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[Manga Dub] I accidentally walked into my step sister’s room while she was live streaming…


Co make sure you do not come into my room oh sorry my name is kohei Sasaki the girl who told me to not enter a room with my stepsister Micah I thought that we had a good relationship but in the past half a year she has been a little distance with me what's the reason I can't think of any uh how did this happen.

So what happened you don't look so cheerful mom recently I feel my care is cold towards me maybe she wants to become more independent that is really lonely you need to become more independent from your sister perhaps well if there was a reason it might be this annoying front hair of yours but I thought you suddenly started growing out.

Your front hair because you haven't cut it ever since make sure you get it cut your eyes will become bad I'm fine with this maybe this is why she's cold towards you now what do you mean like I realized that her older brother who's already in college is not concerned with how he looks wow you should pay attention a little more of how you look.

Here I will lend you this so why don't you consider changing your appearance that's because you have a curtain in front of your eyes because I know I'm ugly so I want to hide myself oh Micah forgot her phone oh true why don't you take it to her I hear that people her age can't live without their phones right I don't think it's that bad but.

It's true that it's convenient without it I would take it to a room hey Micah you forgot your phone won't you be troubled if you don't have it something sent you a message a little while ago don't you need to reply with quickly it's been vibrating constantly for a while hello Micah phone somebody sent you a message Co I know you told me.

Not to enter your room sorry but your phone has been vibrating for a while and there seems to be a message so I thought I should give it to you quickly so I came to hand it to you Micah are you wearing the outfit that Alice wears from Doki Doki Alice why are you wearing such a thing please get out of my room I'll explain this later so please go out now.

So angry with me I put your phone here what's going to have his hair up he usually never does such a thing oh but oh it's really cool I have a good sense of choosing boys I like you so much today too cool oops live stream live stream everyone I had a bit of a hiccup there but I hope you enjoyed it thanks everyone for coming today I will.

Continue this next week so thank you very much for today see you I should archive this before it spreads or gets cut oh I hope they haven't taken screenshots or have spread it already please don't spread the screenshots a handsome dude he was called Co but you see Micah Micah's boyfriend are they living together I want to see more of.

His beautiful face they did it though he is cool after all oh man I thought this could happen so I kept it hidden from him until now this is not good not good not good this is on the web it means that his life will be exposed to the whole world this means that other girls would try to contact Co no way I can't forgive such a.

Thing no I won't forgive and I will not give Co over to some other girl who was super handsome face soul body and everything belongs to me I had no idea that there was an uproar on the web and I was spending my time lazily in my room I wonder why she was dressed in anime characters outfit did she like Doki Alice that much then I'll lend her the.

Original novel next time the next day as I was having such thoughts Micah called me into a room my room yesterday about what I saw it it suited you and you looked cute weird or off-putting off-putting why let's play there is nothing to be.

Offered by I told you just now you look good in it and if you are doing a cosplay it must mean that you like the work that much right that's right then there is no reason to find it off pudding you right's gonna laugh at me either I wouldn't laugh when somebody is doing something they enjoy doing oh what is it just as I say thoughts you have.

Always been kind really it's normal it's not normal for example you have been kind to me for such a long time even though we are unrelated we are related but you are still my important stepsister I think you might be an exception if you think like that there's a reason why you've been a little distant from me lately it was so.

Why you told me not to enter your room uh first I was satisfied with just being a listener but little by little I felt that I also wanted to do it that after I started doing it it became a lot of fun I see I thought that if you found out you would hate me that's why you're so desperate that's right I don't want you to hate me.

Sorry to have been called I also now know the reason well cosplay it sounds kind of fun since I I also like animes and mangas maybe I want to give it a try too say Micah Could you teach me how to do cosplays no no ever okay got it I'm just kidding I don't think I'll look good in it anyway.

When I was in elementary school my mother remarried and I got a younger stepsister I try to get along with her but little Micah would run away from me every time she saw my face she would get bright red in the face when she saw me and she wouldn't say hello but I didn't give up and kept on talking to her my cat let's play no don't I'm here Micah I.

