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[Manga Dub] Girl got held back for her attendance because of her modeling career [RomCom]


I could have just a little bit more courage my name is yoshitsugu yoshikawa I'm a senior attending Alice High School I don't have much time until graduation and there's one thing that's been bothering me lately no I heard you failed another one of your tests you have to try harder or you won't be able to graduate a classmate of mine guessuo.

Kusuta has been picking on another classmate Ami kohinara guess whoa doesn't he have anything better to do Ami kohinara is a year older than me she repeated a year and is in my class for personal reasons she was a model until she turned 17 the rumors say that she had to repeat a year since she couldn't attend school because of her busy.

Schedule she's tall and perfectly proportioned as any model would be she also has gorgeous facial features however she isn't the most friendly type she has become The Loner of the class because of her attitude now as for Guess Who Al kuzuta he's known as the leader of the extroverts of the class guessuo's parents are politicians he thinks he can.

Get away with anything because of his family's power he's openly arrogant and malicious plus he holds grudges and chases his targets around like a snake in other words he's a huge everybody talks behind his back and rumors are that he's targeting kohino-san because she rejected him previously kohino-san always ignores him.

As if she doesn't hear him yeah talking to you are you listening at all I suggest you apologize to Guess Who on for what you did to him and accept him as your boyfriend the guests will support crew taunts her trying to provoke her uh somebody told me that was flirting with one of the kinds from the other classes I heard about.

That too I bet she thinks she's all black because she used to be a model that girls never helped her they were all possessed with jealousy causing them to bad mouth kohinooras on every chance they got by the way the rumor that the girls were talking about started from guesswell but none of them seemed to realize that I wish I could defend.

Kohinoor-san since she had done nothing wrong but I don't have it in me to stand up for her I'm scared that all the evil surrounding her will come at me if I step in and yes I'm disgusted with myself for it just then our teacher walked into the classroom guys I'm starting class guess what in his swarm of fleas went back to their desks class.

Started and I sat in my seat staring at kohinoor-san's back and feeling crappy I almost bumped into after school she was slowly walking down the hallway holding an unbelievable amount of worksheets oh I had a feeling it would happen she lost control and I saw the worksheets flying out of her hand I ran over to her side to help her.

Pick up everything she dropped but you don't have to do that for me let's take them to the classroom together this this is my job I can do this on my own you don't want to drop them again just let me take half I counted the worksheets I picked up and clutched onto them so she wouldn't take them well I felt.

Was here for you so you so you'd like me help you I knew that most of our classmates always forced kohino-san to do their work and she never said no to them she didn't even make a face she accepted everything they said I'd always wanted to talk to her but I couldn't find the right time to say so this was my only chance I couldn't back out of it.

No matter what fine whatever son turned her back to me and started walking I followed her as we entered the classroom together thank you you can go now don't we have to sort out the worksheets they're all messed up we'll get it done faster together you do that hey I'm the one who.

Suggested it you're such a weirdo you should know that nothing will come out of helping me oh wait I know what you want oh he not a son suddenly started smirking you're doing this because you want to sleep with me I'll make one thing clear you're wasting your time uh.

No your body isn't what I'm here for hmm I'm not convinced I wouldn't make it so obvious if I had ulterior motives I know I'm just messing with you I have an eye for judging people's characters I guess I'll have to let you help me since you're insisting so hard geez they freaked out for a moment uh my bad we sat down facing each other to.

Start working on sorting out the worksheets we finished a lot faster than we expected you were right we're already finished you shouldn't have to burden everything by yourself we have class duties for a reason you should ask the teacher for help if they're forcing you to do it all all of them tried to slack off it's a.

Hassle working with people I'd rather do it alone than try to work with them I get things done faster without them fine you can at least ask me for help whenever you feel overloaded all right from now on I'll come to you if I ever feel like it days later I bumped into kohino-san while walking down a shopping street.

After school hey kohino-san were you shopping for something just now yeah I was grocery shopping to prepare for my brother's dinner I'm on my way home now I didn't know you were in charge of making dinner at home my parents don't come home till late since they're busy working I usually prepare dinner for my younger siblings since they can't make.

