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[Manga Dub] Everyone thinks the introvert boy is ugly, but a pretty girl sees his face… [RomCom]


My name is mizua Umi Mori I'm a 16 year old high school sophomore because of a certain reason I'm always wearing a mask and the rest of my classmates are grossed out by me nobody speaks to me except for one person a a girl who spoke to me is.

16 years old she's my one and only friend in the world she always has other friends that she eats lunch with but sometimes she sits and eats with me the reason why we started talking was because two months ago I lost again and the horse race princess game I wonder why.

It seemed like she wasn't doing well on a cell phone game and I just so happen to play the same one I thought I could give her some tips on how to get better but since everyone in the class was always avoiding me I didn't have the courage to talk to her.

But then one day um if you'd like do you want me to teach you some tips on how to win the races what really thank you I didn't know that you were such a nice guy mizua I thought it would be lame to leave it when I could actually.

Be helpful so one day I mustered up the courage to talk to her after that she and I began talking I'm really glad from the bottom of my heart that I Found the courage to talk to her that day because whenever I'm with her it's the only time that I can enjoy being at school there's a nice strong Breeze.

Today so let's eat lunch on the rooftop our hair is going to get messed up though it's fine I want to become a hair stylist of the future so I could fix it up for you all right well then I guess I don't need to worry I was eating my lunch with a mask with a.

Slit in the mouth so that I could eat while leaving the mask on when I'm blown in the Wind come that's on fire that doesn't make sense every time her hair brushed against my face from the wind it made my heart skip a beat then.

Yo aha I finally found you so have you finally decided to become my third girlfriend the person who came to talk to me was kazisuke one of the Juniors a year above us he said something about falling in love at first sight with my young lately he's been bothering me no not only are you cheating into timing you're trying.

To three time I could never be with a piece of crap like that you're the only person in the world who calls me a piece of crap and that's what I like about you how straightforward you are all right then date me oh no no because I like people who are honest and kind they can never date you even if I died.

Alha was throwing a little tantrum it was kind of cute but if she was that against it um she's clearly saying no and really against it would you please give up already who the hell are you stay out of this or I'll sink you to the bottom of the ocean his attitude completely changed he must.

Have been the type to be cold to everyone other than the girls he liked anyway I was just about to do whatever it took to get rid of him a snake what do we do calm down it's just a toy what ever since I was little I've been.

Living with a mask on so I was often surrounded by bullies that's why I'm carrying anti-bullying Goods on me I see thank you for saving me also the way you've talked back to an upperclassman that was really cool you really are so kind mizua I'm not you're obviously way nicer than.

Me Aloha what oh because you're the only one that's nice to me even though everybody else in the class treats me like I'm gross I'm really grateful to you for your kindness you're so stupid mizua I'm being nice to you because we're friends.

Care if people think that you're gross or whatever don't be grateful to me because then you're making it seem like I'm being nice out of pity I'm sorry I said something so careless I'll try to be more positive from now on yeah because you don't have to force it okay.

Alha's words would always give me a lot of energy and I wanted to become somebody that could give her energy too that was when a sudden gust of wind blew onto us that would change my fate corset what's the matter I didn't know that you had such a beautiful face what.

My face wait ah don't look at me why not you have such a beautiful facial structure you have a really hot face but with a little bit of cuteness to the point where even I would be jealous you're lying because ever since I was little my mom has always told me that I was disgusting.

I went into a panic and my mouth was running with words that I had never told anyone before what do you mean wait a minute is that the reason why you're always wearing a mask yeah the same way my mom says it's disgusting I realize that my face makes other people uncomfortable.

And I don't want to cause any inconvenience so I hide it I have no idea why your mom would say something so awful but your face is really nice no matter how many times your mom might reject your face I'll accept it and call you handsome even more at times than that so please don't think that your face would make other.

People uncomfortable that's way too sad alright thank you I'll do my best to believe you and your words that there isn't anything wrong with my face yeah that being said I can't forgive your mom saying such terrible things to her own son let me go lecture her oh no I'm thankful you feel that way.

But I'll talk to her myself something I need to face on my own all right stairs hmm if you're this handsome you might be able to win the handsome guy contest at the school Festival handsome guy contest yeah that idiot kusuzuke was bragging that he won last year and that he'll win.

Again this year when I heard that all kinds of thoughts flew into my mind I think I'll try entering that handsome guy contest what you really going to but why um because you complimented my looks and I thought that maybe if I were able to win then I would finally be able to have.

Some confidence in myself there was another reason that was a secret well then I'll come up with the strategy so you'll definitely win thank you I'm counting on it so began our great big strategy to win the handsome guy contest after school we got straight to planning.

The strategy I came up with is a great big surprise what does that look like in reality first until your turn at the contest you're going to keep your mask on as usual you're going to take off your mask off at the very first time on stage and you're going to shock the entire audience.

