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[Manga Dub] Cute girl becomes obsessed with me… she seemed normal yesterday but… [RomCom]


Until you take responsibility for this I'm not letting you out of here the incident occurred right in a meeting room I was locked in there with this beautiful girl what's going on here what are you doing open your eyes what's going on this is all because you broke your promise chiaki I had no idea what she was talking about which makes.

It even more creepy why did she suddenly change the whole thing started yesterday morning please go out with me I'm really sorry oh geez rejected right off the bat no way shot down in less than a minute how pathetic Yep this is my classmate Miu ayasaki cool calm and collected and beautiful to boot that's me you the most.

Desired girl at school a day doesn't go by without someone trying to hit her up or some media Scout hounding her but she's not exactly a great communicator I bet her favorite book is probably how to make friends is it because there's someone else that you like someone I like if you're not going out with anybody well why not me my family.

Is very rich you know uh uh what does that have to do with anything my father works for a big foreign firm and my mom is an actress who has been in a bunch of TV commercials so that would mean your parents are wonderful people but you are sadly not am I right.

Boy she doesn't have to be so direct with a poor guy at this point Mia was her usual self uh excuse me but what are you doing will not allow you to pass until you say yes please enough of this I'm going to be late for school please let me buy jeez going all out to protect his pride.

Guess I better do something it accuse me huh is this guy pissed off it the lady says she's gonna be late you mind backing off buddy please chiaki what is this nobody said anything about a boyfriend boyfriend what's the dude yapping about so that's how it is huh just wait and.

See I'm gonna tell everyone that Miu ayasaki has a scary looking boyfriend maybe it was because I sounded a bit tough figured I was Mia's boyfriend oh well if others thinks she has a guy maybe they'll leave her alone a little glad the guy was just some schmuck hey Miu.

Are you okay uh the guy said you were my boyfriend when did this happen don't tell me she also got the wrong idea relax the guy just misunderstood that's all protecting you at all he figured I was oh yeah I forgot to mention Mew isn't really on the bright side anyway sorry you had to go.

Through that first thing in the morning yeah I'm pretty used to it by now but I have to say that guy was kind of aggressive let me give you some advice Miu if you're real clear about why you're turning someone down the guy would probably come to grips with it a lot easier and besides if the guy believes you already have a guy he won't.

Be pestering you anymore same can be said of other guys saying I have a boyfriend wouldn't that be lying yeah well just a white lie but what do I say if they ask me who it is well I guess you could just say it's me huh you Chucky my boyfriend.

Hey come on relax don't get the wrong idea I'm just letting you use my name as a friend I know I'm fine I just thought you know please don't get all emotional on me but I could never really be her boyfriend I don't really have okay put it presents I suppose.

No no I don't think so if it's okay with you I'll bring up your name whenever I'm pestered by some guy okay yeah sure I'm okay with it oh well it's to help a friend after all all the same my communication skills and why don't you be able to be a little going and friendly you.

Know smile easy going yeah I know easy for me to say right smile and Daisy going huh hmm you know what you're absolutely right I'm gonna give it a try we should both be better people right thanks for the encouragement until this point all was as usual her complete metamorphosis was to come later.

During class that same day okay kids gather into groups of two or three please okay this is my chance to smile and be friendly no way I just can't do this I have zero confidence I should team up with chihoki Chi chiaki is with our group right yeah pure Aki.

You're stuck with us come on way too close for comfort girls oh darn it too late he's already taken I had no choice but to join another group but oh you're sucky in our group we don't deserve to be in your presence yeah we're way below your status huh what do you mean status am I royalty or something.

Are you saki why don't we do this together okay please if it's okay with you so my teacher is the only one who'll accept me pairing up with the teacher she's way above us for sure yeah we're like the bottom of the barrel types she's on a whole different level from us.

Feel like a great hit the cat's gonna need one and the teacher takes pity on me I'm just not good at communicating with everyone and I ended up being misunderstood how do I become friendly and easy going I wonder how chiaki does it come on you guys stop goofing around and.

Let's do this we'll leave it with a deep hierarchy yeah foggy please give me a break he's not a great communicator either so why is he having so much fun okay Mew your turn is chiaki just pretending to be the shy uncommunicative type hello Mew are you.

Hearing me today's lunch break let's have lunch together hey it's yucky let's have lunch together sorry Sana I'm not feeling well today come on I won't take no for an answer here we come cafeteria after school why the hell are all the girls salivating over you and not us I'll beat you to a bloody pulp at the game center that is.

Come on guys that game center is off limits on school days you know that I want to talk to him but he's busy with his buddies I can't get a word in edgewise is chiaki actually a popular guy how I envy him I wish I could enjoy school life with everyone okay tomorrow for sure I have to try.

Oh hey a kitty come here kitty play with poor little me oh my God there's a whole slew of them here so I'm the only one that's alone in this world after returning home I checked the Internet for ways to become more outgoing and to make friends.

Then after a little searching I came across one interesting site awesome way to attract people and to make friends jackpot this is it I read the site in detail and decided to execute the plan the following day but I didn't have a lot of confidence trying it out on someone I did not know so.

The first person that came to mind was chiaki shiyaki was a friend and I figured he would help me out I had no idea all this was unfolding and on the morning of the incident I was on my way to school oh boy really got clobbered at the Game Center yesterday and those guys girls salivating over me.

Huh give me a break good morning holy scared the heck out of me what a wonderful day huh oh hey it's you Miu scared me half to death let's walk to school together yeah sure of course me you seems so different today wonder what's up Hey ow Mew my arm what's up I wonder if I'm.

Doing this right hello anybody home what's going on um chiaki I wanted to talk to you about something uh yeah sure am I imagining this or did the tension level just shoot up I hate to bother you with this but I have not been feeling good all morning what are you okay.

Plus something has been bothering me for some reason I don't know how much longer I can go on I'm here for you if I can be of any help I'll listen anytime knew it you really are kind uh uh yeah you think so you're the only one for me chiaki I don't mind her wanting my help but the.

Tension level is super high today for some reason so you said you weren't feeling well what's wrong and what is it that you're bothered about well you know what you were so concerned about me that I forgot I mean about being sick and about what's bothering me just kind of poof disappeared.

I'm so happy that I was able to run into you by chance this morning okay I see well if that's the case no problem but I guess there is one little thing that I'm worried about huh what is it yesterday during the class you know when we split into groups nobody would let me in their groups oh yeah as I recall you were with the.

Teacher right oh so that's it huh you're making fun of me that I was stuck with the teacher is that it huh no way why would I even think that oh yeah I bet you're making fun of me because I'm such a lousy person who can't talk properly to people you're making fun of me that's it right you got it all wrong Mew no way I would.

Think that oh okay I'm so glad that really puts my mind to rest what the hell is this is she bipolar or something to be honest this is creeping me out I'm getting a bit scared of this situation oh yeah chiaki that reminds me yesterday you said that I was your girlfriend right.

