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[Manga Dub] Everyone quit after I rejected the popular girl… Only one girl stayed… [RomCom]


Excuse me I've had feelings for you for a while now will you be my boyfriend one day after work I was cleaning up the restaurant when Nene haragura called me over to confess her feelings for her and so I said I'm sorry I can't date you miss haraguro I knew I would never feel the same I felt bad but I had to decline.

Huh I must have heard you vong you didn't just say no to me right yes I did that so pretty all the guys at my University were killed to have a date with me she's rice she's pretty she's probably one of the prettiest girls I know.

However I also know that she has a horrible personality she acts like a good girl and seems friendly but I know what she does to the other part-time workers here I've heard her talk badly about some of the customers as well she's crooked minded I've talked to her many times but she hasn't tried to improve her actions.

It's as if she thinks she's Justified to do anything just because she's pretty I'm sorry I think there are better people out there for you you should find a better man instead of an ordinary restaurant manager like me what the heck that's your reason do you realize I went out of my way to ask you out.

Oh she is so full of herself I'll ask you one more time are you sure you don't want to date me yes I'm sure that's my final answer I see okay she's starting to accept my answer she crushed that thought when she said fine then but I'm going to make you regret your decision.

What let me guess I'll be heading home now then wait what do you mean didn't like the smile on her face it was as if she was planning something evil the next morning I found out why she said I would regret my decision what you all want to quit most of the part-time workers at the.

Restaurant came up to me together and told me they were all planning to quit their jobs but why we heard we heard about what you did together last night force yourself on her what is she seriously doing this she's coming.

Out with stories to get back at me for dumping her yesterday easy I didn't do anything to her no Ben the part assignments I got a phone to show me a picture of me grabbing Miss haraguro I don't know who edited the photo but.

They're good the photo looked real um this isn't real plus where is the person who took the photo I'm the one who took the photo the girl who said that was a close friend of Miss haragurus I remember them telling me they went to the same University.

You saw the proof you won't get away with this you should feel lucky Nana is willing to forget all about it as long as you pay her pay her yeah that's better than getting arrested isn't it still I can't imagine myself.

Working with a monster like you we're quitting so you won't even hear me out to be honest I didn't want to believe at first but now that I've seen the picture I know I can't trust anything you say okay but you guys need to go through the proper process to quit close the Play Store for two weeks that.

Way we can leave the place without having to work with you plus that's crazy let me explain the situation you're in if you don't listen to us we'll do what we need to make you listen I stopped trying the moment I heard there they wouldn't listen even if I did.

I could almost hear her saying that gosh you're such a nightmare ah what do I do now they were fixated on making me pay I'm sure they'll be back again to collect the money I'll have to deal with that then but for now I should focus on the restaurant.

All but one of the part-timers quit I should call Miss shiragami the only part-timer left to tell her what happened I bet she's gonna quit when she hears the story hey boss I was supposed to see mrigami into the kitchen that afternoon hey Miss shiragami I thought I told you.

Not to come today I heard what happened from the part-timer I see I knew it you're hurt I'm gonna make her pay for what she did to you ah I didn't catch what you were saying can you say it again oh it's nothing I just wanted to tell you that I know your innocence huh how I.

Witnessed no they're asking you out yesterday I also heard her threaten to get revenge on you really well it would mean so much if you could explain what you saw no that's not a good idea why I know it won't be difficult to explain what happened to the others however by.

Doing that we'll be putting Nena in the spotlight um why is that a bad thing after all she did to you she deserves more than just a scolding by the others I want to make her regret what she did I want her to drown in the feelings of despair is that even possible.

It's possible for me but I need to lure her into my trap that's why I don't want the other part-time workers to know anything yet the others are unforgivable too how dare they suspect you to do such a horrendous thing but I need them to come back so the restaurant can function.

Well I have a suggestion a suggestion how about you let my sisters work here they're only sophomores but they're both cheerful and friendly they're fit for the job oh you have sisters well I'd love for them to work here if that's what they want.

I appreciate it they're both noisy and a handful but they're good-hearted they won't cause any trouble is so calm and mature I can't imagine noisy sisters can we set up a date to Mia well I brought them with the one in charge here wow you're just like she's you described.

You look nice she's who likes nice guys like you oh hi you silly girls stop chattering and don't go so close to him oh you're being unfair Shizu you need to learn to share that's enough it's nice to see such bright attitudes in here.

I apologize don't they seem kind just like you anyways now that my sisters are here it might be confusing to call us by our last names yeah that's true you can call me shizuka the one with her hair tied on the right.

Is Mio and the one tying her hair on the left is masora okay this is going to be confusing for me Messiah did you hear that she's using us to make him call us by her first names so she can get closer to him I did Mew I wouldn't expect any less from Shizu.

You guys don't you realize I can hear you you better watch it when we get home um well I guess we've cleared out the name problem okay as long as you're fine with it Mr origami uh oh uh shizuka-san you don't have to use honorifics well it may be a little inappropriate.

Hmm look she's just puffing her cheeks please hear Mew she's acting like a little baby Jesus always asks me Charlie but I bet she's still a little baby inside I agree she can't even drink coffee because it's too bitter for her hey you two this is your last warning.

You should be nice to your little sisters that's right for your cute sisters they get along so well I'm jealous you were all high school students so you have glasses I guess I need to find somebody who can work the morning shifts yes that's true I don't think our parents will let us skip school to work.

Here dad and mom are so strict yeah they're so annoying it's okay I have some friends I could ask for help maybe they can help if it's just for a short time friends are they girls huh yes why I see is something wrong it's nothing.

Don't worry about it I'll ask around to see if others are willing to help as well it's okay it's too much to ask from you no it's not I have friends who are excellent Bakers Suzuka sound looks confident when she said that a few days later she brought two women with her one of them was a cousin and the other was a cousin's friend.

They are both Housewives now but they have experience working at a cake shop in a cafe I was relieved to hear they were experienced however shizuka-san looked shocked when she saw her cousin's friend but I have no idea why the next few days were amazing we're getting more customers than ever.

The Twins were a big hit among the customers everyone also commented on how delicious the cake shizuka sounds because a maid were the cousin's friend used to be the part-time leader so she coordinated everything professionally which made things sail smoothly we're getting more customers by the day.

It's all thanks to your support shazukasan I didn't do anything special plus many of the customers are here to drink your coffee and enjoy the meals you make thanks that means a lot no problem it was surprising to see how easy it was it taught to shizuka-san she was always.

So quiet I think I might have fallen forever she wasn't a high school student that's how comfortable I felt around her I wonder how that pathetic manager is doing right now I bet he's feeling hopeless since he can't open up his restaurant I'm going to take all of his money he probably has a lot saved since.

The restaurant was doing well before I quit how much should I ask for what they're open what the what's going on I expected the restaurant to be dark and empty but the place was overflowing with the customers this is unbelievable how did he manage.

To do this hi there people for one yes would you like to order later um well can you go get the manager for me the manager I'm so sorry things are a bit hectic right now he's busy cooking in the kitchen is there something you would like me to tell him no you need to.

Get him now tell him that if her girl is here he'll know who I am I right there well what oh it's nothing he wasn't thinking about how rude you are at all what I'll go get the manager for you I wasn't expecting you to come back so soon may you came rushing into the kitchen to.

Call me and I was shocked to him Miss how a guru was here seriously how could you show her face here oh whatever you see you've done a fantastic job rebuilding your employees system no thanks to you I am truly relief to see how well you're.

Doing well I know you have the money to pay me let me make one thing clear I'm not pulling up with your lies I'm not gonna pay you anything Miss haraguro are you sure about that did you forget I have proof you see I can just scream right here and your life will be over in a second you're horrible.

