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[Manga Dub] I asked a girl to join our club that was short on people… [RomCom]


I'm never going to pair up with you that girl who was pointing her finger at me was the girl that anyone would have a tough time to stop staring at Nagisa fukami why is she this angry you might ask well let's go back a few hours what the movie production Club is going to be canceled why the day of the welcoming ceremony I.

Heard what was going on for my teacher and was questioning him the club didn't have enough members so it got canceled I came to this school because of the movie production Club figure it out you idiot calm down when I was complaining to the teacher my childhood friend Toya kagami stopped me.

But come on if they canceled the club we could just make another one why are you already fighting the teacher on the first day don't make it sound that easy if it was that easy we wouldn't end up being canceled the fact that they're canceling because there aren't enough people means there.

Were enough at one point if we talk to them and bring our numbers back up it's more than likely we'll be above the guidelines again ah I see hey teach how many members do we need five okay Toya we're gonna get five members let's go bring some in now.

Uh I think everyone's already gone home because it's the ceremony and seminar today what we can just start Gathering new members starting tomorrow let's go home for today ah whatever later teach why are you such an ass.

Sorry sir we'll be leaving now yeah you two be careful going home damn it I'm so worried about the future hey stop being so loud in the teacher's office delinquent you realize how you're hogging up all the time for the other student to write what who are you calling a delinquent.

Are you not a delinquent you act and look like one you what is it something on my face oh you fell for me because of my looks huh sorry I'm not interested in Thugs and gangsters why would I fall for you no you shut up delinquents I don't want to.

Breathe the same air as you you why are you so easily heated man stop messing with a girl it's not like you but this girl is I don't care let's get out of here idiot let go of me Toya I still need to talk to her what you want to wait till that girl comes out.

Yeah exactly you never care about girls at all why are you so pissed at her you should be used to getting called to delinquent I don't want to start a fight or anything I'm trying to invite her to join the Movie Club what you really fell for her didn't you no you dumbass we need her for movie.

Production I mean she's pretty good looking so I'm sure people would want to watch but no that's not it you haven't noticed she's what you were waiting for me to come out are you a stalker or something I was waiting but I'm not stalking you I just have something to talk to you about.

No you're just gross I'm going to talk to the teacher about you you aren't even listening to what I have to say I have nothing to talk about with the delinquent I said listen no please wait your Nagisa tendo right I'm going to bring back the movie.

Production Club so I want you to Nagisa tendo doesn't exist anymore if you bring up that name again I'm going to be pissed don't ever talk to me again wait why you're an amazing person so what huh you don't understand anything can you stop talking to me like you understand what people feel.

Are you crying I'm not crying I'm never going to work with you wait hey I talked to her but Nagisa tendo threw my hand off and ran away that girl was the ex prodigal child actor nagisotendo huh yeah how did you not notice.

I've only ever seen her when she was a child I didn't expect her to be here besides her name is Nagisa fukami huh I'm sure Nagisa tendo is her stage name you know her real name anyway why because she's our classmate what she literally said hello to you wait you.

Were helping some kitten to the hospital so you didn't make it to the ceremony or seminar time oh yeah I didn't expect her to be in the same class yeah so I didn't want to cause any problems but what are you gonna do now it's gonna be awkward no this is lucky if we're in the same.

Classroom she can't run away from me dude that's called stalking you realize that she's also being called the squashed genius so she probably doesn't want to act anymore you better not say that she squashed ever again what the hell are you so pissed off for.

She's not squashed she's just recharging that's all I see but what are you gonna do she pretty much hates you from the looks of it ah I'll figure something out I said that but fukami was already avoiding me by the next day no matter how hard I tried to talk to.

Her she would look away or walk away I was actually so annoyed that I wanted to call her a child damn it how much are you going to run away fukami let me go it's annoying no I'm not letting go until you listen to me.

You why are you so interested in me find someone else why do you not want to act so badly I thought you liked that thing what do you know you don't even know how stressful acting is how heavy it is to carry people's hopes and dreams on your shoulders that's why you run away from acting.

That's really okay with you shut up then what do you want me to do I suffered alone enough no one will help me and she want me to suffer some more why are you suffering alone you should talk to people around you understand me that's why Everyone is always just jealous it doesn't understand my struggles at all.

They have this wall saying that I'm talented and they aren't then then I'll stand next to you I'll solve your problems so don't run away what the hell just saying that so you could get me to join you you can't just say I'm gonna do something when you haven't tried.

Then show me through acting show me that you are able to stand by me okay huh Toya you have a script for me no I don't have one today sorry then can you just come up with a random scene for me that you've made then how about the nice protagonist who has a severe illness in forming the main.

Female protagonist that he doesn't have much longer to live okay protagonist with a sickness there's no way he could do this because he's a complete opposite of a sensitive man the easiest thing you can do is act is pick roles that best fit your situation the hardest is being situated in a role.

Where you're the opposite the fact that his friend asked him to play this role is pretty mean actually sorry huh he's different now I apparently don't have much time left I'm lucky if if I live for three more years no way how was that possible.

Don't cry Alyssa I was glad I was able to spend my days with you he had a small weak grin right before he smiled with all the joy of the world it showed me the nicest thing anyone could wish for it's almost as if there was a girl in his hands afterwards he continued acting perfectly and smoothly.

The classmates started looking at him but he didn't miss a beat it was like watching a natural at work he's a perfect chameleon with Talent nah you're the one with the talent he's not like that what do you mean he can act any part just like I asked him to manga anime novels anything.

