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[Manga Dub] Here’s how the popular girl acted after I visited her because she was sick [RomCom]


It's really coming down isn't it we quietly stood next to each other while the rain poured down around us even though she's simply standing around she comes across as a model maybe some rainy days aren't so bad she's got me thinking of so many different things her name is miyu ayasaki.

She's a charismatic woman with a charm and cool of an adult she's above everyone's level and the class idol neil please use my umbrella don't use that crappy plastic use my 120 centimeter umbrella my umbrella is made out of durable and tough carbon fiber you can even use my.

Raincoat please take it miss miu please take my umbrella thank you boys but i've got my own umbrella i think you should all use your own umbrellas and take care of them okay what a goddess i'm pretty sure she's just saying common sense i also had a time that i admired the.

Cool and collected girl i really thought that she was the coolest person in the world never swayed by the public but that was in the past i ended up knowing her finding out the true side of miyu uh miyu there's a puddle there you should probably take a step.

Whoa me you uh chiaki i'm soaked loser i'm not a loser i'm just slow not really saving face everyone assumed that she was a smooth on the inside as she was cool on the outside.

In reality she just acted cool because she had problems communicating with people the real her chiaki my heart and body are cold what don't try to steal my warmth your cheeks are so warm.

Why do you think they're so red she's just another sweet little girl um i can see through i'm not sure if i'm just lucky but i can't believe it i can see mew's marshmallows as clear as day light blue chiaki why is your face so red.

Huh uh so about that is there a mud or something on my clothes huh oh bingo oh my gosh you completely saw everything.

I didn't see everything but you do admit to seeing something uh i can't really deny that you're such a pervert i'm going to come after you if no one else marries me what kind of no risk high return is that you can't propose and threaten me in the.

Same sentence this pseudo-cool girl is actually really slow sometimes uh do you need to borrow a towel maybe my jersey too yes please the kind of woman that will look good wet or dry or it's kind of just soaking wet.

That's the miyu ayasaki that i know the wind is so cold then this happened the next morning at school everyone listen up miss ayasaki she's she's this was different from the usual chill viber class had.

Everyone listened to the announcement our class president had to say miss miyu what about miss miu you're choking right miss ayasaki is sick with a cold my gosh don't say it like she's dead i'm actually not surprised at all because she already told me.

Oh jackie i can't anymore huh live on behalf of me okay hello hello hello why do so many people assume she's going to die maybe they just like the drama.

Kind of like the world ending the lehman shock she's taking the day off our own miss ayasaki she's got a fever of at least 200 degrees if only i'd lent her the carbon fiber umbrella aqaba what are we supposed to live for.

For the rest of the day uh you can go buy expensive bread at the bakery you idiot you can't make up for the loss of miss ayasaki through some bread i truly think to myself you should consider apologizing to the baker.

An energy drink some dessert what else she isn't my goddess or my prophet although i didn't worship her i did feel like i wanted her to get well like everyone else so i decided to swing by to see how she was feeling i think she'll be okay though she was pestering me during lunch.

Chiaki i'm bored let's play a game go to sleep what kind of game is that the one where you pass out and go to bed you are a mini this is actually the first time i've.

Ever checked on a friend who was sick the map says it's around here miss yoshida mr igarashi miss kondo ah miss ayasaki and on the count of three hello oh nice to meet you my name is akiya akaba from the same classroom as miyu.

Yes ma'am i've stopped by to say hi as it's a wonderful evening are you going to give some kind of weird marriage speech sorry to keep you waiting whoa me who's not good at communicating but i'm not good either i froze up after the door swung open.

There's a slight difference in hair and clothes but she seems vaguely familiar even though this is the first time i'm meeting her i could tell who this beautiful woman was are you miu's sister precisely i am miyu's sister she's so relaxed she looks identical to miyu but her.

Personality is the polar opposite are you the kid with the first name chiaki huh oh yes i am i knew it so you're chiaki miyu is always talking about you chiaki this chiaki that really yeah.

How you saw up her skirt when she saved that cat what yeah and how you two ended up staring into each other's eyes during basketball practice or how she hugged you they were all accidents hard to believe this sister seems chill but actually is a huge tease.

Anyway enjoy your time she sounded happy letting me into the house i want to repeat that this is the first time i visited someone who was sick not only is it the first time visiting someone who is sick it's also the first time i've ever stepped foot in a girl's house.

I'm visiting the class idol's house this is probably a big deal how much more nervous do i need to be i'm just seeing a friend because she's sick it's totally normal just seeing a friend just seeing a friend just seeing a friend all right.

Let's go come in i'm coming in a famous writer once wrote as the light spread in front of my eyes and i gazed upon the sight to behold i saw a kingdom of snow sis help me wipe my back off as i opened the door a beautiful woman.

