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[Manga Dub] Genius chemist girl creates a love potion, but accidentally ingests it and goes crazy!


I did it it's finally done now his heart will belong to me H after after school activities my name is nbor oino I'm a junior in high school and a member of the science club I bet you think anybody in a science club is smart however that's not the case for me I'm neither.

Smart nor passionate about studies I only join because of the experiments we make juice and snacks using chemistry they're delicious that special soda we made the other day was amazing I never thought pine trees could be used as ingredients for soda I'm pretty sure there's some left in the fridge I'll use baking soda and lemon juice to make.

Ramon candy gosh I love after school activities oh hun you're here hey aumi you're always so early the girl's name is Kori Yumi she's a genius high school girl at my school she's made numerous inventions using her brilliant mind I've heard she makes over 100 million yen a year I have to admit I'm jealous she has a successful life.

Set in motion I only came to attend the science club I didn't go to any of my classes you ditched them all the teachers let you off no matter what you do I guess it's not a problem why are you here any anyway you're a genius I don't see why you waste your time coming to high school you could have been in University by now or you could have.

Gotten the job or something well uh I wanted to experience a valuable high school life working a job I can do plenty of that once I become an adult making precious memories with friends that's something I will never get once I leave school oh I didn't know you had friends oh why would you say that to me.

Uh my bad she's right I didn't have to say that to her the thing is she is a unique character probably because she's a genius she hasn't made any friends she can talk to people she's used to being around but overall she's shy and introverted I don't think I've seen her reach out to talk to anybody she doesn't know I'm the only guys she's ever talked.

To H aren't you my friend that's a difficult question to answer seriously fine I'll give you 10,000 yen to be my friend my gosh you got to stop bribing people to be your friend money will never get you a true friendship remember that but you said you weren't my friend I'm sorry okay we're friends.

Totally friends oh really he you can be really mean sometimes she's smiling now it's so easy to satisfy her all I have to say is her friends she'll never know that I'm hoping for more huh did you say something oh no nothing crap was I talking out loud anyway you know the pine tree sod we made the other day do.

We have some left oh sorry I was thirsty that's all I see okay I'll get something from the vending machine wait there's no more soda but I have something you might like do you want it okay I guess that'll do yay I'll be right back with it stay there hatum son what is this ALU specially made by me no way this is not.

What ojiri looks like ojiru is made of vegetables and stuff it's supposed to be green this liquid is blue and it's sparkly for some reason so you want me to drink this right now yep it may not look normal but I promise it tastes delicious oh I see I'm surprised you had the guts to taste this I'd be too freaked out I didn't taste it then how'd.

You know it's delicious I made sure the chemical formulas were perfect that gives me no Comfort everything about this drink is made from chemicals there's not a single organic ingredient in here what am I going to do I can't drink this it won't do any good to my body.

I'll stick to buying drinks from the vending machine ma heun you're the type of guy that dies 5 minutes into a horror movie I could die 5 minutes later in real life if I drink this this drink is 100% safe just drink it no way why don't you drink it if it's so safe I I can't do that I made this drink for you.

Hun you won't drink it it must be because it's poisonous you think it could kill you oh my God gosh you're a mad scientist did you just call me a mad scientist are you trying to call me crazy fine I'm crazy and I want you to die is that really what you think I'm planning to kill my only friend at.

School maybe I'll burn your body and eat the ashes yes that's what I want well I don't want that and I'm terrified that's what will happen if I drink this liquid I don't want it let me go I need Choice from the vending machine no you can't can't you have to drink this oh uh are you okay how youi yes I'm fine but.

But uh I feel sick I knew that tran wasn't meant for the human body I'm glad I didn't listen to her hey don't hold it in you can throw up in the sink I'll wipe the liquid and pick up the broken glass on the floor okay um okay thank you you let me know if you need me to rub your back let's see uh where's the.

Broom uh before you start cleaning I have something to tell you hun huh sure what is it I like you huh I like you hun what I want to be your girlfriend what the heck that was the day I got my first girlfriend no good morning nun here open up.

Nun I like you something's wrong AI roomi is acting like a different person now what is going on a week after I got my first girlfriend I was clutching my head trying to solve a mystery the hatu roomi before our relationship would have never been okay with this much public display of affection before we started dating.

She was nice when she got to know her but anyone could see she was shy and timid but now she was all over me 24/7 she even tried to accompany me to the restroom and she claims she was sick when we walked by a hotel on her date yesterday she was reading a bridal magazine during science club she suddenly looked up and asked me how many.

Children I wanted she never used to let go of her notebook during science club something is definitely off it's like her personality has changed she's changed the line randomly came up in my head but it stuck with me she changed when exactly did that happen if she did change it most likely happened around the time we started dating did something.

Out of the ordinary happen that day oh something out of the ordinary did happen that day something I should have thought of before things got this far that aliro I had to found out what was in it oh you're finally here sweet darling yes I am uh Hai come on you know that's not what I want you to say you need to say I missed.

You honey you got a second chance ready go I I missed you honey oh I missed you too I'm sure you're exhausted from studying all day do you want a snack or an experiment or let's see me I think I'll choose experimenting no you didn't pick me oh my gosh you're cheating on me aren't you that's why you're acting so.

