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[Manga Dub] For my 20th birthday, I was gifted a wife…!? [RomCom]


I'm gonna study hard and get a good job I promise I'll make a lot of money when I get older if we could now that I think back on it I can't believe I did what I did it was pretty daring I still think about it I wonder what she thought when she opened the letter and saw my childish handwritten message marry me when we get older.

She didn't make fun of me and she never looked down on me I still remember the smile on her face when she said thank you Riku I know you'll be a wonderful adult and when you do that promise is just a memory of my childhood days it's something everybody does and grows up to laugh about how childish we used to be or that's what I thought it would turn.

Out to be confetti flying everywhere as the girl popped the party popper she stood inside a cardboard box as she congratulated me Happy Birthday rikun you're finally 20. I'm here to marry you just like we promised I Riku mitsuki turned 20 today I stood there open mouth and she congratulated me here the this is for you raccoon from amane uh uh from.

My sister happy 20th year of not having a girlfriend this is my present to you you should be thankful to have such a kind sister to my brother love your sister wait what the heck what's that woman thinking so here I am I am your birthday best of our lives together what was I supposed to do I couldn't say no but why.

Is she saying she's here to be my wife she mentioned a promise is she talking about the time I gave her a letter no that's impossible that's crazy she's an adult she wouldn't take a little kid's proposal for real right wait it's Mana it could be possible her name is Mana hoshino she's my older sister's best friend and I've known her basically my.

Whole life I'm three years younger than her she's kind graceful and cheerful plus she's the most beautiful woman I've met I remember how she took my breath away when I first met her enjoy the rest of your meal I made everything you like raccoon oh wow I've never seen this much food laid out on a table before I might have gotten a little too excited did I.

Make too much Mana is beautiful and caring and an amazing woman but she's a bit of a goof she can't read a map correctly she would often call my sister for help in tears she was often invited to nomikais the guys there would make her drink drink more than she could handle and she would get into dangerous situations my sister.

And I would rush to her side to save her anytime she needed help I wish she would be more careful danger loves attractive women my gosh Mana you haven't changed at all mana's already in the real world working I heard she has a job at a design company but she works from home oh this is good really how oh God.

I don't know Amana taught me how to make these rolled egg omelets oh I see it's great hey force yourself to eat okay I can put the leftovers in the kitchen we could eat tomorrow charming smile it makes me feel warm inside it has a calming effect on me and I love it.

I'm here let alone we have your back I'll take care of everything until you've grown up okay you don't have to worry about anything I promise um money good are you okay raccoon uh Mana wait what why are you here you don't remember you fell asleep right after dinner last night you must have been super tired.

Your breakfast is ready do you think you can eat oh yeah I forgot about yesterday Mana came over last night in a cardboard box she started talking about being my wife uh oh my brain's not functioning I can't think straight take it easy because take a shower it might wake you up okay that sounds good.

How are you feeling rikun do you want to eat breakfast now thank you Mana wait last night were you serious about that of course I told you I'm here to be your wife but that's ridiculous I don't think this is appropriate you're a young woman you shouldn't be alone with a guy in his room expect you to be the conservative type.

Don't worry I'll pay rent and pitch in for the utility bills we get half everything no that's not what I'm worried about Mana you don't have to do everything amane tells you Ramada didn't ask me to do anything I'm doing this because I wanted to and Mana it's okay I'll accept anything you want from me huh what.

It's been a while since I last heard you raise your voice I think we're heading down the right path I can't wrap my head around what's happening right now after Mana finished cleaning up after breakfast I was lying on her lap for some reason but this is what couples do I was nodding off when Mana suddenly sat down next to me and put my head on her.

Lap it brings back memories do you remember how I cleaned your ears like this when you were a kid you're so big now I can't believe how much you've grown Mana oh no this is bad I'm falling asleep again what is going on with me why do I keep feeling so sweet I think it's because I feel so safe around Mana her soft hands are so.

Calming she's so warm it makes me want to cry for some reason thank you Mana each take one I really need you here you're welcome you know you don't have to thank me for this Armani hey Amani I want to eat eggs right now roll downwards okay the eggs are cheap today I'll make you some Riku you could look forward to.

Eating your sister's delicious rolled omelets oh you're awake do you want to eat rolled omelets Mana we don't have any more eggs so how about we go to the supermarket together pork is cheap today do you want some ginger sautes okay that sounds great that was the first time we were shopping alone amane was always.