Lie in bed a friend huh chiaki i could see the thighs that could kill with the see-through pajamas she was wearing something i thought i could see but i couldn't see a sight for all men to behold.

Total rating the greatest sight i have ever seen in my life what the heck am i thinking about right now i'm sorry i'll be expecting like five or six punches later so i'm just going to step out into the hallway right now wait.

Huh oh ow of course a man who's never been popular in his life would be surprised if a beautiful girl grabbed his sleeve wait does he want to punch me now chiaki did you uh i could see the cold intense glare on.

Her eyes however did you come check on me yeah i knew it thank you so much i was so glad that i came by to check on her at the same time i wanted to calm down or i'd have issues.

Miu why don't you at least put on some clothes are you surprising me i didn't mention you'd stop by i sent you a text saying i'd swing by to check on you seriously just wear some pants i didn't know because i was asleep just.

Like you told me i think you did a great job going to sleep you'd be doing an even better job if you just wore some that bag did you bring some stuff for me i did i didn't want to show up empty-handed so i bought some pudding in a sports drink anyway there's also stuff you should.

Hide with your empty hands yay i got a reward for going to sleep like you told me this girl is not listening at all she's also way too adorable hey hey chiaki me you.

Huh just just just wear some pants some pants yeah oh and boom goes the dynamite.

miu i'm so dizzy yeah let's blame it on your cold people forget about rumors in a few days miyu forgets about things in a few seconds chiaki i want to eat pudding you can eat it yourself.

Come on me you i don't understand you sometimes it's so good if i can keep having you spoil me maybe i should just stay sick don't think i'm going to spoil you like this forever you always spoil me anyway i swear one of these days.

I think miu is always going to be a girl who wants to be spoiled so how do you feel i feel pretty good i had a fever of 100 this morning but i feel a lot better after taking some medicine and going to sleep good just like this.

I can't really tell if you're better or not by looking at you if you're feeling better you should be able to feed yourself anyway oh sick my right ankle is freezing and i think i'm getting better but actually i feel like i'm burning up go to the hospital.

If she can joke she's probably getting better is something funny i'm actually kind of happy that i got sick you're still joking about that you understand that's not really funny right but you showed up at my house.

She is telling the truth you could tell by the huge smile on her face if i wasn't friends with you tiaki i'd still be alone in sick me you she's known to be the maverick cool and alone in the class but i know the truth.

She's more lovely and sweet than any other girl i know she's so sweet that she would rather spend time with everyone and not just herself you're such a dork sometimes i know the cold doesn't matter huh this kind of thing can be scary to tell.

Someone to their face but they'll never know unless you tell them one of us would have studied or gone over to play even without some kind of big reason we're friends after all what you're okay with that i can go by your.

House even though i don't have a reason yeah once you're all better she came diving in to hug me with so much energy that i second guessed her actually being sick she should really slow down considering we need to think about social distancing her face.

I feel soft things my heart won't stop pounding cheeky when can i go over to your house you have to show me your yearbook i can't show you that what i guess i can find us some nudie bags for us to have fun with you don't have to do that and i don't have any nudie mags can you please get.

Off of me i'm embarrassed hey miu chiaki i brought you some cake and juice oh well hello guys ma'am sis sorry for the bad timing you two just keep doing you but you have a bed.

Do you really need to be on the ground stop that look miu you need to explain this to your sister oh i just realized that me trying to save face was actually more incriminating than not denying it to begin with i'm so embarrassed.

Don't hide your face behind me take your time don't tell me to take my time these sisters those two sisters really threw me in for a loop yesterday i didn't realize that checking in on a friend is that tiring actually it's probably normally not that.

Tiring just those two and speak of the devil ah it looks like you've made a full recovery yeah no thanks to you i'm this good what measurement are you talking about when you say this good but as much as i wanted to say something about it i could see that she felt.

Significantly better don't shadowbox using someone's face thank you for stopping by yesterday thank you so much for coming yesterday it really means a lot oh uh don't mention it i felt like maybe i should be the one thanking her for showing me that.

Wonderful smile no matter how much she messes with me i may just be another student in the class smitten with the famous miyu so anyway chiaki is it okay if maybe like i go by your house this weekend oh wow you move quickly.

Is that a no that puppy dog look is totally unfair no man could resist those eyes of course i am just another regular healthy male high school student sure i guess we can watch that movie we talked about at my house really yay don't jump on me.

I just got excited me was always going to be a sweetheart no matter how healthy or sick she is chiaki if you ever get sick just leave it to me okay don't worry yeah i'll leave it to you then yeah i'll take great care of you when i imagined miyu in a nurse outfit i could feel myself losing control i'm.

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