It themselves I see that's impressive I'm a bit jealous of your skills I'm not so good at cooking oh my precious grandson I'm glad I bumped into you here turned around to find my grandfather nowatsugu yoshikawa standing beside me hey Grandpa wow I see you finally done it geez when did you learn how to get a girl this pretty to like you you did it.

I'm proud of you hey Grandpa kohinoistan isn't my girlfriend she's a classmate oh we're not in a relationship or anything oh shucks what a disappointment gosh I can't stop looking at you you're so pretty and your body is just wow I bet Destiny brought us together come we should give it up up stop talking now grandpa Grandpa's.

Always like this he can't help himself whenever he sees a pretty girl I should have ignored him when he came to talk to us oh come on what if this is my last wish before I die please you're not dying anytime soon I know you aren't don't be so stingy didn't anybody teach you to share oh I almost forgot I was on my way to see Takei so I guess I'll see.

You guys around yoshitsugu you're lucky to have such a pretty girl by your side be gentle okay that's enough from you hey all jokes aside you can come to me if you ever need help with anything all right and make sure you protect her at all costs and pretty girl yoshitsugu may seem a bit unreliable but he's a strong-willed.

Fighter on the inside so if you ever need something he's the one to go to he'll help you out anyways it's time for this old man to get out of your face we watched my grandfather walk away slowly your grandfather is quite interesting yeah I hear that a lot but you know ordinary grandfather you can tell I can kind of feel it from the way.

He postures himself Grandpa's liked Superman he's strong and filled with Justice plus he's caring and he has a great sense of humor I always wonder what life would have been like if I was more like him I bet he wouldn't be scared of protecting kohinoor-san I see yoshikawa you strongly admire your grandfather don't you yeah it's a bit.

Embarrassing to admit I'm a Grandpa's boy and you know grandpa has everything that I don't have I don't think that's entirely true I realize by watching you so far that you have at least two of his wonderful traits really which ones I'm not telling you you should think about it yourself you can't leave me hanging like that.

It's making me more Curious well my siblings are waiting for me I should get going my hey wait go he not a son she's gone one day during the weekend I was at a shopping mall near the station I was walking to the shop to buy some new games when it happened somebody I heard a cry for help I turned around.

To see a bag snatcher running while clutching onto a lady's bag he's coming this way I need to catch him stop why would I stop just because you told me to get out of my way this is bad he's too strong if only I had worked out more just then I saw somebody swiftly jump in front of the thief to block his way isn't that kohi not a son you better get.

Out of my way or you'll get hurt the thief yelled at kohinoistan as he charged towards her shut up kohinoistan grabbed at the thief's wrist in a swift second she huh it happened so suddenly the thief's body floated into the air before crashing into the ground yeah he didn't stand a chance against her after that kohinoistan strapped him down until.

The police arrived to take him away kohinoistan are you okay oh yoshikawa yes I'm fine oh he not a son I didn't know you were so strong you tossed that deep like he was paper it's nothing like that I used to do a keto and I guess it was a lucky shot we were still talking when the lady came over to thank kohinara-san thank you for catching that.

Guy I don't know what I would have done with you worry about it are you hurt anywhere I'm more worried about that I hit my hip a little but it's no big deal I would love to thank you properly will it be okay if I ask both of you your names oh uh that's unnecessary we just happen to be in the area please it would mean a lot to me if you allowed me to do.

This if you insist my name is Ami kohinara and this is yoshitsugu yoshikawa um you really don't have to thank us for anything your words are enough Kohinoor and yoshikawa-san thank you so much for everything thanks to you my grandson will get his birthday presents on time I hope we meet again goodbye the lady.

Bowed down deeply before leaving so yoshikawa are you here alone today oh yep I was on my way to buy some new games to play at home I see she suddenly looked contemplative I wonder what she's thinking oh well do you want to eat no Dango for me if you have some time to spare huh well if you say no.

If you don't want to it's just you helped me the other day and I haven't thanked you for that yet so I thought I would be honored to join you kohinoor-san oh yeah like I'm glad to hear that oh he not a son looked relieved when she heard me say that that was the first time seeing her like that okay let's get going then I have to say.