Uh yeah but I suppose I did and you did say I could call you my boyfriend right yeah I'm pretty sure I did say that too always leave me alone what what so sad so sadly that I'm about to go totally ballistic I mean we are a couple right.

No that's not right but I'm really sorry about that please at least for today don't let me be alone yeah well okay you promised please don't break your solemn promise please ah with me you always like this she seems so different.

This is getting scary then during class hey pierogi let's do that group session together again today are you okay with that ah I was going to Chi Aki what.

You promised right you weren't ever going to leave me alone yes that's right of course I promised sorry girls I'm gonna team up with Miu today so sorry what are you sure yes I know I made the right decision besides I feel terrified of leaving her alone all right then chiaki let's do this together.

Okay no problem are you reluctant to team up with me not happy I think my whole body is starting to ache reluctant not happy no way very happy during the lunch break Sana again invited me to eat lunch with her but hey it's yucky let's have lunch together sorry Sana I have this thing that I just.

Can't get out of so huh come on then after school 10 minutes before the whole thing happened I felt it was inappropriate to talk with anybody besides me you like she's acting so freaking weird today hey chiaki how could you man spending the entire day with ayasaki why you.

Didn't you learn your lesson at The Game Center yesterday sorry guys please leave me alone what's up with him don't know seemed like he was pretty upset I took off down the hall and into one of the meeting rooms this room isn't usually used so I always use it when I need to relax or just be alone.

Suddenly I heard the door lock behind me as I turned oh there you are chiaki I was looking all over for you ha Mew what are you doing here you did promise to walk me home right no I didn't wait come to think of it maybe I did wait a sec you broke your promise I'm so hurt.

You're going to have to take responsibility for breaking your promise chiaki uh what do you mean by responsibility you know exactly what I mean by that you mean I should apologize is that it um please don't come any closer if you really want to leave this room you know what you have to do right.

Just one second until you take responsibility I cannot let you out of here and just when I thought the whole thing would escalate further I screwed up my courage and me me you what's going on wake up for God's sake what's going on this is all because you broke your promise and left me alone.

Neil please stop this stop well it took a while but we were finally able to talk like normal human beings huh so this is what they call lovesick yeah more like Obsession it's not a good way to make friends or carry on a romance it's more of a way of controlling people I thought it was simply a way to make.

Friends just because you're a little shy you don't have to take the Fatal Attraction route anyway I'm glad it ended this way before I really did any damage I won't say it out loud but there's still a little trauma left I'm so sorry.

Well it's good that there wasn't anybody else involved and don't go believing everything on the internet but I couldn't help it I want to be popular and have friends like you too you know those girls are just poking fun at me that's all and those guys that's just pure Envy.

But still I envy you I want friends too that's why I'll be your friend I mean if you want that is for now I'll be your friend I think you were really close and good friend so I want this friendship to go on for for I don't know for God knows how long chiaki come on let's get going let's.

Stop off somewhere and get something to eat maybe some ice cream huh yeah uh now that we are friends no holding hands or hanging onto my arm don't agree to that please just for today so that was the end of her obsessive Fatal Attraction reenactment but during the next homemade cooking class.

Look chiaki I think it's like a razor holy holy smound after that incident I think I still have PTSD one weekend afternoon I was hurrying to get to meet up with someone tomorrow is a date no we're just going to hang out.

I made a promise to hang out with Sana Nanase from another class at school but hey there girly come play with us no please I came across a girl being pestered by some bothersome guys what a classic Trope anyways I can't just leave her like this hey what are you doing to my girlfriend.

Whoa let's respond to this classic Trope with a classic comeback did you see that glare I never thought my mean looking eyes would come in handy one day not sure if that's a good or bad thing oh oh thank you very much for saving me what's wrong.

Sorry I was just a little shaken I might have a mean glare but I'm really just a cowardly socially awkward guy all the strength in my knees gave out after pulling off a bluff like that sorry I'm not used to that kind of thing that's all right you've really helped me out you're even letting me borrow your.

Shoulder I'm so pathetic you're not pathetic you were really cool just now but still what is it when you tried to stand up your legs were shaking like a newborn deer oh where are you heading after this.

Well I promise to hang out with a friend from school I see to a date since you're so handsome nah we're really just friends with my hands still on her shoulder I finally arrived at the meeting place wait what's going on here hey sorry I'm late this is.

What so you brought that girl just to show off to me what show off you're cheating on me cheating wait I don't get what's going on that's what I want to say to you how could you bring another girl to a date calm down I'm just borrowing her.

Shoulder today's not supposed to be a date anyways not a date oh you two aren't friends is she your girlfriend then no we're really just friends wait what do you mean just friends whatever I'm leaving why don't you have a nice date with her.

Hey wait a minute Sana and just like that before I could clear up the misunderstanding she left it wasn't a date in the first place and Sana isn't my girlfriend I don't understand why she got angry instead I was cheating and now I'm angry that she left me hanging today this is kind of frustrating.

Sorry may I have a minute eh I'd like to hear about the situation so why don't we go somewhere we can sit we went to a nearby cafe and I talked about my relationship with Sana so yeah we're not dating we just hang out together once in a while I see has she ever confessed her.

Feelings to you several times actually I've turned her down each time but why turn her down she seems cute and nice that's exactly why to be honest I don't have much confidence and I'm awkward I figure there must be someone more suitable for her not someone like me who can't even talk to girls properly.

But you seem to be fine talking to me right that's true I wonder why maybe we're destined to be together no um I'm joking aside it seems like she really likes you her outfit today was super trendy and her hair and makeup were on point.

I'm sure she was really excited to spend the day with you how would you feel In Her Shoes seeing your crush arrive with another person in tow that's I think I'd be pretty shocked yeah there's no reason for me to be angry at Sana it's all my fault for.

Being so indecisive anyway so as a way of thanking you for helping me earlier I can teach you a secret method to improve your relationship with Sana if you want what kind of secret method who exactly are you that's a secret.

You have a lot of Secrets that's right girls have lots of Secrets I see but if this is going to help improve my relationship with Sana I'd like to know thus I got her to teach me the secret method the next Monday ah.

Oh I bumped into Sana that morning hey what whoops I was about to chase her as usual normally I would have chased after Sana but not this time that's because listen up a romantic relationship is like a lot of fishing in a way.

It's important for the person who's doing the catching to wait patiently especially so when dealing with someone like Sana the more you chase them the more they run away but that also means they want you to chase them so don't chase them and wait for them to bite instead.

That's the advice I was given but is this really the right thing to do isn't it counterproductive hey why aren't you following me like usual she took the bait right away Don't Panic they're still waiting to see what's going on so be patient what do you mean why you weren't.

Planning on hearing me out right huh what's with that attitude no matter what I say it's useless what do you mean useless you have something to say don't you if they start fighting back let the line loosen I do have something to say but do you actually want to hear it.

