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[Manga Dub] Can the teacher and student fulfill their long awaited marriage without troubles…!?


The Moon is beautiful tonight that's true I'm glad we could meet before the moon got waned hmm what do you mean Oh you mean you prefer the full moon as opposed to the Crescent Moon you want to become a teacher right you haven't studied enough you should read more books you are schwitz kanoa you're right I.

Should also study more when I'm discharged from the hospital I should go to the library I will take responsibility for your injury akihiko yeah I need to worry this is something that I did on my own no I've already decided my mind has been made up I heard from my father my family has been like this for Generations when we set our.

Hearts on something we will never hesitate again I know her it's a promise when I become a grown-up I still remember her promise and the softness of her lips it happened when the moon was lit by the pale Moonlight it was a promise made long ago the night before I was to become separated from her it's been a long time since I saw our dream.

About such a long ago pass my name is zakihiko izayo I mainly teach Japan classic now at this rent high school as I promise in that dream I studied hard and I was able to become a teacher at least but oh student council president good morning wow you look great today too I saw the get-together meeting with the other school last week it was a very.

Interesting in a deep topic thanks I also think that I was able to spend a meaningful time to think that the next day I would see the person herself repair to my dream her name is kanoa mochizuki as you can see she has many supporters and she is a student council president of this school her grades are at the top she is good at sports and is.

Truly a multi-talented girl you've really become a wonderful girl she probably doesn't remember this anymore but long time ago we used to be good friends as both of our families knew each other when I am a grown-up she said now that I think about it she was quite mature for her age she's almost about to be 18 I think she really grew up.

Wonderfully I thought compared to her I am that's Mr izayoi is he coming this way he is a grinning I wonder if that rumor is true that you see sexually harass the female students oh that again I wonder where that rumor came from compared to the popular multi-talented student council president I was made fun of by strange rumors miserable teacher.

What a great Gap there is between us now Mr Israel that's true when it's sunny like this it makes one feel good her name is mismoka Koto she is my co-worker and she's easy to talk to she's truly gentle like an angel yes me too too when it's the monsoon season I know it's just how it.

Is but when it rains all the time I also feel kind of down I am lucky to be able to talk to her from the start of the day I think there'll be something good today oh I worked hard today too what it's open did I forget to lock the door when I left this morning welcome home what I have turned 18 today please let me make the promise I made at the time come true.

Akihiko I have already gotten permission for both of our parents there is no problem at all so please take this what a marriage form yes this is the proof that we will become a married couple this is to prove that we will be husband and wife I have already filled out the information that could be completed so the rest should be filled in by you with.

Your sign and your seal akihiko what was that a dream or an illusion I don't think that was a scene from real life maybe I'm tired I saw a Dream from the past so that's why I'm seeing such a delusion this ringtone is Dad do you remember kanoha not much of a greeting my dad's throughout the conversation like this actually my company has not.

Been doing so well these days what is this I feel like something bad is gonna happen it is when we're about to have a bounce check when an old acquaintance of mine contacted me into told me that he would partner up with my company with good terms it's really a great deal there is just one condition for that is that perhaps rise that his daughter and.

You get married to each other did you finish the conversation does this mean that daughter of my dad's old acquaintance is you yes that's right I'm glad you understand the situation akihiko this is a win-win for both of us don't you think no no I'm a teacher and you are a student I don't care about such a thing.

Resisting her requests from long ago so so that everyone could be happy all right she pressured me on with her demonic smile I had no strength to resist such a strong willed mine that is how at least on paper we became husband and wife we are gonna live here from today the expensive looking apartment that was in.

Front of us was one incomparable to the cheap apartment I used to live in yes this is where my partner and I were gonna live from today wow the rooms are big and there are many of them there are two bathrooms jeez it's better to live in a place with a good security system you don't need to worry about money I was paying for the rent and all to begin.

With akihiko please use your own money for your own things well yeah I appreciate that but as a man I couldn't do that really when she showed me her bank balance I was surprised that I lost my words the money that she told me that she had earned was much more than my annual income that she could earn so much money at your age is incredible in.

This age talent and can make money according to her she is earning tons of money from creating applications printing novels which were published online and so on well it's just too incredible that I don't know what to say you're just defying all expectations well well leaving that.

Aside for now I will pay for half of the rents and other costs I do have that much money at least okay hiko you have not changed in that respect it would be better if you just let me take care of you well what kind of teacher is fed up by his own student it's not only that I'm older than you but it's not right that you should take.