There before it feels like we could be a real married couple when we're shopping like this together why am I starting to get nervous very cool yeah what so much has been going on in such a short amount of time I hadn't had time to think about it but this situation is just insane I have never had the.

Strength to say no to Mana whenever she asked me for something that's how strong my feelings for her are uh Mana what's the meaning of this look at her face it's bright red why is she forcing herself to do this I'll do my best okay my heart it's pounding this is unbelievable Mana is sleeping next to me so uh we can sleep at the same futon.

No I can't allow that no I mean I'm not declining your offer because you're not attractive I I've never had a girlfriend before sleeping next to you is almost more than I can handle fine then here uh I felt the warmth of her hand and mine her hand was slightly damp and I realized I wasn't the only nervous one Mana why are you doing this it's because.

I like you vikun I told you I'm doing this because I want to Mana good night sweet dreams I did it I did it Mana hats hush that University isn't easy to get into great job Riku it's all thanks to you too I'll do my best I'll study hard and become a successful adult and then I'll I didn't see any weird dreams.

I actually slept well could it be because mana's here thank you Mana after that we began to live as if we were a real married couple do you want to eat Curry today you like Curry right hey you've become much better at cooking hmm maybe you could stir fry the veggies for me the apartment was never quiet it felt like we were.

Reliving the good old days look at how nice the weather is today it's perfect for hiking date you're right the wind feels pretty nice hey why do we eat each other's lunch after we finish this round I'm confident about the obento I made today Mana I have to say your cooking is the best I could never get enough of it that just made my day the sun Shone.

Brightly it lit up mana's smile everything felt perfect I felt like I had everything I had ever wanted do I deserve this huh oh uh I mean I get to sit here with this delicious obento for a second there I thought I could be dreaming for some reason I felt a twang of pain deep in my heart I've been into my rice ball to forget about it we do.

This after every meal it's become a natural thing to do you're right but I enjoy these moments it's like I'm the only one in your life and we're sitting like this Mana I'm going back to my part-time job starting tomorrow and I'll go back to University I can't sulk like this forever right seriously what was I doing wasting my.

Time I feel a lot better now that you're here Mana now I can move forward I think thank you Mana don't worry I'll be okay now so you don't have to sacrifice yourself to fix my life Mana you're an amazing person I don't want you wasting your time on me anymore here just too it's okay really you don't.

Have to do this to yourself we're not going to get married anyways I'm later than I thought I would be things have been awkward between us since that day our conversations don't flow anymore I'm pretty positive it's all my fault gosh I've grown physically but I haven't grown as a person at all but I wasn't lying Mana means more to me than anybody.

In the world I can't ruin her life by making her stay by my side she's not my older sister she shouldn't have to if I remember right she said she was meeting a client near the station she texted me to say things were taking longer than she expected I could pick her up yeah that's the least I can do please let go of me oh come on pretty girl I would.

Love to take you out for a few more tricks let's have fun Mana let go of her do you want me to call the cops who the hell are you don't mess with me man don't you dare touch Mana she means more to me than my life I'll do anything to protect her the drunkard swung his fist at me but I somehow held him down.

Until the cops came and took him away I've seen guys like him at nomikai's they're such troublemakers I hate dealing with them ah I never want to meet him again are you okay Mana oh my God you're hurt I'm sorry I'm so sorry we could Mana none of this is your fault I should have been more careful when dealing with a wasted guy all of this is.

His fault he shouldn't drink till he's that drunk I did my best to comfort Mana I think it worked she smiled and looked up at me haven't changed since the last time you helped and comforted me back then just like you are now do you remember I was at a University Club nomikai but Senpai made me drink too much he was trying to take me somewhere.

That was terrified but my legs wouldn't listen to me I didn't know what to do my head was spinning from the alcohol and I felt like puking I don't know what would have happened if you didn't come to deceive me Raccoon uh Mana I was so scared but you stayed by my side and rubbed my back gently while I puked out everything I had in my stomach I always.

Considered you a little brother but you showed me the man that you had become that day I've liked you ever since we couldn't my heart has been longing for you this whole time I uh I've always had feelings for Mana I wouldn't have given her that letter if I didn't she's been the only one in my heart my entire life I should have been happy that my dream.

