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[Manga Dub] Beautiful girl finds out that I’m a hero… [RomCom]


Hey you dropped your handkerchief well thank you so much her name is kotomi ichisei and she's the prettiest girl in school I picked it up to hand it over to her get it away from me I don't want to touch anything you touched okay I wasn't expecting that I have no idea why she hates me so much.

But then again the majority of the school population hates me so I guess I'm used to it are you sure it looks expensive I don't want any delinquents talking to me but I'm not a delinquent I know why she called me that it's because of my face.

My name is Yuta misushima and I've always been told I have a scary look on my face so everyone seems to be scared of me I recently heard a rumor about me apparently I barged into a middle school nearby to beat up a group of punks the truth is I only went to the Middle School to drop.

Off my little sister's lunchbox on the other hand kotomy is smart and pretty she's perfect in every way she's equally kind to everyone and is the most popular girl in school however she thinks I'm a bad person she won't come anywhere near me the only thing different from the others is that she's not the least bit scared of me.

My mother advised me to volunteer at an after-school activity club near my house I don't have any friends at school but I want to become somebody who helps people in need when I grow up I think this is a good place to start taking care of elementary school kids eight nine ten okay here I come oh the monster is coming for me.

do you realize you're hurting my feelings a lot as you can see the children call me the monster whenever we play heroes and villains I'm always the he who cannot be named character I'm glad my scary face is useful here.

I have no complaints as long as the children are happy Utah what are you doing here hi um well you gotta help me he's gonna rip off my fingers one by one that's really gross kotomy came to pick up her little brother since her mother couldn't come.

I'm surprised to see you here I have never imagined you to be volunteering to work here well I wasn't expecting you to come no we're playing with the children here because you don't have a single friend at school cut it out.

That it hurts my feelings I realized she misunderstood everything I decided I should explain myself to her so everybody has avoided me because of this face it's not my fault I've never been in a fight I'm just an ordinary introvert well you do have a scary face has anybody told you you're rude.

I'm volunteering here because I want a job that can help people in need in the future so you want to become a hero it's not like that I just hope I can be someone people can come to when they need help I know it'll be difficult since people run away when they see my face.

Uh I'm so sorry why are you apologizing I completely judged you by how you looked and I said some things I never should have I feel awful about it you don't have to worry about it it's strange how someone who looks so scary can be so kind is that an apology or an insult.

I'm just kidding don't blare at me like that I'm not glaring this is my regular face it felt nice to have somebody to talk about these things thanks to the coincidence kotomi started talking to me more at school however um can you stop talking to me when we're.

At school wait why I'm scared that people will start to notice you're being self-conscious going to notice anything well I can see a few heads turned towards us right now they're looking at us.

Maybe they think we're a couple no I think our classmates are more worried about your safety hey katami you can't talk to you it's not like that interests see they're all worried about you don't have to be scared of him I met him yesterday at stop what's wrong you can't start yelling.

Like that I'm sorry I freaked out but you can't tell the others what I do what it's a nice opportunity for others to get to know the real you kotomy you don't understand what will people think when they hear the creepy guy with a scary face is volunteering at a children's after school activity Club.

I see you have become the most popular guy in school I don't understand how your brain works cultural me I realized culture me might be more of an airhead than I had expected that afternoon kotomi followed me to the after school activity Club um why are you following me.

I'm going to go pick up my brother oh okay but we don't have to stick so close together do we we arrived at the activity club and the children came to greet me hey man let's go play tug no he promised to play house with me and the girls come on guys no fighting.

Wow you are so popular stop being sarcastic it's annoying when it comes from the most popular girl in school you're taking it the wrong way Utah I just said what I saw it's nothing else is this a woman huh woman you've been cheating on me.

Cheating leave this Earth how could you do this to me wait stop nothing's going on between us I don't want to hear any excuses please can you just hear me out is this her playing house the Tommy it's your turn next home right.

Just as I expected kotomi is popular with the children she hides her personality well with that pretty face hush playing with kids is more tiring than I'd thought it would be let's believe a single day don't you want to play with everybody.

Else over there I know no that's too bad girl she did not get along with everybody thank you for carrying my brother home nah it's not a big deal how do you play with those kids every day it's amazing.

It's not that tiring once you get used to it you know you did quite well considering it was your first time with them I know I'm glad they liked me so much I envy your people skills it took a week for them to get used to me no you're their first choice no doubt but I.

Girl who didn't see herself be talking about yuzuki she's always been shy she doesn't try to get to know people she's shy huh yuzuki doesn't like it when I talk to her I don't know whether I should keep.

Trying or if I should leave her alone it's not like you to give up huh that downbeat attitude doesn't suit you especially your face don't bring my face into this I'm just kidding she needs to realize how much her comments hurt me.

Yazuke was watching you play with the other kids the whole time I have a feeling she wants to get to know you better really well I can try talking to her again yes I mean next to you rooting for you huh next to me.

I feel it's my responsibility to be there for your emotional support I didn't quite understand what she meant but I was thankful for her support I started talking to yuzuki more starting the next day yuzuki do you want to hang out with me no I want to be alone I tried to keep a positive attitude but.

