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[Manga Dub] Cute girl becomes obsessed with me… she seemed normal yesterday but… [RomCom]


Until you take responsibility for this I'm not letting you out of here the incident occurred right in a meeting room I was locked in there with this beautiful girl what's going on here what are you doing open your eyes what's going on all because you broke your promise chiaki I had no idea what she was.

Talking about which makes it even more creepy why did she suddenly change the whole thing started yesterday morning so miuiasaki please go out with me I'm really sorry oh geez rejected right off the bat no way shot down in less than a minute how pathetic Yep this is my classmate Miu ayasaki cool calm and collected and beautiful to boot that's.

Miu the most desired girl at school a day doesn't go by without someone trying to hit her up or some media Scout hounding her but she's not exactly a great communicator I bet her favorite book is probably how to make friends is it because there's someone else that you like someone I like if you're not going out.

With anybody well why not me my family is very rich you know uh what does that have to do with anything my father works for a big foreign firm and my mom is an actress who has been in a bunch of TV commercials so that would mean your parents are wonderful people but you are sadly not am I right.

You really know how to hurt a guy oh boy Mia was her usual self uh excuse me but what are you doing offensive move I will not allow you to pass until you say yes please enough of this I'm going to be late for school please let me buy jeez going all out to protect his pride.

Guess I better do something egg use me huh is this guy pissed off at me the lady says she's gonna be late you mind backing off buddy please chiaki what is this nobody said anything about a boyfriend boyfriend what's the dude yapping about so that's how it is huh just wait and.

See I'm gonna tell everyone that Miu ayasaki has a scary looking boyfriend maybe it was because I sounded a bit tough tough oh well if others thinks she has a guy maybe they'll leave her alone a little glad the guy was just some schmuck hey Mio are you okay.

Uh the guy said you were my boyfriend when did this happen don't tell me she also got the wrong idea relax the guy just misunderstood that's all protecting you at all he figured I was oh yeah I forgot to mention Mew isn't really on the bright side anyway sorry you had to go through that first thing in the morning yeah I'm pretty used to it by.

Now but I have to say that guy was kind of aggressive let me give you some advice Miu if you're real clear about why you're turning someone down the guy would probably come to grips with it a lot easier and besides if the guy believes you already have a guy he won't be pestering you anymore same can be said of other guys but.

Saying I have a boyfriend wouldn't that be lying yeah well just a white lie but what do I say if they ask me who it is well I guess you could just say it's me huh you Chucky my boyfriend hey come on relax don't get the wrong idea I'm just letting you use my name as a friend.

I know I'm fine I just thought you know oh please don't get all emotional on me but I could never really be her boyfriend I don't really have how can I put it presents I suppose no no I don't think so if it's okay with you I'll bring up your name whenever I'm pestered by some guy okay.

Yeah sure I'm okay with it oh well it's to help a friend after all all the same at my communication skills then why don't you be a little more outgoing and friendly you know smile easy going yeah I know easy for me to say right smile and Daisy going huh.

Hmm you know what you're absolutely right I'm gonna give it a try we should both be better people right thanks for the encouragement until this point all was as usual her complete metamorphosis was to come later during class that same day okay kids gather into groups of two or three please.

Okay this is my chance to smile and be friendly no way I just can't do this I have zero confidence I should team up with chihoki gee chiaki is with our group right yeah pure Aki you're stuck with us come on way too close for comfort girls oh darn it too late he's already taken.

I had no choice but to join another group but oh oh you're soggy in our group we don't deserve to be in your presence yeah we're way below your status huh what do you mean status am I royalty or something oh yesaki why don't we do this together okay please if it's okay with you.

So my teacher is the only one who'll accept me pairing up with the teacher she's way above us for sure yeah we're like the bottom of the barrel types she's on a whole different level from us I'm completely misunderstood everyone I feel like a grade school kid that can't get along with anyone and the teacher takes pity on me.

I'm just not good at communicating with everyone and I ended up being misunderstood how do I become friendly and easy going I wonder how chiaki does it come on you guys stop goofing around and let's do this we'll leave it to you to you pierogi yeah fight fights be Rocky.

Please give me a break he's not a great communicator either so why is he having so much fun okay Mew your turn is chiaki just pretending to be the shy uncommunicative type hello Mew are you hearing me today's lunch break let's have lunch together hey chiaki let's have lunch together.

Sorry Sana I'm not feeling well today come on I won't take no for an answer here we come cafeteria after school why the hell are all the girls salivating over you and not us I'll beat you to a bloody pulp at the game center that is come on guys that game center is off.

Limits on school days you know that I want to talk to him but he's busy with his buddies I can't get a word in edgewise is chiaki actually a popular guy how I envy him I wish I could enjoy school life with everyone okay tomorrow for sure I have to try oh hey a kitty.

Come here kitty play with poor little me oh my God there's a whole slew of them here so I'm the only one that's alone in this world after returning home I checked the Internet for ways to become more outgoing and to make friends then after a little searching I came.

Across one interesting site awesome way to attract people and to make friends jackpot this is it I read the site in detail and decided to execute the plan the following day but I didn't have a lot of confidence trying it out on someone I did not know so the first person that came to mind was.

