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[Manga Dub] First contact with my sister’s friend was terrible, but one day I helped her and…


The first time I met shisa Toro she was sleeping in my living room the way she was curled up on my couch she almost seemed like a little kitten so cute she's too cute but who is she tomoki what do you think you're doing you're not going to believe this.

Oh really what is it an angel fell down and landed in our living room oh what what the heck are you talking about Oh you mean shisuka you know that girl t wait could it be she's our long lost half sister you're the weirdest brother ever where did you even get that idea from I don't know it happens in comics and.

Stuff all the time the main character's parents remarry and then they have a brand new sister or something this isn't a comic dummy stop living in a fantasy world for one thing our parents marriage is 100% fine even Someone Like You can tell they're still madly in love with each other can't you I guess so so who is she she really is an angel then what.

Do you like her or something huh uh of course not it's nothing like that I just wanted to Pat her head and cherish her for the rest of her life what am I saying all right somehow I almost forgot you were a massive pervert for half a second hey don't say that I'm not a pervert I just find Joy from cute things that's why you brought the annual pass.

To the zoo I guess exactly cuteness is life so who's she for real oh now you're finally ready to get serious oh come on I was just struck by her beauty I see you were just playing dumb of course I was obviously I know Angels don't exist and we don't have have a secret half sister out there are you sure you never.

Know what's all the commotion oh good morning look who's finally up huh Tomo good morning morning you're sleeping like a log oh I guess you're right sorry about that don't worry about it can I call you Shu who the heck are you unfortunately he's my brother what do you mean unfortunately what's the matter shiu I never said you.

Could call me that why not you're Tomo's younger brother aren't you that's right aren't you like way younger than me you can't just call someone older than you by a nickname like that it's rude you're older than me obviously you think I'd be friends with someone your age she may look young but we're the same age so you better apologize and show some respect.

Hey I don't look that young you're mean too Tomo oh yeah I guess you're right sorry shisa I can't believe it you're so cute but you're an old woman like my sister shut up loser we're not old you're just too much of a baby to understand what a real woman looks like fine whatever but How's she supposed to Pat my head and treat me like I'm the.

Big brother now a you're such a creep who is this guy I don't like the way he's talking to me sorry I didn't mean to interrupt your beauty SLE with this little nightmare let's go to my room where you can have some peace and quiet good idea later tomoki but shisu that's shisuka to you kid oh right sorry.

Shisuka what do you want can't we talk a bit more no and with that the two of them walked out of the living room Shuka she might be the cutest thing I've ever seen cute in the same way a hamster or a rabbit is cute of course her features are so small and precious but then she's got those big puppy dog eyes I really hope I get to talk to her again.

My chance came sooner than I thought because she and my sister became really close every now and then she'd stop by to do homework together or hang out although we never really exchanged more than a few words as she seemed to be a bit guarded around me oh shica hi not you again you look really cute again today don't talk to me aw you're even.

Cute when you're angry no matter how many times I saw her I couldn't do anything to get her to like me even a bit I don't get it I tried to be as welcoming as possible one day oh sh hi do you want a cookie no thanks are you sure they're really good I'm not hungry another day hi shisa you look great as usual today.

Cool um this might sound strange but do you think you would let me Pat your head absolutely not yet another day Shea here this is for you what is it it's a lollipop um why I thought it'd suit you is this some kind of joke no I'm serious I thought you could lick it like a cat licking its paws tomoko your brother's being weird again yet another different.

Day are you and tomoko doing another report together yep College sure sounds tough tomoki you're uh you can call me Tomo I'm younger than you so it's fine right no that's too personal I think I'll pass you really do look cute when you're angry anyway you're a high school senior right every time I see you you're just.

Lazing around you have to take your education seriously or you won't get into a good school you know uh don't worry about that I'm actually doing doing pretty well in school I don't mean to brag but I've got straight A's actually I managed to get into a really good school I think it's even ranked higher than the college you two are.

