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[Manga Dub] I accepted the date to protect the girl with no friends, but… [RomCom]


Hey man uh what I Kai ogura was reading a novel when the class bully came over to pick on me seriously man why are you wasting your time on reading when you can have fun what wasting my time that's why you're such a loner Kai I have something fun in mind you want to join us no thanks I prefer reading by myself you're such a party pooper no wonder.

Everyone calls you the loser of the class he thinks anybody that doesn't live up to his standards is a loser he's the one who needs a personality makeover most of the guys in my class are like this that's why I like being alone uh hmm can I help you with something Rina huh.

No no no no no it's nothing oh okay I see sorry did I scare you yeah no it's okay her name is Rina kimoto she's awkward and for some reason her bangs always cover her eyes she's like me a loser she's always alone she has an incredibly cute voice but is socially inept which makes it hard for me to talk to her however I see her.

Reading a lot so I'm sure we have some things in common one day during lunch break uh okay oh gosh just a little more oh maybe she's having trouble getting a book uh why it's right there why can't I reach it is this the book you wanted oh I scared you again I just figured you needed help getting.

This book you got it from me thank you anytime the top shelf is pretty high maybe I can ask the librarian to get a stool or something to step on I don't want any accidents that could damage the books in here that's so kind of you I guess I'll get going then I grabbed my book and headed.

Towards the table area I figured I would just ask the librarian about the stool on my way out I found an empty table to sit at so I pulled back a chair Rena followed me and sat next to me why there were other empty seats and tables but for some reason Rena came to sit next to me I was confused uh she's not talking to.

Me or anything maybe it was just a coincidence oh should I start hitting back lunch break was almost over so I stood up to get ready to go back to the classroom uh hey she's standing up too wait I almost forgot I gotta go ask the librarian about the.

Stool oh my I'm so sorry about that I should have thought about that earlier it's okay we would really appreciate it thank you no problem so are you going to borrow that book yes please hmm and so I finished borrowing the book from the library.

Why is she still following me Rina was standing next to me the whole time and she stayed there until we reached our classroom I understand we are in the same class but does she have to stay so close to me um can I help you with anything huh no it's nothing okay so why are you standing next to me.

I was feeling quite uncomfortable with her following me but I tried to shrug it off oh wow you guys were hanging out together uh uh the last person I wanted to see come on you never told me you were dating we're not Rina just calm down panicking is exactly what he wants us to.

Do oh okay seriously two classmates walking together automatically means they're dating how old are you what how dare you talk back to me take a step back and hear what you're saying it's just sad oh my gosh Rhett is totally getting it from Kai.

What a loser Kai's totally right what you jerks do you realize what you're saying we can't help it it's the truth Kai you think you could get away with humiliating me what are you talking about I'm only stating facts you think that's embarrassing they're not facts you idiot you wanna mess with me.

Okay guys class is starting what are you yelling about damn it you better watch your back after class huh is that the best thing he can say how childish maybe I went a little too far I've been stressed out because of Renta but maybe I shouldn't have lashed out at him he's gonna make a huge fuss about this.

After school my prediction came true just as I expected yo kai how about you and Rina go on a date after school what why I figured it's about time you learned the perks of being in a proper relationship see you and Rina you guys are perfect for each other hmm I see so this is what you were.

Coming up with during class many of my classmates try to stay away from Rina making me go on a date with the loser of the class that was renta's payback method gosh he's so immature and pathetic sure why not what do you mean you'll go yeah I don't see why not it's no big deal I get to go on a date with Rina.

Great what whoa you scared me you you want to go on a date with me for real all right you've seriously saying that um yeah why not be honest I couldn't care less about going on a date with Rina like I said it wasn't a big deal.

I admit I'm not a big fan of her awkwardness but since we'll be going after school it'll only be a few hours it's not like we have feelings for each other so nothing will actually happen it's frustrating to have to listen to what the bully is ordering me to do but fighting him is only going to make him angry it'll just make things worse for.

Me plus I have high hopes that Rina will reject the suggestion are you sure about it um I guess so oh okay Rina accepted not what I expected but I guess it's better than getting rejected in front of the whole class and so Rina and I walked out the bullies.

All staring at us with their mouths wide open I I didn't know you were so daring huh oh well it was the best option at the time I don't know if I'm daring well I guess I am I just basically asked a girl out on a date it's not something anybody can do in front of everyone is there anywhere you want to go.

I pulled her into the whole mess the least I could do was take her somewhere she wanted to go however anywhere um her head might fall off if she continues doing that but I've got to say she kind of looks cute doing that just the way she reacted I found it quite attractive for some odd reason.

Putting that aside what should I do I've never had a girlfriend in my whole life I didn't know where people go on dates and I had no idea what we should do well it's not like we were on a real date so I guess we can just hit up some places I've seen in rom-com movies then you want to hit up the arcade or something oh I guess not how about some karaoke.

Oh man this is so hard where would she be willing to go that wasn't up for karaoke either but it just popped into my mind seriously where should we go there are no movie theaters nearby oh do you want to go to the bookstore yeah oh thank God I for couples going on.

