently there's a girl who takes.

The time to talk to me she's my classmate Yori Sasaki she has good looks great grades and is nice to everyone everyone says that she's so pretty that every guy she meets will fall for her good morning I also secretly admired sasaki-san I always gave her short replies so she couldn't tell how nervous I was to talk to her she started talking.

To me after our class seating chart changed and my seat became next to hers what are you listening to I don't think you know this song I was listening to a classic oldie hit my parents often listen to the songs of their youth so I grew to like the genre too so much so that I don't really know the current popular songs how I have to know can I.

Try listening sasaki-san took out my other earphone and put it in her ear wait sasaki-san's face got close to mine and my heart started pounding this is the first time a girl has gotten this close to me I know this song you're listening to an Aldi huh sasaki-san paid no mind to my.

Nervousness and kept listening I somehow kept my cool yeah I'm surprised you know such an old song I'm Not likes this song since I started listening to oldies with her I like this genre too is that so that's how I came to like the oldies too by the way how long are you planning on listening.

I thought it would be nice to listen to it together that's why you were only using one headphone right no no I only use one headphone so I can make sure to hear if someone wants to talk to me it's not like someone would talk to me but I was prepared just in case I may be bad at talking to other people but it's not like I don't want.

Friends I just don't have the courage to start the conversation so I'm always hoping someone else will take the lead okay that's over I stopped my phone when the song ended I was embarrassed to keep listening with her so I also took my earphone back wanted to hear more I think you should be careful about keeping an appropriate.

Distance with people sasaki-san regularly would do things that would make people think that they had a chance with her as a result boys kept falling in love with her and there was an endless amount of boys who would ask her out and get crushed we had a little small talk and the bell to start class rang.

I guess we'll stop here for today yeah if we do it like we always do we'll be fine I called my friend since middle school ryutakuzui over to my house and we had just finished practicing a skit in middle school we started the skit Club shin sengumi and I kept it up as a hobby we were planning on performing our skate.

Gear towards the elderly at a retirement home this weekend but takoyuki like I've been saying shouldn't we find one more person to join our club even with shingo we only have three people we really could use another person I know that but if you know anyone who wants to join please let me know right away don't you have any other.

Friends you know I don't have any other friends besides you and shingo how about you all of our friends at school are already in clubs so they don't have the time to join ours muta and shingo go to different high schools but we always spend time together and we all weren't close to anyone at our schools.

Is there really no way to find any other members just come up with something like you always do I'm not a magician it's not like I can do anything and everything with a snap of my fingers I'd really like a girl to join don't make this even more difficult I really can't do that but if another member were to join I also wanted it to be a girl.

I'm in charge of writing the skits but without an actress we couldn't do a skit I really wanted to do I guess we'll just have to do it with the three of us like we always do without any leads we had to give up had both my headphones in and was listening to music while heading to school while walking someone tapped my.

Shoulder from behind good morning sakamaki Koon good morning sasaki-san I'm surprised to see you here no one ever talks to me on my way to school so I was surprised but I answered her I just happened to leave my house early today since I run into you let's go to school together sure that's fine but I don't think you'll have any fun walking.

With me come on yes I will we like the same music and I think we have a lot of things in common sasaki-san started talking to me about oldies so we never ran out of things to talk about I had never talked to someone about a shared hobby besides my middle school friends so my conversation with sasaki-san was very novel before I knew it we had.

Reached the school I was walking the school Halls to go to the bathroom and a classmate who had never talked to me before stopped me suck a monkey you seem really friendly with sasaki-san lately really I don't think so why does a nerd like you get to come to school with sasuke-san my classmates were in a bad mood I guess.

They didn't like that someone like me was with the popular sasuke-san we just happened to run into each other it's not like we plan to meet up even if you did just run into each other you didn't have to walk together whenever I talked to her she's always Curt with me why do you get to talk to her all friendly like that.

That's right that's really unfair I knew about these two they were always over familiar with sasaki-san and after she turned them down when they asked her out she had kept her distance sasuke-san is nice to everyone so she didn't ignore them but they were pestering her what do you want me to do about it so what you don't care about us.

Because you're all friendly now with sasaki-san but I don't know what you expect me to do don't talk to sasaki-san anymore it pisses me off that a guy like you is even allowed to talk to her you should say that to sasaki-san she's the one who's always talking to me or are you telling me to ignore her.

That would be rude to sasuke-san you're not allowed to ignore her you guys are being ridiculous they were just being jealous they eventually went away still looking pissed but if I kept being friendly with sasaki-san more people would become jealous I thought maybe sasuke-san and I could be friends but now I had to think about what would.

Happen to me if I became friends with a popular girl sakamaki Kun let's eat lunch together why her seats are right next to each other and you're always eating alone if we eat here we don't have to go anywhere if I eat lunch with her would someone get jealous again.