You need to pay me if you don't want me to throw you until let's see I'll forgive you once you pay me 5 million yen what I think it's rather reasonable considering your restaurant in your home life are on the line I never met anyone as rotten us huh that's just ridiculous.

What shizuka son suddenly shizukasan butted into our conversation I thought she was cooking in the kitchen do you want shizuka you're in your emptying a conversation I had to buy to burn you're having ridiculous hallucinations.

Hallucinations hey prove to show what he did you must be an idiot that picture is photoshopped excuse me buddy that accuse me of lying hey Miss hariguro she opens her mouth and shouted out to all the customers in the restaurant I could tell she was trying.

To get the customers to believe the employees here were disrespectful how could someone be so selfish and cruel okay Nana if you keep you keep I'd like to see you try it I would show everybody the picture of the manager making a move on me go ahead huh.

I said you go right ahead and do that you can't be serious you guys are being serious trouble I am being serious let me warn you though my parents are both lawyers what on top of that my grandfather is the superintendent General I'm looking forward to this fight oh my gosh.

Who I have ever heard I'm sorry to tell you it's true you can look them up if you want oh and I have to warn you about one more thing I have a video of the whole conversation between you and the manager a video of you threatening the manager because you dumped him what you little huh how dare you Why.

Don't We compare I wonder which one is more believable a photoshopped picture or a video with the time and date creep I can't believe you taped us well since I know what kind of person you are I knew we would try something when the manager dumped you I couldn't let you hurt him are you you you screwed up my.

Whole plan oh come on did you think the professionals wouldn't see right through your photoshopped photo your plan was a mess to start with you've crossed the line shizuka you better watch it back from now on well you're free to do whatever you want but only if you're okay with me sending.

This video to all of your friends at University but you handed a phone over to shizuka-san shizuka Sam press play to start the video the video of Miss haraguro my conversation started playing what what you didn't think I was telling the truth you should be glad all your friends will know the real you you won't.

Have to hide how hideous you are anymore no wait you know what you should do if you want to keep this video private wait I won't ask you to apologize to the manager I know you won't need it anyways however I will ask you to stay away from the restaurant and the manager if you ever come close your video will be.

Linked to the entire world I've never seen Miss aragarosa terrified and helpless she had no choice but to admit she was wrong she sold the way out the door that was unbelievable you can't be a high school student that was too good.

Oh well now that it's over I'm a little embarrassed yeah don't be you saved my career my life but why did you go so far for me well it's because I have feelings for you what I've always had feelings for you that's why I couldn't stand watching you get.

Beaten by those horrible girls you didn't deserve it what I cannot my surprise it was just so unexpected someone was telling me she liked me you didn't seem to like me like that I did my best to hide it I didn't want you to find out because I wanted to keep.

Working here to be by your side but I don't think I could keep it in anymore you don't know how happy it may be when we were cooking in the kitchen together every time we talk my heart starts racing I know I'm still young but I want to be your girlfriend well I wanted to ask the same thing kazuka's on well I wanted to ask you the.

Same thing yeah I realized was the happiest when you were by my side and I know how kind and caring you are insane I'm the luckiest girl in the world shizuka-san jumped into my arms as she said that that's how we finally started dating.

I know there's a wide age Gap and it's not an issue we can ignore but I promised myself I would do everything I can to make her the happiest girl in the world we had forgotten all about the customers sitting around us we finally realized you weren't alone when they all started clapping and cheering for us.

The hirayama High School tennis club is all about results nothing else matters although I'm uncoordinated I worked hard to overcome my clumsiness I somehow became a regular member and it felt nice to see my hard work finally paying off however your right knee will get better but.

You're going to need more time to fully recover even if you do continue we can't keep you as a regular member it was like when a big wave washes away the sand castle you've been building for so long after that my father was transferred to another location for his work and I left.

Hidayama High School my name is hayato suzukaze it's nice to meet you all I returned to my hometown my new school was called Yuki gokuan there I met what hayato you're back um who I'm Anna Anna Sasaki do you remember me who used to play back in elementary.

School in a Sasaki she was my childhood friend but we were separated when I moved you're so tall now oh I I guess and you're so handsome really um so.

Ham and up we're still in the middle of homeroom I'm so sorry I just got so excited I'll forgive you if you sit down now hayato you can sit in that seat at the back of the classroom the one by the window okay Anna started telling all our classmates.

Stories from the past and I was already feeling uneasy about reuniting with her seriously hayato is the nicest coolest guy you'll ever meet hey Anna get off hey guys I'm going to the bathroom do you want to tag along no no you stay right there I left the classroom because I needed a break from her.

Ah it's so tiring talking to all those people I didn't have many friends since my father's job required us to move around a lot I wasn't used to gathering around and chatting with people after spending some time on the School.

Rooftop I heard somebody approach me I turned around expecting it to be Anna but it turned out to be a boy you're the new guy right he was glaring at me I heard your Anna's childhood friend don't get too full of yourself okay I wasn't planning on it whatever this is my territory so you better watch it I he.

Didn't tell me his name he just warned me and stomped off after I came back to the classroom I pretended nothing happened between the guy and me I didn't want Anna to get worried about me that took a while number two no number one you drink way too much water then.

Give me a break that afternoon Anna stopped me as I was leaving the school hayato are you going home aren't you joining any activity clubs oh I still have some unpacking to do I already told the coach I'll be starting tomorrow one of the rules at Yuki gakuan was that all students had to join an.

After-school activity Club so which club are you joining I was thinking tennis what the tennis club I'm in the Tennis Club I played soft tennis in middle school and I started playing regular tennis in high school that the upperclassmen are gone I'm the.

Captain of the team uh you shouldn't be late if you're the captain Oh no you're right I'm so excited we'll be in the same Club activity aren't we separated by gender still you'll be there we'll get to be together all day Anna left with a broad smile on her face but I didn't understand why she was so excited.

Gosh the first day of school is so tiring oh this is I went straight home to finish unpacking my stuff I found a toy necklace inside one of my boxes Anna gave it to me back when we were kids as a goodbye gift promise me.

You'll never forget about me of course we'll meet again it's been five years it's nice to know Anna never forgot about me feel warm inside the next afternoon I changed into my uniform and headed out to the tennis courts I saw Anna in her uniform waving to me.

You're here yep what do you think I look good huh I guess just then the guy who warned me on the School rooftop the previous day came up to us you guys these courts are here for tennis players stop fooling around winosuke.

So his name is ryunosuke and Anna seems to know him dude why are you here I'm joining the Tennis Club what you are what about you I'm ryunosuke togawa the captain of The Boys Tennis Club so you're here because of Anna aren't.

You no this was unplanned it's true this was a coincidence yeah right I don't believe you are you an experienced player well kind of oh were you a regular member no a sub seriously this sucks we don't need any more dead waiters in.

This club dead waiter our team is a meritocracy we call the useless players dead waiters since they're no good oh come on you're the only one who uses that name you nosuke if you ask me everyone in this club is a dead waiter except me.

I see ryunosuke only judges people on how well they play tennis you shouldn't be flirting with your buddy right now you should be training to be better so your team can finally win enough matches to go to bigger competitions hmm.

I was upset because I dumped you and I know you've been hitting on my club members behind my back I also know they dumped you as well duh just because you're pretty doesn't mean you can act that way towards me I see so these two don't get along well usually they fall in love eventually in.

Anime but that doesn't seem to be the case here hey you guys huh what shouldn't we start practicing already see him coming he moved in between us so fast yeah hey transfer student you'll be.

Doing the miscellaneous work with the underclassmen Ryu nosuke stormed off after leaving that last comment I was left with Anna and we looked at each other awkwardly so he's the captain yonosuke has been playing soccer since he was little and I admit he's a skilled player it's just.

He has a rotten Personality yeah I noticed just as I expected I was forced to do chores for the players for the next four days I wasn't allowed in the tennis courts and he wouldn't even let me hold a tennis racket however it didn't bother me since I was still recovering from my.

