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[Manga Dub] Here’s what happened to the cursed Madonna… [RomCom]


Tiaki can you grab the boxes over there sure my name is chiaki akaba i'm a junior in high school this girl that looks easy but isn't is sana nanase i'm helping her clean after the band club that girl is the club manager hibiki.

Iwata thank you both so much for helping out don't even mention it thanks chiaki it's not a bad feeling to help out every once in a while i have a feeling something good is going to here we go wow.

What's up chiaki um nothing wow sana you're expressing your pureness by wearing white what are you talking about hibiki hey don't be shy and there's the payoff that's chiaki.

I didn't look you like the pure innocent white i want to see mine hey hippicky stop learning with chiaki you too aren't dating right chiaki is mine when did i become saunas please come to the principal's office.

Huh i'm being called to the office come to the office at once oh man and they're really mad too maybe it's because i had a surprise live at the school meeting that wasn't planned i thought it was part of the meeting the whole time no one can handle me.

Don't try to be cool and just go to the office that's so metal and so as soon as it was just me and sana alone hey we're in a room with just the two of us do you want to do something how about continuing to clean do you want a kiss.

This is kind of my dream situation stop messing around i'm not joking ow chiaki are you okay are you hurt ow what is this an old electric guitar.

It does look old maybe it's vintage what do you think i knew you'd put it on do i look good yeah yeah i'm going to play a love song for you can you even play the guitar not at all.

Hey you should try on the guitar what no i'm good just try it how do i look oh whoa hello there handsome it looks really good you really think so play a song for me.

I can't play either i'm going to take some pictures stop that ah why are adults so boring oh hey bicky i'm back wait what are you two doing oh sorry it just looked cool oops sorry that guitar should not be touched.

What why that guitar is cursed cursed what do you mean there's no such thing as a curse how could you believe in such a thing at this day and age are you serious i'm serious.

What kind of curse i was told by my former classmates to never touch it but if you two already touched it it's too late what hibiki explained what was going on after this and all the details about the curse this is something i heard from one of.

The other students over 10 years ago a boy fell in love with a girl but the girl never really did pay any attention to him because he wanted her to like him he saved all his money and bought a guitar to play for her he practiced his hardest for the school.

Fair in the day of he played in sang his love song for her then he asked her out but i have a boyfriend what and he got rejected on the spot that had to hurt there's actually more to this story.

The jealous boy chased down the girl with the guitar then he smacked her from the back with the guitar i'm so done with you and so he attacked the girl yikes after that we learned that if you touch the guitar it's over.

The opposite sex never likes you again huh that's that's it don't underestimate the curse everyone who has ever touched that guitar has been rejected over and over again are you sure they weren't just.

Unattractive the teacher my fiance had two other women had some serious issues and couldn't get over it she probably couldn't see through his bs by the way this guitar is called the couple breaker are you being serious right now.

Who would believe this crap no there's someone who would i won't be able to get married just like your old teacher oh that's what you're scared of let's get rid of this curse of the shrine chiaki sana calm down.

Please tiaki i don't want to end everything like this sana stop pushing me ow chucky chucky i'm cursed this is nothing to do with the curse we headed to the shrine that hibiki had told us about.

It's apparently a very old shrine with a long history of getting rid of curses like this stop crying already but if we don't get rid of the curse he won't be able to date you we're not even dating yet you want to date me.

I didn't say that i'm cursed this is no different from normal as we talked we made it to the shrine and then what are these stairs holy we have to climb this ah.

As we started climbing the stairs i could see sana was starting to have some difficulty sana you all right sorry chiaki i'm a little tired these stairs are insane how long are they sauna.

Chiaki hold on oh chiaki are you okay i'm okay are you sure yeah this is all because of the curse no you just slipped.

Sorry it's fine i need to tell you something else what i can't really move because we fell seriously sorry chiaki don't mention it i'm not too heavy.

Nah you're light kind of soft too if someone were to be behind me they would see right on my skirt is that really something you should be worried about right now don't look okay i'm not looking i already saw up your skirt this morning.

As we finally made it to the top who the heck are you two are you the priest here we're hoping you could get rid of a curse oh we don't do that sort of thing here you should just go to some cheap shrine that says they get rid of curses here i don't think people just get rid of curses on a daily basis.

I don't care get out of here please we really need your help the guitar is really cursing us what's that guitar why do you have that it was in our band club room what okay i'll get rid of the curse.

Wait he's actually thinking about it is this curse real come with me yes sir we followed him inside but um mr priest that statue oh it's our holy item rad rock.

Demigod this doesn't seem legit our god is actually a god of rom-coms rom-coms this has to work i'm amazed that we found this shrine yeah i'm not sure about the history of this shrine the d cursing began.

I need you two to believe strongly in your hearts do you understand your hearts be soulful and young souls yes sir hearts huh i don't really trust this something something something etc etc mantra hymns blah blah blah blah.

Nonsense blah blah blah blah yadda yadda mumble whisper can we seriously trust this priest if you can hear me right now you have your volume set way too high hey your prayers don't sound correct priest what you've got a problem with my prayers i'll be sure to make sure you're.

Twice as cursed what the on dancer i'm prancer on jabba and blitzen the so-called prayers ended all right we're halfway done there's still more unfortunately breaking this curse takes a hot and passionate heart.

But your friend here is awfully bad at being passionate so you need to play a love song what then the guitars curse and all future curses will be lifted but there are no buts or else you'll stay a virgin forever.

No please tiaki i can't get married if you don't sana sana is seriously worried fine i don't know how to play guitar just try play with your soul come on chiaki ah.

Fine here goes nothing back our pizzas dreams come true karate double what would you do the world is the egg diapers come true my love is so slimy like a pie if i do i played random notes on the guitar for at least an hour after that.

I just randomly sang and mixed lyrics with love and passion in it i did wonder one thing though is this something you do at a shrine i think the curse that was on the guitar it's gone yay good job kid i underestimated you don't call me kid.

Thank you so much chiaki i didn't really do anything i love you so much oh uh just go home get a room man i haven't seen this thing in ages hey honey those two went home yeah.

Do you remember this guitar well how could i forget i'm just gonna break this stupid thing stop don't stop me no you don't understand i really feel your passion but you have a boyfriend.

I feel bad for him but now i'm in love with you so you and you dumped him for me yeah it's been such a long time i thought you left it as a symbol of love i don't know how but it made its way back.

Apparently it's now a cursed guitar i guess it technically is a couple breaker considering i stole you from him it's so metal all right i'll play a song for you oh thank you i love you so much i hope those two get along too.

Thank you for today chiaki i didn't do anything that big do you think the curse has been lifted i don't know i'm just glad that priest accepted the guitar as payment chiaki now that everything is handled let's date no i didn't agree to that.

Oh my gosh i'm still cursed yeah it's not the curse i just made sure that the fact that i serenaded sana would stay a secret thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.