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[Manga Dub] Being wanted by the most popular girl in school…she keeps coming back! [RomCom]


Hey can you be my boyfriend anybody would be surprised the most popular girl in the next classroom just asked me out of nowhere her name is Sana nanasay she's a typical Japanese uh yaru gorgeous looks with a banging body hair dyed blonde with full makeup on and don't forget the short.

Skirt everybody turns when she walks down the hallways everybody stares when she walks the streets she's an idol a goddess and she gets everything she wants so for her to be asking me hello did you hear me do you want me to say it one more time I'm just a regular nobody why would she want to go out with.

Me no I heard you no wait organize your thoughts um no is this part of some kind of game you guys are playing no games I'm dead serious are you trying to trick me into something.

I'm not trying to trick you either don't expect anything from me I have no money hey no what you don't need me you have all the guys Wrapped Around Your Finger I hear many stories of Sana and her many suitors and I'm not even in her class.

There's not a day that goes by without Sana being asked out on a date my classmates guys in the same grade older younger basically everyone guys even come from other high schools and universities to talk to her sorry hmm well yeah I get asked out a lot I'm not denying that but that has nothing to.

Do with me wanting to ask you out right Ah that's true I guess right you should have more confidence here show me your smile huh you're so adorable don't make fun of me.

She's very friendly and close no wonder guys fall in love with her she just touched my cheeks yes I will admit it Sana is making my heart be hard and fast however I can't just say okay let's go out it's not like she just suggested to take a walk together here's why we only started talking the other day we.

Didn't even know each other until then that's right Sana and I we know nothing about each other I know I had seen you before but I didn't even know your name until recently right so but I can't help it huh.

Shihaki I have a major crush on you but we only talked one time why are you laughing I know you're right but I fell in love in that one short time I know I'm being silly how can everything coming out of her mouth sound so cute.

Well they say love is blind hmm how can I get you to believe my feelings are sincere oh yeah oh can I kiss you what the I'm 16 and I think I might get my first kiss if I was only kidding or if it was just a prank I wouldn't kiss you right she.

Grabbed my arm and my eyes naturally wandered toward her lips it looks so soft her eyes they're pulling me in closer and closer and plus what are these soft things pushing against my arm yes I'm a virgin I guess my reaction was obvious enough for Sana to realize that too.

Oh you're so innocent yeah she's totally having fun with this hats off to her techniques I can't well I can't do this how could she act this way I don't understand how this comes so easy to her I guess a kiss isn't as much of a big deal to her since she has guys all over.

Hitting on her all the time she probably thinks it's as easy as some gangsters doing this their special handshake so do you want to how about a preview of what I'm capable of how can these words be coming out of such a pretty face no actually I I have somewhere I need to be hey don't make up such obvious lies.

I shouldn't have helped her out the other day I've never had a girlfriend no girl has ever looked at me like that so yeah I tend to get dreamy when it comes to relationships but this situation it's so crazy there's no build up no nothing I can totally see myself dangling from her fingertips and getting myself thrown.

Out the window the moment she gets bored I'm not saying all this just because I'm scared of pretty girls I swear a few days earlier if what she said was true this is the incident that caused her to fall in love with me it was after school and our teacher had assigned me to water the flowers.

Gosh I can't believe he's making me do this I look like I don't have anything better to do I mean I don't but still that you can't catch my knuckleball that was weak man what a peaceful day today is take this whoa the ball's out of control wow.

That ball is flying really far wait I had started running before I realized I was putting myself in danger the ball has hit a window and the window glass had broken it was a totally clueless girl walking right where the ball and all the glass would fall.

I ran as fast as I could watch out what what the what's going on don't move has the glass plummeted to the ground I heard the cries of the other students and Sana finally understood what was going on let's say are you hurt.

Did any of the glass hit you um no I'm fine thank God um so huh I think I'm fine you can let me go I'm still holding you I'm so sorry no it's okay can you look at me I want to say thank you to your face okay I looked up slowly.

I finally realized I had saved the school's most popular girl it was definitely an emergency but I can't believe I grabbed the hottest girl in school like really grabbed thank you for saving my life hey do you want to get some coffee yeah I think I have somewhere to be huh where is somewhere wait tell me your.

Name I would rather stay anonymous wow he's so fast I didn't tell her my name but Sana knows everyone and it wasn't difficult for her to find me hey chiaki I finally found you she just came in the classroom and called out to me like we've known each other forever.

And that was what happened with her before she asked me out the suspension bridge effect when people experience danger and see the opposite sex they mistake their pounding heart for the feeling of falling in love that must be what Sana is feeling that's why I'm certain that when this phase is over she'll realize how much of.