I couldn't help but worry rather than eat with me I think you should eat with the people you always do I already told them about this so it's fine I tried to gently turn her down but she wasn't going to take no for an answer without waiting for my reply she had brought her chair over.

He saw my worried face and she asked me in a concerned voice if other people wouldn't see us I wouldn't mind so I hastily told her I did want to eat with her of course I do if you're okay with me sure sasaki-san had already laid out her lunch on my desk I let her take all the space she needed when I looked around I.

Saw all the boys staring at me with a jealous look on their faces so this is how it's going to be I'm not even the one who invited her I was about to cower but I decided to keep my head high and eat my lunch so I wouldn't worry Sasuke San am what after school when Sasuke San asked.

Me I looked around people had been glaring at me since lunch but I felt more jealous stairs what's wrong she noticed my concern and also looked around the boys glaring at me immediately looked away so she wouldn't see what was going on oh um I'm busy after school today is it maybe bothersome for you to be around me I.

Tried to make an excuse but when I saw her looking at me sadly I swallowed my words this isn't her fault I felt bad seeing her sad like that no it's no bother let's go home together I didn't want her to think I was rejecting her so I decided to leave school with her hey sasuke-san why did you want to go home with me I had never spent this much.

Time with her alone I finally decided to ask her what had been bothering me because I wanted to be friends with you with me why I'm just a nerd because you're nice even if people talk badly about you you never say anything bad about them that they know about how you volunteer on the weekends hear the shows.

Gets to the elderly right why do you know about that it's not like it's a secret I hadn't told anyone about my club I was surprised she knew about it you're going to the sunflower retirement home this weekend right my mom works there she told me about a student from my school who always shows interesting skits there I see so that's.

Why you would talk to me you should have told me you knew thought you might get nervous if I knew that I was the daughter of someone who works at the retirement home that you go to and I was just like interested in what kind of person you were so I wanted to talk to you as your true self although it didn't.

Really matter I did feel nervous talking to her not knowing that she was the daughter of a staff member there was no issue to show my true self but now I felt pressured to watch my actions seeing as I was a guest at the retirement home but if the people at the retirement home found out what I was really like do you think they would be.

Surprised it might be a little surprise but I don't think it's a bad thing he may be shy but you're really nice that's all that matters now I know why you know so much about the oldies it's because your mom works at a retirement home he says they listen to the oldies a lot at the home.

She says when they played the oldies everyone is really happy all of the skits I perform are based on a classic oldies song people love my skits at every retirement home because they're comprised of acting and karaoke I had experienced this many times hey I need to ask you something will you perform in a skit with us we.

Don't have an actress so you would really help us out we've just been talking yesterday about wanting more members sasaki-san who knew a lot about the oldies was perfect I've never acted before it's not that hard it's more like a skit than a play I'd never been in a play either but everywhere we go people love us if you.

Think I can do it I might want to try thanks you're really helping me out do you have time right now yeah then you should come to my house I'll introduce you to the other members we didn't have plans on meeting today but I asked the other members to come to my house right away my two friends since middle school were.

Surprised when they saw Sasuke San I didn't think you would really get a girl to join how did this happen you write all the scripts sakibaki Kun it's amazing originally I like to write short stories but it all started when ryuta asked me to write a script for his acting Club I just thought about what.

Kind of place I would find interesting and I went from there no matter how popular a song is there's always an interlude I thought about how if there was a little play during those interludes you can enjoy both the song and the play and we increased our ideas from there we had little place before the song.

Would start or we wouldn't sing the second refrain and would use the time to act we kept adding variations now I finally don't need to dress as a woman thank you what are you talking about we're keeping the part what why why do I have to dress as a woman when we have an actress because it's funny of course we'll have you keep playing the.

Part of the Bride in one of the skits there's a bride every time we would get laughs when ryuta would appear dressed as the bride he did not look great there was no reason to cut out a skit when we would get laughs just by ryuta dressing up so you factor that in two ryut has acted before so I have him play.

The difficult Parts it's important to cast the right people it's funnier when ryuta dresses up as a woman than when I do and we started practicing for the weekend sasaki-san said she wanted more time but I had a plan so she agreed to perform that weekend it was sudden but I also had sasaki-san.

Practice and it was the day of our performance we had the staff at the home narrate for us and we did a play about the Edo period shingo played the part of a Town's person I played the part of a bad man taking money from the townspeople and ryuta played the hero the hero sang a karaoke song in the beginning and for.

The rest there was some action using a wooden sword everyone loved it and we finished our skit hello everyone we are the skit Club shin sengumi this is our second time here does anyone remember us when I asked about half of the crowd raised their hands we have a new member today I'd like to.