Kohimarasan is really pretty thoughts ran through my head as I walked next to her sneaking glances at her face I haven't told you this yet but I'm a bit short compared to the other guys in my grade and since kohinoistan is taller than most of the girls in our grade we lined up perfectly next to each other oh what's wrong you keep glancing at my.

Face how perceptive I'd forgotten that she used to train in martial arts uh I was just thinking about how nice you looked I've only seen you in your school uniform you were being weird what the heck oh my bad you don't have to apologize it's not that I didn't like hearing that especially from you I would have dressed.

Nicer if I knew I was bumping into him today after arriving at the old Dongo shop we ordered our food and sat down to eat I never knew of such a nice odango place in this shopping mall yeah it's not located in a visible area but I'm glad you're enjoying it hey yoshikawa you ordered the new product right it looks delicious would you like to try.

One I put the plate with the odango on it closer to her oh I wouldn't mind having a bite oh huh what's wrong it's nothing that's the old dongle that I took a bike from oh my gosh does she not know that we're kissing indirectly oh this is really good I should order it next time I come here you can have this in return it's a yomogi Dongo and it's.

My favorite oh uh are you sure you want me to bite in sure why not you're asking weird questions well then thank you for this I'm having a wonderful time the odango is delicious but but not just that kohi not a son has no idea how attractive she is right now I don't know how to express this I felt like I was breaking some rule or something I can't.

Believe she fed me my heart was pounding it kept pounding even after saying bye to kohino-san outside the odango shop at school the classroom air felt dense and we all had solemn Expressions on our faces our original class was canceled and we were attending an emergency class meeting instead apparently the money to buy gifts for this year's graduation had.

Gone missing I asked the student in charge of it and I'm sorry to say that the money was most likely stolen by somebody in this classroom whoever did it needs to come to me it's better than getting caught later on please I hope whoever took it realizes what's at stake here it's not too late to confess excuse me I have something to say about.

Sam was the one in charge of the money I saw her too me too vomits do anything saw you guess Well's crew had his back they all started speaking at once damn it how dare he he's got his crew working with him to get kohinoistan in trouble I was fuming this was wrong I couldn't hold it in I stood up to defend.

Kohinoistan wait a second kohinoistan would never steal anything she's not like that I see then prove it where's the evidence that kohino-san isn't the culprit or give us proof that what we saw wasn't what we thought we saw come on prove it well quiet down kohinoistan I'm going to have to ask you to come to the student guidance room with me stop.

It not assigned into anything you can't treat her like a criminal don't make me repeat myself you gotta come to us with evidence if you're going to prove her innocence was looking down at her desk I could tell how all of this was affecting her because her body was trembling she was doing everything she could to keep herself from crying what do I do how do.

I fix this look for Clues yoshitsugu think I couldn't think of anything to say I was panicking I felt powerless and I was disgusted with myself I stood there not knowing what to do just then um one of our classmates yuzuru Canada raised his hand kohino-san didn't do it I I was watching kuzita put the money he stole inside the locker with the.

Cleaning tools in it hey what the heck do you think you're doing guess who else expression suddenly changed from smirking to Fright the whole class was clamoring because of Canada kun's testimony I rushed over to the locker and opened the door A Familiar envelope was lying inside and I took it out it was in here just like Canada couldn't.

Said guess whose face seemed to be turning red and blue at the same time it was a unique sight I have to admit it was entertaining kuzita bring your friends with you it seems as though we need to have a long talk this isn't what you think this is a it Canada said that to trick everyone I.

Didn't do it what no I'm not trying to Canada I know your father works at a subcontracting company under my dad everything you say and do could affect your father's future do you want him to get fired is that what you want to happen kuzita you better stop right now or I'll have to take Serious measures I.

Could tell my grandfather about you and your father's evil Deeds you'll regret everything if it comes to that guess whose father was famous for taking suspicious actions to get what he wanted that's why I included guess who his father in my argument I knew that including his father would make a stronger impression my grandfather is.

