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[Manga Dub] Here’s how the popular girl acted after I visited her because she was sick [RomCom]


It's really coming down isn't it he quietly stood next to each other while the rain poured down around us even though she's simply standing around she comes across as a model maybe some rainy days aren't so bad she's got me thinking of so many different things her name is Miu ayasaki she's a.

Charismatic woman with a charm and cool of an adult she's above everyone's level and the class Idol Neo please use my umbrella don't use that crappy plastic use my 120 centimeter umbrella my umbrella is made out of durable and tough carbon fiber you can even use my raincoat please take.

It Miss Mio thank you boys but I've got my own umbrella I think you should all use your own umbrellas and take care of them okay what a goddess I'm pretty sure she's just saying common sense I also had a time that I admired the cool and collected girl I really thought.

That she was the coolest person in the world never swayed by the public but that was in the past I ended up knowing her finding out the true side of Miu uh me you there's a puddle there you should probably take a step whoa me you uh chiaki I'm soaked loser.

I'm not a loser I'm just slow not really Saving Face everyone assumed that she was a smooth on the inside as she was cool on the outside in reality she just acted cool because she had problems communicating with people the real her.

Chiaki my heart and body are cold what don't try to steal my warmth your cheeks are so warm why do you think they're so red she's just another sweet little girl um I can see through I'm not sure if I'm just lucky but I can't believe it.

I can see Muse marshmallows as clear as day light blue why is your face so red huh uh so about that is there a mud or something on my clothes huh oh bingo oh my gosh you completely saw everything.

I didn't see everything but you do admit to seeing something uh I can't really deny that you're such a pervert I'm going to come after you if no one else marries me what kind of no risk High return is that you can't propose and threaten me in the same sentence.

This pseudo-cool girl is actually really slow sometimes you uh do you need to borrow a towel maybe my jersey too yes please the kind of woman that would look good wet or dry or is kind of just soaking wet that's the miuiasaki that I know.

The wind is so cold then this happened the next morning at school everyone listen up Miss ayasaki she's she's this was different from the usual chill Viber class had everyone listens to the announcement our class president had to say.

Miss me you what about Miss Mew you're joking right Miss ayasaki is sick with a cold my gosh don't say it like she's dead I'm actually not surprised at all because she already told me Jackie I can't anymore huh.

Live on behalf of me okay hello hello why do so many people assume she's going to die maybe they just like the drama kind of like the world ending the Lehman shock she's taking the day off our own Miss ayasaki.

She's got a fever of at least 200 degrees if only I'd lent her the carbon fiber umbrella akaba what are we supposed to live for for the rest of the day uh you can go buy expensive bread at the bakery you idiot you can't make up for the loss.

Of Miss ayasaki through some bread I truly think to myself you should consider apologizing to the baker an energy drink some dessert what else she isn't my goddess or my prophet although I didn't worship her I did feel like I wanted her to get well like everyone else so I decided to swing by to see how she.

Was feeling I think she'll be okay though she was pestering me during lunch I'm bored let's play a game go to sleep what kind of game is that the one where you pass out and go to bed you are a meanie this is actually the first time I've ever checked on a friend who was sick.

The map says it's around here Miss Yoshida Mr igarashi Miss kondo ah Miss ayasaki on the count of three hello oh nice to meet you my name is from the same classroom as Miu yes ma'am I've stopped by to say hi as.

It's a wonderful evening are you going to give some kind of weird marriage speech sorry to keep you waiting whoa me who's not good at communicating but I'm not good either I froze up after the door swung open there's a slight difference in hair and clothes but she seems Vaguely Familiar.

Even though this is the first time I'm meeting her I could tell who this beautiful woman was are you miu's sister precisely I am me you sister so relaxed she looks identical to me you but her personality is the polar opposite are you the kid with the first name chiaki huh oh yes I am.

So you're yours chiaki that really yeah you saw up her skirt when she saved that cat what yeah and how you two ended up staring into each other's eyes during basketball practice or how she hugged you.

They were all accidents hmm hard to believe the sister seems chill but actually is a huge tease anyway enjoy your time she sounded happy letting me into the house I want to repeat that this is the first time I visited someone who was sick not.

Only is it the first time visiting someone who is sick it's also the first time I've ever stepped foot in a girl's house I'm visiting the class Idols house this is probably a big deal how much more nervous do I need to be I'm just seeing a friend because she's sick it's totally normal.

Just seeing a friend just seeing a friend just seeing a friend all right let's go come in I'm coming in a famous writer once wrote as the light spread in front of my eyes and I gazed upon the sight to behold.

I saw a kingdom of snow sis help me wipe my back off as I opened the door a beautiful woman lie in bed a friend huh chiaki I could see the thighs that could kill with the see-through pajamas she was wearing something I thought I could see.

But I couldn't see a sight for all men to behold total rating the greatest sight I have ever seen in my life am I thinking about right now I'm sorry I'll be expecting like five or six punches later so I'm just going to step out into the hallway right now wait.

Huh of course a man who's never been popular in his life would be surprised if a beautiful girl grabbed his sleeve wait does she want to punch me now did you uh I could see the cold intense glare on her eyes.

However did you come check on me yeah I knew it thank you so much I was so glad that I came by to check on her at the same time I wanted to calm down or I'd have issues Mew why don't you at least put on some clothes.

Are you surprising me I didn't mention you'd stop by I sent you a text saying I'd swing by to check on you seriously just wear some pants I didn't know because I was asleep just like you told me I think you did a great job going to sleep you'd be doing an even better job.

If you just wore some that bag did you bring some stuff for me I did I didn't want to show up empty-handed so I bought some pudding in a sports drink anyway there's also stuff you should hide with your empty hands yay I got a reward for going to sleep like you told me this girl is not listening at all.

She's also way too adorable hey hey chiaki me you huh just just wear some pants some pants yeah oh.

Uh uh and boom goes the dynamite Mew let's blame it on your cold people forget about rumors in a few days Miu forgets about things in a few seconds I want to eat pudding.