Knee injury and I came over to check up on me every time she had a break she seemed worried about me hey hayato can I help no it's okay I'm actually enjoying this it's so unfair what a jerk this isn't a meritocracy he's just a.

Tyrant the rookies match is this Saturday don't you want to practice it's okay I'm satisfied with what I'm doing right now plus I should tell Anna about my knee no she'll get worried if she finds out I'm injured plus it feels nice to be helping everybody.

Someone has to do it we can practice together after everyone goes home if you want it's okay you don't have to do that for me thanks though but the workies match ryunosuke get angry if he sees you talking to me again whatever I don't care what he thinks.

Dammit why does Anna keep giving him attention like that she'll see what a loser he is at the rookies match the next day I noticed ryunosuke was in a cheerful mood hey guys the rookie match is coming up I'll let you dead waiters practice it was three days before the rookies.

Match and ryunosuke finally allowed the 14 sub-members to practice on the tennis courts however he told all of us we were only allowed to use one Court how are 14 players supposed to practice on one chord all the sub members were amateurs who started playing in high school.

They had almost no experience since ryunosuke never let them practice on the courts however I could see they were doing the best they could we worked together to make the best of the little time we had to practice dad waiter but what a shame you're a loser no matter how much you practice.

What do you mean you'll never win practicing like that I understand we need to practice to win since that's what we're here for but captain isn't it also important to encourage fellow teammates to build a stronger Bond what are you talking back to me hey vinosuke are you picking on hayato again.

No I'm not go back to where you belong so unfair of you to ban them from practicing until three days before the match you're not even trying to give them a chance if you don't like the way I'm doing things why don't you prove to me your way is better by winning what.

Your everybody is equal nonsense it's why you girls never win a tournament hey Captain did you ever consider making the team stronger as a whole so we can all benefit from it that's an unrealistic idea it never works out that way what's the point of letting dead waiters practice they won't.

Get better anyway but we joined the tennis club to play tennis who do you think you are you're just a newbie just shut your mouth fine will you listen to what I have to say if I win the rookies match on Saturday don't get ahead of yourself loser I'd love to see you try though how about this.

I'll let you become Captain if you win the rookies match great if I lose I'll keep doing what I do until I graduate or you can make me quit if that's what you want don't forget you're the one who suggested it fine by me hey you you can do this.

And so we decided the rules while Anna desperately tried to come in between us day of the rookies match I was paired up with a freshman to play in The Doubles tournament however I'm sorry hayato I'm pulling you back no it's not you I'm sorry my performance isn't the best today the situation was looking bad I was.

Overworking my unhealed knee and it was starting to throb I should have practiced more damn it don't worry about it your serve was impressive you know and in the end we lost we did the best we could but it wasn't good enough to be honest though we did.

Pretty well considering we only had three days to practice loser I can't believe you lost the first match after all the crap you said to me ryunosuke found us losing hilarious and he laughed hard he seemed happy that his plan worked he had purposely set me up with a freshman so we would lose.

All your hard work just went down the drain yep we lost why aren't you upset whatever you promised me you'll quit you better keep it hmm just then Anna came rushing toward me she had just finished her match hayato.

Why won't you defend yourself there's nothing to defend I lost why aren't you angry I'm so frustrated I Otto I know you worked so I'll stay behind you the whole time I know you helped all the sub members practice after everyone else went home you even practice with them in the mornings and.

You just used up your lunch breaks to do the chores you couldn't finish during practice just so you could help the other submembers practice you did so much more than anybody in the club you don't deserve this ryuno skate was right ayato is such a loser.

After all he said about hard work and winning the competition he lost the first match ryunosuke's friends started making disrespectful comments about me shut up you don't know what hayato has done for his teammates you have no right to insult him like that that's right hayato has been kind and supportive.

Towards us he taught us when nobody else cared for us Outsiders should keep their mouths shut uh oh guys stop why you didn't do anything wrong hayato I agree with Anna this is someone there to you we need to do something hey it's not over we still have the singles tournament.

What singles tournament coach didn't tell me you were playing in the singles tournament you should check the list you probably didn't realize it since you referred to everyone as dead Waiters when did you register uh I just asked the coach to put me on the list.

Geez whatever there's no way you're winning the tournament since I'll be playing well just make sure you don't lose before reaching the final match shut your mouth you're just a sub honey Auto are you sure you can win against him not at all.

Not at all but you'll have to quit the club if you don't win I don't really care whether I win or not Plus I haven't given my hundred percent in a while so I'm not sure uh a hundred percent to be honest I don't do so well when I play doubles since I lack experience I'm.

Better at playing one-on-one hey you'll see when I get out there I'm not so good at explaining once the singles tournament started I had to play with my injured knee but I won every match even the semi-finals what the heck yo is that hayato from hideayama high school.

He's known as The Undefeated Champion I heard he was injured that's why he wasn't in the Nationals what no he can't be Anna is it just me or do you have feelings for hayato I've had feelings for him since a long time ago he's my first love and I fallen in love with him again.

Yeah I kind of thought so the finals match my opponent turned out to be ryunosuke um hey do we really have to do this what you're the one who wanted this but you're well you're hyatta from hirayama high school your knee is injured right I'll apologize for my attitude and and I'll make you a regular.

Member so so can we just quit the game and make up you said our team was a meritocracy right come on stop fooling around let's get started I'll let you target my knee if you want I won the match by a landslide I was glad I won the competition but my.

Knee wasn't too happy I know I was Reckless but I have no regrets now the Yuki Goku and boys tennis club won't be ruled by a tyrant things will be better now why didn't you do so talented I'm not talented I just worked hard for.

It plus I hurt my knee and became a sub I wasn't lying about anything ayato why would you agree to do this when your knee is like that do you know how worried I was jeez my bad I couldn't think of any other way Dana you're heavy don't say that word to a girl.

A few days later I became captain of the tennis club and I changed all of ryunosuke's rules we all decided to build a powerful team where everybody had equal rights I plan on coaching all the players Anna introduced me to a famous sports medicine doctor and he set me up with a great rehabilitation program to get me.

Ready for the Nationals next year oh and as for ryunosuke ryunosuke you said you want to get better stop slacking off I'm sorry ryunosuke is a jerk but he has talent I gave him another chance to grow as a player and as a human just so you know this is not my way of getting revenge on.

Him everyone on your team looks so Lively I am loving this well it's because ryunosuke isn't ruling anymore he seems to be changing little by little and I'm hoping the team will too you know what I'm so glad you came back hayato.

Yeah me too oh here I think this is yours this is the necklace I gave you you still had it of course I kept it I wanted to give it back to you when I got back you're the best I'm looking forward to playing at the Nationals next year I have a lot of work to do till then as for Anna and me well.

Our relationship is just getting started hey you dropped your handkerchief oh thank you so much her name is kotomi ichisei and she's the prettiest girl in school I picked it up to hand it over to her get it away from me I don't want to touch anything you touched okay I wasn't expecting that.

I have no idea why she hates me so much but then again the majority of the school population hates me so I guess I'm used to it are you sure it looks expensive I don't want any delinquents talking to me but I'm not a delinquent I know why she called me that it's.

Because of my face my name is Yuta misushima and I've always been told I have a scary look on my face so everyone seems to be scared of me I recently heard a rumor about me apparently I barged into a middle school nearby to beat up a group of punks the truth is I only went to the Middle.

School to drop off my little sister's lunchbox on the other hand kotomy is smart and pretty she's perfect in every way she's equally kind to everyone and is the most popular girl in school however she thinks I'm a bad person she won't come anywhere near me the only thing different from the others is that.

She's not the least bit scared of me my mother advised me to volunteer at an after school activity club near my house I don't have any friends at school but I want to become somebody who helps people in need when I grow up I think this is a good place to start taking care of elementary school kids eight nine ten okay here I come.