Going to no way I understand why you'd think that but that was kind of rude just now I mean it you're right I'm sorry I'll forgive you but first you have to let me pet your head absolutely not just then I heard frantic footsteps echoing from outside I'm so sorry shisuka I forgot I had to.

Take over someone's shift at work tonight oh it's fine I'm really really sorry can we work on this paper tomorrow of course good luck at work thanks you're the best and hey creepi try and pretend to be normal in front of shisa later the sound of her brisk footsteps slowly faded into the distance well if my sister's gone you can always talk to.

Me me I don't think so I'm leaving before you do anything weird again I won't hey why were you in the living room in the first place I'm just grabbing a drink oh as soon as she said that a faint Grumble came from her stomach uh you didn't hear that did you her body started shaking and her face turned as.

Red as a tomato I thought it was as cute as cute can be but I knew that would be the end of any kind of diplomatic relations between the two of us that's why I tried one last thing want me to make you something to eat no thanks she protested at first but I wouldn't take no for an answer as soon as I started cooking the fried rice she became.

Entranced by the sound and the smell of course I was entranced too I wanted more than anything for her just to let me Pat her head but that paradise likee dream was looking more and more unlikely by the day do you cook often more than you think honestly both my parents work and Tomo's a slob B Appetit well it's just fried rice and soup but enjoy can I.

Really eat this of course I made it for you really thank you wow this is really good I'm glad you like it shiza gulped down the fried rice in moments and right after she was finished would it be too much trouble to ask you for seconds no problem I made plenty thank you no thank you huh what did I do I didn't say it out loud but.

Shica just looked so cute when she was eating I almost melted that day I felt like some of the distance between us shrank away tomoko can you finish this off I made a lot oh fried rice today yeah it's chica's leftovers huh what's that supposed to mean I cooked lunch for her but I made a bit too much what you got her to eat and with your.

Food yep I'm just that good I don't believe it what is that bad no of course not actually it's kind of a relief be perfectly honest her family situation is a bit more complicated than ours her mother passed away when she was a kid and her dad doesn't really seem to care much about her at all no way but she's so cute right I think so too but I guess.

He doesn't seem to agree he's always off with one woman or another and just doesn't seem to come home sometimes I think she's a bit starved for any kind of familiar love she may be brave but she's actually really sensitive but she hates it when people pity her she doesn't really know how to approach others she seems close enough to you.

Though that's because unlike some people I actually know how to treat people like humans but at least she eat your food that's a good sign why do you look so happy happy all of a sudden do I maybe I'm just proud that she finally found someone else she can open her heart up to she's such a good friend after all huh you think she's opening her heart to.

Me if she's willing to accept your food then she has to be then maybe the day I can Pat her head is closer than I thought maybe it's better if she opens her heart up to literally anyone else hey that's no way to talk to your brother what brother all I see is a little pervert I'm not a pervert other people just don't know how to.

Handle my brand of wholesomeness I know you'll understand someday too so don't give up on me my le shut up and give me more fried rice weirdo at once your majesty would the lady partake in some more soup as well yes please as we continued to Banter like that through the evening another average night in the anaki household was beginning to unfold.

Soon a typhoon began to blow and my sister and my parents all ended up stuck at work I was the only one home wow it's raining cats and dogs out there and the wind is crazy wait a second is that shisuka through the storm I thought I could make out a drenched figure shisuka what are you doing out here tomoki is that you where's tomoko she's stuck at.

Work oh what do you mean oh what are you even doing out here in the middle of the storm I didn't have anywhere else to go her face was drenched in rain it almost looked like she'd been crying no hey don't just stand here come inside hurry I practically grabbed her hand and dragged her in I found a towel for you dry yourself off for now um Tom hang.

Tight while I get the bath ready here drink this too it'll warm you up you don't have to bother don't start with that you don't want to catch a cold do you no you're right thank you this is so good it's so warm do you feel a little bit better now yeah so what happened I got into a fight with my dad I couldn't take it anymore so I ran.

