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[Manga Dub] Girl taught me how to be more attractive to girls, but she fell in love with me [RomCom]


My name is sunsa kirishima and I have a girl who I like her name is akina nari Mia the reason was simple I saw her one day in the city thank you so much for helping me out I'm about to go see my grandchild oh don't worry about it I hope you have a great time with your grandchild when I saw her smile I fell for her right then.

And there she was beautiful and smart and kind to everyone she met and had a great smile she was called the angel of the school there was no way that I would be able to go out with the angel that's when I have to ask you for help karishima please please please please please.

One day I was stopped by Mizuki hoshino on my way home after school she was nari Mia's friend and called the school Madonna the reason she was stopping me I want you to show me pre-care what pre-care like princess care yes I was watching it when I was in elementary school but I don't understand.

It recently so please I'm going to be dumbed unless I know about it by tomorrow help me please what how wait just calm down she wanted to teach me about a famous anime maybe this was 20 minutes later we were at a restaurant talking.

Pre-care so you must have asked out hayato then did you know yeah I asked hayato hayato stata is a serious anime nerd and one of my only friends if you Google pre-care you'd find his name at the top he's so good looking and popular I see so you asked him out you didn't know that he was into.

Pre-care yeah then are you interested in pre-care huh free what I'm only interested in dating people who have similar interests I totally am interested Hayden ran away that I saw you walking by and that's the kind of thing that he can.

Figure out in about two seconds that's why you talk to me because I'm always around him yeah if you really like him you shouldn't lie to him I know what do I do well you should just go tell him you lied and get dumped I don't want to do that you're not a kid I guess you really like him huh.

How about we bring the LIE closer to a truth then huh what do you mean if you really like him then I can try to help you by tomorrow I decided to help her out and brought her over to my house really live in an otaki talking all these mangas you don't seem.

To dislike otakus you probably won't have any problems dating him all right let's get started get started like you're gonna do something to me because you're helping me out oh I don't need you to goof off like that so take me serious sorry huh what is this these are novels and documents along with DVDs.

This is all free care the pre-care series has gone on for almost 12 years their 12 seasons wow that's a lot of course hayato knows all of these Seasons inside and out he knows the things off the screen too he just really loves the anime if you like him you will learn as much as you can about all of.

This but I don't have the time I'll make sure to tell you which points he really likes and narrow it down to that afterwards we continued till around 9pm studying about pre-care she seemed fairly intent on learning but it was way too much to remember everything I handed.

Her all the remaining material and she went home thank you for sending me off oh I needed to go to the convenience store anyway you're a really good guy hanging out with a liar like me I'm doing it for hayato he's my best friend so I want someone who will judge him for his personality and not his looks.

I was talking about hayato like he was great he's been turned down several times because he looks good but is actually a severe otaku I'd be glad to see a best friend with a girlfriend you're a really good guy do you like anyone I do.

I won't tell anyone can you tell me Miss nari Mia oh it's a I get it she's cute she's definitely cute but it's her personality too I saw her helping out a stranger in the city and I just fell for her akina is a great girl I have an idea I'll help you out with Akita too since.

You're helping me huh but but I'm not confident in myself too don't worry you're a good guy I think you'd make a good fit with akina you think but I don't look good like her you said it yourself personality it's more important I mean sure but if you care so much about how you look I.

Can help with that besides she'll fall for your personality too this is how we started helping each other out with each other's Romance the next day ah you like that scene too huh I'm also interested in yeah it's super emotional I'm glad to see they're doing well it.

Looks like she studied hard at home so I was able to talk to him and have a great time I'm glad what happened to going out well we said what start off by being friends thank you so much you don't need to thank me it's your hard work paying off okay it's your turn now huh.

Huh you don't have to worry about me nope I already said I'd help you and I'm the kind of girl that likes to return the favor I will make sure your life is real satisfying too oh um I don't know about uh how did I end up here you look good I like it the pricing is good too that weekend the.

Saturday I was at the shopping mall with Miss hoshino after buying a few sets of clothes to wear we went to the beauty salon like this please haircut is 55 dollars I could go to the barber two or three times for that man it costs so much money to change how.

You look but this is me good good we have one good looking dude I was surprised at what it looked like in front of the mirror I didn't realize that hairstyle and clothing could change the way someone looks that drastically also we need to swap over to contacts from these dinky glasses.

Oh huh what's going on oh nothing you could just keep the glasses for now I can't see anything if I don't wear them so um thank you so much for today let me pay for this as a thank you no I made you pay for all of your.

