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[Manga Dub] Cool girl confesses her love over video chat [RomCom]


I'm chiaki akaba and I'm kind of awkward but I do have this one female friend shiaki good morning good morning Miu she's Miu ayasaki known as the cool Beauty in my class but that's just an image that everyone has of her the truth is that she's not cool so much as just quiet and awkward.

We became acquainted when I happened to catch her meowing at a cat on the street our Strange friendship has continued like this until one day oh this is so heavy and the staff room is so far hey you're taking back to the staff room right I'm heading there so I can take.

That off of you really is that all right don't worry about it leave the heavy work to me a few minutes later this is too heavy I ended up hurting my back but this is nothing if I could help me you.

On another day when it was raining oh no I forgot to bring an umbrella should I go to the staff room to borrow one here Mew I'll lend you my umbrella but you'll end up drenched I'm tough so I'll be all right oh wait chiaki why does he keep helping me like this.

Does he have feelings for me or maybe he's just being nice as a friend but if that's the case I need to hurry home and let him know about it that night I'm stivering I ended up getting a cold that along with my back injury left me bedridden.

I'm glad that Miu didn't have to go through this at least you've always been so frail a monster no wait it's just Mom I made some porridge for you honey but what's up with the mask oh what do you think like usual I put it on and now this thing won't come off why are you getting upset all of a.

Sudden I'm the one who should be upset just to be clear this monster is my mother oh why did you lend your umbrella anyways a friend needed it so I mean but you should have known this would happen if you oh but I see.

What was it a girl tell me was it a girl you gave it to you're being creepy don't come near me with that mask on if it was a girl you should have just shared the umbrella together no way people would gossip if they saw so it was a girl huh oh such Young Love and Blossom sharing an umbrella would.

Have been so cute there's no love blossoming anywhere okay if you're done here can you just leave sure sure oh if you want to get better quickly you should pray to your guardian angel what the heck is a guardian angel I guess being helpful to others was more difficult than I thought.

You might be curious why I was trying to help out Miu so much well a little while back I asked the neighboring class a social butterfly how it could become less awkward you say you want to cure your social awkwardness but I never see you trying to approach other people come on I'm trying my best here.

Why not just go out with me then why would I do that don't you know your girlfriend is worth as much as 100 friends where's that statistic even sourced from blame the source of course sochiaki I love you I can't trust you get away from me this is Sana nanasay my other female friend.

She's overly friendly and always jokes about going out with me despite her casualness she's a lot more thoughtful than you might think some unseen what do you mean you know be virtuous that doesn't explain anything.

If you do a good deed where no one is watching someone is always going to pick up on it isn't that kind of a contradiction people are watching more than you think uh uh okay but then your good deeds will spread improving everyone's image of you once people start gathering around you.

Maybe your social awkwardness will get better well you might have a point it's kind of weird logic but it's worth a try so I started with what I could I went to school early in the morning to clean the classroom but there was a chance that the people in class didn't want me to touch their stuff so I decided to just.

Clean up miu's desk only nice now let's see how she reacts after that I waited for her reaction huh why is the area around my desk so clean did someone mess with it she must be pleasantly surprised during lunch I happened to notice her eating.

Such a tiny lunchbox that can't be enough food oh wait I came up with a great idea the next morning I left something special on her desk Fried Chicken why why good she surprised my mom's Fried Chicken Is Amazing by the way.

This was just a fraction of my acts of kindness while messing with my phone I found a picture I took oh this is the photo from the other day I forgot to send her might as well print it out and send it to her secretly maybe I'll go buy an envelope to put it.

In too someone took a photo of me who knows my secrets oh she must be so surprised she can't speak that picture I took is cute after all with all of these Anonymous acts of kindness I was feeling great and I was sure Mia was pleased too or at least that's what I thought.

During lunch that day Mew called me out to the back of the school you have to help me what's wrong someone is after me probably a stalker what she's shaking so much she must have been really scared I need to protect her can you explain what happened.

So you see my desk was all weirdly organized maybe they were trying to cover their tracks after they did something to it also there was a container of Fried Chicken on my desk even though I'm on a diet and then the hidden photos of me oh oh no that's what you meant.

I'm scared tiaki take an other embarrassing pictures of me that's don't worry about it there's nothing like that what how can you be so sure do you know something about this what no never you know I've heard before sometimes it's the people closest to the victim.

That turns out to be the stalker oh no oh but maybe I don't have that many people I'm close with she's singling me out aside from you I guess there's no one else so I guess it must be someone that I don't know chiaki if you see anyone strange around.

Me please let me know oh uh sure so close to reaching the truth but not quite there that's me for you the next day I reported to Sana that things weren't going well yeah this whole virtuous thing just isn't working out for me dude something happened.