Shopping dates so I suggested the bookstore since she's always reading books I guess it was the right choice Rina and I walked together to the nearest bookstore oh I didn't know you liked this novel um yeah do you like it uh-huh it's one of my favorites.

Oh me too we found out that we had similar tastes in the novels we read thanks to that the conversation started flowing and we had a great time together I always kept my distance from her because of her awkwardness but I found myself enjoying her company once we started talking we didn't want to stay.

In the bookstore and cause trouble with the noise of us talking so we decided to go to a nearby cafe wow this cake is amazing I agree I'm having oh I'm glad wait was Rina always this cute I'd never seen.

Her so ecstatic and cheerful I felt a tingly feeling in my chest as I watched her devour her cake I almost forgot I wanted to lend you this book Kai oh are you sure yep we seem to like the same novels so I'm sure you'll enjoy this one okay thanks Rina nerds like us tend to recommend the.

Things we enjoy to others seeing how Rena was I was relieved she was a nerd just like me we stayed at the cafe for a while but decided to leave when we saw the sun was setting talking about anime and comics with Rina was so much fun until Rena tripped on something and suddenly lost her balance.

Watch out I managed to catch her before she fell but her bangs fell out of place I caught a glimpse of what was underneath her eyes were just breathtaking you're so pretty huh nothing I didn't say anything.

Oh I see uh-huh anyways I'm glad you're not hurt I guess thank you judging by the way Reno was acting she most likely heard what I had muttered earlier but I decided to pretend as if nothing had happened after that things got a little uncomfortable and we decided to go home.

The only reason I had gone on this date was to make Renta look like a fool but the date ended up becoming a big event honestly I don't know how Rena and I should act around each other anymore the next morning good morning Rina good morning Kai we were both thinking about what happened on our date and.

Things were awkward between us hey man guy what's up with you guys I'm sensing something interesting happen between you two on your day ah he always shows up at the worst moments come on tell me what happened ah hey so did you two kiss or maybe more I know you're bummed to hear this but nothing happened on our date.

What how boring I guess you're not the man I hope to be I see he's trying to copy my insult methods from yesterday he's annoying but to be honest I don't have the time to waste on him I knew that if I talked back to him it would only make the situation worse so I decided to ignore him completely I heard.

Him yelling at me as I walked away but soon after the teacher came to start class he had no choice but to go back to his seat um Kai lunch break started and I was walking towards the cafeteria when I heard Rina calling my name from behind Rina what's up um can I eat lunch with you oh sure.

Thanks our last encounter was quite awkward so I was happy to see she had gone out of her way to come to approach me it feels like our relationship has reached a new level I just hope we don't get awkward again then things would be perfect so Kai you you saw my eyes yesterday.

Arena started up an unexpected conversation while we were eating our lunch I wasn't planning on talking about it since she purposely hides her eyes all the time yeah I saw them did you think they were weird weird why would I think that I've been bullied in the past for my eyes so I.

Thought oh I see that's why you're always hiding your eyes this is just a guess but I bet the bully was jealous of rina's pretty eyes telling her that her eyes were weird was probably one of the bully's tactics her past had traumatized Rina leading her to think the bully was right.

Um well I thought they were very pretty if I didn't tell her the truth she would forever be ashamed of her eyes when there was nothing to be ashamed of that's why I decided to tell her my honest feelings even though it was the most embarrassing thing I've ever done uh are you sure you're not lying just to make me feel better I'm not lying I'm.

Being as honest as I can be remember when I said you were so pretty that's because your eyes pulled me in the moment I saw them oh wow I thought that was just a mistake so um if I cut my bangs will you date me huh uh what.

Oh my bad but wait are you seriously suggesting we date I'm serious hi you're sweet and we have so much in common I would love to be your girlfriend oh okay this was the last thing I expected from her.

I didn't realize she had feelings for me and I never thought she would confess her feelings in the middle of the cafeteria she just didn't seem like the type of person to make such a bold move okay I had a great time talking to you too plus I loved watching you eat that cake.

You don't realize how adorable you looked at that moment this is so embarrassing you're so cute when you're embarrassed too that's why I want you to be my girlfriend oh really are you sure about this of course I am this is unbelievable.

And so Rina and I started our relationship however I didn't want to force Rina to cut her bangs if she didn't want to so I told her it wasn't necessary half of me wanted to show the world how pretty my girlfriend was but her face wasn't what I fell in love with in the first place I didn't care what others.

Thought I wanted her to be happy when she was with me bangs or no bangs Rina told me she wanted to keep her bangs out of her eyes when we were on a date so she pins her bangs up when we were hanging out outside of school one day when we were on a date we bumped into Renta by coincidence ranta looked shocked at how pretty Rina was and.

Immediately started hitting on her he even started insulting me to make me look bad however Rina was brutal when she shut him down she showed him no mercy which was a sign of her nobody had ever seen I will never forget the tears running down renta's face as Rina held onto my arms as we walked away I would love to.

Go into details but I guess I should say that for another day besides I want to focus on how I'm so lucky to have such a pretty girlfriend who might get along with so well it's not something anybody can find thanks for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos.

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