Cold you jerk why won't you answer me speak up why would you cheat on me I'm not cheating on you you're the only one for me really are you lying to me I'm telling the truth I swear to God I would never cheat on you H Yumi fine you need to show me proof proof what kind of proof make love to me.

Right here what no she can't really mean that I have to admit doing naughty things at school is a fantasy every guy dreams of but I'm not the type of guy who would actually make that dream come true I mean I won't deny it sounds tempting I would love to do it I like her she's my girlfriend we're teenagers but this.

Wouldn't be the right time hey why won't you make your move you have a girl on the side don't you you know what I'll kill you before you become somebody else's here's my love I'm fully aware this isn't what she meant but this is a huge step for me will she settle for this why don't we keep it PG at school we should.

Take the next step seriously I want to do it properly you're right I act it out I'm sorry I mean we're not in the same class I felt frustrated thinking about all the girls who could talk to you when I'm not around I see judging from the way she's handling each situation I have a feeling she's not in control of her emotions I need to find a cure for her.

Symptoms it's dangerous to let her run free she's becoming a yand deir hey aumi you have to call me by my first name I'm not answering otherwise fine Kori what is it darling you know the notebook you always have during experiments can I take a a look at it sure here take.

Thank you where's the AL jury here it is wait what a love potion I found a picture of the alju along with the title stating it was a love potion I read the explanation below it said the person who drank the Love Potion would fall in love with the first person he or she sees after ingesting the liquid I knew it that aluru is responsible for all that's.

Happening right now that Yumi is Sor with her work I'm sure she prepared an antidote just in case things went sideways I found it I see all I have to do to reverse the potion is to tell her I want to break up hey that's easy there's one more option I'd rather not do that I doubt I can handle it pumi or Kori yes let's break up darling today is.

Our last day on Earth no I'm just kidding it's a joke okay you fell forehead oh my gosh I totally bought it you're so silly darling what the hell was that my life was about to end just now her love potion is a failure 100% she's way past love she's a complete yand Deere wait a minute I thought the.

Explanation said it would reverse the potion effects okay fine I guess I'll have to go through the other antidote here it goes theoru Kori yes I love you you mean the world to me oh is she back the other antidote method to deactivate the potion was overflowing the brain by stimulating the.

Nerves it requires following through with a kiss to release a massive amount of dopamine and results in freeing the brain of the potion there's nothing else I can do if this doesn't work did it okay kill me now he no good you need to kill me this instant yeah you're back aren't you yay is not.

The term I would use I can't believe I acted that way in front of the whole school body I can't be here anymore don't worry nobody cares about what you do you're just a school weirdo everybody thinks I'm the school weirdo you don't come to any classes and you spend your time here doing experiments I don't blame them oh I should start attending.

Classes yeah anyway we have important issues to address why did you make this somebody could have gotten hurt well yes do do I have to tell you you don't have to but it would be nice to know why my girlfriend almost went insane uh fine I'll tell you but promise me you won't laugh at me I won't I promise I'll not laugh at you no matter.

What okay here it goes um well I I made this potion because I wanted you to feel the same thing I feel towards you I really like you and I wanted you to feel the same way about me what we've been working together in the science club since our first year here but you never judged me for being the way I am you.

Treated me like a normal person it felt safe and my feelings for you continued to grow but you're my only friend here hun I didn't know what to do with how I was feeling about you that's why you try to make me drink a love potion yes and then I ended up drinking it myself now I realize I was wrong I never should have made that potion using.

Science to force someone to like me isn't the right solution I wish you would have realize it before she made the potion academic wise she's more than perfect but as a human she has a lot to learn I guess being smart and successful isn't everything in life I'm sorry for causing so much trouble we can forget about the whole.

Relationship um I know this is selfish of me to ask you but can we still be friends please I don't want to lose you you mean too much to me no way oh okay I understand I wouldn't want to be friends with someone who screwed up this badly either I apologize ol I shouldn't have been so Brazen I promise I'll never bother you I don't know why you think I.

Don't want you in my life I was say no to the friendship you suggested I want you to be my girlfriend atum wait Kori hey no uh what I don't care about how he ended up here all that matters is that you're my girlfriend I'm not letting go of you no matter what happens I like you.

Kayori this is what I want what H could you like me hey aren't you going to call me by my first name are you sure this is what you want I have no friends and I'm shy I have nothing to be proud of other than being good at science and I make dangerous and harmful potions of course you're the one I want I like everything about you including your flaws Kori.

No yes Kori did you drink the potion huh some of it must have entered your mouth and now you think you are feelings for me oh my gosh that must be what happened oh come on why would you think that I like you why can't you accept the facts Kori there's no way you would like me no I'm an introverted loser with no attractive qualities hold on I'll make.

You an antidote right away I will take responsibility for what I've caused stop I don't need an antidote I liked you way before you made the stupid potion I was scared to ask you out because you might dump me oh the potion is doing tricks on your mind you're getting your timeline wrong hok gun I didn't take the potion jeez how low can your self-esteem be.

Give yourself some credit Kori you're pretty and funny give me an hour I'll fix you I promise will you listen to me I like you I want to be with you in the end she couldn't accept the idea dear of me having real feelings for her we didn't start dating until a little before graduation we knew we both had feelings.

For each other so I can't figure out why it took that long I guess science cannot provide us with answers to the mysteries of romance thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well