You can eat it yourself come on me you I don't understand you sometimes it's so good if I can keep having you spoil me maybe I should just stay sick don't think I'm going to spoil you like this forever you always spoil me anyway.

I swear one of these days I think Miu is always going to be a girl who wants to be spoiled so how do you feel I feel pretty good I had a fever of 100 this morning but I feel a lot better after taking some medicine and going to sleep good just like this I can't really tell if you're better or.

Not by looking at you if you're feeling better you should be able to feed yourself anyway sick my right ankle is freezing and I think I'm getting better but actually I feel like I'm burning up go to the hospital if she can joke she's probably getting better.

is something funny I'm actually kind of happy that I got sick you're still joking about that you understand that's not really funny right but you showed up at my house she is telling the truth you could tell by the huge smile on her face.

If I wasn't friends with yukiyaki I'd still be alone and sick me you she's known to be the Maverick cool and alone in the class but I know the truth she's more lovely and sweet than any other girl I know she's so sweet that she would rather spend time with everyone and not just.

Herself you're such a dork sometimes I know the cold doesn't matter huh this kind of thing can be scary to tell someone to their face but they'll never know unless you tell them one of us would have studied or gone.

Over to play even without some kind of big reason we're friends after all what you're okay with that I can go by your house even though I don't have a reason yeah once you're all better you why.

She came diving into hug me with so much energy that I second guessed her actually being sick she should really slow down considering we need to think about social distancing her face I feel soft things My Heart Won't Stop pounding when can I go over to your house you have to show me your yearbook.

I can't show you that what I guess I can find us some nudie bags for us to have fun with you don't have to do that and I don't have any nudie mags can you please get off of me I'm embarrassed hey Mew chiaki I bought you some cake and juice oh well hello guys ma'am.

Sis I'm sorry for the bad timing you two just keep doing you but you have a bed do you really need to be on the ground what's that look me you you need to explain this to your sister oh I just realized that me trying to save face was actually more incriminating.

Than not denying it to begin with I'm so embarrassed don't hide your face behind me take your time don't tell me you take my time these sisters those two sisters really threw me in for a loop yesterday I didn't realize that checking in on a friend is that tiring.

Actually it's probably normally not that tiring just those two yucky and speak of the devil ah it looks like you've made a full recovery yeah no thanks to you I'm this good what measurement are you talking about when you say this good.

But as much as I wanted to say something about it I could see that she felt significantly better don't shadow box using someone's face thank you for stopping by yesterday thank you so much for coming yesterday it really means a lot oh uh don't mention it I felt like maybe I should be the one.

Thanking her for showing me that wonderful smile no matter how much she messes with me I may just be another student in the class smitten with the famous Miu so anyway chiaki is it okay if maybe like I go by your house this weekend oh wow you move quickly is that a no.

That puppy dog look is totally unfair no man could resist those eyes of course I am just another regular healthy male high school student sure I guess we can watch that movie we talked about at my house really don't jump on me I just got excited me was always going to be a sweetheart no matter how healthy.

Or sick she is chiaki if you ever get sick just leave it to me okay don't worry yeah I'll leave it to you then yeah I'll take great care of you when I imagined me you in a nurse outfit I could feel myself losing control I'm kind of a dork my name is chiyaki akaba I'm feeling.

Very overwhelmed right now hey pure Keys studying here allow me to switch on your motivation so feeling motivated yet ah please stop I'm starting to forget all the vocabulary I just learned as you can see my studying is being disrupted by the girls in my class I can't focus and we have exams starting.

Tomorrow and you're so pure and innocent so cute cut it out guys I really need to study for tomorrow's test I wish I was him I'm not used to talking to girls I don't know why they keep making fun of me it sucks because all.

The guys hate me for it so studying in the classroom isn't gonna work but I get lazy when I'm at home I started walking towards the library to find some peace chiaki hey you did you come to study for your test too uh yeah.

Her name is Miu ayasaki she's famous for her mature demeanor and attractive facial features making her the most popular girl in school she's also one of my very few female friends let me guess all the girls are messing with you and you couldn't take it anymore it wouldn't let me Focus.

You're so popular with the girls they're just making fun of me if I was really popular with girls I would have a girlfriend by now maybe I can make fun of you too oh come on I'm all worn out she's known for her cool attitude and behavior but she also has this childish playful side to her.

She's actually very age-appropriate do you want to study together thanks I don't want to get in your way though we'll get more done together let's start with wait this could turn into a guy's fantasy a hugging lesson why don't you try first wait a minute what is this lesson about um health and physical education.

You're joking right we don't need a lesson on that I'm just kidding hey let's go to some hot springs that came out of nowhere we're not going why are you trying to get out of studying tomorrow's our first day of exams relax it's just a little break hot springs will get your blood circulation.

Going which will improve your brain function that's what people who are already ready for their exams do who's ever ready well I especially can't afford to lose any study time are we really not going of course we're not it's the day before exact I can't believe we're here you're so sweet chiaki I'm so going to.

Regret this despite what I had said me you and I ended up taking a one hour train ride out to a hot spring the water feels so nice doesn't it I guess so isn't this a nice break from all the studying count as a break we haven't done any.

Studying hey nobody will go out with you if you're so uptight all the time am I really uptight is there ever going to be a girl who will accept me for who I am there is in outer space I'd prefer for her to be on earth preferably in Japan well honestly I think you're pretty.

Awesome huh what did you say I said I think you're pretty awesome um does that mean you uh chiaki do you not like me of course I like you okay I'm glad to hear that uh this is kind of awkward oh maybe we can leave.

The foot bath and enjoy some real hot springs huh an underage boy and girl taking a bath together doesn't sound appropriate we ended up in a hot spring bath together anyway she looks so mature but she's goofy and sweet and a little clumsy I can't seem to leave her alone.

She has this strange control over me when it comes to making decisions well it's not only me you women in general have that effect on me that felt really good I I'm glad you feel that way you didn't like the bath no of course of course I liked it I don't know if it's the Yukata but I'm.