Care of me completely although it was pressured on me we are a married couple I want us both to be on equal grounds otherwise I'm too scared to think of how things could be in the future I like I lied of you Aki what I wanted to be with you I told you before I will support you forever let us.

Be good husband and wife to each other kanoha she bowed deeply to me it felt him real I thought that I was still in my dream all right akihiko it's dinner time wow it looks delicious these are all the things that I like fried chicken with boiled vegetables miso soup with finely chopped radish is your favorite right here you are this is the fried.

Chicken oh uh I can eat on my own open your mouth oh no so the reflex it's already been 10 years but my deeply ingrained habit is still there oh it's delicious I'm glad I made a lot so make sure you eat a lot too after that she was taking care of me so much you must be tired I will give you a massage I can rub down your back since we are married.

It's natural to sleep in the same bed right Canoa I don't think this is a good idea you see I'm a guy it's fine you can do anything we are married after all it's not good I will not do anything to you until at least you grab you wait why does she like me so much did I do something to her before why are you worried about me did my father ask you.

To look after me well that too but that's not all I want to be good friends with you know I really made advances on me well the Temptation was great such a small girl could change so dramatically it's no wonder that I was so flustered it's the first time that I've been liked in such a pure way I am happy for sure but akihiko I found you Noah let's eat.

Lunch together here is your lunch wait wait your voice is too loud or rather don't cling to me this kind of thing is not good here it's fine I confirmed that there are no students around here but this is school you're a student I'm a teacher let's minor positions I see you prefer to make out in Secrets is that what turns you on can you not give this.

A completely wrong interpretation Mr izayoi oh oh miss kodo it's nice to see you here it looks like miss mochizuki it was just clinging onto you just now that is a misunderstanding I almost fell down and she helped me out that right Miss mochizuki yes if that's what he says that must be true I see well I should get going I have to bring in some.

Material for my next class that was close I told you we were almost caught yes what a Pity what my life as a teacher was close to ending just now I know how we are not to touch with each other in school and call me Mr Isaiah it was good it was Miss codo but if it had been someone else the matter might not have ended there there are strange.

Rumors going on already I want to avoid it from getting any worse and I don't want to have her involved in it you don't think that I am trying to act like a grown-up a kid who is not so cute well you are mature for your age but you know many things and I think you're cool you are a strange person you are the only one who says such things you also call.

Me by my first name did you not like that somehow I thought you would prefer to be called by your first name without any honorifics I don't mind it I like being treated equally oh then that's good yes thank you wakihiko things quieted down after I told her not to come close metering school is not how things worked out it seems as you.

Thought as long as there is no one watching that it's okay you are looking nice today Mr izayoi I want to go home quickly so we can have some time for ourselves alone she were friends from coming into physical contact but she tries to tempt me with sweet words and gestures from time to time oh work somehow finished today too no one's.

Advances on me are getting more and more drastic she doesn't try to hide her feelings towards me at all she really changed she used to be more distant with people Canoa was always mature for a rage and a genius because of that she wasn't able to get along with people around her as far as I know she was always alone her parents were busy and.

She was at home alone dude come to my house which is next door to hers she always looked like she was holding back on something and burned herself in reading it looked painful say what are you reading before I realized what I was doing I started talking to her after we talked a few more times we started to get more friendly with each other I.

Remember that when her family moved Noha was unusually happy about it she said that she wants to support me for the rest of my life but if she is worried about what happened at that time she doesn't need to be anymore no one tells me straight that she likes me I feel drawn towards her but if she's doing out of her guilty conscience what is this.

Male oh break up with Canola mochizuki otherwise I will tell everyone the truth when I open the attached file there was a picture of me and kanoha walking together side by side now every day close are you all right don't cry if you're a fine then I am oh no it's Mr Isa yoy that thing got spread.

Around was that for real after I received that threat mail the rumor against me became even worse he laid a finger right there's a picture to prove it I hear how gross the pictures seems to be taken when I moved from my old apartment into the new one somebody had seen that but why now I need to do something otherwise kanoa will be in.

Trouble as well or or is this a good timing to let or is this a good timing to let her go no more this atonement I want to tie her down when she has her life ahead of her say it once more if you are going to say bad things about people based on false rumors that is an immoral thing to do but nonsense don't be controlled by such Illusions and.

Judge with your own eyes I have ignored this until now but this has gone too far if you are going to make fun of Mr izayoi I will not forgive you what is backup Mr isawa sandwich the student council president is deducting strangely say I've seen her once talking happily with Mr isoi seriously that is so shocky because I admired her is she making.