Oh the monster is coming for me do you realize you're hurting my feelings a lot as you can see the children call me the monster whenever we play heroes and villains I'm always the he who cannot be named character I'm glad my scary face is useful here.

I have no complaints as long as the children are happy Utah what are you doing here hi um well you gotta help me he's gonna rip off my fingers one by one that's really gross kotomy came to pick up her little brother since her mother couldn't come I'm surprised to see you here.

I've never imagined you to be volunteering to work here well I wasn't expecting you to come oh no are you playing with the children here because you don't have a single friend at school cut it out and stop looking at me like that it hurts my feelings.

I realized she misunderstood everything I decided I should explain myself to her so everybody has avoided me because of this face it's not my fault I've never been in a fight I'm just an ordinary introvert well you do have a scary face has anybody told you you're rude I'm volunteering here because I want a.

Job that can help people in need in the future so you want to become a hero it's not like that I just hope I can be someone people can come to when they need help I know it'll be difficult since people run away when they see my face uh I'm so sorry.

Why are you apologizing slightly judged you by how you looked and I said some things I never should have I feel awful about it you don't have to worry about it it's strange how someone who looks so scary can be so kind is that an apology or an insult I'm just kidding don't blare at me like.

That I'm not glaring this is my regular face felt nice to have somebody to talk about these things thanks to the coincidence kotomy started talking to me more at school however um can you stop talking to me when we're at school wait why I'm scared that people will start to.

Notice you're being self-conscious nobody is going to notice anything well I can see a few heads turned towards us right now they're looking at us no I think our classmates are more worried about your safety hey katami you can't talk to you it's.

Not like that it's dangerous see they're all worried about you don't have to be scared of him I met him yesterday at stop what's wrong you can't start yelling like that I'm sorry I freaked out but you can't tell the others what I do.

Why not it's a nice opportunity for others to get to know the real you Koto me you don't understand what will people think when they hear the creepy guy with a scary face is volunteering at a children's after school activity Club I see you will become the most popular guy in school I don't understand how your brain works culture me.

I realized culture me might be more of an airhead than I had expected that afternoon kotomi followed me to the after school activity Club um why are you following me I'm going to go pick up my brother oh okay but we don't have to stick so close together do we.

We arrived at the activity club and the children came to greet me hey man let's go play tug no he promised to play house with me and the girls come on guys no fighting wow you are so popular stop being sarcastic it's annoying when it comes from the most popular girl in.

School you're taking it the wrong way Utah I just said what I saw it's nothing else huh woman cheating let's believe this you cheater how could you do this to me wait stop nothing's going on between us.

What excuse it please can you just hear me out is this her playing house katami it's your turn next home right just as I expected kotomi is popular with the children she hides her personality well with that pretty face.

Gosh playing with kids is more tiring than I thought it would be I can't believe Utah does this every single day user key don't you want to play with everybody else over there oh no no that's too bad that girl she not get along with everybody.

Thank you for carrying my brother home nah it's not a big deal how do you play with those kids every day it's amazing it's not that tiring once you get used to it you know you did quite well considering it was your first time with them glad they liked me so much.

I envy your people skills it took a week for them to get used to me Oh no you're their first choice no doubt but I noticed a girl who didn't seem to be enjoying herself you must be talking about yuzuki she's always been shy she doesn't try to get to know people he doesn't like it when I talk to her.

I don't know whether I should keep trying or if I should leave her alone it's not like you to give up huh that downbeat attitude doesn't suit you especially your face don't bring my face into this I'm just kidding she needs to realize how much her.

Comments hurt me yuzuki was watching you play with the other kids the whole time I have a feeling she wants to get to know you better really well I can try talking to her again yes you're next to you rooting for you.

Huh next to me I feel it's my responsibility to be there for your emotional support I didn't quite understand what she meant but I was thankful for her support I started talking to yuzuki more starting the next day use a key do you want to hang out with me.

No I want to be alone I try to keep a positive attitude but she was stubborn about wanting to be alone which reminded me of myself I wondered if I should pull back yuzuki can I join in on the fun great how about the three of us hang out what did I do wrong is it me or is she suddenly angry.

I I think I know why she's feeling that way do you not see it at all I see I guess you're too ignorant to see the obvious look who's talking you rude Airhead woman I'm pretty sure yuzuki is jealous of you and me jealous.

It's kind of obvious she has a crush on you Utah what she probably doesn't know how to talk to you since she has feelings for you that can't be true there have been no signs there are plenty of signs you should be able to tell if you just try to notice oh gosh.

She's expecting me to notice communication science when I've had no friends my entire life oh you girl killer dude don't ever call me that kotomy and I kept discussing what we should do to get yuzuki to open her heart she told me she had a good idea in mind.

The next day use a key can I ask you a little favor what your mother told me you're good at drawing can you teach me how sure wow you're awesome at this huh yuzuki you've got Raw Talent.

What's going on wait who drew that picture yuzuki was teaching me how to draw look how talented she is you're right she's really good it's pretty too can you teach me too me too uh okay I'm glad it went well.

Me too we were both relieved our plan had worked user key is mature for her age so we thought it would be better to set her up with a younger age range the next day at school it was nice to see yuzuki getting along with the other kids at the club I know it's all thanks to your plan kotomy.

No it's all to you Utah I thought of the idea of what I was watching you well I guess hanging out with younger kids is easier to do since there's less pressure you should make some friends too I like the way life is now you're lying I know you want friends no I don't I'm willing to be your friend if you ask.

Nicely no thanks as long as you pay me 500 yen a month I have to pay you hey that's really cheap however the piece didn't last forever we went to the after school activity club on Monday to find yuzuki absent I wonder what happened to yuzuki.

Maybe she got sick I'm going to ask around a bit wait I'll come with you kids told me yuzuki was at school but nobody had seen her at the activity club yet I got worried and went out to look for her and is that yuzuki wait who are those guys.

He got my clothes all doighty it's gonna cost a hundred thousand yen to clean these are your mom and dad at home if they are introduce us I'm sorry for ruining your clothes I'm so sorry what the what do they think they're doing she's still a kid.

I grabbed one of the guys that were surrounding yuzuki excuse me do you have a second what Huda what are you planning to do with that child should we get the police involved it's a monster oh my gosh what's up what's up we shouldn't mess with him.

We'll end up in the hospital we'll be going now what the heck oh well they're gone now yuzuki are you okay there there I'm here now you'll be okay she seems terrified I stroke yuzuki's hair to calm her down hey Utah oh call told me things under control now.

can you stop my hair too huh why obviously I said no the guys were gone and the problem was solved or so I thought the next day after school kotomi asked to see me.

We headed up to the school roof since she had something important to talk about you were so powerful when you saved yuzuki from those guys yesterday oh really all I did was look at them not that you barged in without any hesitation if first I thought.

I thought bed but then I realized your face was scary enough to make them run without having to do anything um I don't know if you're complimenting or insulting me which is it I was just desperate to save yuzuki I wasn't thinking about anything else that's what I'm talking about you don't hesitate at all when you're trying to.

Protect those who are precious to you watching you made me realize how I feel about you and I wanted to ask if you would be my boyfriend what my head blanked out I was not expecting her to say that to be honest I don't hate kotomi but I don't know what should I say.

I want you to protect me as you did with yuzuki with your face why does everybody have to emphasize my face if that's the reason I'm going to say no protect yourself I'm going to say no to you saying no I want to go out with you you're scary looking but you love kids and you're so reliable.

This doesn't sound like a serious conversation like little girls don't you are such a jerk right back at you anyways I decided she was rude and not worth my time however kotomi didn't seem to understand.

