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[Manga Dub] I adopted my niece after my sister passed away, and she’s jealous of my coworker #RomCom


Bro hug me this is Hima nayama who's my niece my name is riota nanayama she's already in first grade of elementary school but because of a particular reason she's come to ask me to hug her like this here hugs you can't sleep do you want to sleep with me in my bed kica just lost her parents in an accident a month ago so I took her in as.

Her uncle both of my parents are not so young anymore and I'm the only one who can be a parent for her that's what her relatives decided it was also what hea wished maybe because of that she couldn't sleep unless she slept with me the next morning sorry that I can't make you breakfast hea you say that every morning bro.

That's because I want to make sure that a growing child gets something nutritious to eat I can't cook I thought it was better to give her this instead of cooking something that wasn't tasty what who could it be so early in the morning sorry hea let me go check the door oh I don't subscribe to any newspapers I didn't ask for anything to.

Be delivered oh I hope it's not sales or something like that I opened the door as I mumbled such words to myself yes who is it h good morning Mr nayama Miss KMI why are you here her name is honoka KMI and she's my colleague at work also because of her beauty and kind character she's known as the Madonna of our company what do you mean you can rely on.

Me more what I did hear about your loss but you should have told me that you're now taking care of a young child for a bachelor like you it must be difficult right it's not easy but I can't inconvenience you it it's not inconvenient for me I want you to rely on me when we are in trouble we should help each other or am I not so reliable.

No it's really not like that I might not look it but I am good at cooking and cleaning you know actually she did look like she would be good at cooking and cleaning nice to meet you I'm Huka kazami could you tell me your name what uh oh hea did you follow me I wondered who she was talking to and realized that hea was at my feet maybe she was feeling.

Lonely and followed me bro who is this hea asked me who she was perhaps she was feeling anxious it's all right she's a friend of mine she works with me uh hea can you introduce yourself no hey why are you pulling me all of a sudden I haven't finished my breakfast what you came to me yourself because Hima wanted to go back to the dining room I asked.

Miss KMI to come in hm she seems very moody does she not like strangers Mr nyama do you usually eat bread for breakfast it's not that I prefer bread in particular but I can't cook so that's what I usually end up having on a day off like today I sometimes go out for lunch or dinner but I have bread in the morning well for.

Lunch or dinner I do get things to take out as well I think this is also delicious but well should I cook for you what why you need to eat a well balanced diet a especially for Hima since she is growing up that is true but that's a problem I've been thinking about a lot why is hea puffing up her cheeks Kika what happened nothing it doesn't seem.

Like it's nothing she had breakfast so I don't think she's hungry perhaps she's worried about Miss kmy because she's a stranger to her you don't need to worry Miss km is a really kind person I told her just in case hm her cheeks puffed up even more now they were like as big as the fugu fish why are you angry don't worry Mr nanayama she is a small child.

So maybe things can be difficult for her Miss kazami huh oh no she really sees me as her enemy hea do you like chocolate chocolate yes I like them great then I could give these to you thanks how about some candies yes I like them too how about a stuffed animal of a cat I love it great you can have them all uh thanks she grabbed hea's heart in an instant.

She had been on such high alert but heika has completely changed her attitude like a cat receiving a snack I guess it's a kind of baiting well since hea seems happy I'll not think about it anymore I'm surprised that so many things came out of that bag that was nice wasn't it hea yeah she's in a really good mood since her parents died.

She wasn't very energetic but it's good to see her look so happy I should thank Miss KMI for this thanks this is nothing but how about the meals well if it's all right that I clean up and pay for the ingredients then that would be great I can do the cleaning up too I can pay for the ingredients let me do that at least if I can't do that I wouldn't feel good.

About it and won't enjoy my meals I see then why don't we do the cleaning up together as for the cost of the ingredients I'll ask you to take care of that sounds good then we have a deal thanks I should be the one to say thanks thanks for everything I hope I won't inconvenience you too much no problem and likewise huh after that when Miss.

KMI found out that we only had bread for breakfast she offered to make breakfast for us but heika doesn't eat so much so perhaps you won't be able to eat it in that case I'll have to eat more than usual as for hea she was playing with a stuffed animal on my lap it seems that she really likes the stuffed cat and breakfast was ready does himika always.