A nobody I am and toss me out well that's what I thought good morning she's acting like nothing happened even after me rejecting her she kept coming to my classroom to talk to me he made cookies in homec just for you here to open your mouth they're hard shaped thanks do you like it.

Uh-huh you like you're so funny she kept coming to me can I borrow this sure but it's probably too big for you I don't mind okay if you say so thanks I'm gonna try it on yeah it's so big I told you I always wanted to borrow clothes from my boyfriend huh.

It smells like you she kept joking about us and she was good at being sweet at the same time she was coming to me all day every day I could feel the other guys hating on me the looks they gave me were intense damn it I'm so jealous of chiaki chiaki give me your jacket how much how much do you.

Want that should be my place my place my place I wouldn't be surprised if they killed me I know she's doing all this because of the suspension bridge effect however I'm a healthy young male her coming to me so many times makes me unsure of my decision of rejecting her no no calm down shiaki just going to dump you.

Eventually I slapped my cheeks so hard it made me stop to think she might not dump me if I become a better man if I was good enough for her she won't have to feel the need to break up with me basically I'm just lacking confidence gotcha whoa sauna.

Did I scare you oh I see she startled me because I was just thinking about her but Sana seems to see more through my facial expression hey are you okay huh well you have this really gloomy face on I've always had trouble with keeping my feelings from showing on my face you're overthinking I was born with a.

Gloomy face really hmm you know come to think of it you do have a gloomy face ah thanks for the unneeded comment I'm just kidding here straighten your spine it looks better huh I didn't hit you that hard wait a second hey.

Oh my expression is definitely easy to read but at the same time Sana is a very insightful person damn I wasn't expecting her to hit my back but I should have kept my voice in is this Scar from when you saved me um well I'm not really sure maybe maybe not don't play dumb with me okay yes it is I know it why didn't you tell me I.

Didn't want you to feel bad about it of course I feel bad about it wait me saying that would make you feel bad huh anyways we need to get you to the nurse's office so I can take care of you huh no it's fine I'll just spit on it I will rub my saliva on your wound if you are not willing to go to the nurse's office.

Oh okay let's go to the nurse's office please very good I just can't win with her can I okay a little better now thanks no it's my fault to start with I'm really sorry I didn't notice sooner hey don't say that how would you have known without me telling you you really are a kind person.

So soft hey you'll get in trouble for that I'll be okay I'll get off soon oh um I want to teach you something teach me something come here I slowly walked towards her end here what pulled my arm and I fell onto the bed.

With her her face is so close your face is so close she's thinking the same thing my heart is pounding way too hard alone with the hottest girl in school in the nurse's office she wants to teach me something we're on the same bed and her face is like right there.

I'm starting to imagine all sorts of things wait a second I'm not ready for this don't worry about it you just need to let it out it'll feel really good let it out that I feel really good watch me okay yeah bye loser B and hello new awesome.

Me Jackie so much but but believe me okay that was not what I was expecting you should have seen the look on my face you know how it feels a lot better if you let it all out I do this all the time at home too you should try it whatever's on your mind just let it all out.

Oh I finally realized and I wanted to punch myself for having such nasty thoughts Sana had brought me to the nurse's office not only from my injury but she wanted to care for my heart too hey you think I'm a don't you huh no not not that much you said that much which means you do uh.

Just so you know I'm not easy I don't go around hooking up with anybody who comes to me and FYI I've never even had a boyfriend seriously I thought you had all the men in the palms of your hands I can't believe you just said that you just admitted that you think I'm easy I dug a hole for myself but Sana was.

Pretty good at drawing it out of me on top of that she had heard what I had said earlier you said that you lacked confidence but I think you are very attractive huh there aren't many people who could risk their safety to save someone they don't even know as far as I know I've never met someone as awesome as you is.

It because she's the prettiest girl in school no I was sincerely happy she said that and it's probably because she's a very warm and bubbly person to be honest I had already realized she wasn't what everybody says I was just scared to go out there when I realized that I didn't feel.

Gloomy anymore thank you he looked like a ripe tomato don't make fun of me well I really like your face when you're blushing ah you're killing me here hmm I don't know if I want to stop my favorite expression of chiaki is the serious one he had when he saved me from the.

Accident it's too embarrassing to tell him though did the ouchies go away yeah they went away good I'm gonna have to change you for the medical treatment you're gonna take money from me I'm just kidding you can thank me with a kiss if you want yeah.

Yeah so cute you're killing me I didn't think I would have to use what Sana taught me this soon thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well