She was stubborn about wanting to be alone which reminded me of myself I wondered if I should pull back yuzuki can I join in on the fun great how about the three of us hang out huh what did I do wrong is it me or is she suddenly angry I I think I know why she's feeling that.

Way do you not see it at all I see I guess you're too ignorant to see the obvious look who's talking you rude Airhead woman I'm pretty sure yuzuki is jealous of you and me jealous it's kind of obvious she has a crush on.

You Utah what she probably doesn't know how to talk to you since she has feelings for you that can't be true there have been no signs there are plenty of signs you should be able to tell if you just try to notice oh gosh she's expecting me to notice communication signs when I've had no.

Friends my entire life oh you girl killer dude don't ever call me that kotomy and I kept discussing what we should do to get yuzuki to open her heart she told me she had a good idea in mind the next day yuzuki.

Can I ask you a little favor what your mother told me you're good at drawing can you teach me how sure wow you're awesome at this huh yuzuki you've got Raw Talent what's going on wait who drew that.

Picture yuzuki was teaching me how to draw look how talented she is right she's really good it's pretty too can you teach me too me too uh okay I'm glad it went well me too we were both relieved our plan.

Had worked use your key is mature for her age so we thought it would be better to set her up with a younger age range the next day at school it was nice to see yuzuki getting along with the other kids at the club I know it's all thanks to your plan kotomi no it's all to you Utah.

I thought of the idea while I was watching you well I guess hanging out with younger kids is easier to do since there's less pressure you should make some friends too I like the way life is now you're lying I know you want friends no I don't I'm willing to be your friend if you ask.

Nicely no thanks since you pay me 500 yen a month I have to pay you hey that's really cheap however the piece didn't last forever we went to the after school activity club on Monday to find yuzuki absent I wonder what happened to yuzuki.

Maybe she got sick I'm going to ask around a bit wait I'll come with you kids told me yuzuki was at school but nobody had seen her at the activity club yet I got worried and went out to look for her and is that yuzuki wait who are those guys.

He got my clothes out doiti it's gonna cost a hundred thousand yen to clean these are your mom and dad at home if they are introduce us I'm sorry for ruining your clothes I'm so sorry what the what do they think they're doing she's still a kid I grabbed one of the guys that were.

Surrounding yuzuki excuse me do you have a second what who the what are you planning to do with that child should we get the police involved it's a monster oh my gosh what's up what's up face we shouldn't mess with him we'll end up in the hospital.

We'll be going now what the heck oh well they're gone now use a key are you okay I was so scared they're there I'm here now you'll be okay she seemed terrified I stroke yuzuki's hair to calm her down hey Utah oh caught on me.

Things under control now can you stroke my hair too huh why obviously I said no the guys were gone and the problem was solved or so I thought the next day after school kotomi asked.

To see me we headed up to the school roof since she had something important to talk about you were so powerful when you saved yuzuki from those guys yesterday oh really all I did was look at them not that you barged in without any hesitation even if it was against three.

Guys at first I thought you were stupid but then I realized your face was scary enough to make them run without having to do anything um I don't know if you're complimenting or insulting me which is it I was just desperate to save yuzuki I wasn't thinking about anything else that's what I'm talking about you don't.

Hesitate at all when you're trying to protect those who are precious to you watching you made me realize how I feel about you and I wanted to ask if you would be my boyfriend what my head blanked out I was not expecting her to say that to be honest I don't hate cotomy but I don't know what should.

I say I want you to protect me as you did with yuzuki with your face why does everybody have to emphasize my face if that's the reason I'm going to say no protect yourself I'm going to say no to you saying no I want to go out with you you're scary looking but you love kids and you're so.

Reliable this doesn't sound like a serious conversation oh no he only like little girls don't you cut it out I just don't like you that's all you are such a jerk right back at you anyways I decided she was rude and not.

Worth my time however kotomi didn't seem to understand my answer she kept approaching me day after day she would grab onto me during lunch and she even started making obento for me as for the other students in our class they were did you hear about Utah apparently he.

Sent some guys to the hospital just by glaring at them look he seemed so annoyed that the prettiest girl at school is hitting on him he he's so cool I want to be like him seeing the whole situation wrong I just know they're going to add this event to the list of my fake achievements.

As for the girls I heard he even dumped katami he's like a cool rebel I love it I love how he has a scary face but he's so nice to kids maybe I should hit on him or would he beat me up I'm a cool Rebel wait I would never beat a girl up I wasn't sure if I should be happy or sad about what everybody was saying.

About me you know I'm going to marry you when I get older are you sure you want to live with this face huh your face is so handsome I love looking at your face it's the best thing to look at in the world nobody has ever told me I was handsome.

Yeah I guess I'm not ugly to everybody's eye I'm so relieved that's not going to happen sweetie Yuta is with me I'm not losing to you all tag oh your little brat aren't you stop it cuddle me you're supposed to be the adult here and use a key why are you being so aggressive.

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