Sit on your lap when eating she asked us this question when she saw that Hima came to sit on my lap no she usually sits on her chair to eat but rather she was eating a little while ago on her chair does she want to be spoiled all of a sudden well yeah you are H oh thanks uh what is it uh can it be feed me oh it was the first time that hea asked me to.

Feed her so I was somehow touched it's nice to be relied upon after that I fed hea miss km's cooking was very good and although I thought heika wouldn't be able to eat much she had a lot it was fortunate that she came Hima really is like you Mr nayama really because she is still sitting on your lap I guess that she misses the skin because she.

Lost her parents but if she didn't like me she wouldn't come to sit on my lap Hima do you like your Uncle M yes I like him did I do something to make you angry because heik gave a blunt reply Miss KMI became flustered you're trying to steal my uncle away from me so I don't like you what she said something so unbelievable that Miss KMI and I were.

Both taken back I thought that she'd been won over by the presence hea what are you saying all of a sudden she is trying to take you away from me that is not my intention I would never take Mr nanayama away from you Hima you're lying I'm not well I like Mr nyama oh oh well that was Miss kazami I could not help but overhear what she had just said I.

Also had feelings for her because she was a kind and gentle person so when she said like I couldn't help but react to it but hea angry the reason why she didn't want me to be taken away from her was because of her parents if I went away she'd be all alone again of course even if I were to date Miss KMI I would not.

Stop being hea's family perhaps she doesn't understand that or does she think that she would be left by herself in any case I need to put her at ease Miss kazami could you live with us what oh what why I like you too Miss kazami but hea is very important to me and I don't want to neglect her so I want hea to accept our relationship does that.

Mean it's okay for us to be together yes is that all right yes but Hima doesn't seem to like the idea you know about hea circumstances right yes she doesn't want people who are close to her to disappear so I want her to understand that even if we become close together that she won't be neglected so we will live together that's right when she's awake I want to.

Prioritize her just like a normal parent would a child is prioritized in our lives of course I couldn't Force you so if you don't like the idea please say so so but otherwise we couldn't be together Hima is important to me and I don't want her to experience such sadness ever again okay I understand I am fine with that rather I would be happy to be able.

To live with such a cute girl like Hima great then I'm looking forward to living with you that's how we came to live together for now miss kazami I mean honoka came with the things she would need the rest would be taken care of by the movers company hea seemed anxious but I think she'll come to understand this Hima here you are h first honoka.

Tried to feed himika so that they could become closer to each other but himika didn't accept it Hima would you like me to read to you perhaps hima's being stubborn to be honest it doesn't look like this will work out I think Hima dislikes me at night when heika fell asleep Huka seems down about how heika didn't like her to be completely.

Rejected by a small child is painful I'd suggested for her to come live with us but it was also painful for me to see it sorry it's not something you should apologize for Vi I can understand hima's feelings thanks but I think that it would be a good thing if you could become a mother figure for Hima for a small child like.

Hima it would be good for her to have not only a father but a mother too there are many things that honoka can do that I can't do I believe that for hea this was also a good thing I'm sure that someday hea will come to understand it as we continue to live together after a month passed on a stormy day hea cried.

Fiercely she hates Thunder Ma we're inside the house so we're fine no I'm scared no I don't know what to do I'm home that was really some weather the rain was coming down so harda what happened oh Huka she won't stop crying because she's scared of the Thunder I see she isn't good with thunder Vota please bring Hima over here.

Oh okay I did as she asked me to do and carried himika in my arms Huka started to do something with her smartphone then Hima it's all right Thunder is not scary at all from her smartphone she played hea's favorite anime song for children and started to gently cuddle her with that hea stopped crying won't it under him me no it won't see the cat will also.

Protect you oh the kitty hea had really liked the stuffed cat that Hoka had given her when they first met so it seemed that she calmed down that's amazing honoka I was also not good with thunder when I was little I just did what my mother did for me thanks to you Hima stopped crying thank you so much I hope I can become closer to Hima.

Now just as Huka had hoped after the day of the thunder hea came to rely on her as well she finally won her trust I was so very happy but it seems that heik has gotten quite closer to honoka so now I feel a little bit isolated but that's my secret thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as.

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