My answer she kept approaching me day after day she would grab onto me during lunch and she even started making obento for me as for the other students in our class they were did you hear about Utah apparently he sent some guys to the hospital just by glaring at them look he seemed so.

Annoyed that the prettiest girl at school is hitting on him he's so cool I want to be like him seeing the whole situation wrong I just know they're going to add this event to the list of my fake achievements as for the girls I heard he even dumped katami he's like.

A cool rebel I love it I love how he has a scary face but he's so nice to kids maybe I should hit on him or would he beat me up I'm a cool Rebel wait I would never beat a girl up I wasn't sure if I should be happy or sad about what everybody was saying about me you know I'm going to marry you when I.

Get older are you sure you want to live with this face huh your face is so handsome I love looking at your face it's the best thing to look at in the world nobody has ever told me I was handsome yeah I guess I'm not ugly to everybody's eye.

I'm so relieved that's not going to happen sweetie Yuta is with me I'm not losing to you all tag oh you're a little brat aren't you stop it cuddle me you're supposed to be the adult here and use a key why are you being so aggressive as you can see there's a lot I need to handle right now.

My name is Yuji kurosaka I'm a sophomore in high school I'm an anime geek in love with anime characters I like to read novels during break time I'm not the talkative type and everyone considers me an introvert one day I was called up to the school rooftop I'm sorry for asking you to come.

Up here I wanted to ask if you would be my boyfriend kurasaka Kun this is Yuna okazaki the most popular girl in the school but I already knew why she was asking me out I didn't think I would ever be picked to be used for a botsu game I heard some girls talking with Yuna.

About asking someone out as part of a batsu game she seemed reluctant about the idea but her friends wouldn't let her get away with not doing it she's a victim as well in a way but this is a huge opportunity for me I feel bad for Yuna but it's her responsibility for hanging out with.

Friends like that she should have chosen her friends more wisely um could a soccer who going to give me an answer well well I'm an anime geek are you sure you're okay with that um yeah of course I am okay well I guess we're dating then Yuna I called.

Her name and her expression changed into what looked like shock you just call me by my first name I mean we're dating right I thought couples called each other by their first names yeah but still I didn't think you could call me that so soon you can call me by my first name too.

Yuna do you want to exchange numbers now yeah sure I made sure I didn't give her any time to change her mind about us dating I haven't planned out when I'll tell her the truth yet but I want to keep the boyfriend position as long as possible it's my punishment for her since she's the one who wasn't honest to.

Begin with hey Yoona why don't we go on a date I know a great place we can go to second what's wrong I grabbed her hand and started walking but she suddenly pulled me back thanks are going a little fast for me you're the one who asked me out Yoona.

I know I did but you seem so different today I'm a little surprised you now what kind of person do you think I am you don't talk much I thought you would be quiet and gentle I don't talk to people because there are better things to use my time on I like reading books and talking to.

People will only get in the way I didn't realize that are you having second thoughts now no of course I'm not well let's get going then oh okay I would have set her free if she had come clean at that moment however it seems like Yuna wants to keep playing.

This little game um Eugene I thought we would be going to a cafe or something I said we would great place that's right and I'm going to show you soon I brought Yuna back to my place I talked about my favorite anime the.

Whole time we were walking I could tell she was exhausted I don't think she was actually listening to me that's why she doesn't know what we're doing here I didn't think we would end up at your place on our first date you're my girlfriend there's no problem with it.

Right you came all the way here it'd be a waste to just go home what are you planning to do I just want to talk just make yourself at home I pulled yuna's hand and guided her into my house wow she looked extremely nervous until she drank the hot tea I serve her.

Right it's my favorite kind of tea hugee I never knew you had a thing for tea I like baking and making desserts tea comes along with it I made these cream puffs yesterday really you actually made these I think I'm pretty good tell me what you think I didn't think anybody would ever get to.

Eat the desserts I made I'm glad I kept this in the fridge this is delicious you could probably sell this you know I spent a lot of time and effort perfecting the recipe I never knew you were this talented and I didn't think you'd be so forward on our first date you're full of surprises they say never judge a book by its cover.

And they're right you're nothing like I imagined this isn't the only thing I'm good at here let me show you I decided to bring Yuna up to my room what do you think about my room I know you liked anime but this is more than I expected posters on the wall and character.

Figurines all over my room was full of anime and anime characters Yuna I have a favor to ask can you try this outfit on I took a cosplay costume from my closet and turned around to show Yuna is this a Miko costume why do you have something like this I love cosplay I make all sorts of.

Costumes and I sell them online they sell well to be honest you're so talented it's amazing but I've never had the chance to get feedback from any of my customers I would appreciate it if you could wear it and tell me how it feels huh but it's kind of embarrassing.

You're my girlfriend can't you do this for me is this the reason you called me over today to make me wear this of course Yuna you said you were okay with me being an anime geek I thought you would be willing to help me as expected of the school's most popular girl.

Yuna had a beautiful face I knew she could pull off any cosplay costume that was one of the main reasons I agreed to go out with her okay how seemed a little reluctant but she agreed to help me I figured I should use her to my advantage since she's still planning on.

Tricking me great don't forget this wig okay I'll be waiting outside the room for you I'm ready Yoona called me into the room and I opened the door wow she stood there standing in the Mikko costume and the pink wig she looked like she had just come out of.

An anime and she looked better than I had imagined she would she was absolutely perfect how does it look is it okay you look great just like the princess the costume you're wearing is a Japanese ogre princess she's not only pretty but Fierce as well and she's one of the most.

Popular characters in the anime you'll look great in any pretty girl costume since you're so attractive you're making me blush with all the compliments hey is it okay for me to take a few pictures of you I want to capture the moment so it doesn't fade away.

Cool sure go ahead I'm glad she loved my compliments and she looked quite satisfied I asked her to pose for me and we had a photo shoot look at these awesome photos I wouldn't have been able to get this done if it wasn't for you it's nice to hear you are happy with me it was my first experience but I think I.

Like it if you enjoy this you might like learning about anime you don't know the character you just dressed up as right the anime she's in is pretty interesting I opened my laptop to show her some videos I picked some of the best anime videos and we watched them together until it was time to go home.

Good morning Yuji Yuna greeted me as soon as I walked into the classroom the next morning morning okazaki-san huh Yuna looked shocked when she heard my reply what's wrong you just called me okazaki-san I thought.

We were using first names now we're still dating I thought our relationship was a one day thing why would you think that did I do anything to upset you we're still dating I thought our relationship was a one day thing no not at all I just thought yesterday's.

Going up thing was just a joke for you you put me through all that yesterday just to end things like this I tried so hard for you Yuji I had expected our relationship to be over since we had a date yesterday however Yuna didn't seem to think we were through maybe I should date her until she.

Confesses the truth I feel bad for making you dress up yesterday I got too excited since I thought I would never get another chance to do that it felt a little weird at first but I actually enjoyed it the anime videos were pretty interesting too I watched.

The rest of the anime after I got home yesterday I couldn't stop watching it pulled me in really I didn't know you enjoyed it that much I thought it was forcing you to watch it I especially like the character I dressed up as I wish someone had told me about anime sooner so you enjoyed it.

I know I'm the one who forced it on you but I didn't expect you to like it so much yeah animes are awesome but I would love to have another one of your cream puffs do you plan on making any soon I can make them anytime I want you're welcome to come over after school tomorrow I'll get them ready today.

Really yay I'm looking forward to it I can't believe we're going on another date she seemed excited even though I showed her how much of an anime geek I was yesterday she might just be putting on a nice face I couldn't tell I was a bit confused since I knew she only asked me out as part of a batsu game.

Yuna stuffed the cream puff into her mouth with a broad smile I thought she would come clean about the batsu game but she didn't peep a single word about it instead we got closer we even started talking more at school I'm so happy you like it so much hugee you're amazing I wish I could come.