Really attracted to her right now should look away right now but I can't help but stare at her look at her she's just so beautiful what would happen if the guys in our class found out I came to the hot springs with her uh it's frightening to think about it hey were you just staring at me.

Um no no I wasn't you were lying you little pervert yeah I couldn't help it it's your fault for being so pretty wait you think I'm pretty you did not hear anything oh my gosh what the hell am I saying hey let's play table tennis why all of a.

Sudden he just suddenly wanted to play ah okay then okay then ready whoever gets 11 points first wins loser buys the winner a drink sounds good can I serve first sure Bring It On I am so ready for this.

She challenged me I will make her regret it but uh get ready to get beaten go ah I could totally see everything Mia was putting her all into this game in fact she was putting too much out and I literally saw all of her yay my point wait why are you looking down oh well I guess I'm just a sore.

Loser seriously oh come on we're just getting started get up wait I need to pull myself back together as you can tell she kept gaining points take this I kept seeing what I should not have been seeing our score points were five to ten she had made it to match point.

you're not very good at this are you it's not my best sport this is your last chance I know then I saw it just to be clear I don't mean I saw Muse delicate parts I figured out her weak spot I decided to take a shot where her hands were in.

Backhand form this is a serious competition it wouldn't be right to not take this chance this is where my payback starts my secret technique backhand attack ready here we go oh however just then Muse Obi came apart and her robe opened wide.

Oh no it's your serve but it doesn't mean you should serve up everything don't look I didn't see I swear I did not even peek that's so not true you saw it didn't you no I almost did but I didn't tell me the truth no way I could tell her that I had actually been seeing.

Everything from the beginning oh my gosh you're such a pervert it wasn't my fault you saw though you better take responsibility for this what responsibility wait don't come any closer looking like that and so our argument continued for a while but we eventually came to an.

Agreement to get into the hot springs again we should forget about what happened Miu seems to have forgotten all about it too hey chiaki yeah what's up let's go over there before we go home the shooting game I've hit it so many times but it just.

Won't fall she's so cute when she's having so much fun okay chiaki you try um okay let me try we had fun and we got on the train after we walked around for a bit thanks for getting it for me it's so cute no problem I was just lucky I'm.

Gonna Keep it forever oh okay anyways today was so much fun I agree thanks for coming with me no problem going to the hot springs with you kind of felt like a real date going to the hot springs together kind of felt like a date didn't it no it.

Wasn't a date I know I didn't mean it like that we both aren't very good at communicating our thoughts but we were apparently thinking the same way chiaki you really are sweet you know huh that's so Random what's the matter you've always listened to what I want I just can't figure it out what it's strange how you don't have a.

Girlfriend well I have a communication disorder and I'm indecisive I disagree I love spending time with you I don't think you have a communication disorder and you're very sweet really I heard what she said I just can't fully believe it.

I wish I had the confidence to act more boldly plus I feel like I can really count on you you're embarrassing me you're embarrassed sweet cut it out I really can't believe you don't have a girlfriend yeah.

Do you have like feelings for someone huh no I don't suddenly mew's head was on my shoulder and my imagination started up this is what it would be like if me you and I were dating we would have so much fun I'm desperately craving a girlfriend and.

If that girlfriend was me you hey um me you oh she's sleeping it's hard okay she calls my name while she's sleeping how much cuter can she get mew's face.

Looked so innocent while she was asleep my heart was pounding but it felt so right at the same time I eventually fell asleep feeling the warmth of miu's body when we woke up we were at the last stop excuse me this is the final stop for this train what if you want to go back in the opposite.

Direction there is still a train scheduled to depart soon oh why didn't you wake me up I'm sorry but it's partly your fault too you fell asleep first well you shouldn't have fallen asleep I've been studying for two days straight I was exhausted hmm must be nice to be so young we were lucky enough to catch the last.

Train home um it sucks how we were on such bad terms at the end however seriously that was so stupid of us I know I agree we both felt so silly about this.

Situation we started laughing the moment our eyes met there were some rough spots but I think it's safe to say we had a great day I was happy to see a different side of Miu spending time with her allowed me to feel like we connected on another level but there's something I'm forgetting I can't believe I didn't study at all.

These exams are making me want to tear my hair out just in case you were wondering me you managed to pass all of her exams I on the other hand failed miserably and my next week will be spent in remedial classes you should really study for your exams you know shut up.

Hey can you be my boyfriend huh anybody would be surprised the most popular girl in the next classroom just asked me out out of nowhere her name is Sana nanasay she's a typical Japanese uh yaru gorgeous looks with a banging body hair dyed blonde with full makeup on.

And don't forget the short skirt everybody turns when she walks down the hallways everybody stares when she walks the streets she's an idol a goddess and she gets everything she wants so for her to be asking me hello did you hear me do you want me to say it one more time I'm just a regular.

Nobody why would she want to go out with me no I heard you no wait organize your thoughts um no is this part of some kind of game you guys are playing no games I'm dead serious are you trying to trick me into something I'm not trying to trick you either don't.

Expect anything from me I have no money hey why would you think I want money from you well you know what you don't need me you have all the guys Wrapped Around Your Finger I hear many stories of Sana and her many suitors and I'm not even in her class there's not a day that goes by without.

Sana being asked out on a date my classmates guys in the same grade older younger basically everyone guys even come from other high schools and universities to talk to her sorry hmm well yeah I get asked out a lot I'm not denying that but that has nothing to do with me wanting to ask you out right.

Ah that's true I guess right you should have more confidence here show me your smile huh she hockey you're so adorable don't make fun of me she's very friendly and close no wonder guys fall in love with her she just touched my cheeks.

Yes I will admit it Sana is making my heart be hard and fast however I can't just say okay let's go out it's not like she just suggested to take a walk together here's why we only started talking the other day we didn't even know each other until then that's right Sana and I we know nothing about each other.

I know I had seen you before but I didn't even know your name until recently all right so but I can't help it huh shihaki I have a major crush on you but we only talked one time hahaha.