Everything I've been doing out of the good of my heart has backfired completely oh no when someone like me tries to be kind and thoughtful it just turns out creepy that's reality then why don't you try being outwardly kind outwardly like the opposite of.

Unseen kindness yes we have to show off your good deeds so that everyone can see wouldn't that be like forcing it onto people won't that make me look kind of selfish ready to do some good out of selfishness than to do no good at all you need to have the strength of mind to not waver.

No matter what people say strength of mind huh well I'm sure if you work hard more people will start appreciating you if you build a good mentality you'll definitely cure that awkwardness too oh okay well I guess I'll try again it all seemed kind of futile but I decided to try again.

I want it to be extra kind to me you to make up for what I've done so far and this is the result of that after the first night I was feeling a little better but I was feeling weak mentally I really didn't want to go to school tomorrow and have to face Miu meanwhile at school.

We heard that pure little chiaki is out today what why chiaki is out what's going on he was caught in the rain yesterday and got a cold I think didn't he hurt his back earlier from carrying something heavy yeah he's always been so frail that's is it my fault he's out today oh right I have class duty today the.

Teacher asked me to bring some papers to chiaki's house really then why don't we go visit yeah we can go take care of him while we're at it no you can't I use Aki what's up all of a sudden if he's not feeling good you shouldn't bother him that's true I guess it'll be bad to mess.

With him too much I know where he lives so I'll deliver the papers to him oh you don't mind but wouldn't it be a bother for you it's all right please give me the papers all right then wait that's a bad idea ayasaki why because.

Because he's a creep that's why huh a creep I saw it all I arrived at school early and I witnessed him doing something around your desk wait so that was chiaki's doing that's not all he also put a weird thing on your desk also one time he put an envelope on it that must have been blackmail or something.

That must mean he was thinking of me from the Shadows all along but we're just friends right does this mean he's not satisfied with our current relationship oh no what should I do um if you don't want to go we'd be happy to do it for you no I'll go I have to.

Make sure myself I'm worried about you so I'll go with I don't need you oh so strong and independent it's cool that she faces threats head on she rejected me so coldly but I love that about her I have to ask chiaki directly I wonder.

What he thinks about me after school that day I visited chiaki's house um hello is chiaki feeling okay yes he's just sleeping right now who might you be oh I'm Mew ayasaki a classmate of his I guess I can't see him face to face then not no unfortunately oh I think I've seen I've seen her somewhere before what.

A pretty and nice girl though I guess my son's got some game I'm a little busy right now so could you please leave the papers in the mailbox yes I'll do that oh but if you really really want to see tomoaki there's one good way really what is that that night I was suddenly pulled out of bed by my mother.

Mom I'm still not feeling well don't be silly you're just lovesick aren't you what the heck no come on come on just sit down right here I was forced to sit down in front of the computer which was showing a video call what me you hey chiaki how are you feeling not feeling that good oh um I'm feeling a bit better now.

Considering all the things I did this was too awkward after a little chatting me you finally brought up the subject so the person behind all those weird incidents was that you chiaki cleaning up around my desk giving me Fried Chicken printing that photo for me someone told me they saw you doing all.

That oh God she knows I'm so sorry for the trouble he's sorry for treating it like a stalking incident not at all I'm really sorry I went meddling like that I was actually happy to know you were doing all that from me I could tell you.

Really cared that's a relief to hear I get well soon okay I'll see you at school I'm feeling better already thanks to you apparently I also have a guardian angel so I'll recover in no time that's so silly so the misunderstanding was cleared up like that and things went back to normal.

For us but it didn't end there I'm going to go now okay oh yeah bye it looked like we ended the call there but listen listen Chucky I talked toyaki just now me you you forgot to hang up the call is that the plushie I gave her a while.

Back my heart's pounding hey Chucky what do you think about him he's really cute you know what's cute about him Mew he helped carry stuff for me and hurt his back oh how cute he lent me his umbrella and caught a cold.

Super cute it's so cute that he doesn't think things through is she making fun of me anyways chiaki is just too cute I really love I'll pretend I didn't see or hear any of that I went to bed early wondering about what I saw.

Fully recovered from my cold I went to school the next day good morning oh hey good morning Miu our relationship is back to normal but I can't help but feel that Mio has become closer to me by the way it seems that the papers she delivered to me were an invitation to an upcoming open house and Mom why would you ever decide to visit.

Your high school son's class you didn't even take off that mask you said there were no open houses in high school but it looks like you were lying hmm oh and there's that girl from before Yogi's Guardian Angel is so scary it's staring right at me sorry I'm so sorry after that day Mew started getting a.

Little distant maybe it was all just in my imagination that we were getting closer before thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well