Here every day just to continue eating your cream puffs you make that's quite a compliment hugee is there anything I can do for you I want to thank you and the way you enjoy the most it's okay don't worry about it oh don't hold back I'm your girlfriend I didn't know how to react to her.

Calling herself my girlfriend so I had made her dress up as a punishment for lying about her feelings but it didn't seem to affect her that much well you could wear another cosplay costume for me the pictures I took of you were amazing I would love to do that for you I stopped thinking about it so hard and.

Decided to enjoy myself she was lying to me but it didn't have to stop me from having a good time with anime related activities if she was willing to dress up for me there was no reason for me to say no you look absolutely amazing in that costume I dressed her up in a blue coat and a.

Blue wig the character she was dressed up as was another character from the anime the Japanese ogre princess was in she looked great at anything I put on her I still can't believe you make all these costumes hey look exactly like the character now that Yuna started watching the anime.

She knew which character she was dressed up as she looked like she was enjoying herself do you ever wear costumes Yoji sometimes I used to make my costumes before I started selling them I want to see you dress up now yeah.

She seemed eager to see me in a costume so I brought out a costume to wear the master he Beauty you look great it was a simple White costume but Yuna knew who I was you're just flattering me it makes me blush but it's the truth you look amazing now I understand why you wanted me to dress up watching others in costume is.

So fun too you're becoming a fine anime geek and you just started the day before yesterday I'm a huge fan of the anime you introduced me to after that Yuna and I enjoyed a long conversation about the anime show I was amazed by how Yuna knew so much about the anime already.

A week passed since Yuna first asked me out we talked a lot at school and we've become anime Buddies as for our relationship well that was still up in the air UT what's wrong what are you thinking about one day on our way home Yuna suddenly.

Stopped me to ask what was on my mind well the thing is if there's anything I can help you with let me know I know the start of our relationship was a batsu game but I felt myself getting drawn to her as we spent more time together I realized I was enjoying my time with.

Her I didn't want our relationship to end however I also knew our bond was based on a lie it would be better to get rid of it if it wasn't real you know we're dating is that right.

Huh well what is going on did I do anything to upset you I know why you asked me out when were you planning on telling me you're dating me as part of a botsu game I was glad I finally got that off my chest Yuna looked at me with her mouth wide open.

So you knew but UT I need you to know something about what I didn't want to do it I didn't think it was okay to ask someone out just for a batsu game I know that too you were trying to talk your way out of it but I decided to go along with it.

Because they said you were the one I had to ask out I think I was driving to you even before the whole thing what do you mean drawn to me Beauty you always read novels during break time to tell you the truth I love novels I always wanted to talk to you about it but you had this wall up around you and I couldn't that's when the batsu.

Game came up I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to get to know you but isn't lying to me about being your boyfriend a little over the line didn't you think you would hurt me if I found out I feel awful about it it wasn't considering your feelings enough I was.

Planning to tell you the truth later on but what I'm feeling now is much stronger enjoying cosplay and talking about anime with you is so much fun I was hoping we could just continue this relationship and become a real couple but we don't have to be a couple for that maybe you just want to be friends.

We don't have to be a couple to spend time together we could stay friends and still enjoy talking about anime together I couldn't tell her true intentions and it was confusing me but I knew that I didn't want a relationship with her if she was just dating me out of guilt for lying to me.

I don't expect you to believe me but I do have feelings for you Yugi at first it was just curiosity but seeing all the wonderful sides of you my feelings only got stronger I want to stay as your girlfriend so we can keep building our connection you don't have to say that to make me feel better.

I'm fine with us being just friends too no I want to be your girlfriend Yuna wrapped her hands around my face and slowly kissed me I'm not doing this because I feel guilty I actually have feelings for you I'm willing to do anything to get you to believe me her cheeks were bright red and she had a.

Worried expression on her face I have feelings for you too you better not back out saying it was a lie after going this far I'm gonna try to trick you ever again you G I want to be by your side Yuna and I embraced each other I heard later on that the botsu game had.

Ended a while back Yuna had already explained her feelings to her friends and they were aware that she had feelings for me everyone that was involved in the batsu game came over to apologize to me it cleared things up and I was glad Yuna and I were headed in the right direction a few months later whoa so this is what.

An anime convention is like I took Yuna to an anime convention she had turned into an official anime geek and she was more excited to come here than I was Yuna when are you going to tell me what you're going to dress up as I was hoping we could wear matching costumes to the convention however Yuna.

Told me she had a plan she kept her costume hidden from me until now you'll see it soon I know you'll love the costume I brought with me wait please don't wear something too revealing okay all the costumes I make are rather innocent looking I've always stayed away.

From massive exposure since it's embarrassing to make however the bad feeling I had became a reality Yuna came out of the dressing room in what could only be called a character bathing suit it was a costume of one of the characters in our favorite anime a young.

Demon King one of the costumes I had been avoiding making on purpose what do you think cutie is your heart racing Yuna you went all out huh my heart was racing but I was worried about the other anime Geeks watching her in that costume however you know didn't seem to mind the attention at all.

Yuna became a popular cosplayer almost immediately and she was surrounded by many cameras I'll admit I was a bit jealous but I guess it's something I had to deal with my name is matsuro managawa I'm a junior in high school my father and I have lived together for most of my life but he recently remarried.

Good morning good morning mitsuru my stepmother is kind and beautiful I'm glad my father found such a perfect partner however morning hmm hello you listening her daughter or my stepsister is glacial the only thing they have in common is.

That they have a pretty face her name is Minato minigala and she is the most difficult stepsister anybody has had to deal with as you can see we don't have the most healthy relationship leaving done getting ready want to go to school.

I'm so sorry mitsuru I don't know why she's so grumpy all the time oh no don't worry about it I guess it can be helped I mean I would freak out if I found out I would suddenly be living with a brother only a year older than myself not that I agree with how she's handling it but I get how she's feeling.

Hey wait up what do you want from me stop following me that's impossible we leave the same house go to the same school then move or transfer to a different school you're really something you know I take it back I don't understand her why does she treat me this way.

I'll see you later then don't come near me it's annoying you don't make any friends like that instead of your business go away jeez minute so and I go to the same high school but I didn't know her previously since we are a great apart I didn't even know she existed in the same school until my father married my.

Stepmother I found out the day she came to our place none of my friends seem to know her either she was a mystery hey here to bother me again what are you alone eyes why bother asking the obvious.

I looked for her during my lunch break and finally found her sitting alone on the school roof as it turns out I'm not the only one who she acts Colts Awards she doesn't have a single friend she's always alone whenever I see her at school what did you come here for well I was.

Wondering if you wanted to eat together no I like being by myself throw me a bone will ya talking to me anyway I'm so mean to you we're proud of the same family now is it weird that I want to find a way to get along with you for family on paper not connected by Blood leave me alone.

Don't be so blunt about it saying the truth all I need is my mother I think else I understand your love for your mother but do you have to shut the rest of the world out it's not that I'm trying to shut everybody out.

Then why I can't trust anybody not a single person in the world huh my father he cheated on my mother and tossed us out like trash we were such a happy family my mother and I loved him so much he showered us with love every day too I'm sure he loved us our family ended in a matter of seconds.

It was like he was a different person that's when I realized love and Trust were just illusions just because your father did that doesn't mean we're all the same I know but who knows which one of you will turn out to be that way if my real father can change like that anybody can Minato that's why I don't want to trust anybody.

If I don't trust and so betrayal I won't give anybody the chance to hurt me huh talk time is over now that you know how I feel I'm sure you understand why it's a waste of time to talk to me if there's no trust there's no betrayal huh the girls got a point I know but still.

That's just so it's so heartbreaking to hear okay we're heading out now a few months after a parent's marriage they decided to go on their honeymoon during summer break so it wouldn't affect our studies over living dolls.