Why are you laughing I know you're right but I fell in love in that one short time I know I'm being silly how can everything coming out of her mouth sound so cute well they say love is blind hmm how can I get you to believe my feelings are sincere oh yeah oh can I.

Kiss you what the I'm 16 and I think I might get my first kiss if I was only kidding or if it was just a prank I wouldn't kiss you right she grabbed my arm and my eyes naturally wandered toward her lips they look so soft her eyes they're.

Pulling me in closer and closer and plus what are these soft things pushing against my arm yes I'm a virgin I guess my reaction was obvious enough for Sana to realize that too so innocent yeah she's totally having fun with this hats.

Off to her techniques I can't well I can't do this how could she act this way I don't understand how this comes so easy to her I guess a kiss isn't as much of a big deal to her since she has guys all over hitting on her all the time she probably thinks it's as easy as some gangsters doing this their special handshake.

So do you want to how about a preview of what I'm capable of how can these words be coming out of such a pretty face no actually I I have somewhere that I need to be hey don't make up such obvious lies I shouldn't have helped her out the other day I've never had a girlfriend no girl has ever looked at me like that so.

Yeah I tend to get dreamy when it comes to relationships but this situation it's too crazy there's no build up no nothing I can totally singly from her fingertips and getting myself thrown out the window the moment she gets bored I'm not saying all this.

Just because I'm scared of pretty girls I swear a few days earlier if what she said was true this is the incident that caused her to fall in love with me it was after school and our teacher had assigned me to water the flowers gosh.

Can't believe he's making me do this I look like I don't have anything better to do I mean I don't but still that you can't catch my knuckleball that was weak man what a peaceful day today is take this whoa the ball's out of control wow that ball is flying really far wait.

I had started running before I realized I was putting myself in danger the ball had hit a window and the window glass had broken there was a totally clueless girl walking right where the ball and all the glass would fall I ran as fast as I could watch out.

What what the what's going on don't move as the glass plummeted to the ground I heard the cries of the other students and Sana finally understood what was going on thanks are you hurt did any of the glass hit you um no I'm fine.

Thank God um so huh I think I'm fine you can let me go ah I'm still holding you I'm so sorry no it's okay can you look at me I want to say thank you to your face okay I looked up slowly Sana Nana say.

I finally realized I had saved the school's most popular girl it was definitely an emergency but I can't believe I grabbed the hottest girl in school like really grabbed thank you for saving my life hey do you want to get some coffee yeah I think I have somewhere to be huh where is somewhere wait tell me your.

Name I would rather stay anonymous wow he's so fast I didn't tell her my name but Sana knows everyone and it wasn't difficult for her to find me hey chiaki I finally found you she just came in the classroom and called out to me like we've known each other forever.

And that was what happened with her before she asked me out the suspension bridge effect when people experience danger and see the opposite sex they mistake their pounding hard for the feeling of falling in love that must be what Sana is feeling that's why I'm certain that when this phase is over she'll realize how much of.

A nobody I am and toss me out well that's what I thought good morning she's acting like nothing happened even after me rejecting her she kept coming to my classroom to talk to me but he made cookies in homec just for you here to help in your mouth they're heart-shaped thanks do you like it.

Uh-huh you like you're so funny she kept coming to me can I borrow this sure but it's probably too big for you I don't mind okay if you say so thanks I'm gonna try it on yeah it's so big I told you I always wanted to borrow clothes from my boyfriend huh.

It smells like you she kept joking about us and she was good at being sweet at the same time she was coming to me all day every day I could feel the other guys hating on me the looks they gave me were intense damn it I'm so jealous of chiaki chiaki give me your jacket how much how much do you.

Want that should be my place my place my place I wouldn't be surprised if they killed me I know she's doing all this because of the suspension bridge effect however I'm a healthy young male her coming to me so many times makes me unsure of my decision of rejecting her no no calm down shiaki he's just going to dump you.

Eventually I slapped my cheeks so hard it made me stop to think she might not dump me if I become a better man if I was good enough for her she won't have to feel the need to break up with me basically I'm just lacking confidence gotcha whoa whoa oh I see she startled me because I.

Was just thinking about her but Sana seems to see more through my facial expression hey are you okay huh well you have this really gloomy face on I've always had trouble with keeping my feelings from showing on my face you're overthinking I was born with a gloomy face really hmm you know come to think of it.

You do have a gloomy face ah thanks for the unneeded comment I'm just kidding here straighten your spine it looks better ouch huh I didn't hit you that hard wait a second hey oh my expression is definitely easy to read.

But at the same time Sana is a very insightful person damn I wasn't expecting her to hit my back but I should have kept my voice in is this Scar from when you saved me um well I'm not really sure maybe maybe not don't play dumb with me okay yes it is I know it why didn't you tell me I didn't want you to feel bad about it of.

Course I feel bad about it wait me saying that would make you feel bad huh anyways we need to get you to the nurse's office so I could take care of you huh no it's fine I'll just spit on it I will rub my saliva on your wound if you are not willing to go to the nurse's office.

Oh okay let's go to the nurse's office please very good I just can't win with her can I okay a little better now thanks no it's my fault to start with I'm really sorry I didn't notice sooner hey don't say that how would you have known without me telling you really are a kind person.

It's so so soft you'll get in trouble for that I'll be okay I'll get off soon oh um I want to teach you something teach me something come here I slowly walked towards her and here she pulled my arm and I fell onto the bed with her her face is so close.

Your face is so close she's thinking the same thing my heart is pounding way too hard alone with the hottest girl in school in the nurse's office she wants to teach me something we're on the same bed and her face is like right there I'm starting to imagine all sorts of things.

Wait a second I'm not ready for this don't worry about it you just need to let it out it'll feel really good let it out I feel really good watch me okay yeah goodbye loser me and hello new awesome me Jackie so much but he would even believe.

Me okay that was not what I was expecting you should have seen the look on my face you know how it feels a lot better if you let it all out I do this all the time at home too you should try it whatever's on your mind just let it all out oh.

