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[Manga Dub] Cute lower class girl always tries to give me her attention [RomCom]


My name is yusuke matsubara I'm a senior who's a loner and a geek I enjoy studying and coming to the library after class in fact studying is my favorite thing to do look he's studying all alone again oh what a nerd he's always studying class too they're talking [__] again.

Whatever my family well it's just me and my mom I've always caused some trouble with her that's why I needed to study hard and get scholarships I didn't need to return so I could go to college and find employment at a big company that way I can repay her if I can achieve that goal I didn't care about.

Anything else hey they're talking about you huh when I ignored all of the extroverts talking [__] about me I suddenly heard something from a girl I had never seen when I turned around I saw a girl who was pretty cute looking sitting there and you are I'm ayaka morishita I mean you're under you.

More Sita have I met you before whatever are you okay with them talking [__] like that oh yeah I don't care about that I would probably say something back like it has nothing to do with you it's fine just let them say whatever it won't matter after graduation.

You really come here just to say that to me yeah I wasn't sure if you were okay with it thank you but like I said a second ago don't worry about it are you sure uh just leave me alone thanks I decided to go home to study apparently staying there was causing.

Some random girl problems the next day as I was heading to the library morishita whom I just met yesterday was already there waiting for me why are you here I said leave me alone tell me about it to you about today something to talk about yeah can you teach me I'm not sure.

That that approach makes sense why so sudden well see you know how I'm not good with studying why would I know you can study right I'm not bad at it exactly that's why please no what why I'm begging you you weren't really begging that much it's simple I don't have any benefit to accepting your offer benefit.

Yeah if anything I'm wasting time which is a loss for me so go find someone else no I need you said I need some kind of you say it's fine I'm gonna keep bothering you what it'll be a rumor you're treating this young freshman roughly are you sure that's the kind of rumors you want.

Spreading that's a little too far even for me and besides you have benefits from this you can review freshman material for your studies I feel like that's pushing your luck whatever please I just need it till midterms so about two weeks honestly it was pretty annoying but I didn't want her talking with me tomorrow.

Either fine I'll help you really yay but for two weeks only and no longer okay we can start tomorrow what tomorrow is Saturday yeah of course we'll keep going during the weekends too we have no time until the test seriously.

So I'm going to go over tomorrow okay you live in yui kicho right yeah but how do you know where I live hmm I wonder why that's a little scary anyways see you later oh wait why this is how I started teaching morishita oh really showed up.

All day today I mean I'll work hard since I promised but no skipping okay let's get started huh this is your room huh yeah there's nothing interesting here don't look around so much it's not like that but we started studying so you use the equation here.

All this way to study so that makes sense but it's pretty surprising considering how she was behaving up until now excuse me I see that makes sense so close has she not realized because she's so focused hey can you scoot over a bit oh sorry I was focused oh it's fine.

So why don't we take a break real quick take a break what play games yeah it's been a bit okay let's go into break then all right and then I use my item here and yes first place uh I don't have any experience playing games because I've just been studying I'm just gonna win though.

Hey I won with a shortcut crap I'm totally into this game now we were supposed to be studying but and I dropped the enemy here I wonder why I have some Nostalgia playing with morishita we played a few more games and went back to studying oh I guess that's it for today huh yeah.

We shouldn't push that hard either thank you you taught me a lot I mean that's what I promised so don't worry about it wow you totally just thought wow this girl can't cook right I totally can I'm really good at it really I mean mom said she'd be late too.

So I was wondering what I should do but all right it's decided then I actually have food too so I'm going to use your kitchen here you go the use guest special what's that weird name cause I made all the things you like it's the use guest special things I like.

how did you know everything I like you know my special sources that's terrifying oh well thank you anyway it's good really yeah I'm not lying it tastes really good wow I'm finally being complimented huh did you say something.

No nothing anyway try the other food too oh sure thing afterwards I ate morishita's food to my heart's content and we disbanded a few days later studying became a regular thing and we were studying in the library when hey look the nerd is studying with someone today she's the girl that's.

Supposed to be the cutest freshman why she with that geek they really don't get bored do they I don't mind if it's just me but hey you don't care they seem to care about you huh I don't care anyway I need to focus on my studies all right you being bothered.