Do-overs I told this whole thing to my mom today and going on a date with a girl dad listen no we're just going out as friends which do you need we could draw as much as we need from Dad's bank whoa what and so if I don't give you my proper thanks my mom will scold me dates huh.

Oh don't worry about it I'm not thinking about this like that I should have kept that to myself awkward um about akina uh yeah she doesn't have anyone she's interested in at the moment I see.

But now you look so great so you should be more confident yes ma'am I was a little unsure but my renewal was complete and we went our separate ways the following Monday what kirishima who are you though apparently the renewal worked and it was.

The first time in my life that people actually complimented me on my looks what's going on you're trying to stop being an otaku if that's true I don't think I could be happy for you oh that's not all don't worry about it long story short it's all for you what wait you like me.

Haha very funny after class that day Miss hoshino had brought Miss nari Mia let's all go home together today I don't mind but what do you say shunta oh yeah I don't mind at all this must be miss hoshino making a chance for me we were all walking home together and we ended up pairing up somehow.

We haven't talked together much even though we've been in the same class for two years huh yeah I've never had this kind of problem with Miss hoshino I'm so nervous with Miss akina and that scene was so emotional get it.

She's trying so hard to fit in I need to work hard too those two get along well huh yeah huh why does she look so sad we're this way so shunta you send off nari Mia oh sure see you all tomorrow here we are it's just us now I think you wouldn't be surprised but no.

Matter what I said Miss nari Mia didn't seem interested I realized it a second ago um do you mind if we go by that park there first before we head home huh sure I sat down on the Park Bench I decided to tell the truth sorry if I'm being rude but do you like.

Hayato what I knew it how did you know I could tell when I hung out around you you looked pretty miserable watching those two I see can you keep this from Mizuki of course it's our secret.

I actually liked hayata from when I was a freshman it was love at first sight he always just seemed to be having so much fun and Shining but I heard that he kept rejecting people so I couldn't Buster up the courage to ask him out decided to watch him from afar after listening to her story I understood.

You heard that hoshino liked hayato and you backed off yes I like hayato but Mizuki is my friend so but if hoshino and hayato end up dating you'll oh Mizuki seems to be studying really hard for hayato she said you were to think oh uh did you update your style because of.

Mizuki yeah I had her help why did you change your style I had a girl I liked what happened to her uh actually I wasn't sure if I should tell her but I decided to tell her this I was rejected what she said no yeah she seems to already like someone.

Else so I see we're kind of in a similar situation huh not really getting it with the person to be like different situation but yeah maybe it'll all work out if we go out together with each other huh after she said that I could feel my heart beating out of my chest.

But you still like hayato right you can't say that even as a joke sorry for saying something so odd what am I talking about I was considering the idea a little but we pretended nothing happened and went home together I couldn't slow my heart down what would have happened if I said let's.

Go out I was confused the next day could I have gone out with her but she likes hayato shimmy Shima yes um will you hear me out after listening to what happened yesterday they apparently talked about pre-care the whole way home.

But our conversations never really went anywhere you could talk about pre-care right yeah only that though he really is only interested in pre-care what about that whole going out thing that was on hold they were only talking about free care so I never brought it up what happened.

Between you and akina oh uh it didn't work out what you were rejected I mean not directly but yeah it wasn't gonna work oh man but you look so good now what a waste it can't be helped do you still like her yeah a little but.

I need to move on then how about we go out huh you're kidding I'm serious I like talking to you it's calming I could feel calm when I'm around you really you're pretty kind and reliable I feel like it would be bad for me to just pass you up you're gonna date me because you don't.

Want anyone else to date me seems pretty messed up I don't think so so what do you say want to date me that's pretty wasteful if you ask me you're too pretty to be going out with a guy like me okay no more negative comments like that why are you hugging me because I'm a.

Wasteful ghost I don't understand at all you say that I'm your second girlfriend and until you like someone else you can keep our relationship a secret or I could be a side chick even if you're dating someone else let's practice smoking that's pretty much just friends with benefits.

I don't mind as long as I get to be a part of your life that sounds pretty hot actually oh so I'm gonna apologize to hayato now I'll say that I'm not interested anymore and that I actually don't really care about puree care wait hang on oh she know.

She apologized and walked off and then so let's make more secrets today um are you sure you want to stay this way if you're still against it let's go public and you can make me your number one girlfriend maybe I'm a cheat they had a chance to go out with each other but I convinced myself that this.

Is fine and we have this secret relationship going on thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well