I finally realized and I wanted to punch myself for having such nasty thoughts Sana had brought me to the nurse's office not only for my injury but she wanted to care for my heart too hey you think I'm a don't you huh no not not that much you said that much which means you do so you know I'm not easy I don't go.

Around hooking up with anybody who comes to me and FYI I've never even had a boyfriend seriously I thought you had all the men in the palms of your hands I can't believe you just said that you just admitted that you think I'm easy I dug a hole for myself but Sana was pretty good at drawing it out of me on.

Top of that she had heard what I had said earlier you said that you lacked confidence but I think you are very attractive huh there aren't many people who could risk their safety to save someone they don't even know as far as I know I've never met someone as awesome as you is it because she's the prettiest girl in.

School no I was sincerely happy she said that probably because she's a very warm and bubbly person to be honest I had already realized she wasn't what everybody says I was just scared to go out there when I realized that I didn't feel.

Gloomy anymore thank you he looked like a ripe tomato don't make fun of me well I really like your face when you're blushing ah you're killing me here hmm I don't know if I want to stop my favorite expression of chiaki is the serious one.

He had when he saved me from the accident it's too embarrassing to tell him though did the ouchies go away yeah they went away good I'm gonna have to change you for the medical treatment you're gonna take money from me I'm just kidding you can thank me with a.

Kiss if you want oh you're too cute you're killing me I didn't think I would have to use what Sana taught me this soon hey chiaki do you want some coffee her name is Miu ayasaki she's very dignified and well-mannered she's known as the prettiest girl of our class The It Girl.

Of course her popularity spreads wide beyond the walls of our classroom Miss ayosaki can I have a date with you please me you please be my girlfriend me you I'm in love with your eyes miu's answer sorry I have so much going on and I don't have time for dating right now her classmates aren't the only ones she.

Lets down hey you want to be on TV you'd make a great model we can make you so mew's answer sorry I've already declined numerous times Miu ayasaki's presence grows every day shining brighter each passing moment are you sure you don't want it.

Only I know she's not who everyone thinks she is you're making me drink it cause you can't well uh I made a mistake and pressed the wrong button whatever her so-called cool image is Just an Illusion look won't leave me alone.

Chiaki you want to watch a scary movie with me please yeah she's probably more childish than most of the girls out there I only found out recently that her cool character was just a show to hide her shyness she's never had a friend who knew her true self and so she became very.

Attached to me since I found out you know you're kind of dumb just look where your finger is pointing it's not that hard that's not true it's just because being around you makes me feel safe to be the way I am what she's such an airhead and it's scary.

Because she doesn't even realize how much of a sweet talker she is fine if you don't want it I'll drink it hey stop that you idiot it was too late oh oh my gosh we both knew that would happen to be honest I find her kind of cute.

She's so different from the cool Miu she has to be in front of everybody else and let's face it she's just plain funny so bitter here let me go get you some water okay no it's okay look at you you look like you're dying give me.

Huh your juice give me what I was shocked she suddenly asked for the juice I had just been drinking I don't know if she realized or not or if she was just desperate to get the coffee out of her mouth hurry up this could be the death of a friendship does she know it's indirect kissing oh.

Hell whatever here thank you my mouth was there just moments ago no no no stop it chiaki akis is not kissing like like performing CPR situations happen because because somebody is trying to help another right what am I trying to say.

I feel alive again oh okay good for you she looked satisfied and happy obviously clueless of the thoughts that were running through my head you want to trade drinks yay you're the best seeing her so happy with my juice I knew I could never tell her what I was.

Thinking moments ago I shouldn't drink this right she had her mouth on this it's too embarrassing maybe if I was cooler I would be able to pull it off but there was no way I was going to drink the coffee that Mio had taken a sip of.

But there's nothing cool about my face or my personality and I hate to admit I'm too chicken to try anything like that that's why everybody calls me pure key instead of chiaki hey chiaki do you want to remember huh who Mew showed me her phone and I couldn't.

Help but realize how close her body was oh yeah the cat we saw the other day the memory of Miu playing with this black and white cat is still fresh in my mind not the cool and popular Mio but the normal everyday Miu she was meowing and frolicking about my gosh look how small it is it's a horrible come here kitty let's play.

Meow meow meow nobody would believe me if I told them this happened what about the cat well I found out that it's a lost Kitty huh swiped the screen and a new picture appeared let's see.

Lost cat the cat we had seen had a striking resemblance to the cat on the lost cat poster Mio had taken a photo of the black and white color the shape of its tail whoa they look exactly the same right I was so surprised when I saw the poster for the first time it would have.

Been nice to know somebody was looking for the cat when we were playing with it chiaki if you find this cat be sure to protect it okay of course I'll keep a lookout until we find her thanks Miu smiled relieved that I had said okay that showed she was sincerely concern.

For the safety of the cat everybody thinks she's cold but she actually has a very warm heart and is adorable when she smiles she should show her smiling face to more people but then again I'm not too smiley either I really hope the cat is found soon huh me you she was Frozen in her tracks her.

Eyes wide staring at something hello Earth to me you are you okay oh my huh look that's that's the she stopped all of a sudden I was so confused until I turned around and saw what she was referring to hey.

A white and black body with a curling tail anybody that comes across it wouldn't be able to resist smiling at this cute thing it was in fact hey get off hey don't blame me you were just as loud as me.

Well I was surprised and panicked I was too wait we shouldn't be arguing right now we need to get that cat yes I totally agree we looked around for a while hey chiaki I found it how did it get up there we needed to focus or the cat would run.

Away we didn't want to lose sight of it chiaki we should do a shoulder ride are you kidding me I'm pretty strong support you why should I get on top oh well yesterday I ate cheesecake in the middle of the night how many pounds of Cheesecake did you eat just one slice it was so good.

Why are you yelling okay this is for the kitty and its owner I could see she was trying to overcome her embarrassment so she could help the cat I'm gonna straddle you okay she was so desperate she didn't realize the words coming out of her mouth were.

