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[Manga Dub] Everyone quit after I rejected the popular girl… Only one girl stayed… [RomCom]


Excuse me I've had feelings for you for a while now will you be my boyfriend one day after work I was cleaning up the restaurant when Nene haragura called me over to confess her feelings for her and so I said I'm sorry I can't date you miss haraguro I knew I would never feel the same I felt bad but I had to decline.

Huh I must have heard you vong you didn't just say no to me right yes I did she's right she's pretty she's probably one of the prettiest girls I know however I also know that she has a horrible personality she acts like a good girl and seems.

Friendly but I know what she does to the other part-time workers here I've heard her talk badly about some of the customers as well she's crooked minded talked to her many times but she hasn't tried to improve her actions it's as if she thinks she's Justified to do anything just because she's pretty I'm sorry I think there are better.

People out there for you you should find a better man instead of an ordinary restaurant manager like me so full of herself I'll ask you one more time are you sure you don't want to date me yes I'm sure that's my final answer I see okay she's starting to accept my answer.

She crushed that thought when she said fine then but I'm going to make you regret your decision what I guess I'll be heading home now then wait what do you mean didn't like the smile on her face it was as if she was planning something evil the next morning I found out why she.

Said I would regret my decision what you don't want to quit most of the part-time workers at the restaurant came up to me together and told me they were all planning to quit their jobs Someone Like You but why they'll find her.

What is she seriously doing this she's coming up with stories to get back at me for dumping her yesterday thought you and Nana were closer than the rest of us but that doesn't mean you could do things like that to her hey take it easy I didn't do anything to her.

Well then is this the part assignments I got a phone to show me a picture of me grabbing Miss haraguro I don't know who edited the photo but they're good the photo looked real um this isn't real plus where is the person who took the photo.

Oh I'm the one who took the photo a girl who said that was a close friend of Miss haragurus I remember them telling me they went to the same University you're acting all suspicious yesterday I followed you guys and I saw what you were doing you saw the proof you won't get away.

With this you should feel lucky Nana is willing to forget all about it as long as you pay her pay her yeah if it's better than getting arrested isn't it still I can't imagine myself working with a monster like you we're quitting so he won't even hear me out to be honest I want to believe that.

First but now that I've seen I've seen okay but you guys need to go through the proper process to quit yeah because the Play Store for two weeks that way we can leave the place without having to work with you what that's crazy let me explain the situation you're in if you don't listen to us we'll do what.

We need to make you listen I stopped trying the moment I heard that they wouldn't listen even if I did foreign how does that make you feel this is what you get for dumping me I could almost hear her saying that gosh you're such a nightmare ah what do I do now.

They were fixated on making me pay I'm sure they'll be back again to collect the money I'll have to deal with that then but for now I should focus on the restaurant all but one of the part-timers quit I should call Miss shiragami the only part-timer left to tell her what.

Happened I bet she's gonna quit when she hears a story I'm supposed to see mrigami into the kitchen that afternoon hey Miss shiragami I thought I told you not to come today I heard what happened from the part-timer.

I see I knew it you're hurt I'm gonna make her pay for what she did to you huh I didn't catch what you were saying can you say it again oh it's nothing I just wanted to tell you that I know you're innocent huh how I witnessed another asking you out yesterday I also heard her threaten to.

Get revenge on you really oh it would mean so much if he could explain what you saw no that's not a good idea why I know it won't be difficult to explain what happened to the others however by doing that we'll be putting Nana in the spotlight.

Um why is that a bad thing after all she did to you she deserves more than just a scolding by the others I want to make her regret what she did I want her to drown in the feelings of despair is that even possible it's possible for me but I need to lure her into my trap that's why I don't want.

The other part-time workers to know anything yet the others are unforgivable too how dare they suspect you to do such a horrendous thing but I need them to come back so the restaurant can function well I have a suggestion a suggestion.

How about you let my sisters work here they're only sophomores but they're both cheerful and friendly they're fit for the job oh you have sisters I would love for them to work here if that's what they want I appreciate it they're both noisy and a handful but they're good-hearted they.

Won't cause any trouble is so calm and mature I can't imagine noisy sisters can we set up a date to meet him well I brought them with me today huh hello hello I'm new I'm a SORA are you the one in charge here wow you're just like she's you described.

You look nice she's who likes nice guys like you oh hi you silly girl stop chattering and don't go so close to him oh you're being unfair Shizu you need to learn to share that's enough it's nice to see such bright ashes in here.

I apologize don't they seem kind just like you it's true you could call me shizuka the one with her hair tied on the right is Mio and the one tying her hair on the left is masora okay this is going to be.

Confusing for me Messiah did you hear that she's using us to make him call us by her first names so she can get closer to him I did Mew I wouldn't expect any less from Shizu you guys don't you realize I can hear you you better watch it when we get home well I guess we've cleared out the name problem.

Okay as long as you're fine with it Mr agami oh uh shizuka-san I have to use honorifics well it may be a little inappropriate hmm sorry look she's just puffing her cheeks I see a meal she's acting like a little baby.

She's always asks me Charlie but I bet she's still a little baby inside I agree she can't even drink coffee because it's too bitter for her hey you two this is your last warning you should be nice to your little sisters that's right for your cute sisters they get along so well I'm jealous you.

Were all high school students so you have glasses I guess I need to find somebody who can work the morning shifts parents will let us skip able to work here dad and mom are so strict yeah they're so annoying it's okay I have some friends that could ask for help maybe they can help if it's.