Introduce her please step in I asked sasaki-san onto the stage and ryuta and shingo left the stage to prepare for the next skit hello everyone I'm a sophomore at Yuki High School my name is Sasaki as she introduced herself the retirees said things like oh my and she's cute everyone looked at sasaki-san fondly.

I'm actually the daughter of an employee here this is the first time I've ever acted before but I hope you enjoy our skit everyone if my daughter messes up please give her a big laugh mom said that everyone laughed this was actually all my plan I thought the retirees would enjoy watching someone they knew his daughter more than a.

Stranger to have them enjoy themselves to the fullest I had sasaki-san tell everyone whose daughter she was afterwards we performed the Skits the Bride of Seto and junior year and then we started the skit where sasuke-san would have her first performance it was drinking together we.

Had shingo sing the song and at the first interlude I acting as the husband and sasaki-san acting as the wife entered the stage I worked so hard today thank you for working so hard dear here drink oh thanks ah it's so good I pretended to drink the drink that Sasuke San poured and immediately became drunk and woozy.

Eric get out of yourself held onto my shoulder and we ran off the stage the crowd laughed watching the wife supporting her drunk useless husband her first performance was a hit shingo continued singing and at the second interlude Sasuke San and I entered the stage again sorry for getting drunk the other day.

Here I'll treat you today I pretended to pour a drink into a cup with an empty sake bottle and handed the cup to sasuke-san oh really and sasaki-san took not the cup I handed her but the sake bottle and chugged it you're drinking that it's so delicious all right let's go to.

The next bar wait Sasuke San grabbed my head and she pulled me off the stage crowd laughed again at the performance of a wife with a bad drinking habit and her whipped husband she acted really well and after the third course was sung sasuke-san and I entered the stage again.

To act the final part sasaki-san entered the stage with her arm locked around my head dragging me with her in her other hand was the sake bottle and she was already drunk right let's go to the next bar you're still not done drinking I don't have any more money all you're saying is stupid the night's.

Still young please let me go home I fell to the floor exhausted sasaki-san held up a sake bottle and struck a pose as the song came to an end so did the skit everyone laughed and clapped thank you I stood up and bowed the retirees said things like good job and that was great everyone cheered for sasaki-san what a great debut performance.

Afterwards sasaki-san performed in one more skit it was a night trip I played the part of the doctor and she played the part of the nurse we sang a duet and also performed an original love comedy skit that was also a success and everyone clapped for us the event was over good job everyone we had our usual wrap-up party at a family restaurant.

Sasaki-san your acting was so good we only had a little time to practice but you were perfect it's because they only had a few lines but it was pretty crazy we do have to change as fast as we can so we don't have to make everyone wait it's always like that for us all of your scripts use oldie songs.

And songs not right now since our goal is to make our elderly viewers laugh some employees at retirement homes we performed at told me things like I haven't seen that Resident laughed that much in a long time when I heard that I was really happy knowing that I could have that kind of effect on other people if they.

Enjoy our performance that much I want it to work even harder for our elderly viewers understand how you feel I saw how happy everyone was today and we strengthened our friendship and Bond as a club and ended the wrap party feeling more motivated than ever to keep working hard thank you for today.

I'm really happy you joined our club on our way home I thanked sasaki-san again thank you for inviting me hey sakimaki Kun you know how we pretended to be married and also boyfriend and girlfriend today don't you think it would be interesting if that actually became a reality a reality I'm talking about us dating for.

Real come on you know I'm not good enough for you she said it so naturally I thought she was joking I would be happy if I could actually be her boyfriend but I knew my place I'm being serious sasaki-san stopped walking and looked at me with a serious look on her face I could tell she wasn't joking and I.

Suddenly felt nervous why it's so sudden it's not sudden ever since my mom told me about you you've been on my mind and since we started to talk for real and performed a skit together I was sure that you were the kind of person I thought you were he may be reserved at school but at your Club you're so alive and excited.

You're like a different person I could tell how kind you were and how you really valued the elderly just because of that you don't care that I'm usually a loner I want someone I can trust to be by my side I've seen a lot of people who seem to be a good person on the surface but talk about people behind their back.

You're not two-faced and you have a kind soul I feel very relaxed around you those kinds of people are really hard to find I'm not that much of a good person I was happy that she was complimenting me but I was unsure that I was actually the great person she thought I was yes you are don't worry have some.

Confidence in yourself sasaki-san gently hugged me she must really believe in me if she really felt this way about me I wanted to reciprocate those feelings I also like you you're nice to everyone around me if you're really okay with a guy like me I'd love to go out with you sasaki-san and I became a couple the.

Other club members thought our relationship was suspicious from the start and congratulated us a lot of people are jealous of me at school but I made a promise to myself to have confidence and hold my head high and tell everyone that I was her boyfriend thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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