Actually very embarrassing don't laugh even if you see my undies okay come on I'm not looking and I won't laugh what kind of underwear would make somebody laugh anyways my undies are not funny they're regular plain undies stop making me talk about my undies Lift Me Up she's talking Non-Stop about her plain.

Underwear and I want everyone that thinks she's cool to see this but think about it if Mew does get up on that wall there's a possibility I would actually see her underwear and that would be so awkward I wouldn't know where to look it would be too much for me.

How are you doing up there just make sure you don't get hurt okay yes sir I will do my best to catch the kitty we slowly took one step two steps closer to the Cat Here Kitty come here sweetie no don't be mean to me kitty I don't think it's trying to be mean Mio we can't get any closer let's just.

Try again tomorrow no let me try once more but I'm so shy around people I'm too scared to reach out my hand to help them even if they need it Mew so if I can't help people I at least want to do my best to try to help the kitty I want to be my true self for this Kitty oh me you pours her heart out and I'm.

Thinking what she says sounds really nice but it kind of makes me sad for her she unintentionally just admitted that she has a communication disorder that's why I want to try my best I'll take the bullet if that's what it takes to save the kitty oh okay go get the cat then Mew here kitty come here meow let's take you.

Back to your family meow I don't think saying meow helps but to my surprise the cat jumped into miu's arms oh my gosh chiaki I got the kitty what that's amazing I was feeling conflicted having Mio on my shoulders talking about her underwear.

But I guess none of that mattered as long as the story ended with a happy ending I mean that's all that matters right it's not like I was staring just to be clear it's not my fault the wind caught her skirt and it just flew up light blue oh dear God why punish a girl who is trying so hard to do good and.

What have I done to deserve this reward ah she's unbelievable she's trying to protect the cat from falling making it impossible to hold down her skirt hey you huh me too what is it you perv though my kids get married and you know you take responsibility for it.

Hey don't jump on me thank God I caught the cat afterwards we contacted the owner and brought the cat home to its family I'm so glad we did that the family looks so happy to see their cat it's all thanks to you Mew I feel a little sad though huh why I thought the kitty and I could be.

Friends so honest about all of her emotions shows how pure she is it's not a good buy forever you can go see the cat anytime I I guess will you come with me if I ever go see the kitty of course you can count on me really yay and just so you know.

Yeah you don't have to be sad you have a friend right here no I know saying things like that is not at all like me I'm feeling a little embarrassed but I was able to build up my courage because I saw how she was trying so hard to save the cat.

But I'll never say it again hey if you ever get lost I'll come to you how would I ever get lost touch a chiaki you're too close the way she slides up close to me she's like a cat cost me you oh huh is that coffee you know my mouth.

Touched that now you care if that means you and I kissed hey don't say that Mio ayasaki everybody thinks she's so cool but now you and I both know she's a goofball right chiaki you're off the team.

What why you just are just get off the court would you I'm chiaki akaba during PE class I was kicked off the basketball team by my teammate I'm not a great player or anything but I've really put my effort into it what is this you guys are no better than me that's a bit straightforward what no better than you.

You buddy you want to know the truth you're annoying I thought we were friends you're a bunch of jerks wait a minute chiaki just show them I could do it I headed toward the court this is when I'll show them the results of my practice with this jump shot I was just about to fly into my jump.

Shot girly Pure Hockey attack come make that stop oh how embarrassing such a cute kid to get an idea of the opponent's weaknesses is commendable but to mess with a man's masculinity that's going a bit far because I'm supposedly pure at heart they nicknamed me pure Rocky just because I have this minor.

Resistance towards girls this is the treatment I get go figure no matter how hard you try you are pure Aki I can't stand these chicks are you okay should I hug you to make you feel better yeah so it goes damn why him you thought we were friends well right back at you you.

Jerk it's not like I like being treated this way house pure Rocky ah what's wrong with this world isn't there a vaccine or something I can get to protect myself from those girls are you Daft there is no such thing dating the obvious is miyu ayasaki a very mature and confident young woman.

She's popular around her classmates as the cool princess she's also one of my few friends she's popular among her peers as the cool gal but look at you what you got a lewd look on your face come on cut it out so you don't deny feeling a bit naughty come on Mew not you too sorry about that she's supposed to be.

Known as the school's cool and collected one but she jokes around and plays little tricks at the end of the day she's just your normal high school kid but I'm a little heartbroken huh why is that I mean in front of me you act normal I'm a young girl too after all ah yeah I never even thought of it I never.

Thought the day would come when I would be such good friends with the most popular girl at school but but what there is something that I only know I know that you're only pretending to be cool and confident you're actually very shy and introverted seems my words are being bent out of shape what sorry to be such a recluse that's right.

Miu is your fake cool school girl at school she doesn't like to mingle with the other students and as a result she's seen as calm cool and collected however she's actually a bit shy and has a hard time talking with others she only takes this attitude to hide her insecurity she looks the part too so her classmates are somewhat wary of talking to her on the.

Other hand she yearns for people to talk to her and exchange phone numbers or emails she wears headphones but she's not really listening to music she's in reading some novel or essay but how-to books on how to interact with people the can of black coffee is actually just milk and sugar she looks cool but inside she's an introvert.

That's Miu ayasaki in a nutshell how I came to realize this about her is another story altogether hey miyu you're still on the team why don't you join others sure I want to but the others won't let me join you seem to be overstating things yeah sometime back right before a game let us take care of this take a break on the bench relax.

But I want to play too we can't have you getting hurt or anything we'll do a good job on your behalf so don't fret let me join okay everyone we can't have Miss ayasaka getting bad grades we gotta win this match okay go for it everyone I want to play basketball too I get where you're coming from but it could be.

That the reason girls always pester me is your fault will you forever shunned from playing basketball you're blowing it all out of proportion truth be told I'm not actually laughing that game over pun intended hey let's practice practice yeah secret practice sessions to get back at them secret lessons with the.