We'll be fine hmm are you sure about that and yeah I think make sure you call us if anything happens or if you can't take it anymore please go have fun oh thank you mitsuru let's see.

Minute so we're on our own for a week let's make the best of it you want to go out for dinner I'll be lying if I say I'm not a word at all hey come on Hell let's go dinner are you sleeping minute so ah it's only been four hours since our.

Parents left for their honeymoon Minato hasn't stepped out of her room since it's starting to get late I'm sure she's hungry we should eat something I I made dinner for you and it's getting cold shut up eat it without me hey you're awake come on out.

No why not please it won't be as bad as you think I said no now you are so stubborn you're the stubborn one I told you why I don't want you to annoy me but you still do it because we're family stop saying that you're irritating me well it's the truth follow me to school every single day and.

You're making lunches for me now plus you keep talking to me about meaningless things every minute we're together aren't I fun no why won't you just leave me alone I really need you to stay away if you keep doing the hotel oh I must have fallen asleep without.

Realizing it she still hasn't eaten her food I know she's starving why won't she just eat hey Minato are you sleeping I'm gonna leave your plate outside your door since you didn't want to eat with me I can't hear a thing.

She really sleeping Minato hello what the door isn't locked oh no where the number you have diode is outside the service area or crap an hour passed since I first realized Vanessa was not at home I called her.

Numerous times but none of the calls have gone through I love that the clock and realized it was already past one o'clock it's too late for a girl in high school to be walking around alone what if she's been in an accident or something yeah it's none of my business.

Whatever just let her do her thing she doesn't have any friends to rely on anyways she'll be back soon since there's no way she can go she probably shut off her phone to avoid me on purpose she's having a blast while I'm sitting here at home.

I can't trust anybody not a single person in the world huh damn it I can't help it I can't stop worrying about her what the heck am I doing I wouldn't have had to if it wasn't from itsuru I've made my feelings clear but he won't let me be.

How could he be so kind to me when I am being so mean to him and why is he always smiling at me like nothing is wrong why would you just go on with your life it would be so much easier if he minded his own business and stopped caring for me I wouldn't have to push him away so much if he kept his distance from me he.

Just doesn't get it hey you're alone aren't you it must be feeling so lonely why don't we go boy you would drink over there somebody's crack here well the work of blight egg we like strong women who.

What how beautiful you are you're perfect something seems to be bothering you we should blow off some steam together if you don't want to lead there's two of them and there's no but you found I could ask for help excuse me could I butt in for a second uh what do you want.

I'm your older brother I would appreciate it if you could pick up some other girl well I don't want any drama with you bud so whatever let's go oh why are you here let's go home huh hey what are you looking for me this whole time.

Yeah why would you do that I told you to leave me alone I know I'm only trouble for you how could I do that you have no idea how worried I was about you see that vision and it's confusing me huh betrayal is never easy it's painful and.

Scary but I also think not being able to trust others is just as painful it's your life and you're the one who has to make your decisions no control over my decisions on whether I trust you or not ah what does that mean.

Shut up idiots the next day yes these are great I'm so good Minato it's morning let's have breakfast together what why are you surprised well I wasn't expecting you to open the door.

You must be stupid you were the one who called me but wow yeah but come on for eating right let's go downstairs oh okay I almost forgot good morning mitsuru what why are you so quiet cat got your tongue I mean what did you just call me mitsuro we're family what's wrong with.

It or do you want me to call you big bro or something no that's not what I'm saying you weirdo you're the one who calls me Minato all the time oh we're family huh I didn't know she was capable of saying such sweet things after that okay where are you going I need to go grocery.

Shopping I'm going with you the way minutes so treated made it like a complete 180. so um what do you have to hold on to my shirt like that it's kind of hard for me to walk idiot how old are you again she was a completely different person.

Take a nap or something no I want to help you it's oh um well can you cut the carrots for me then hey I got oh thanks minutes huh I did a great job didn't I huh oh yeah you did great huh we need you to give me more more yep.

Um there there how could you be so cute you're like huh a puppy you know you I'm a human can't you see nah she looks like a puppy to me fine then if I'm a puppy that means you picked up a stray dog and.

Are responsible for taking good care of me a stray dog up until a few days ago she was like a stray dog barking and trying to bite anyone near her I agree with her I have to take good care of her so she doesn't lose hope in humanity hmm.

The fifth day of spending time alone with Minato our parents are coming home the day after tomorrow I don't know how I did it but I seem to have succeeded in building a trusting relationship with Minato I think I'm doing okay Mom my mother always taught me to cherish the connections with people I cried every day while my mother was sick in.

The hospital I was terrified of the day she would pass away I used to think it would be so much easier if I didn't make any connections with anybody if they were going to be gone someday anyways I was traumatized from watching my mother wither away however I now know that's not true.

Even if I had to say goodbye to my mother I never felt like I should have met her I still Cherish All the memories I have with her oh I should start getting ready for bed hmm but what I can't believe you made me wait for so long what do you think you're doing trying to sleep.

Well yeah I could see that then don't ask you idiot why does she talk to me like this I'm not talking about that why are you trying to sleep in my bed hmm don't me go back to your room Minato no did you say no.

Can't fall asleep huh I tried sleeping in my bed but my heart keeps stirring up I couldn't fall asleep oh so um I wanted to sleep here just for tonight uh can I just for today huh damn it my heart is beating so fast.

I know I said it was okay for her to be here but I'm sort of regular High School guy I mean we're siblings but not related by blood isn't this a little inappropriate I'm sorry for this what you're the first person I've trusted other than my mother since my father.

Left us I'm terrified of losing you oh huh I get anxious at night what if I wake up one day and you're gone you're the one who ran from home the one who looked I know don't worry I'll never disappear on you I promise I know.

What what did you expect if you get married you'll have a new family you won't want me around anymore isn't that going a little too far no don't tell me you want to get married well I mean not now but maybe in the future fine then I'll marry you when you are.

Ready huh that way we can get married and we can stay together Miano stop reading so much and talk to me my name is June Miano and I'm a junior in high school I'm not good at talking to people so I always spend my time reading books alone.

Then suddenly my classmate now Takahashi started talking to me leave me alone huh I couldn't hear you can you speaker felt like I was being pretty loud but when I'm in front of people I get nervous and mumble people would always make fun of me for that but after Miss Takahashi started sitting next to me she started teasing.

Me more you're never going to be popular like that you need to speak up I don't want to be popular I said I can't hear you if you have something to say speak up no stop messing with that geek you really do like strange things what's so fun about talking to that weirdo her.

Friends were making fun of me too I was just getting smaller by the minute look Miano they're talking say something back leave me alone I can't hear you no let's go huh okay she was dragged Away by her friends I.

Tried to speak up but I couldn't say anything that would reach her ears man I can't do this when people are around I just get quieter I should just quietly read a book I was just avoiding reality but that was what I did to protect myself all right let's go for it I had a secret Hobby.

I used a streaming app to live stream with only my voice I didn't have to talk to people when I saw them so I loved my place in the internet if they can't see me and I can't see them I can talk like normal I was working hard as a streamer good afternoon guys I'm miyachi here to.

Deliver you your favorite voice I'm working hard to become a voice actor so I would like you all to give me scripts to speak while I'm streaming to practice I started live streaming last year I was an anime otaku so I would use certain famous or popular lines to introduce myself and gathered attention that way.

It took me a year to gather my listeners but they liked me I'm always rooting for you I love your voice now mean is here today too I had a lot of regulars but Naomi was someone who was there from the beginning always interacting thank you for your support as always.

Miss now mean let's get started the stream continued as usual the more time I spent practicing the more I started getting used to new and different situations so I started improving my skill they really enjoyed it all right Miano you read the next part I was chosen to read during language.