Money by going out with Mr Isa yoy this is bad kanoa it's enough when you try to defend me you're standing in school it gets worse and worse it doesn't matter they get say whatever they want to say I cannot bear to see you tried it in such a way why are you doing so much for me I have been looking at you for a few.

You've always been a dedicated teacher who cared for your students you are a little clumsy but you have always been running around in order to help others you have always been such a wonderful teacher akihikawa do you remember 10 years ago when I said that I don't want to move and that stupid girl that I was I ran out of the house.

Me from a card that almost ran over me and you broke your right leg that leg doesn't work well even now right I know that you wanted to teach Sports and that you had gotten offers from universities for that I took your tree away that's not so kanoa that couldn't be helped it was unfortunate compared to your life that was nothing you were always like.

This protecting others you're right like you I like you you cannot forgive those who make you suffer I cannot forgive anybody who makes fun of you regardless of who it may be I'd pressured her to such an extent 10 years ago was also like this she was crying at that time too I made up my mind as I saw the tears.

Falling down her face there is no one was a covert want another message was sent to me sender's email address was different but it was probably the same one sender as a previous one in the broadcasting room at 12 pm whatever the corporate wants I need to settle this matter Mr izayoi Mr kodo why are you here I received a strange email and was.

Told to come here at 12pm she too criminal intents would involve her into this as well uh Mr isai could I ask you something this is kodo well I heard a strange rumor that you might quit school oh why do you know that that was something that I had only told kanoa it might not be the best solution but I thought it would put an end to all of.

This oh really why well I thought that I was not suited to be a teacher and thinking of taking over the family business thank you for everything up until now quits if you are worried about but it's not a problem what please go out with me then that rumor will go away in an instant I like you you are serious and.

Gentle I have liked you for a long time all right then everything will work out a grown-up should go out with a grown-up one should be together with someone who is sustainable for each other please I'm sorry there is someone who was important to me a girl that I cannot leave alone so I cannot answer your.

Feelings I'm really sorry why that is strange I was always kind to you why such a naive girl like her you are the naive one aren't you you send threats and a picture you are so Shameless Canoa what do you mean that you were kind to him you had planned it all I hold of all of your SNS accounts even the anonymous ones oh you are the one who spread the.

Rumor about Mr izoi R2 Miss mosaco kodo so it was you you were the one who got in the way you've gone the way of my love to continue and manipulate the person you like I know that you planted a hidden microphone in his apartment as well shut up hold a girl like you know about anything he would have come to.

Rely on me and would have only looked at me when I was so close please stop why'd you get in my way I know it was by farce right it was a political marriage I am simple for you tell me so I was thank you for saying that you like me but she is my wife regardless of how it started I want to be by her side no matter what maybe it's not like a crush.

Maybe it's not like a burning kind of passion but there is love however irregular this may be I want to treasure this relationship I don't want to lose it so I cannot answer your feelings and I will not forgive you if you hurt her oh what was that story about what we could hear everything all your Holyoke.

Stations over the squad broadcast Canelo did you I guess for a lunchtime broadcast it was a little dramatic I saw it I did see it the broadcasting machine was all turned on for those who have heard everything I am konoha is a friend we agreement please don't believe any.

Unfound rumors I came to this school in order to find you and I was always watching you you had not changed at all you are a kind person who sacrifices himself in order to help others that's why I wanted to protect you by any means necessary to protect you from everything that would hurt you even if you ended up hurting me I wanted to protect you I'm.

Tired it's already so late after that event everything was in great chaos there are no words to describe it it's talk about is if it happened to someone else jeez oh nobody's friends any strange rumors about you this time can disturb the school atmosphere I'm joking and someday they will understand there will be other students who will.

Stand up for you they did not believe in those rumors oh you can always show me a group chat with the students were expressing their anger and reaction to the unfounded rumors about me they helped us in many ways that's how I was able to get the proof look at this don't quit Mr Isaiah I saw those words I also started crying if you would prefer we.

Could end this Noah the reason I was hurried into getting married and moving out was because of that woman now that everything is over there is no need to continue this life as it is we can say that it was in order to catch misoga Koto in the act as for the Business Partnership I can ask my father to continue that you also don't need to.

Quit your work as a teacher there are many things that I wanted to tell her there are things I was still concerned with Noah but the time I spend with Kenowa until now and the feelings comes of were deniably there when the Moon is beautiful tonight oh I finally understand what you meant that time thank you kanoa when I quit my work as a.

Teacher and the way we're living right now so that's that yes yes always always beautiful thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well