Oh so that's why you're telling me to keep my mask on yeah also because you're also wearing a mask your voice is always clouded so I didn't realize but you also have a really nice voice so what do you think about singing for your introduction on stage I didn't know I had a nice voice you're.

The first person to tell me that in that case I'll do my best to practice my singing Michael is so positive he looks really excited how wonderful after we finished our meeting I began my training for the contest that was one month ahead including working out and raising my standards for myself.

Accompanied me in my training and she was cute and so kind I didn't know what to do about her anymore and finally the day of the contest alha said since I want to be a hairdresser I'm going to give you handsome guy hair and she invited me over to her house what do you think.

Wow it's a really cool hairstyle thank you now I feel even more ready to tackle this really well I'm glad all right then good luck I'm voting for you I'll do my best to show you the contest began and I was waiting for my turn in the holding room with.

Kuzoosuke um would you like to make a bet with me huh what the hell are you saying if I win the contest please promise that you'll stop bothering aha and if I don't win then I'll do whatever you want me to do this was one of the reasons why I entered the contest.

I'm going to win sure why not there's no way you're gonna win anyway so I'll take you up on that bet thank you very much and so the contest began tree number one is last year's winner Mr kuzuke I will win again this year.

One by one contestants were introduced on stage and then it was my turn we've never had anybody enter with a mask on before I will be taking the mask off what thank you very much oh and then I sang the song that I've been.

Practicing like crazy this is unfair a photo how do you take a photo the auditorium was filled with Applause my mom always called my face disgusting and my classmates always treated me like I was gross and yet I was being complimented and accepted by this many people it felt like a dream.

After that the rest of the contestants were introduced and the winner was the winner is contestant number eight Mr mizua umimori what I did it I I did it yes who would you like to dedicate this trophy to I would like to dedicate this to a very important person who supported me and.

Pushed me so that I could win this contest you have a girlfriend that's so disappointing I'm so sad well she's not my girlfriend but isn't it amazing look at your son he won yes looks like he did I knew I may be crossing a line but I forcibly brought mizua's mother to the.

Contest I thought that maybe if she saw her son shining on stage that she would realize how wrong it was for her to call her son disgusting um do you mind if I ask you why do you call your son disgusting I don't think that's something that anybody should say to their own child that's because his face looks just like.

My ex-husband who left me for some other woman that's why I because of my hatred from my ex-husband I found myself calling him disgusting that's awful he didn't do anything wrong wait mizua mom but you said you weren't coming today this young lady developed me here but more importantly I'm so sorry for.

Calling you disgusting when I saw you shining on stage I realized that you don't look anything like your father that your father was never that handsome I think I forced myself to believe that you looked like him so that I could take out my hatred on you I want to ask you to forgive me but I hope you will at least let me be your mother still.

Bomb I'm not a saint so I can't say that I'll forgive you for everything but I do want you to be my mom now and forever and I believe that you and I can start over together thank you thank you mizua's Mom said.

That she would make a dinner to celebrate and went home and I was feeling really glad that they were able to make up when the number one person I didn't want to see in the world showed up just seriously so persistent I just came here to bid you farewell.

You didn't hear it from your mask guy I made a bet with him that if he were to win that I won't chase after you anymore I'll keep my promise I'm sure I'll never see you again kizus had those words and walked away Misawa you made that bet because I was in trouble didn't you thank you you're really such a great guy.

Oh well as I was blushing he gave me your number will you go out with me even more good looking up close in a huge turn of events I was surrounded by multiple female students however there was something I wanted to tell aha let's run away.

What me too so I grabbed her hand and started running and I didn't need to run away from there did I that might be true but there's something I wanted to tell you you wanted to tell me oh well that reminds me yeah things got so hectic.

That I didn't get to say it yet but congratulations on winning you did a great job you are so amazing yeah thanks um and uh the thing you said when you won about dedicating the trophy to the person who supported you you are talking about me right yeah you said that they were a very important person but I was wondering.

Um what do you mean by that I didn't have any confidence in myself so I wanted to win the contest and gain more confidence and I wanted to change that confidence into courage to tell you how I feel so that's why I'm going to use that courage to tell you that I really like you aha.

I really like you I like you too the time I got to spend with you is so much more fun and comfortable than any other time and I'm so happy I'm really happy to hear that me too just as I was about to hug there he is all right let's time with the rapid capture him a group of female students had come chasing after me not.

Only that but they actually had a robe it was scary must be hard to be a popular guy I might be a little worried there's no need for you to worry at all what no matter how popular I may become there's only one person in this entire world that I like and it's you aha.

Yeah I believe you wait I wasn't paying attention and now we're surrounded I was always afraid of taking my mask off in front of people but little did I know that this world without my mask was this beautiful and Shining from now on I don't want to be afraid of anything as I go through this life together with.

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