I'll listen to what you have to say so spit it out when they weaken reel them in I don't feel like talking with you acting like that fine then don't bother the last moment is especially important don't miss it hey wait oh what.

Then go for the catch I'm not ever letting you go chiaki sorry you're just so cute I just wanted to be a little mean to you cute are you being serious doesn't it usually go catch and release where's the release.

Um everyone's watching wait isn't this a little different from what I wanted the method was super effective on Sana but something went a little weird but what's wrong could it be that what I was taught wasn't how to get along with Sana.

Chiaki say something but had a romance sauna so what was it you wanted to talk about what no yeah so so about the other day I began explaining to her what happened and she listened to me with surprising sincerity I see you were late because you are.

Helping that girl I misunderstood the situation completely sorry tiaki I'm so sorry it's fine no problem at all ma'am oh really then that's good but why are you calling me ma'am I wonder why but I'm glad I was worried that you.

Might not like me anymore I'm sorry it's hard for me to control my emotions when it comes to you oh no well I think that's fine it's mostly my fault for not being more clear with you we've managed to reconcile and went to school together however it's yucky Chucky isn't this going in a weird Direction.

After I took the initiative Sana has become way clingier than before later on I went to report the results to the girl from before I'm glad to hear that it seems things went well with Sana no it's not good um I'm not sure what you're trying to say since the reconciliation Sana has.

Become quite obedient if I tell her to stop she looks sad and apologizes immediately if I tell her it's okay she gets excited with a big smile on her face and says thank you this isn't the kind of relationship I was hoping for it's become like weirdly romantic I just wanted a friendship with her.

Is that a bad thing no it's not a bad thing but you know I've never seen someone so unhappy with the development of a relationship to be honest I liked our previous relationship better sana's current attitude is just too weird I had a good friendship with her and I.

Never thought of going out with her if possible I'd like to go back to that time then let's change the strategy in short you want to step away from romance and go back to being friends right is it possible leave it to me let's try Secrets method number two.

Really who are you you seem to have a knack for Romance that's a secret I see girls are secretive and I have lots of Secrets also this Secrets method number two is going to stay a mystery until the day of.

The event you sure have a lot of Secrets a few days later the three of us gathered at a cafe after we introduced ourselves and Sana apologized for her rudeness the other day we quickly got to the main subject so why did you call me here today actually I wasn't informed either.

You like chiaki and you want to go out with him right huh uh um wow going straight to the point of course I like him I'd like to go out with him too but I want to prioritize his feelings so I don't want to force my feelings on him right now I'd like to be more than.

Friends at least so that's how you've been feeling all this time then the girl took my arm I'm sorry I fallen in love with tiaki too yeah the more I met with him the more I ended up liking him I understand exactly how.

You feel Sana but I don't want to give up these feelings of mine I see how about you chiaki me I well how should I put it no never mind forget about it what Sana I'm happy for you too the two of you seem perfect for each other don't you.

Think wait sauna if you're happy then I'm happy oh I just remembered I have something to do sorry gotta go with that she left do I not chase after her this time too no this time please go after her huh.

Do you understand why she just left why girls are always afraid afraid that the person they like will never notice them but Sana is really kind because she cares about you so much she stepped aside I made that decision thinking that there must be someone more suitable for you.

Than herself that's why I I figure there must be someone more suitable for her not someone like me who can't even talk to girls properly but she's different from me I was so afraid of being disliked and getting hurt that I couldn't move forward but Sana was thinking about me.

All along how could I I'm so pathetic I understand that you're not confident and that you are scared but that's just a misconception it's not that there's a more suitable person it's that you have to aim to be that suitable person people can change so come on stop.

Worrying and run tell her how you feel I I'm going after her I left the store and chased after Sana Sana wait a minute see hockey why did you come after me that's because you're important to me and I can't just leave you alone and stop it I'm always pushing you around with my emotions.

I keep blowing things out of proportion and getting upset there's no reason for you to like me so how can you be so nice to me I want you to hate me I can't do that if anyone should be hated it's me I'm always so indecisive and making you upset because of it you should hate me but really I don't want you to hate me at all.

Then what are you going to do about that girl I'm not going out with her I was asking her for advice on how to get along with you like before this whole thing it was actually a plan to try and improve our relationship are you sure you keep hanging out with me I'm.

Probably going to keep causing you trouble if that happens then that happens I want to continue to be with you uh if you don't mind things being like before okay that's fine with me and just like that our weird troubles were resolved we went back to the cafe to let the girl.

Know do you know where that girl oh she's headed to the bathroom I was nervous this whole time so this is a good time for a bathroom break then I went to the men's room ah what happened with Sana in the end wait why are you in the men's room this isn't a unisex bathroom is it.

Oh why why it's because I have something down there too that means you're uh girls have a lot of Secrets oh and please keep this a secret from Sana you can be a little wishy-washy but looks like you can man up when you need to.

You're surprisingly manly too did you say something no nothing so that's the reason why I couldn't talk to her normally from the start I understand now chiaki or sorry it's out of here my name is chiaki akaba and I don't have much experience with women everyone.

Calls me pure key they make fun of me for being awkward and unpopular with girls however I have shown them chiaki akaba is a man of action when it's needed sana me you you can get out on one condition you know what I mean by that right right now the two most popular girls are.

Trapped inside the gymnasium store room and I'm looking in although I'm about to leave them there you want to know why this happened well it goes back to yesterday's lunch break help a blush when we come near you you'll always be Purity.

Ah I hate you guys yesterday was like any other day was getting teased by my female classmates shiaki do you want to eat lunch together her name is Miu ayasaki the cool it girl of our class she's popular but is also my only female friend she knows how bad I am with girls so she came in to save.

Me from the situation Mew just in time thank you however just as me you and I walked out into the Halls we bumped into Sana nanasi coming out of her classroom oh there you are hey you forgot that we promised to eat lunch together didn't you.

Huh we did we did this morning how can you forget about me you fool oh then I guess I'll get going then why don't you stay with us Mio the three of us can eat together uh thanks Sana these two beautiful girls seem to be getting along great which has caused a bit of a problem for me you know chiaki.

You always seem so unwary and fragile that's why people call you pure key ah don't have to put it right into my face you know that's right nothing is worse than two girls ganging up on you sometimes it doesn't end with just the lectures okay let's go back to when chiaki was being teased by those girls yay you could practice how to act around.

Girls that way huh what do you mean by practice here goes you just can't help but blush when we come near you oh you'll always be pure key I'm sorry to say this but these two are so much more attractive than the girls in the classroom whether I look to my right.

Is this is this going to help oh my gosh so cute but don't do it if you're going to get embarrassed about it oh I look to my left don't just sit there come on say something how cute can she get something soft is pushing against my arm hey guys flip let me go huh what did you just say I said please let me go.