Just for a short time friends are they girls huh yes why see is something wrong it's nothing don't worry about it I'll ask around to see if others are willing to help as well it's okay it's too much to ask from you it's not I have friends who are.

Excellent Bakers suzuka's son looks confident when she said that a few days later she brought two women with her one of them was a cousin and the other was a cousin's friend they are both Housewives now but they have experience working at a cake shop in a cafe.

I was relieved to hear they were experienced however shizuka-san looked shocked when she saw her cousin's friend but I have no idea why the next few days were amazing we're getting more customers than ever the twins are a big hit among the customers everyone also commented on how delicious the cake shizuka sounds.

Because I'm made were the cousin's friend used to be the part-time leader so she coordinated everything professionally which made things sail smoothly we're getting more customers by the day it's all thanks to your support shizuka-san I didn't do anything special plus many.

Of the customers are here to drink your coffee and enjoy the meals you make thanks that means a lot no problem it was surprising to see how easy it was to talk to shizuka-san she was always so quiet I think I might have fallen from she wasn't a high school student.

That's how comfortable I felt around her picture is doing right now all of his money he probably has a lot saved since the restaurant was doing well before I quit how much should I ask for what they're open what the what's going on they expected the restaurant to be dark.

And empty but the place was overflowing with the customers this is unbelievable who did he manage to do this hi there people for one yes would you like to order lighter um well can you go get the manager for me the manager I'm so sorry things are a bit hectic right now he's busy cooking in the kitchen.

Is there something you would like me to tell him no you need to get him now tell him that if her girl is here he'll know who I am what oh it's nothing he wasn't thinking about how rude you are at all what I'll go get the manager for you I wasn't expecting you to come back so soon may you came rushing into the.

Kitchen to call me and I was shocked to hear Miss how a guru was here seriously how could you show her face here oh whatever you see you've done a fantastic job rebuilding your employees system no thanks to you I am truly believed to see how well.

You're doing though I know you have the money to pay me let me make one thing clear I'm not pulling up with your lies I'm not gonna pay you anything miss our aguro horrible you need to pay me if you don't want me to throw you a deal let's see I'll forgive you once you pay me 5 million.

Yen what I think it's rather reasonable considering your restaurant in your whole life are on the line I never met anyone as rottenness huh that's just what ridiculous what chizuka-san suddenly shizuka-san butted into our conversation I thought she was cooking.

In the kitchen what do you want shizuka you're interrupting a conversation I had to button I'm worried you're having ridiculous hallucinations hallucinations they have proof to show what he did you must be an idiot that picture is photoshopped.

Excuse me everybody the waitress just accused me of lying hey Miss hariguro she opens her mouth and shouted out to all the customers in a restaurant I could tell she was trying to get the customers to believe the employees here were disrespectful how could someone be so selfish and cruel this girl and the manager used to.

Bully me when I worked here okay Nana if you keep this up we will be suing you for disrupting the business I'd like to see you try it I would show everybody the picture of the manager making a move on me go ahead I said you go right ahead and do that you can't be serious you guys will be in serious trouble I am being serious let.

Me warn you though my parents are both lawyers what on top of that my grandfather is a superintendent General I'm looking forward to this fight oh my gosh most pathetical I have ever heard I'm sorry to tell you it's true you can look him up if you want oh and.

I have to warn you about one more thing I have a video of the whole conversation between you and the manager a video of you threatening the manager because you dubbed him what you little how dare you Why Don't We compare I wonder which one is more believable a photoshopped picture or a video with the time and date.

Creep I can't believe you taped us well since I know what kind of person you are I knew we would try something when the manager dumped you I couldn't let you hurt him are you you you screwed up my whole plan oh come on did you think the professionals wouldn't see right through.

Your photoshopped photo your plan was a mess to start with you've crossed the line shizuka you better watch your back from now on well you're free to do whatever you want but only if you're okay with me sending this video to all of your friends at University but you handed a phone over to shizuka-san shizuka Sam press play to.

Start the video the video of Miss haraguro my conversation started playing I think I was telling the truth Ed how hideous you are anymore no wait you know what you should do if you want to keep this video private.

I won't ask you to apologize to the manager I know you won't meet It Anyways however I will ask you to stay away from the restaurant and the manager if you ever come close your video will be leaked to the entire world I've never seen Miss aragarosa terrified and helpless she had no choice but to admit she was wrong.

She sold the way out the door that was unbelievable you can't be a high school student that was too good oh well now that it's over I'm a little embarrassed yeah don't be you saved my career in my life but why did you go so far for me well.

It's because I have feelings for you what I've always had feelings for you that's why I couldn't stand watching you get beaten by those horrible girls you didn't deserve it what I cannot my surprise it was just so unexpected tazuka Sam was telling me she liked me you didn't seem to like me like that.

I did my best to hide it I didn't want you to find out because I wanted to keep working here to be by your side but I don't think I could keep it in anymore you don't know how happy it may be when we were cooking in the kitchen together every time we talk my heart starts racing I know I'm still young but I want to be.

Your girlfriend well I wanted to ask the same thing kazuka-san well I wanted to ask you the same thing really yeah I realized was the happiest and you're by my side and I know how kind and caring you are shizuka-san jumped into my arms as she.

Said that that's how we finally started dating I know there's a wide age Gap and it's not an issue we can ignore but I promised myself I would do everything I can to make her the happiest girl in the world we had forgotten all about the customer sitting around us.

We finally realized you weren't alone when they all started clapping and cheering for us thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well