He keeps reading until he really understands the character he's read so many that he has a couple hundred characters imagined in his head he's just using that to act why would he try that hard cause what's going on my chest it hurts.

Foreign are you okay you're sweating like a storm kagami call an ambulance it's fine he's acting stupid all his sweat he's not acting no it's definitely acting hey wake up wake up Hardo kagami look at him he's just passed out his.

Breathing is fine right huh sleep is he really just acting uh he takes it too far passing out while acting I'm sure he just wanted to demonstrate how serious he was but this acting is too dangerous he's clearly too into acting he hasn't received any acting.

Instruction he used to be with an agency but he was kicked out so he just does his own way now why he's got so much talent that they wouldn't let him go because they made fun of Nagisa tendo huh there were people who mocked you for leaving the entertainment industry he.

Got pissed off at that and got in a fight but the person who he fought was the CEO's son he was kicked out as a result but oh why did he get so mad agasa tendo is his Idol he always watched you act he even asked his mom to take him to the locations you might not remember but you actually.

Promised that you'd star in something with him before he knows that this acting is dangerous too but he's ready to die to make sure he can act properly next to you photo huh do you have any photos of him when he was young.

Oh about that what are you doing he's always carrying around photos in his wallet as a lucky charm look this photo the photo that he showed me had a photo that I remembered it was a photo of a young me and a little boy the fact that he has it.

He suddenly stopped showing up so I figured he was bored of me that he forgot about our promise he couldn't go because his mother died huh father ran a big company so he was too busy so he lost his method of getting to you but he remembered your promise so he did his best to practice acting.

So he lost his mother and still works this hard he didn't get along well with his father and his mother was the only one that supported him but after his mother died all he had was you I think that's why he's been so interested in you I'm sure it's probably.

Pretty selfish on our part and you have your reasons but can you act one more time for Tsukasa not me this is office does that mean no I can't carry him so I want you to take him sure okay.

I handed over Hado Takami and watched him sleep while we moved to the nurse's office huh wait was I asleep you're finally awake it's already after class you realize that huh fukami why are you here you collapsed in the middle of your act I've never heard of anyone actually.

Collapsing while acting oh yeah I just remembered having to give it my all before going too far you realize that you won't be able to separate real life from acting if you keep the stunt up right you're acting is incredible but it's a double-edged sword my acting is incredible basically you admit that I'm good enough.

To act by your side hey I'm being serious stop messing around I'm being serious too my goal is to stand next to Nagisa tendo are you stupid and what could happen to it oh Toya is around so I'm sure I'll be all right why would he help me oh he looks pretty normal but he's.

Incredible too he doesn't only write scenarios he writes scripts too he knows how to edit videos and how to film he's just very good and he's good at noticing when I'm going too far so if it were too much he would stop me why are you puffing your cheeks.

Nothing I just want to talk about something serious something serious um about joining your film club well of course you're going to join because you admit that I'm a good actor right I'm jealous of how cocky you are what.

No I mean can I tell you about my past it's not exactly entertaining and you might not be interested but of course if you're gonna tell me I want to listen oh okay thanks I don't think you need to thank me okay um she told me everything that she was.

Thinking about how the pressure to perform was getting greater every time she was in another feature and how before she knew it she had a panic disorder and how she collapsed one day while filming because of it she apparently hasn't been able to act since I think my mental fortitude is fairly.

Weak I'm terrified of acting even now so you don't want to act anymore no um if you're going to act with me I'll give it another shot are you sure yeah I feel like if you do it with me I could do it I want to support you in all your goals so hmm.

Thing sure I mean if you're okay with acting for that kind of reason then I'm down yeah sorry ahead of time if I drag you down yeah don't worry about it oh so by the way now that we're all on the same page with your acting why are you holding my hand.

no because you were asleep that's a valid reason for us to be holding hands anyway you woke up so let's get some more club members whoa hey don't pull me she dragged me out still holding my hand.

We left the nurse's office oh yeah you should practice English by the way huh why I think you'll need it it's much better to learn slowly than try to do it all at once but I'm terrible at English don't worry I'll teach you why are you being so nice to me it's freaking me out.

That's not nice towards someone who's being kind to you I get upset too you know you seem to always be upseto we were kind of fighting towards the end there but she became a member at the end of the day we went to our old members and recruited new members and made sure the film club.

Didn't get canceled we started revealing our movies during cultural festivals and by the time we were seniors it was a spectacle that everyone was waiting for it helped that there was a little Nagisa tendo Magic there were quite a few people who wanted to become actors and actresses as well.

We filmed one of the greatest films and it was even uploaded to YouTube and had several hundred thousand views they were all talking about how the quality is well above something a high schooler should be making the industry was also interested in our acting skills additionally Toya was hired as part of.

The film crew this movie was also featured later on as the first film that the actor Tsukasa tendo and actress Nagisa tendo featured in fans refer to it as the movie of Miracles by the way about my stage name tendo hey Tsukasa what's up I'm really glad to have.

Reunited with you at this school will you be by my side after graduation too if that's what you want then your wish is my command just like I said in the past the most important thing to me is to be by your side okay then make sure your stage name is tendo Tsukasa huh you never know when you can marry as an.

Entertainer and I want to make sure you're ready you're pretty pushy huh I learned from the best but that's just a secret for us thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well