I just can't you're so funny my stomach muscles how pure can you get look at his ears they're bright red and the expect me not to blush when you're so close to me uh purkey you got a man up and tell us what you want try it with a firm voice that's another thing you need to work on when you don't.

Like something you gotta say no you guys are mean I can't believe you made fun of me like that you better watch your back home go do you think we went too far he told us to watch our backs well turning his back on us that night I couldn't sleep thinking about the conversation from earlier I know they're right I let.

People walk all over me I need to be more clear about what I want but just knowing what the problem is won't solve it Miu and Sana are so evil why do they have to tease me like that I know I can talk back to them if they're not in my face yes distance I just need to keep my distance then I could tell them off okay I'm gonna do it tomorrow.

I got this the next day after school I couldn't do it so I gave up and was about to head home when oh tiaki can you help us out we need to bring all of this to the gymnasium store room it's so heavy oh yeah okay I can't believe we had to stay after school to finish the marathon we couldn't finish during class I'm so.

Tired and I'm so hungry me too excuse me why am I the only one carrying stuff I was dissatisfied but I decided to continue carrying the boxes to the storeroom for them hey we'll take over from here thanks shiaki oh just a second uh okay now what what are they going to make me.

Do now however as the girls finished cleaning up the storeroom door suddenly shut oh wait the door won't open what is going on is there something wrong the door closed it won't open can you open it from that side no it won't open I completely forgot the teacher told us to be careful since the storeroom door is.

Broken I guess we're just stuck here the door just doesn't open smoothly it'll easily open if I just give it a nudge but oh gosh I'm so tired and hungry can you get us one of the teachers okay oh wait a minute.

This might be my only chance they're both in the store room they can't come near me I'm the only one who can save them so they won't try to anger me basically Miu and sana's lives depend on me so that means this is the perfect time to tell them everything I've wanted to.

Say to them well I can go get a teacher but isn't there something you guys should do before I go get help um something we need to do what is it what are you talking about do you remember making fun of me calling me purkey yesterday you both haven't given me any sort of apology for that.

Yes I did it see I can do anything as long as there's a door between us oh right that's hey I'm sorry chiaki you're still holding a grudge against us for that you're so petty that's not a proper apology did she just diss me I I see well I guess I won't be going to call for help today why you need to sound apologetic and Sana you.

Didn't even apologize to me so what do you want from us we'll do anything just let us out let's see how about you turn around three times and say meow what the heck that's such a weird thing to ask from us stop Sana we need to listen to what he's saying that's right I knew you were smart me you.

He's getting on my nerves twirl twirl twirl meow she's the best ah nothing beats me you saying meow to me is this okay she's blushing it's adorable twirl twirl twirl meow unbelievable never did I imagine ever being able to see Sana like this she's.

Just as amazing as Mew um so are you satisfied she should always be this modest ah we did what you asked us to go call the teacher now I'm so hungry I could eat a cow a hurry no can do Sana doesn't seem to be sorry enough what geez chiaki seriously you're making me angry that's fine you and your little.

Anger can stay in the storage room until PE tomorrow I am I almost forgot that I have some leftover bread from lunch today do you want it yes please but sana's being too stubborn say meow meow and maybe I'll give you some.

Chiaki stop being such an idiot sauna let's just do whatever he asks us to do chiaki you'll regret this when I get out Sana are you listening to me you'll never get out with that attitude master I want some food meow I'm so hungry meow please feed me meow well both of them are meowing now this.

Is too much fine if you want it so bad here no thank you master meow do you know chiaki I'm never going to forgive you this bread is so yummy meow ah Mew we don't have to meow anymore meow they finished the bread and started to negotiate again let us out already.

Go call the teacher I don't know I didn't want to say this but I kind of need to use the bathroom what I've been trying to hold it in but I don't know if I can for much longer it's a lie but I'm sure he'll believe me now come on chiaki open the door then here huh what is this you don't know.

What this is it's an empty milk bottle seriously this only holds 200 mL it's no time to be picky Sana I'm just kidding here an empty milk carton it's being crueltyaki come on it's just a joke damn it I thought he would let us out if he thought I needed to use the bathroom.

Sauna huh what is it meal uh I'm about to have an emergency here what milk bottle milk carton doesn't matter just hand me one oh my gosh let us out seriously me it was about to burst it's okay Sana I'll just go here give up we'll get out fine but there's one condition what is it you want us to meow again I don't care just open the.

Freaking door well I want you to forgive me for making you to do all of that huh I'm so sorry to both of you I know I went too far please forgive me I was just upset about always getting teased by both of you I mean I thought Mia was like me and Sana you always knew how I felt about my awkwardness so it made me mad.

I was hurt I felt betrayed since you two are the only ones who understand me but I feel bad about this I shouldn't have taken it this far I know it's so selfish of me to ask you guys this but I hope you guys will stay as my best friends you don't you don't have to ramble on and go on about that just get us out.

Right now I'm telling you Mew needs to go Sana I need you to turn around and cover your ears no hockey you have no idea how desperate we are I'll consider everything water under the bridge open the goddamn door oh don't mentioned water it reminds me of toilets me you I finally realized how much of an.

Emergency Mew was in I pushed on the door and it opened just like I thought it would Mew slowly make sure you don't make sudden movements oh okay sorry Miu Sana too gosh I feel bad right then me you pushed my back and it fell back into the storage room here chiaki your turn huh what.

You brought this upon yourself Mr chiaki what mute don't you need to I can't believe you guys believed me you had me tricked too I needed you to believe me to trick him well you're amazing Mew hey I'm sorry don't leave me oh you don't want us to leave you huh why don't you reflect on what you said to us when.

We were in there you can stay there and think about it until did you say PE tomorrow our positions had switched completely I was in serious trouble um I want to go to the bathroom please what well I've been holding it in too I'm not kidding oh then here how am I supposed to get it in a.

Capri Sun pack the hole is too small I don't care sauna hey sauna let's go get changed and go home you good idea ah I think I'm getting hungry again yay let's go to the cafe by the station I love their pancakes wait a minute guys oh they don't know I have my phone with me I can just call for help huh where's my phone huh can't be.

They got me good there was no way out for me in the end Mio and Sana didn't leave me they called the teacher are you okay chiaki wait what's wrong with you I'm crying dude stop weeping like a baby I was.

Reflecting hard on what I had done that day after that the three of us ended up going home together I'm so sorry guys I thought about it a lot in the storage room did you really are you sorry yes I won't ever do it again fine then we forgive you I mean I feel bad for.

What we did to you we can put it behind us and I'll make sure to keep your feelings in mind when we talk too thanks you two are the best all righty who's ready to go eat some pancakes let's go to the cafe to celebrate our mended friendship hey you guys my arms I'm lucky to have friends that don't.

Hold grudges they forgave me and moved on quickly I hope the three of us will continue to stay this way our school Festival was in three weeks our class took some time after school to talk about what we were planning to do chiaki are you excited about the school Festival.