Arts class I was depressed but I started to read the excerpt we can't hear you speak up man I was reading as best as I as I could but my voice was just quiet right on cue my other classmates started making fun of me you really aren't good at this miono you should start taking.

This seriously I am taking it seriously I can't hear you from here I want you to really speak from your stomach put your feelings behind it I was able to speak like it was nothing while I was live streaming I didn't know why I can't talk when I'm in front of people I pretended that I was live streaming to.

Try to get past this I pretended this classroom was my room and spoke your heart has been moved from the clasps of Love already ah you can do it make sure you speak up like that every time I said the line as if I was reading an anime line I got through reading the excerpt.

I was exhausted after being so nervous we spoke I think it's the first time I've heard him talk I heard people whispering I changed my tone but people had never heard my real voice so I'm sure they didn't think much of it miado let's go home together.

Why don't be like that I just have something I want to talk to you about come on after class Takahashi invited me to go home with her I'd never gone home with anyone so I didn't understand why I don't have anything I want to talk about oh you're okay with it okay let's go I.

Didn't say that I said no but she didn't listen to me I couldn't speak up so she used that to her advantage to go home with me piano why are you so quiet normally it's not like I try I can hear you mumbling something but I can't hear most of what you're saying that was special.

When I pretended the textbook was a script I was able to speak up I just did what I did at home however I was still nervous speaking in front of people I want to hear your voice again I'm literally talking Miano you're miyachi right huh I was surprised when she mentioned my.

Streamer tag how did she know look at you being all surprised I know it why do you know you might ask it's because I'm naomin no way I didn't realize one of my biggest fans was someone so close to me and naomin is actually one of my oldest fans too that would explain how she was able to figure.

Out my voice I seriously you have a huge voice fetish and I'm a huge fan of your voice so I heard your voice during class and I was so surprised I didn't realize the miyachi I was always cheering for was so close to me sorry this is normally how I am when I said something she immediately.

Rushed close to me and put her ear near my mouth I was taken aback and walked away a little what I do this I can hear your voice don't worry about it no matter how you are regularly I'm a huge fan of yours so I could hear you.

Talk can you come by my house then I was a little anxious inviting her to my house like that but I wanted to be in an environment where I could relax I had her come with me thank you for always supporting me I really appreciate your support oh I'm the one that's always lucky to hear your voice you don't have to thank.

Me I was still nervous but I felt a little relieved being in a familiar environment I was able to talk a little louder than I could at school I just get so nervous in front of people that I can't really talk when I'm live streaming I don't have to worry about it because I don't have to.

See anyone's face when there are other people I get really nervous and I know you wanted to talk to me I wasn't ignoring you so sorry I could tell you we're trying to talk I couldn't hear you well but I feel bad about this your voice while you live stream is so nice so you should be able.

To show off at school I know it's not good to just be this way but I can't do anything about it when I'm talking people don't hear me and then it makes me even more nervous and eventually I end up just avoiding people at all so you're saying if you can't talk you can't get along with people yeah if I can do that I guess I could.

Then let's practice if you get used to talking in front of people you'll be able to talk like when you live stream it's not that easy I've tried a lot over the years but I've never been able to talk that's because you haven't tried correctly I'll help you how do you plan to help first let's start with you breaking the.

Ice with me I want you to talk a little louder I'm trying to talk loud now you're talking a little louder than when you talk at school but I think you can be louder if you're nervous because you're looking at me I'll turn around for you she turned her back to me I couldn't see her face but it didn't matter because I knew someone was near.

Me I'm glad you're trying to help but it doesn't make much of a difference I'm nervous about the presence of someone so it's not like not looking at your face makes me less nervous you can't talk to your family either no I can talk to my family I don't need to worry about what they're thinking.

Oh so you don't have problems when it comes to someone you don't have to worry about then she came behind me and hugged me from behind what are you doing she suddenly hugged me and my heart rate spite it was the first time a girl had hugged me I'm going to get close to you so that you don't have to worry about me let's go out.

What the why I told you I like your voice if I do this I can listen to your voice anytime I want and you can practice talking too I think it's a win-win that doesn't mean that we should go out you don't like me it's not about liking or disliking I can't even talk to anyone how am I.

Supposed to date if you don't dislike me then why don't we at least give it a shot not going out just because you're nervous is sad I won't be mean I promise I'll make sure you could talk in front of people oh I didn't agree with how she was doing it but I knew I had to fix this situation.

If it was for me to fix my flaws maybe this was okay okay then let's go out yeah leave it to me we started going out while also training all right read this line to me she showed me her phone with a certain line on it.

Aren't these anime lines why are you doing this well I figured if we start off with lines that you're used to it would be easier for you just do it like you usually do on the live streams I've never said any anime lines when someone was around that's why it's practice this is for.

Your voice it was like a public recording if I just practiced talking then it would probably help me out she was the only person around but I was still nervous but if I can't do this I won't be able to change okay I'll give it a shot I took a deep breath and imagined the.

Situation with the anime characters I played the part and put emotion behind the lines my life is yours I will use it for you I will be by your side till the end I was exhausted after saying it maybe being nervous actually paid off I was able to speak up oh my God I can hear miyachi's voiceover.

This is amazing Miss Takahashi yeah you had a great voice and we learned that you could say anime lines normally wait are you using this training as a way to hear my voice not at all it's easier this way for you too right this is the perfect idea I mean maybe but.

Whether it was effective or not I felt like she was using me she told me to say more anime lines before moving to the next step okay this next line what is this I wasn't familiar with the lines she had showed me on her phone scenario I just made it up so put some.

Emotion behind it and read it you can get over that kind of embarrassment to really grow just think it's an anime line ah I buckled down and said what was on the phone I've always liked you since I've met you please date me.

Oh my God yes yes she hugged me wait what are you doing after I said the confession she hugged me and I couldn't help but blush I was just amazed by that line you made me say it until I was moved I love you this is how my training while also being.

Miss takahashi's toy started thank you for listening guys I hope you guys have a wonderful night see you tomorrow I finished my daily live stream me I know it was great thank you she was in my room while I was streaming I had never shown anyone my live streams.

But because of our daily training I started getting used to her presence I was able to have her stick around because I got used to her my legs is a pillow I pet her head gently had without me really told me to do that said it was part of the training to act.

All flirty too she would hold my hands and hold me at first I was nervous but I was able to really overcome my fear of being around her all right let's try something new she pulled up the blanket and got into my bed you come in here too.

What are we gonna do in bed it's just a cuddle now I mean if it's just a nap if it was just napping next to her I'd be okay but once I actually got into the futon I was nervous for a different reason than usual the special situation actually made me think of.

Things maybe I'll just stay the night no you need to go home you don't want to spend the night with me I don't want anything happening you plan on doing something to me I didn't mean that my imagination ran wild she hugged me as.

If to make me more nervous what if I said you can do whatever you like with me what I thought maybe you'd want to do something to me you want me to if you like me sure I heard her and I finally said what was on my mind I'm really happy that you like me but.

You like my voice right what about the other stuff I knew you weren't sure about how I felt I kind of figured no matter how much we were snuggling you kept saying it was just training that was the reason we started this so I mean at first sure it was your voice but not anymore right now I like all of you and I can give you.

Everything I have for you I see I was pretty shy that she would like me that much what about you what do you think about me well we started dating under the pretense of training but I really did start falling for you.

We were only dating because of my voice so I was worried about what would happen if you got bored but if you aren't bored of me then I want to be with you forever then let me hear your confession again not something I thought of but something you came up with everything that I had told her up until this point had been.

Lies that she had made me say just like I was worried about how she felt she must have been worried about how I felt I realized why she did what she did I want you to be by my side from now on I love you now she kissed me on the lips I love you June.

She smiled happily I wasn't able to speak up at school yet but after this happened I was able to speak up anywhere I knew if she supported me I could get over anything thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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