Most popular girl in school maybe because I'm still in my early adolescence I can't help myself but it sounds kind of sensuous I could just imagine me you as a teacher I will teach you everything you need to know and in her cheerleader uniform go go chiaki I love I love chiaki Yeah.

Chiaki would you give me secret lessons whoa you dope my imagination is going out of control it goes without saying that Miu has no inkling that the secret sessions are of a sexy nature okay let's do this after school okay yeah right let's do this I went along not really sure what we're going to do exactly.

The final Bell announcing school had finished marking the start of our undertaking so in this secret session what exactly are we going to do well first off skinship what skinship that's right skinship her expression was serious as could be so I had to speak up do you mind if I skip this session.

What I seriously put thought into this you know you should take your school lessons more seriously what I wanted to tell her she was out of her mind but I felt pity for her chiaki you know nothing huh okay then just explain what this skinship has to do with anything it's not just about basketball it's our aversion to people that we have to fix.

Right yeah I guess you're right about that her reason is warranted and I listened closely to what she had to say we're the same in many ways you've got this aversion to girls and have this aversion to people in general since we're the same we could talk without hesitating yeah.

So let's do something together that we don't get all nervous about seems like the best option that's what you call skinship yeah that's right that's skinship after listening to her impassioned explanation I began to feel it all had Merit kind of weird for me to say this but I can't understand why you shun other people but you have no.

Problem talking with me that's because your chiaki that's all meaning she doesn't even think I'm human the more I think about it the more miserable I feel you seem to make sense let's give it a go okay let's do these sessions boy if she would just come out and admit she's not.

That cool and Stow itself but a sweet and cute gal all her problems would disappear so what exactly are we gonna do first let's do some eye gazing stare into each other's eyes why when you're out on the court you always avert your eyes when you encounter an opponent let's try and overcome this aversion yeah maybe you got a point.

There put our chairs together facing each other and sit close staring into each other's eyes this session can get underway okay are you ready yeah okay five minute eye gazing start The Surreal atmosphere.

But The Surreal feeling really starts to wear on you we you is really cute I must say each part of her is perfect and being gazed at for such a long time really gets your heart pumping just looking at her luscious lips makes me want to catch my breath it makes me realize the fact that she's considered the cutest girl at school.

Being so close and looking into each other's eyes really had an impact I wasn't the only one to admit this hey what if you avert your eyes it's not exactly practicing here is one person who's overly nervous and red-faced hey Miu your eyes are darting from here to there you okay I'm not averting my eyes come.

On you just did it now I can't help it when I look at you I get all apprehensive it's that face you're at fault my face hey say you're sorry you're the one who suggested this session I'm Sorry by the way chiaki why aren't you nervous huh honestly I may not show it but I'm as nervous as me you I may be.

Even more High Strung than her being an adolescent you tend to give others the impression that you're brave hey I don't get nervous I'm not like you hello me you hey Mio hello anybody home did I awaken the sleeping lion what I don't know what set off the urge for this sudden hug attack what the hell are you doing rough play this is going.

Way too far I mean we're super close for comfort my body is a dime a dozen just one coin will do it for that matter use me as you please oh my God that's some erotic statement coming from you I guess she really didn't intend for this skinship session to go this far she just reached emotionally to my pride if.

We continue this my heart's gonna burst out or it's just gonna wither away to him I lose huh so it's not just me you're feeling queasy too no not just you I was more nervous than you to be honest what I was tense from the very start I thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world damn you beautiful full that's not.

Fair you you can't say that when we're so close if you just back off all our problems are solved if we get all red-faced I suppose it means the session is done put it another way it may just have been Paradise in the next PE session it came time to test out the results of.

My secret session this point I would have just given up and missed the shot but I'm a different person today after an intensely sensual experience with the coolest gal in school I'm gonna ha I made the shot I did it shiaki you could do it when you try.

We're gonna win this one today so keep it up buddy leave it to me my aversions of girls hadn't waned in any way but I think I've moved away from the pure Aki nickname I mean my real name is chiaki anyway chiaki are you ready me you it seems I wasn't the only one to get something out of that session.

Okay go for it mind you I'm not holding back just because you're a girl whoa I did not expect that I didn't think she would use her sensual tactics here shoot Nice Shot pure Aki sure could not resist a sexy attack from you oh yesaka keep that up and we're gonna win this leave it to me actually I.

Wanted to call foul but seeing that uncommunicative me you so happy I left it at that I can't call foul let them enjoy their team's spirit hey chiaki why the hell are you getting this sexy treatment from ayasaki get off this court or better yay get the hell away from this school we're the victims here I take that back I call foul I.

Didn't do anything wrong hey chiaki huh go ahead you can fight back with something naughty to me that is tea hockey you're blushing darn it I'm gonna win this match you can bet on it I'm looking forward to it she often shines me and makes jokes about me but then at times she really needs my comfort.

You're never bored being with this fake cool and stoic girl you just naturally smile when being with her she really did a number on me during the game as you might have expected I'm chiaki akaba some say my eyes have a menacing look I'm just a normal High School junior I don't glare at people on purpose or have any animosity toward.

Them the other classmates used to caution the others when changing classes saying I'm a psycho or I'm somehow threatening and to steer clear of me but this misconception has ebbed and I get along with everyone without any problems or should I say good morning.

Huh I should say they've become a bit too intimate so cute pure akichiyaki pure Aki sure no please my name is chiaki pure Aki pure Aki I thought it was a lion but I turned out to be a munchkin on appearance I seem a bit withdrawn I suppose so I get this from the girls a lot recently.

They say puraki to rhyme with chiaki don't know who made up this nickname but I thought it was pretty catchy which makes me feel like an idiot it's not that they're harassing me or anything on the contrary I think they're probably nice people for even talking to me but I'm a man there are times I want to just tell them off.

Here's a pokey I'm gonna put this on Tick Tock so give us a little dance please leave me be they ever come when I can fire back at them am I the tough looking guy on the outside but inside I'm just Jello is this the reality because I'm such a nobody there is somebody that I secretly admire.