Yeah I totally am after a long meeting we all decided on opening a maid Cafe however we need a unique theme to attract more customers I agree I know other classes are going to do made cafes too don't worry I've got an idea we just need to get into arisu Academy the all-girls school to get the recipe for their famous Chestnut cake dude do you.

Have any idea how crazy that sounds you'll get kicked out of school if you get caught chiaki do you know what they're talking about the guy seem so riled up I mean what is this Chestnut cake they're talking about I've heard of avisu Academy huh oh me you you didn't know RSU.

Academy the all girls private school is one of the most famous schools in Japan Daughters of celebrities politicians anybody famous attends there the boys call it the secret garden every year they sell these delicious Chestnut cakes at their school Festival anybody who has ever tasted it has said it's so good it beats all the other.

Cakes out there in the world however boys are strictly forbidden from entering the school grounds even on the day of the festival many boys have tried but none of them have succeeded everybody is curious about this Chestnut cake and rumors are spreading around the area wow this Chestnut cake it sounds amazing.

Well it's only a rumor none of the guys have actually tasted this cake before so even if there was a recipe it'd be hard to get the recipe exists that's why chiaki akaba yes you are just sneaking to the academy to get the legendary recipe why me.

This Is An Extremely Dangerous Mission we can't let any of the girls go that doesn't answer my question isn't it obvious you my friend he's probably gonna say trustworthy or something I will be easily convinced or the only guy in our class who has a name that sounds like a girl what the heck that's the stupidest.

Reason I've ever heard the school Festival committee leader has glasses on and looks smart but he's an idiot I don't want to risk everything just to get a recipe oh wait a second is it okay if I go on this mission huh me you well being the beautiful woman you are.

It'll be easy for you to sneak in but that means you will be put in danger it's okay let me do it stop it me you what are you doing don't do anything stupid but if I succeed everybody will thank me and I'll have more friends who like me that's what you're thinking about you're already popular I am so against this oh.

My gosh Miu you're so amazing you're so cool I'm impressed geez chiaki you're such a dweeb man I guess puraky will always be pure key fine if it means so much I'll go hey don't take the spotlight how about I go with him then you two are to go undercover into the academy to get the recipe for the.

World's best Chestnut cake you make it sound so easy and so Mew and I planned out how to get into the academy without being caught and two days later we met up to carry out the plan hey Mew oh chiaki you're here wow looking good chiaki.

Uh it's not like I wanted to dress up like this don't worry you actually look kinda cute are you sure I mean is this plan even going to work listen up YouTube I've done my research you won't be able to sneak in from the back gate there are security guards and cameras so what do.

We do then you will be entering through the main gate what but I'm a guy wanna get stopped who do you think I am I've already prepared a uniform for both of you got it from an internet auction days ago you're so openly creepy it's impressive okay so I've dressed up as a girl but.

The leader of the disciplinary committee is standing guard at the front gate there's no way we can get away with this relax just let me do all the talking admit it you're having fun aren't you chiaki you're not excited um no not really I don't really have a choice what do you mean you don't have a choice.

Nah it's nothing hey we're almost there that is the leader of the disciplinary committee look at her eyes I'm scared to go near her hold on we can't just walk in she'll see us so what should we do then the thieves always come around this time of year to sneak in and steal the recipe for a famous cheese nut cake.

I need to focus so they don't get through I have to make sure no guys get through this gate stupid me how could I have forgotten to put in my contacts today hmm and so when that happened whoa wow I didn't expect that pretending to be best friends is this really gonna work hey you two stop oh no.

why you two coming in all students should be in after school activities right now good she doesn't know we're spies okay Mew this is where you come in all right I got this just FYI Mew totally sucks at talking to people but boy she seems so confident I'm glad she's here with me.

Come on I don't have all day are you sure you want to know well then chiaki here will explain exactly why we are here you've got to be gotta be kidding me you've basically picked a fight with her and you're making me do all the work give me an explanation now well uh um so we were just uh hmm wait a minute.

Are you oh my God she knows do you have perfume on right now huh no I don't but you smell so good tell me what perfume are you wearing I told you I'm not wearing any stop lying you're not allowed to or any perfume at school why is she so out of breath I have to.

Make sure let me smell you um what the heck is happening listen to me chiaki if a girl is being pushy fight by force they'll pull back once they know you are stronger than them where did you even learn that love simulation games here's your script memorize every word I have never been so sure about somebody being a virgin that's right.

Now's the time for the script hey you you're being so annoying uh you a boy you know but I like persistence when it comes to women oh my believe you're a guy do oh guys smell this the ring chiaki let's go oh okay huh does my body.

Smell that much oh no my legs have given out I can't get up oh my gosh chiaki when did you learn how to pull tricks like that what are you talking about hey you owe me an explanation you said you would do the talking um well I'm not so good at it I'm not either Mia.

Was grumpy for some reason but the important thing was that we were in wow this school is so big and it smells so nice like flowers see yucky you sound kind of creepy oh oops anyways we gotta find the student council room oh yeah the recipe is the one on the shelves there right meanwhile.

In the student council room it's almost a school Festival I just wish there was a chance to meet some handsome men I'm so bored hey you know that you all get a scolding by the disciplinary committee leader if she ever hears you right guys are not allowed here I know but still I'm desperately craving.

Love um I'm going to take these papers to the teacher's lounge me you and I walked all over the school looking for the student council room and finally found it there's someone inside she looks like the only one in there she's most likely the student president so how the heck are we supposed to get.

In there chiaki let me do it this time are you going to be okay what are you gonna do Miu I will get the president to leave the room and then you can go find the recipe I see I guess it'll work since you won't need to have a proper conversation with her that way excuse me is the student president here oh do you need me for.

Something yes it's an emergency can you come with me oh no what is it please follow me this way oh dear wait up for me chiaki it's all yours now okay Miu took the student president with her and disappeared I rushed into the room to search for the secret recipe found it it's my surprise the recipe was sitting right in the middle of the.

Bookshelf however President we have an emergency a man has entered the school premises huh unfortunately the disciplinary committee leader came in you you oh what are you doing ah you made me fall head over heels for.

You and now you are trying to steal the recipe you won't get away I'm sorry right at that moment that girl is too fast at running I've lost her what should I do oh now I've got you oh the student president came back and saw what was happening no I what are you doing here you can't.

Bring a man dressed up as a woman into the student council room this isn't what you think this man has made me weak in the knees this is so unfair let me join in on the fun what what on top of that me you.

Sorry chiaki I got separated from the student president did you find the uh so your name is chiaki so Charming you don't get him shiaki is mine uh came back to the room and saw what was going on you dummy please tell me why you're mad at me somebody give me an explanation I didn't know what to do with this crazy.

Situation with the three girls and then one of the student council members came into the room and she had to witness the Dreadful scene in the end they found out what me you and I were doing I'm sorry we're here to steal your secret recipe I'm sorry too please forgive us we won't do it again oh dear so you guys are here for the.