Away I don't really have other friends so I was hoping tomoko would be able to help me somehow wow I'm really sorry to hear that but if she's not here then I shouldn't stay thanks again for the drink what why not I'll only trouble you if I'm here any longer that's not true at all huh don't say that you don't have anyone to rely on I'm here and I'm happy.

To do whatever I can to help it's no trouble at all why I can't do anything for you that's not true there's one thing you can give me that no one else can what is it I reached a hand out and patted her still damp head you finally let me Pat your head now I'm your your loyal servant ready to command however you.

Please weirdo at that moment a big clap of Thunder rang out oh sorry you got really close to me for a second there tomoki yes come closer huh I said you do whatever I wanted right so hurry up somehow I ended up hugging shisa are you afraid of thunder I'm not afraid I just don't like it.

I see but I feel a bit better like this that's good I can do this for as long as you like hey talk about something huh like what I don't care just start talking um okay you know how I really like cute things you've mentioned it once or twice but everyone makes fun of me at school for being a dude who's in love with.

Hamsters and rabbits and plushies and stuff there's a lot of people who worry too much much about things like that tomoko won't shut up about it either she always calls me creepy and makes fun of me for it but the reason I can be myself at all is all thanks to her what do you mean I know that no matter what anyone says she'll always tell me to stick to.

My guns she only makes fun of me because she knows what other people will say thanks to her I know how to deal with the real haters yeah that sounds like Tomo all right doesn't it she's helped me out more times than I can count right so you don't have to worry about anything huh with tomoko by your side it doesn't matter that you don't have many.

Friends you're Invincible I know because I was in the same boat as you once yeah you're right but you will be too right what do you mean you'll always be by my side too won't you only if you're willing to trust me I do and with that shisa fell asleep right there I was worried she'd still catch a cold like that but I couldn't bring myself to wake.

Her up I mean she just looked so happy and if she did catch a cold I'd bring her to the hospital in a heartbeat I wasn't sure how much time passed with a two of us like this it was like everything paused and the two of us just existed like this for a while the next morning tomoko finally got back from work she was greeted with the sight of.

Her brother and her best friend cuddling up and sleeping on the living room couch well well well look at you two don't you seem happy just look at that goofy smile but honestly I'm glad for you too she finally has someone else she can trust the Typhoon from last night had died down and the Sun was shining as if nothing had happened just as I was.

Afraid of a cold Reed its head but why me tomaki I'm so sorry this was all my fault n it wasn't your fault he's right it's because he's just an idiot if I really was an idiot I'd be too stupid to realize I was sick so maybe that's why I feel fine if I hadn't done something so stupid I.

Wouldn't have made tomoki sick a Tomi you made a girl cry hey she a cop whatever later love birds shut up and with that tomoko walked out of the room I'm really sorry I'll do whatever I can to make it up to you it's fine honest it really wasn't your fault are you sure absolutely well forget it then huh you mean you weren't really.

Crying maybe pH I was so worried I'm serious though if there's anything I can do just tell me huh you said you'd be there for me too right so I want to be there for you as well is this my big chance you said anything right uh-huh that's what I said so you'll really do whatever I want how many times are you.

Going to keep asking then I want to Pat your head go ahead really it's fine don't leave me hanging are you sure I told you that you could do whatever you wanted didn't I your hair is so soft her hair was even more beautiful and smooth than I would have ever thought not even the highest quality silk felt like.

This sorry for what it's fine it just tickled a little bit that's all in that moment I felt a burning hot sensation in the fingers that had just caressed shisuka are you done uh tomoki huh oh my God your face is really flushed I guess patting my head isn't going to help reduce your fever huh we need to make sure you get better as soon as possible.

I'll do whatever I can to nurse you back to health thanks we'll have to continue your other treatment next time then shisa showed me a great big smile but I knew I wouldn't be able to touch her head again as casually as I did just now she wasn't like a small animal or cute doll or too old for me or anything she was just.

Shisa and that was good enough for me it seemed so obvious but I never realized it before I guess to put it more simply I fell in love with her probably make sure you get lots of sleep okay I will it looks like my Shaka fever won't be going away anytime soon thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other.

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