Heyazaki good morning hi good morning speak of the devil hey akaba good morning to you huh yeah I'm fine well you would also respond like that when taken by surprise her name is Miu ayasaki she's got a super soothing voice and a very cool attitude appearance wise she seems very calm and relaxed.

She's what some would call a cool beauty or a mature young woman I may be repeating myself but I have a crush on her she's so cool she pays no attention to people around her and uses her time wisely of course others have affections for her as well Miss ayazaki is so impressive and cool.

Yeah she's worlds apart from us that's for sure I can understand what those two are saying completely different for chiaki over there yeah he fools you by the way he looks at first I don't have to listen to this what they're saying hurts because it's so true I wish I was more like ayasaki cool both inside and out.

Uh it's me who's taking peeks at her but when our eyes meet I look away man that's one flaw I need to nail down after school I headed home contemplating all of this just thinking of it won't change anything I know I really can't think of any good ideas what am I going to do.

Maybe it's because I couldn't come up with anything but a prime example appeared before me huh is that ayasaki I came across none other than our cool school princess ayasaki she was just staring up towards the sky her thoughts far away she looked pretty as a picture like an.

Art object looking up at a beautiful sculpture I was deeply touched by this image she looks like that princess in the old folklore who wants to return to the Moon which makes me even more disheartened no wait the Cool School princess is a Catwoman.

She wasn't looking up towards the sky but at a cat sitting up on the fence but who could even imagine hey calm down from the fence and play meow just seeing that image of that cool and Collective princess calling up and meow meowing to a stray cat is this one of those times where you have to pretend you didn't see anything.

I'm sure there are one or two things that I don't want other people to know I mean if my classmates saw me meow meowing to a cat and if that got out I'd be totally red-faced as I was thinking that I turned quietly to walk away our eyes met is this the start of a burning hot love story whoa oh crap I'm sure I did it this time.

The cool princess right before my eyes stood red-faced before me Christ almighty it's not what you think there's a reason for this I I really like cats calm down ayasaki it's a trivial thing but I can't help it I just love unbelievable regressing to a child in the blink of an eye there was something else I was more shocked at or rather.

Something that made me nervous huh what your face it's sort of close the distance between me and ayasaki is but mere inches away if there's the slightest move our lips would touch our bodies made contact will this be like boom what are you a perv what a perv.

Like nobita's uh whatever she took off in a panic as if running from reality I'm no perv should I go after her or should I just forget the whole Affair I don't know I just don't know give me some advice little kitty but we'll be in class tomorrow what then the next day honestly I was still not able to get my head around what happened.

Yesterday it's bet a girl that you thought was cool and mature meow meowing to a stray cat who can blame me for being a little suspicious maybe the girl I saw yesterday wasn't really ayasaka but just someone who looked like her maybe I was just dreaming yeah that's it for no reason.

He's just staring at me her intense stare was out of this world it definitely concerned what happened yesterday hey akaba did you do something to ayasaki huh no I didn't do anything ayasaka probably just self-destructed that's it she continued to stare intensely throughout the day during morning art class.

Glare during break time glare during PE class glare on the next break glare is my guardian angel the stand glare killing me even during lunch break her intense stare never ceased why is she staring at me so intently does she have something against me is she angry or does she have some sort.

Of hostility toward me I can't understand it I wish she would just ease my suffering the only fault lies in my inner character this may be my chance to Forever dump the piraki nickname as a way of redeeming myself I'm gonna go right out and say it uh are you sucker hey akaba huh okay this is.

Where I get my nose smacked you want to have lunch together it's like she just wanted to finally settle this whole issue just when I made my decision she comes in with a counter what is she a sadist as well huh I'm on a diet at the moment let's eat outside wait a sec oh boy taken away without resistance is so cool.

Yeah her place is so impressive the hell are you people thinking so the Last Supper is going to be on this High School bench I see you called me out here because of yesterday right she just stared at me with eyes wide with anticipation yeah well there was something I wanted to tell you I suddenly had the urge to.

Conjure up some negative words my nervous attention had reached its peak thank you for not telling anyone what I was expecting some severe reprimand but instead she apologized so you didn't call me out to give me a dressing down or warn me to shut my mouth of course not I just wanted to thank you that's all then why were you.

Staring at me all day staring I was just worried and couldn't help looking at you come come confusing to say the least I'm so sorry just a second ago her expression seemed so mature and composed but now she looks like a child and seems to lack any.

Confidence on the other hand she looked like a helpless child someone I wanted to help I bet you were pretty surprised at my character yeah to be honest I'm also seen as mature and cool but in reality I'm just a kid her demeanor tells me that she's just not making all this up.

So good at going off on my own so I usually sit in one place as she says this she pulls out a book and removed the cover it's it's how to manual said it so cutely I thought she was reading a foreign novel or a difficult essay seems a bit cliche.

So just to call you out for lunch like this took great effort after her explanation I seemed to have gotten a better understanding of ayasaki's feelings so the outside appearance of ayasaki is of a mature young woman whom other classmates see is so cool that was merely a ploy to get through.

School ayasaki is just another High School student I suppose me too I was also looked at differently because I always looked angry and had menacing eyes huh gradually the feeling of admiration began to diminish and intimacy toward her Gru so I think you should let out your.

Feelings like you just did to me and you'll probably get more friends do you really think so oh yeah shock it up to experience I guess I was a bit overconfident in my remarks ayasaki sorry an experience with menacing eyes that's pretty intense.

She's right saying such corny things with confidence what do I know although I was a little ashamed at what I said seeing her with a huge smile on her face gave me joy so I guess we're one and the same if she can maintain this beautiful smile in class she could probably surpass the cool and mature.

Image she built and become way more popular hey since we're identical let's be friends sure really so the two kids one cool and mature and the other withdrawn and introverted had an introverted friendship.

Hey can I call you chiaki you don't waste time do you it was my dream to call you by your real name her face seems to convey her dreams please call me by my name me you thanks I'm looking forward to this sure this character is way better than.

The cool mature character thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well