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[Manga Dub] Girl with terrible grades, asks me for help [RomCom]


Please I need help you're the only person that can help me so please oh help me the most beautiful girl in the class was hugging me let me explain by going back in time a little good my name is Masaharu hiragi I'm a high.

School student that goes to a super Elite High School there's a quiz every single day and after we get our tests back we start our class this was how the school operated I always got barely passing in all of my tests everyone's always surprised by me still.

Making it I always just say that it doesn't matter how hard I try I just can't get better no one really talks to me here because as you can imagine most people here are very studious I failed again asaki the girl that was jumping onto me was.

Ryoko Sasaki it's very pretty and has a great personality she's very athletic and bright she's basically the center of attention seems perfect but she's really not good at studying so she's always getting bad scores she's also almost always asleep Sasaki just so you know I've never.

Actually failed anything I'm always barely passing you're the one that fails say something that mean you're my only friend failure Buddies I told you I don't get failing scores get off me anyway and stop talking to me oh God come on it's not like you're losing anything hang around you brings.

Attention to me so I don't like it I like to spend my days quiet and peaceful why are you even messing with me cause we're Buddies we're not buddies ryokosan ignore that idiot and talk to me you're going to have a better time the guy that just called me an idiot was.

Erao Goda he's getting the highest grades around he always likes to brag that he gets the best scores and he always butts in when Sasaki talks to me no I don't care about you always rejected like that honestly props to him for not giving up I was really hoping these peaceful days would.

Continue forever but let's study together what are you talking about get off of me dude you're you're too close to here you failed too much yeah I hate studying but I hate being held back more so let's study together it has nothing to do with me do it yourself.

Mean oh then I'll teach you I'm at the top so I have no problems no I'm good I want to study with Masaharu oh nice rejection you really really time.

Studying with me is a waste of your time why are you on my side I mean you're mocking me huh I accept your challenge let's have a duel what you do not get a better score than me you have to listen to what I want uh annoying I don't want.

I'm in I'll do it too the person who gets the lowest score has to listen to anything the winner says hey it's settled then totally easy if I study with you Masaharu all right we're going to duel with tests next time hell yeah seriously.

That's how I was dragged into this mess one day after class why did you accept that duel because he said it was pointless what that's it I mean you have to give it a shot you know you might get a great score if we work together talking about how it's pointless before we even try you're seriously such a simpleton.

Thank you complimenting you why are you so confused concerned with me anyway you'll get a better score if you have Goda teach you yeah maybe but I want you to teach me why you don't remember ever since I was a sophomore my scores have been bad and people started making.

Fun of me since it's you know a great school and I figured you know it's not like I can do anything about it then you said she clearly doesn't appreciate you mocking her you should stop everyone wasn't serious so they apologized real fast and stopped mocking me I was so happy with you and I've been watching you since then.

I don't remember that I figured that's why I like you I understand why studying I did but it didn't work I just gave up and didn't know what to do but this time I really need to do this or else I'm screwed I really don't want to be held back and I accepted the duel.

Uh I guess we'll do it then if you study come to the library every day after class get off of me the next day after class I want to know where you are in your studies.

What do you mean I don't remember much try this anyway what is this it's a test I made for you you made it for me shut up and solve it asaharu get off of me seriously no not he he.

Anyway you have some Basics I guess you just didn't know how to apply it at all we're going to start by using what you know to apply it okay a few hours later it's so fun you're you're a fast learner too really it's because you're a great teacher you explain it as soon as I say.

I don't know that's why I don't just sit and hit that I don't know wall I didn't realize that solving problems was so fun I'm glad you found out that learning is fun I wish you were my teacher every day it's fine if you keep going like this you'll catch up in class too and you'll.

Understand what's going on so you'll start having fun really really so start taking notes and stop going to sleep how to teach I want to keep studying like this every day but we don't have enough time till the test this isn't going to be enough want to.

Study on weekends too I really don't see us making it in time and let's meet at the library parents are gone on the weekend are you sure about what you're inviting a boy to your house without your parents huh are you gonna do something.

No that was way too fast of an answer you should think about it more nope I can I'm not going to do anything to you definitely not never beating a dead horse then it's fine let's stay at my place okay let's start next Saturday yeah hook them over relax huh yeah thanks for having me.

Huh are you nervous you can be kind of cute huh what I'm not nervous you don't have to be so shy oh my gosh shut up let's get started okay I'm so tired this is a good spot to take a break give me a second for taking a break tada.

Cupcakes huh I made these when you said you were coming over handmade huh wow thank you try it hmm good yay I think we can focus on our later half of studying too I'm going to try hard now that you're focused too let's do this we studied hard every day after class days off even during our little breaks.

We studied and then it was the day before the test Masaharu what totally intentionally scoring bad points too can't do that every single time unless you're going for it hey look salted plums.

I knew it why are you pretending to be dumb it's super cliche I'd always been a really curious person since I was young so I always looked for answers and things and always studied hard I always scored top of the class and everyone was happy and praised me but then I was completely pressured by.

Everyone around me to be the perfect child my parents started deciding my path for me and eventually people stopped praising me and started getting jealous I hated that then why'd you come here this is a really really good school it was the only School within walking distance that's it I can sleep in so late it's great that's a really silly.

Reason well what about you oh it's cliche I have a beautiful sister and she can study it is super athletic she's kind too my parents loved her since there was nothing she couldn't do she'd always been compared I wanted to show that I could at least accomplish things if I put my mind to it so I came.

Here but it's been tough since I started you know I thought I could do it but you can though you're totally doing better than when you started right I think you're starting to understand what's being taught in class too yeah I finally know what the teacher is talking about I was so happy that's good hey Masaharu I'm not um I'm not a loser.

Right I'm meeting your expectations you're fine I know you can do it you're just a late starter is all hard effort will not betray you let's show off the results to everyone yeah oh and by the way I have a favor to ask you Masaharu a favor I'll tell you after the test okay anyway let's beat this test to a.

Pulp oh I'm so nervous it's okay you got this Billy you think so oh I'm so nervous what if all of my effort is for nothing relax Sasaki Masaharu I've seen your effort so you'll be fine I've been watching you the whole time since we started studying so you're.

Going to be fine I believe in you believe in me too okay thank you Masaharu I'm gonna do this day of the results look I'm second you go guys third huh yeah this is ludicrous you must have cheated I refuse to accept this this is totally legit though.

How does someone who's always failing and someone who's always almost failing suddenly do so good I'm sure you cheated what are you talking about you know how strict the proctoring is here someone was kicked out in seconds after they tried to cheat this is just a result of our efforts all right the loser listens to the.

Winner right for starters you don't brag anymore everyone knows you're smart stop bragging I'm sorry after the results were posted DOTA stopped bragging about his scores he's quietly studying in the corner of the classroom people were a little.

Stirred up after seeing the two normally failing and almost failing pair suddenly Score first and second but rumors fade and eventually people will be quiet a few days later after class oh yeah what was your favor dude speak up I'll do it as long as it's not impossible.

Um well it's here to go out with me sure where to open response are you being serious yeah I'm saying I'll go out with you we can go out on the weekend if it's fair no well that's not what I mean then what do you mean oh my gosh agree that's.

Studying but you're so slow when it comes to things like this mean go out with you like this uh I love you I've always loved you ever since I started school I've only ever had eyes for you can I be your girlfriend of course I loved seeing you work hard.

In your studies then I'm really not good with romance I've never fallen for anyone I don't have experience either so let's study together yeah that's a good idea I love you Masaharu I love you too thank you for watching how was today's.

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