Secret recipe too bad it didn't work out for you sorry chiaki it's all my fault no none of it is your fault it's my fault for getting caught chihoki me you cut it out you're not allowed to get all lovey-dovey in front of me.

He's right I'm right here don't leave me out excuse me what are you guys saying nothing we say will do us any good but I need to find a way to save Mio so she can get out oh dear how could you let this happen you should have done your job right you know.

I'm terribly sorry for the trouble I caused I listened to their conversation as I brainstormed possible ways to get Miu out of here I'm sorry chiaki if you two end up getting caught you need to make sure to get Miu out of there just me you why only her our class is preparing for a maid Cafe for the school.

Festival you know what that means made Cafe oh many of the male customers will be coming to see Miu in a maid costume nobody gives a crap about you and nobody wants to see you wear a maid costume in miu's place so you want me to be the sacrificial pod I appreciate your cooperation.

I don't mean to be rude it's just we really need me you I feel terrible for using you and making you go through this I'm so sorry it's okay it's too bad that I won't be able to see Miu in a maid costume but I'll take one for the team no matter what happens I'll.

Make sure she gets out just one thing though if anything happens to me make sure you tell my mom that I lived a good life and she should be proud of me and I intend to keep my promise with him I said I would get her out no matter what I need to figure out how you run the moment I start moving I'm going to do chiaki.

Handle it don't worry please accept my sincere apologies ladies oh you surprised me hey don't come near us you big man I don't want your pheromones near me I will accept any punishment you want oh any punishments I want oh my gosh your hands on my shoulders how strong and muscular.

Please punish me but let my friend go oh my God fine but make sure you keep your promise you said anything I will okay girl you may leave now you may take the recipe to your school but in return chiyaki will have to stay here with us she Huggy no we don't know what they'll.

Do to you Mew don't worry about me we both knew there were risks hockey were you planning to do this all along Miu you need to take the recipe and go back to our school hurry I convinced her to leave me behind however I couldn't help but feel uneasy about what was coming my way after this.

Let's see chiaki you told us you'll do anything we say are you ready for your punishment you will regret stepping foot in this school ah what's gonna happen to me I made my way towards the school entrance but I couldn't bring myself to leave this is not okay the recipe is not.

Worth it I can't leave chihaki behind I need to go get him I'm not leaving without him don't worry chiaki I'll be right there I turn around and ran into the student council room to find here open your mouth ah wow this Chestnut cake it's just amazing.

Hey no fair you got your turn I get to go next chiaki's sitting eating Chestnut cake fed to him by two girls whoa chiaki do you want to tell me what the hell is going on here huh Mew I thought you left no this isn't what it looks like I didn't like it at all they force fed me.

The cake the day of our school Festival everybody loved the chestnut cake we made the cafe was jam-packed we were able to finish our mission and we safely returned with the recipe oh and in case you're wondering about chiaki I was dressed up as a maid in the army suit girls Academy school Festival.

This is wonderful it worked out great since everybody thinks he's a girl I wouldn't expect anything less from you see you please save me hmm Excuse Me Miss do you have a moment huh what is it I wonder what he wants he doesn't look like the type that's trying to pick me up or is it some marketing.

Stuff sorry to bother you there's going to be an event here next week if you're interested for couples The Helping Hands contest here you go Miss I'm with the national Helping Hands events committee and we're looking for couples who might be interested in joining us sorry I don't have a boyfriend and.

Besides I am really not into this kind of stuff you have to be real lovers or anything you could get a guy that you're interested in could lead to something more you never know huh yeah this game involves getting very close and intimate on top of that if you guys win the top prizes and all expenses.

Included three-day Hot Springs vacation and the second prize is I'm interested where do I sign up right here miss we'll need your name and address right here and so I signed up you have to enter with me okay are you kidding no way I'm doing that what come on don't you want to do the Helping Hands game with me it'll be fun like I said no way and why.

Are you so shocked come on let's do this together we'll win the national event for sure National event get out of here no way uh give me one reason why you don't want to do this with me reason well for one I have no interest in this kind of event besides this helping hand performance we'd have to snuggle up into kimono together right oh that puts my.

Mind at ease what do you mean well it means you may not want to join the event but you still like me right uh yeah well well truth be told I'm pretty shy I'm not cut out for this kind of thing yeah I'm aware of that this kind of game requires coordination between the performers right besides.

This is Sana Nana say we're talking about she's outgoing and super popular in contrast I have zero experience with girls no way I can do this don't worry about that the event is next week so we got plenty of time to practice we'll work it out leave it to me our are we really gonna practice of course so it's settled this is gonna be fun.

Just wait and see hey wait a sec this isn't settled yet it's subtle chiaki and that's that be over to your place later okay don't even have a say in the matter for God's sake well eventually she forced me into doing this thing we met at my place in order to practice this helping hand game but okay first off let's get a few things straight.

I don't know anything about this game how are we supposed to win it really don't have a good feeling about this well you first have a hot couple like us we wear a kimono together with me behind you I put my arms through you know like they are your arms and I feed you hot food whoever eats the meal the fastest wins really simple okay.

That's it I'm out of here no way I can do that we're gonna do this no if and or buts oh boy no use trying to contradict her eventually we started to practice this helping hand game we couldn't very well practice with really hot food so I used a few slices of tofu from the kitchen okay ready I'll get behind you yeah all right uh aren't you being a bit.

Too close but we have to snuggle up close if we're gonna do this right soft feel of her skin is driving me crazy don't know if I can handle this okay I have to first start with grabbing hold of the Chopsticks where are those damn things no not over there over to the right I can't find the darn things.

No not there over here that's how it went for the first few minutes and eventually she found the Chopsticks but did I get it into your mouth you're way off this was for real I would get third degree burns sorry about that after giving it a try we realized it was actually pretty hard to do.

This game is actually pretty hard huh yeah a lot harder than I imagined for sure if this was hot food man I don't even want to think about it and it gets kind of hot and muggy back there well that sure isn't my fault but you did get a little excited right yeah well.

I mean who wouldn't get excited being in that position stop you're giving me the creeps stop no way hey come on stop with the hugging sauna we're not practicing right now think of it as a token of my appreciation for going along with me aha yeah right appreciation huh okay let's practice one more time yeah fine but.

Tell me Sana why are you so dead set on doing this I mean look at her a cute popular girl like her why would she want to do this stupid game anyway I just can't understand it well I admit I want to flirt with you but I suppose the main reason is the grand prize the three-day Hot Springs vacation huh re-day vacation huh I hope.

She's not thinking of going with me my mom and dad are both working so hard I thought it would be nice if oh okay that's why yeah you know appreciation for all the hard work I guess I see real considerative USANA didn't see that coming she's actually a pretty nice girl well if that's the case I better help out.