Don't want to see your face oh how can I get along with Micah if she doesn't want to see my face then I could hide it oh if I wear a mask or something Micah would you talk to me now could you play with me yes I could talk with you now Co oh good then I will wear this from now on since then I always wore a mask when I talked with Micah but I could not.

Continue to wear it all the time so I started growing up with my front hair so that I could hide my face so that Micah would not be displeased I didn't realize it then but I guess Micah could not stand to see my face because I was ugly that's why she would talk to me after I started wearing a mask also when I thought about cutting my front hair Mike.

Has said that I look better with longer front hair so that's why I thought I'll just let it grow I do not want to show people how cool could look with cosplay if I let such a thing come out into the world girls would come after him for sure no way no way it was mine I don't want to give up to anyone Micah oh it's a pink hoe then I'll be.

Going to my part-time work now sorry to keep bothering you have a good time you not to cosplays that's also written here he will not do cosplays if he does cosplays he will have so many romantic followers that is impossible have copy comes popular I would hate it my prince the brother that I got after my father's remarriage was like a prince from a.

Picture book he was so handsome that I could not look at him in his face it was too shy and running away from him Cole spoke to him by wearing a mask that's how I was finally about a doctor go since then Co has had long front hair and hid his face behind it because I wanted to monopolize Co so to be honest I was happy about his hairstyle but he.

Tried to get a haircut I told him it would look better to keep his front long hair I thought I would be able to keep them for myself it's because I forgot my phone in my living room I'm so stupid the thing that I was such a handsome guy I would go on a trip to meet any woman I will live in a country where I could.

Have many wives bye I need to do something this right I will go out of the house you need to stop it with all my Powers a few hours later Micah do you want to go to the Nico tube cosplay meeting together oh what is it out of the blue my co-worker gave me two tickets you're going out with me it's all right if you don't mind that is of.

Course it's great let's go together oh good I'm not so familiar with this sort of thing but I thought you would like this kind of this oh you are so nice thanks the next day wow incredible there are so many famous cosplayers here Mike are you enjoying yourself yes so thank you for taking me here Co if you're enjoying it then I'm happy oh is.

It okay if I get a picture of what that cosplayer I'm a fan of that cosplayer over there oh so there are so many others that's fine I'll wait here so enjoy yourself thank you co I'm glad micro is having a good time me the viewing an image change right now but would you like to take part if mom was telling me I should change the way I.

Look it doesn't hurt to try so why don't I about a half an hour later how is it well that handsome if you would model or an actor isn't he the guy whose picture was all over the Internet that's it it's the boy who is a clipping if I'm Michael's Micah's live stream no what are you doing well they were doing this.

Image change things why why because this is what happens some guy we found a handsome dude I am catching him hey look at him that was a shock I was also surprised to think something like that would happen but I don't think what they were talking about me being handsome and all what are they talking about you're wrong you are.

Handsome Micah oh you were the most handsome guy on Earth but I thought you couldn't bear to see my face because I was ugly no couldn't see it because you were too handsome a lot because I looked Handsome when I was little I got up there to even look at you because you were so beautiful I see the reason why I advised you to grow at your front hair.

Was so that people would not find out how handsome you are to not be found out why well that's because well why all for myself because I Micah where is the hot tub guy he must be here somewhere I can smell the hands up guy oh no I'll be find out if we stay here should we run away yeah after that we somehow managed to run.

Away from sheer willpower but since people were talking about me so much it was only a matter of time a few days later this way too please before being found out it was better to reveal ourselves first so we started doing cosplays together after we started doing it together we became popular as a handsome.

And beautiful cosplayers we were on the cover of the cosplay magazine that's how popular we became it is wonderful to do cosplay with Yuko say Micah I'm about to try this character next not that character that character is mine and if you do it everyone will faint so you could do it only in front of me only in front of you that's right you are mine.

Okay excuse me let's take another shot yes then shall we go oh yes the relationship between Micah and I have not changed but perhaps it's only a matter of time until it does thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.