Chiaki chiaki was a friend and I figured he would help me out I had no idea all this was unfolding and on the morning of the incident I was on my way to school oh boy really got clobbered at the Game Center yesterday and those guys girls salivating over me.

Huh give me a break good morning holy scared the heck out of me what a wonderful day huh oh hey it's you Miu scared me half to death let's walk to school together yeah sure of course Mew seems so different today wonder what's up Hey ow me you my arm what's up I wonder if I'm.

Doing this right hello anybody home what's going on um chiaki I wanted to talk to you about something uh yeah sure am I imagining this or did the tension level just shoot up I hate to bother you with this but I have not been feeling good all morning what are you okay.

Plus something has been bothering me for some reason I don't know how much longer I can go on I'm here for you if I can be of any help I'll listen anytime I knew it you really are kind uh yeah you think so you're the only one for me chiaki I don't mind her wanting my help but the.

Tension level is super high today for some reason so you said you weren't feeling well what's wrong and what is it that you're bothered about well you know what you were so concerned about me that I forgot I mean about being sick and about what's bothering me just kind of poof disappeared.

I'm so happy that I was able to run into you by chance this morning okay I see well if that's the case no problem but I guess there is one little thing that I'm worried about huh what is it yesterday during the class you know when we split into groups nobody would let me in their groups oh yeah as I recall you were with the.

Teacher right oh so that's it huh you're making fun of me that I was stuck with the teacher is that it huh no way why would I even think that oh yeah I bet you're making fun of me because I'm such a lousy person who can't talk properly to people you're making fun of me that's it right you got it all wrong Mew no way I would.

Think that oh okay I'm so glad that really puts my mind to rest what the hell is this is she bipolar or something to be honest this is creeping me out I'm getting a bit scared of this situation oh yeah chiaki that reminds me yesterday you said that right.

Uh yeah but I suppose I did and you did say I could call you my boyfriend right yeah I'm pretty sure I did say that too then why do you always leave me alone what I'm so sad and lonely that I'm about to go totally ballistic I mean we are a couple right.

No that's not right but I'm really sorry about that please at least for today don't let me be alone yeah well okay you promised please don't break your song I'm promise please ah with me you always like this she seems so different this is getting scary.

Then during class hey pierogi let's do that group session together again today are you okay with that ah I was going to Chi Aki what the you promised right you weren't ever.

Going to leave me alone yes that's right of course I promised sorry girls I'm gonna team up with Miu today so sorry what are you sure yes I know I made the right decision besides I feel terrified of leaving her alone all right then chiaki let's do this together.

Okay no problem are you reluctant to team up with me not happy I think my whole body is starting to ache reluctant not happy no way very happy during the lunch break Sana again invited me to eat lunch with her what hey it's yucky let's have lunch together sorry sauna I have this thing that I.

Just can't get out of so come on then after school 10 minutes before the whole thing happened I felt it was inappropriate to talk with anybody besides me you but she's acting so freaking weird today hey chiaki how could you man spending the entire day with ayasaki why you.

Didn't you learn your lesson at The Game Center yesterday sorry guys please leave me alone what's up with him don't know seemed like he was pretty upset I took off down the hall and into one of the meeting rooms this room isn't usually used so I always use it when I need to relax or just be alone suddenly I heard the door.

Lock behind me as I turned oh there you are chiaki I was looking all over for you huh Mew what are you doing here you did promise to walk me home right no I didn't wait come to think of it maybe I did wait a sec you broke your promise I'm so hurt.

You're going to have to take responsibility for breaking your promise chiaki uh what do you mean by responsibility you know exactly what I mean by that you mean I should apologize is that it um please don't come any closer if you really want to leave this room you know what you have to do right.

Mew just one second until you take responsibility I cannot let you out of here and just when I thought the whole thing would escalate further I screwed up my courage and Mew Mew what's going on wake up for God's sake what's going on this is all because you broke your promise and left me alone.

Neil please stop this stop well it took a while but we were finally able to talk like normal human beings huh so this is what they call lovesick a good way to make friends or carry on a romance it's more of a way of controlling people I thought it was simply a way to make.

Friends just because you're a little shy you don't have to take the Fatal Attraction route anyway I'm glad it ended this way before I really did any damage I won't say it out loud but there's still a little trauma left I'm so sorry.

Well it's good that there wasn't anybody else involved I don't go believing everything on the internet but I couldn't help it I want to be popular and have friends like you too you know those girls are just poking fun at me that's all and those guys that's just pure Envy but still I envy you I want friends too.

That's why I'll be your friend I mean if you want that is for now I'll be your friend I think you were really close and good friend so I want this friendship to go on for for I don't know for God knows how long chiaki come on let's get going let's stop off.

Somewhere and get something to eat maybe some ice cream huh yeah uh now that we are friends no holding hands or hanging onto my arm can't took me to that please just for today so that was the end of her obsessive Fatal Attraction reenactment but during the next homemade cooking class look chiaki I.

Razor holy smokes put that down after that incident I think I still have PTSD thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.