Then now as I think about it I really feel like an ass for having those lewd thoughts earlier if by chance we do win I'm all for giving the prize to her parents okay then what are we waiting for let's get down to some real training yeah that's what I want to hear after hearing her reason for entering this event I was adamant about helping this.

Kind and considerate girl after that we really put everything into it everyone seems to scoff at our enthusiasm but we were serious eventually we were able to get in sync after hours of practice as the day of the event finally arrived ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining us here on this beautiful day.

All right wow what an enthusiastic crowd this is gonna be fun holy smokes look at all the people all that practice is really going to pay off mark my words chiaki let's do this yeah right but when I looked ahead I couldn't believe what I saw last year's winners the husband and wife team Mr and Mrs.

Fukuda have also entered the event this year will they end up being the defending Champions a husband and wife team that doesn't seem fair how could they not be in sync they've known each other for years they sure are gonna be hard to beat but all is okay take a look huh what do you mean look they can't take their eyes off the grand prize.

So what what's that got to do with anything they look like the type that only wants the prize they're not into it like we are just a feeling though uh yeah right they look like a really close and happily married couple to me okay let this shot okay everybody are you ready are you ready Sana yep.

Ready start start Sana 32 degrees to the right distance ten got it 32 to the right perfect stop there super hot our plan was this we realized that bringing a piping hot chunk of food directly to the mouth would be futile so.

We first practiced bringing it inches from the mouth first then blowing on it to cool it down and then when I gave the sign she would slowly bring it closer to my mouth but a problem occurred as we were just getting started Sana SOS SOS oh what's the problem you're putting too much strength into it it's pressing against my lips don't get all snowflakey.

On me now chiaki I was in agony for the first half of the contest but I somehow managed to hold my ground whoa I see that Mr and Mrs fukuda are already halfway done with their dish I can't believe how fast they are mom dad go for it do it for me go go get that three-day vacation prize I'm gonna sell it on the wee Bay and buy myself a Nintendo snitch.

What's with that kid how pathetic Sana will never win like this I don't care how hot it is start stuffing the food into my mouth go for it are you sure that prize you want it for your folks right then do what you have to do I'm ready okay are you ready ready knock yourself out this is the time to really show I'm a man this is my chance okay.

Here goes one stop no way I can't eat anymore it's yucky are you okay no I'm tired here but I have to do this no matter what looks like we're coming into the home stretch who is it gonna be only two teams are left and they have both finished the main ingredients and started on the hot soup yeah.

Oh my we're in a dead heat now who's gonna take home the grand prize go for it as I was slurping down the last of the piping hot soup a thought crossed my mind the whole thing didn't really have to be a couple could have been anybody oh boy we lost Sana I'm really sorry in the end we lost to.

The husband and wife team by mere seconds although we weren't able to win the grand prize we won the second prize which was a free dinner coupon at a local restaurant it's not your fault chiaki we were up against last year's Champions after all it is what it is but you weren't able to give your folks that trip.

Don't worry about that I plan to do some part-time work and give them a nice vacation so no problem yeah all right it's all that you're really cool back there come on I was in a weird kimono having hot food stuffed into my mouth how is that cool yeah well still cool or should.

I say hot very funny oh and you couldn't even see me anyway no I couldn't but when you said I how hot it is stuffing the phone into my mouth I thought wow this guy is super cool oh God never bring that up again please I really love you for that that was so.

Pathetic wish I could erase it all from history Okay so now that we're all done ready huh what's this thank you hug of course I'll give you a kiss to top it all off hey come on I'll pass on that at least join me for dinner we can use the coupon me one great a date with chiaki my lucky day oh yeah the second prize yeah I.

Think the restaurant is around the corner uh just had a piping hot meal not too long ago but what the hell is the date gonna turn out to be romantic he confesses his love for me then we kiss then steadily OMG I can't take it sorry I doubt that will happen you're always so serious chiaki lighten up never gonna happen huh why not I'm serious about you.

Never gonna happen give me a break ah truth be told that was the main reason I got you into this but Sana you're popular you could get any guy you want didn't have to be me besides we lost I don't have to be the guy you fall for right excuse me mister negative attitude is prohibited we weren't able to get that three-day vacation but now.

We are the best of buddies that's even better right yeah I suppose so a little not a little a lot my chiaki I'm in love come you're way too close for comfort you're such a shy guy uh I don't want you to get the wrong idea but this kind of thing I'm the only one who will love you this much ah yeah and after today I.

Think I fell in love with you even more huh I don't know what to say well I did force you to enter the contest but you went along and gave it your all that kindness that's what I love about you I'm just indecisive that's all I just go along with anybody's suggestion see points.

I love but if would you see me as a flirt I know you're not a flirt then can I stay close to you at least for today please yeah well if you're just holding on to my arm I have no problem with that we could escalate to hugging and kissing of course like I said not gonna happen so.

Like that with Sana holding onto my arm we headed toward the restaurant oh boy I'm starving I mean I was not able to eat any of the contest food like you hahaha if you're so hungry you're welcome to my coupon too oh I'm sorry we're not open yet we're just getting things prepared lovers from the contest yes that's right.

We're lovers no we're not lovers I'm sorry love comedies are not our thing here the shop turned out to be owned by the fukuda family the husband and wife team who had just won the contest we had to end up here huh oh well I hope they'll forgive sana's romantic ramblings I mean there is a kid present after all.

Chiaki were you just looking at me no I wasn't my name is chiaki akaba I'm at a social I mean a cool and mysterious classmate in the library somehow we ended up studying for the next test together I better look productive to other people I don't know how to solve this problem come on man you need to concentrate.

I wasn't the smartest kid around but I was pretty good at English so I was helping Miu ayasaki study for the literature test and that's how you get to this answer huh what's wrong thing okay try to solve a similar problem with.

What I just taught you by the way Miu isn't usually like this during class her cool character was a facade and she's actually playful spoiled likes to joke around and is a little bit of a goofball we were studying like this for a while now but huh didn't I just teach you how to do this.

Uh were you even listening to me when I explained this problem um I was you don't get it I was trying to teach it the simplest way uh the tests are coming up soon how are you going to pass if you can't solve an easy.

Multiple choice problem like that I'll explain it again okay I won't ask you anymore what wait what did I do I'll study on my own bye thanks tiaki for everything for everything hey Mio what's wrong with you what did I do something.

Is he really good at literature he doesn't seem to be able to read her heart very well unfortunately I was terrible at every other subject I was going to ask for me whose help with studying but she left me here all alone oh man I have a lot to think about I mean yeah I need to focus on studying but I'm also worried about something.

Else I thought I was finally able to get close with Miu but look what happened well all that was happening with chiaki I ran out of the library and I'm I'm horrible I was even the one who asked him to help me study I was just so nervous because chiaki was so close to me I could never.

Admit that out loud though I thought I was finally able to get close to him oh are you okay I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention no I'm sorry too oh nichon Mew hey I told you not to call me that.