The manager of the channel the wounds of those praised by God I'm sure you know what kind of issues my grandfather discusses on it the wounds of those praised by God the channel is led by a man called little Samurai the hero of this era I had no idea the little Samurai was a relative of yours yes will immediately began trembling probably.

From Fear I'm so sorry please don't tell your grandfather about me fine on one condition promise me you won't hurt kanedakun of course you have my word make that two conditions I also expect you to apologize to kohino-san and kanirakun a sincere apology I apologize I am so.

Sorry after that guessuo and his crew were taken away by the teacher peace returns to the classroom I'm so sorry kohinoistan I know it I understand how hard it must have been for you you're the one who proved my innocence I should be thanking you for having the courage to defend me no.

I'm the one who should be thanking you you and yoshikawa couldn't save my grandmother wait are you the grandson of the lady who got her back snatched at the shopping mall yep I was surprised when she told me your names I couldn't betray you after hearing how you saved her I had no idea life though so many.

Curveballs at you yoshikawa thank you for standing up for me nah all I did was threaten guess who all by using my grandfather's power I did the same thing guess who always does I wouldn't blame you if you judged me for that never judge you you are nothing like guess who all I mean it yoshikawa you did everything in your power to save Canada.

And Mev from guessua even if it wasn't how you were dealing wanted to do it you didn't have to punish yourself I wish you would give yourself a little more credit Hoagie not asan's words gave me a sense of relief but at the same time I realized I wanted to become stronger I needed to become stronger at that moment I vowed to become strong enough to.

Protect those who were precious to me especially kohinoor-san who had become somebody special to me things changed drastically after the money theft incident deaths were received severe criticism for what he did to kohinoor-san he quit school soon after the rest of his crew lived quietly now they're usually in the corner of the.

Classroom avoiding any contact with others now that all accusations against kohino-san were gone she was back to living life as a regular high school student one day after school kohi narasan and I were behind the school building because she needed to tell me something thank you for coming on such short notice it's okay so what did you.

Want to talk to me about is somebody picking on you again who hurry it's nothing like that nobody sees me as a threat anymore they're all nice to me I wanted to talk to you about uh well the thing is couldn't seem to get her words out properly I'd never seen her so hesitant I I I think well yoshikawa I think I I.

I like you um well you'll be my boyfriend call you not a son I knew it you're gonna say no aren't you nobody would ever want to date a girl like me that's not true you don't you don't know how happy you just made me I I have feelings for you too Kohinoor seriously for real you're not messing.

With me I'm dead serious I would love for you to be my girlfriend God get your breathe so this is what Grandpa was talking about dear Grandpa I'm sorry it's not my fault but I've taken what you wanted but it's really not my fault I'll do my best to become a woman worthy of your love yoshitsuki I can do it as long as I have you by my.

Side and I'll do my best to be a man who deserves to be by your side I want to make you happy amissan amisan and I embraced for a while we confirmed our feelings for each other as we stood there together that weekend I met up with amistan to go on our first date as a couple did you wait long my mouth old wide when I first saw Amazon appear in.

Front of me um what do you think I wasn't sure if I looked good in this I've never had experience wearing this type of clothing very very nice oh really good I'm glad you like it you have no idea how amazing you look what are the chances eh didn't think I'd bump into you hey Grandpa oh my sweet.

Mama you are looking delicious today young lady would you like to come with me and I'm getting sick of you cut it out already will you jeez I haven't even started nothing you say ever benefits either of us you're putting amistan in an uncomfortable spot oops my bad I shouldn't be taking up your sweet time together I should get going yoshitsugu I.

Better see some great grandchildren the next time I see you grandpa oh my gosh he's so embarrassing I'm sorry if you feel uncomfortable amisan it's okay I'm ready to show him his grandchildren any time he wants don't worry I'll stop it we just started dating it's too early you could learn to be a little bit more.

Like your grandfather you know it would make things so much easier I learned so many new things about amisan after we started dating things I never expected from her most people tend to judge who she is just by her outer appearance but that's okay I know that she's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside I plan to better myself to.

Become stronger that way I will be able to protect amisan from whatever comes her way thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well