Was coming true I should have been embracing her but I couldn't budge my arms they weren't listening to me I I'm sorry I don't want to pressure you into anything no Mana you're not doing anything wrong it's me I'm sorry there's a reason I couldn't jump into my happy ending with Mana it's something I've been avoiding don't get me wrong it's.

Not that I've forgotten about it but I admit I've been running from the pain and now it's time to face it finally it's been so long since I last saw your faces I'm sorry it took so long for me to come here I used to feel faint whenever I passed by here I would feel sick it took everything I had to stop myself from vomiting I guess I should.

Thank Mana for giving me the strength to come here I feel awful about not coming sooner I spoke to the photos of my family my father my mother my grandfather my grandmother and my amane my precious sister the portrait of the deceased amane Mizuki my parents died when I was young I always considered my older sister as my.

Parent but he wasn't home much I think that's why amane did everything she could to take good care of me I'll take care of it with you you have nothing to be worried about Harmony had a habit of saying that my life existed because she was there to care for me protect me and love me my sister started working as soon as she graduated from high school.

She raised me on her own I didn't want to be a burden to her that's why I studied harder than anybody I knew and I did my best to help with the housework I wanted to help amane sacrificed her life to raise me I wanted to pay her back for everything she did for me and I vowed that when I grew up I would give her everything she wanted that was my dream.

That was the one thing I wanted I thought that by getting into uni I was going down the right path you sent me how to experience living on my own but you still sent me money every month I still regret leaving her behind I shouldn't have let her talk me into it I should have stayed by her side no matter what she said but I didn't.

I'm on it called me one day to tell me that amane was at the hospital I rushed to her side but she was so Haggard I couldn't recognize her ah my name Riku is that you hi I'm so sorry I know you had an important exam I can't believe Mana called you I told her not to a malignant brain tumor by the time they found it it.

Was too late there was nothing the doctors could do I'm on a lost Consciousness soon after despite our prayers she never woke up again after her death I left my apartment I decided to take some time off from University and came back to our home I don't remember much of what happened next everything I ate tasted Bland and I.

Couldn't sleep at night I could tell I was losing the strength and will to live I blamed myself for your death I had fun at University I felt free and full of energy I learned so much and I made new friends being there opened up so many doors to a new world I was so busy with studying at my part-time job eventually I stopped visiting amane everything was.

Going perfectly and my future was bright I had everything prepared to apply for a job I thought I was almost there I was proud of myself it felt like I was finally ready to start giving back to you money I was going to take care of you oh money I had to give up so much to raise me but I I couldn't do anything to repay her even when she was sick at the.

Hospital I was fooling around at school I'm I'm the worst brother ever so I I don't deserve to be happy I should suffer until I die I'm on it I'm sorry I'm going to break the promise I made to you raccoon can you take a look at this what is it she told me to throw it away she didn't want you to read it but I held on to it this.

Is the last letter she wrote to you before she died our money wrote this dear we go happy 20th birthday I wonder what kind of man you will be when you read this the letter started with amane congratulating me on my 20th birthday it didn't seem like her writing I'd never seen her be so formal you were such a wonderful child to raise I felt so much.

Joy watching you grow every day you gave meaning to my life her writing gradually became messy I couldn't make out what she had written towards the end however I could make out the last line I want you to be happy because are you sir I'm allowed to I allowed to be happy really raccoon I I want I want to be be happy with you Mana I know I know a few years.

Later I'm so nervous the dressing room oh it's here hey raccoon Mana you look beautiful Oh no you're not supposed to see the bride before the wedding remember it's bad luck hey what are those these are the letters that brought us together the first one is the birthday.

Letter and Mana wrote to you the second one is the letter that you gave to me when you first proposed to me you still had that with you is the letter you gave to amane the day you proposed to me do you remember it oh that's right I remember that letter I wrote letters to both of my older sisters to tell them how I felt huh.

Really you wrote a letter to me too hey I could you hear me say I can't read it hey wait we could you must be happy amane jeez you're such a kid I'm going to read it out loud thanks for always taking care of me and money how could you be so.

Cheeky I told you not to read it stop reading it out loud I deny your request uh I'm going to study hard and I promise to make you happy I'll live with Mana the three of us hmm did you have to read it out loud it's embarrassing I still can't believe how bold I was I'm proud of the person you've become Mana it's you kept your promise yeah we.

Held the three letters between our hands they reminded me of the imperishable love we all felt for each other at that moment I thought I heard a familiar voice thanks amane thank you for watching post today's video please check out our other videos as well.