In school didn't I the truth was Mr naimi and I were related he went to our school as an intern so we were keeping the fact that we were a family a secret I'm sorry only I mean I'm sorry Mr naimiya I'm sorry for bumping into you too anyways me you I mean.

Ayasaki-san did something happen what you're not like your usual self what's wrong oh what should I say if I tell that it's about shiyaki I tell our family members about it uh um nothing's wrong hmm you look like you're hiding something though it's easy to tell when.

You're lying to you you know you can talk to me right well actually I'm having trouble studying at that time me you might actually hate me what am I doing I was feeling pretty upset about what happened suddenly wait.

Isn't this Muse she might need this I wonder if she's still here in school I have an idea I'll return this to her and apologize there's nothing wrong with fixing problems as soon as possible and like that I looked around the school for Miu I was finally able to find her but.

Oh there she is hey me do you want to go to the conference room then usually it's pretty empty yeah you'll teach me what I need to know right what isn't that Mr nari Mia the intern an empty conference room teach her what she needs to know what's.

Happening are they going to study together privately you know I think the last time I asked you to help me study was in eighth grade yeah I remember you were crying about how stressful your high school entrance exams were I wasn't crying.

I'm joking I'm joking but man you grew up so fast me you hey stop treating me like a little kid you're still a kid to me I'm an adult now look look at me no way are they in that kind of relationship no Mia wouldn't do that but Mr nari Mia is pretty popular with the girls and Mio.

I don't know what's going on anymore maybe I'll take a peek inside you're still a kid to me I'm an adult now look at me what are they doing what's with that was me flirting with him too still a kid look at me look at what so Mew says things like that to handsome.

Men behind closed doors no hold on a second probably just a misunderstanding yep Mr narimea is still a teacher even if he's just an intern male teachers don't just pet female students heads randomly right they don't right wait your necktie is crooked.

Huh oh is it if you're going to treat me like a kid you should notice things like this yourself yeah I know sorry sorry you don't even sound sorry your apology isn't sincere if you're easy going like that students are going to make fun of you I don't want anyone to tease me like.

That then behave yourself probably just misunderstood what I saw earlier all a misunderstanding you wouldn't do something like that to a teacher I know she's not that kind of girl I don't want anyone to tease me like.

That then behave yourself what what are they doing now I don't want anyone to tease me behave yourself so they have that kind of relationship what kind of studying are they doing in a classroom setting okay can you help me now yeah we don't have much time so we.

Should get hold on a second stop stop what chiaki chiaki oh akabakoon he's in the same class as you right me you oh why are you yelling what do you mean why are you yelling what were you guys planning on doing here.

Um study study a teacher and a student um isn't that normal it's not Puss think of where you're at this is a classroom oh so we can't do it in school if doing it in school was allowed our society would be a crazy place you're so dramatic there isn't anything.

Wrong with it of course it is you're a student and he's a teacher but this is normal for students and teachers hmm you're making no sense at all you neither I don't get what you're thinking at all come on guys calm down for a second.

Maybe Muse being brainwashed by Mr nari Mia if she is I need to save her anyways Miu I'm worried about you as your friend what I get that he's teaching you but you know that type of thing should be done between two people who love each other right.

What does that mean chiaki was helping me study because he loves me yucky you think that way of me really yeah that's why I'm sorry for upsetting you earlier either way you're important to me Miu so don't be with Mr narimea anymore then I take it that I can leave you to.

Teach her that I'm not confident that I can teach her anything well I'm not experienced like you Mr narimea not really I haven't even graduated yet sir you haven't graduated yet but it's my dream to come back here after I graduate it's a little embarrassing to stay but it's been my.

Dream since I was in elementary school yeah it's pretty embarrassing to tell someone about your childhood dreams uh saying that out loud is kind of embarrassing what does he mean a little I'd say it's pretty damn embarrassing but I want as many students as possible to feel the happiness of finally.

Figuring it out what oh since you're here maybe the three of us should try together Julie crazy I can teach you too if you like chiakikun it might be painful at first but I'll do my best too sir you play for that team too.

Which team crazy guy that's okay with everything a few minutes later so yeah that's how you solve that problem oh yeah I think I get it a little oh so they're actually studying I completely misunderstood the whole thing.

To be honest I wanted to crawl into a hole if I could but even though Mr nari Mia had been helping her for a while Miu didn't seem to be concentrating like I said this year oh yeah I heard that Mr nari Mia and Mia were close because they were related but it didn't seem like his teaching methods were helping her very well.

Oh huh didn't I just teach you how to do this were you even listening to me when I was explaining this problem of course she'd be upset if I said something like that to her excuse me Mr nari Mia what's wrong shiakikun I'll help me with literature.

Huh chiaki I used to hate English before I finally remembered that so I'd like to be the one helping her I see okay I'll leave it to you then yes sir huh where are you going I'm going back to the office now my help isn't needed here anymore.

Huh oh wait but I got permission to use this room already so just make sure you lock up before you leave Mr nari Mia left the room after that okay let's do this thing um uh what's wrong hey chiaki didn't.

Say that studying is something that two people who love each other do if I tell her the truth about earlier she'll think I'm a pervert she'll actually hate me this time things came back around to me in the worst way possible yeah I mean like yo I type of love you and I.

Uh you kind of started there yo I is a Japanese word that means love for your friend basically because you're my friend and I love you that way oh sorry for asking something so weird but I think I like that word it means to really value your friends right it feels more meaningful than a normal friendship.

Like I actually mean a lot to you really so I'll use the word Joy with you too chiaki that kind of makes me blush oh what after those events our friendship returns to normal and as a result of studying together.

A few days later the day our tests were returned look at this yucky I got over 80 percent on the English test whoa you did it on the other hand I got scores that are all below average on everything except English.

Oh there's always next time in the end I was so focused on helping Mew that I forgot to ask her for help on my own studying at the same time Mr nari Mia had ended his internship I hope you could be a teacher at a school again don't forget about me sir.

Thanks guys make sure you all study hard too I completely misunderstood everything and he was actually just a good teacher until the end um Mr nari Mia shiakikun what's up do you think I can speak with you privately.

I'm so sorry about before Mr narimea I got the wrong idea and uh what exactly are you talking about um well I don't really know what you're talking about but if you feel bad about what you did I just want you to know that that's enough I actually have a favor I wanted to ask.

You a favor the truth is Mew is an introvert even within the family and doesn't like talking to people much I'm just worried about her so will you look after her in the future yes of course I will you can leave it to me.

Great that makes me feel so relieved huh what are you two talking about me you speak of the devil let's go back to the classroom chiaki oh onichan come by your house sometime okay yeah tell your mom I said hi you have to go to tutoring sessions.

After school starting tomorrow right I'll help you study this is how I'm showing my UI don't say that so loudly it's embarrassing you I hey guess I won't have to worry about me if chiaki Kunis with her.

I hope those two end up together thank you for watching how was today's video check out our other videos as well