Huh I mean you look upset yeah I'm not gonna go as far as to say I'm bothered but it's probably not good that you're being seen so much it seems like you're popular anyway I don't think so whatever I'll teach you just like I said I would thank you a few days later the midterms ended and.

They were returning the tests today next matsubara yes sir phew I kept my score at least how did morishita do I gotta ask her once I see her you seem to have gotten a good score huh I studied hard really you didn't just steal someone's answers of course I wouldn't cheat but isn't it weird that.

Your score suddenly increases like that yeah just just because your score got a little better you have an attitude and the boys are always over you huh are those classmates they seem pretty jealous of her from what I can tell anyway I mean she said she doesn't care so she must be pretty tough mentally right I'm sure.

She'll talk back oh why are you so quiet this whole time if you have something you want to say back then you should say something or did you cheat stop ignoring us that's so rude say something why doesn't she say something she seemed pretty weakened earlier too she should just say that she wouldn't.

Cheat I guess she can't I thought she was a tough girl based on what I saw but maybe which means I should sorry to bother you while you're talking do you have a second what who the hell are you I'm like her mentor.

Mentor yeah I heard you say some things I couldn't ignore so I came here look she didn't cheat it was possible because I tutored her and why are you here well it just seemed like you were all jealous of morishita you guys are worried about your grades too right.

So you were jealous of her because her grades are good I have great news for you all I'll teach you all one-on-one so that you get good grades too but you won't get to relax on weekends either what do you say I'll teach all three of you at once if you want oh what is this guy let's go who wants to learn from some geek like.

You things calm huh um thank you don't worry about it I just didn't like that the way they put it it was like I didn't put in any effort either you saved me again oh whatever you probably don't remember me but we have met before.

Huh really yeah it was when I was still young but when I was young I was really Bland my looks and my personality my friends always made fun of me for that I could never say anything back that's when you showed up you said stop doing bad things and you saved me when you didn't even know me that's why I started getting closer.

To you and we started hanging out and playing games but then I suddenly couldn't meet you and oh yeah that might have happened I remember watching Power Rangers and thinking it was cool to copy them and then my parents got a divorce and I didn't have time to play around sorry I had a lot going on back then so.

My memories are kind of few and far apart I kind of felt nostalgic playing games with you or the other day so that's probably me remembering the past unconsciously really I guess you didn't completely forget about me oh and you don't have to apologize for.

Me it was nice to rebuild our relationship from the beginning all over really it was pretty bland and boring before so it's like a dark past so I was going to keep all this a secret till you remembered but I kind of just let it go I see then why did you talk to me I don't see any benefit in you getting along with me.

Again by rebuilding our relationship from nothing that's because this time I was gonna tell you that I like you what you like me yeah I've always liked you even after we stopped seeing each other but I figured Bland me would never get your attention so I wanted to change I worked so hard to be cute and practice.

Cooking we went to different middle schools but I knew I wanted to go to the same high school as you so I looked up where you went and came here I see that's kind of terrifying though thank you no I'm not complimenting you I mean anyway I figured I would talk to you as soon as I started school but I.

Didn't have the bravery so it took me two semesters so you talked to me that day in the library because yeah I figured I would never get anywhere so but you just disappeared so I was panicking you know that I didn't know how to make a connection between us so I figured if I had you teach me it was a little forced.

But I was desperate I see I thought it was weird that it had to be me then you remembered where I lived because of our past yeah I knew you didn't move so you knew where I was going for school too you're kind of scary I studied up on you so I know quite a.

Bit about you but there's a lot of stuff I don't know about you at all like the fact that you didn't like to be the center of attention I'm sorry I seem to have really caused a fuss with you I just keep thinking about myself so I'll put some distance between us at least until you graduate then I can talk to you again right you won't have to worry.

About people looking oh I feel like that would probably draw more attention but whatever you can talk to me in school too huh I kind of feel like it's useless hiding it at this point anyway and I don't mind our time together either really I'm not lying.

Every day is a little rough but if you're okay with me teaching you every once in a while I'm so happy thank you hey don't be like that I said we could spend time together not that we would date I know but come on I've been waiting for so long just take this as punishment for.

Forgetting about me punishment you don't have to like me but I can just make you fall for me slowly now so you better be ready yusuke after this I would fall right into her Ploy and fall for her but that's a story for another day.

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