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[Manga Dub] I asked her out as a prank, but she said yes and ended up being a YANDERE… [RomCom]


Hey go buy some juice for me uh but here money why are you still here oh okay I'm hero Tanaka I'm an introverted high school student and my personality makes it easy for others to push me around because of that I often have trouble saying no to things I really don't want to do the guy who told me to buy juice for him is iada one of the Ring leaders.

Of our class for some reason he's decided I'm his latest Target y here's your juice thanks I was really thirsty anyway there isn't much to do now is there anything interesting around oh I know why don't you go and confess to that girl hero huh a confession all of a sudden come on you know that girl she's Suzuki an introvert just like you the.

Girl yada was referring to was Hari Suzuki she's very reserved and she spends her breaks quietly in a corner reading her books she's very kind too when one of my uniform buttons fell off she was the one who offered to sew it back on for me and there have been several other times when I was in trouble and she helped me out touched by.

Her kindness I found myself developing a crush on her that's why if I'm going to confess I want to do it properly I don't want to confess to her just because I was told to hey why are you still standing there hurry up and get over there you'll suit each other great since you're both introverts no but but if I do something like that I'll feel sorry.

For Suzuki the hell you sound so hand out loser does what the winner wants rock paper scissors right you lose so as you're forfeit hurry up and confess to that Bookworm no way it's too sudden just do it already stop making me repeat myself if you try to run you know what's waiting for you.

Right fine I'll do it you'll leave me alone if I do it right you finally get it I'll be looking forward to your performance after class then what did you want to talk about Tanaka uh the thing is actually uh uh I like you Suzuki so uh will you go out with me I said it I confessed to her for real I was going to do it anyway but I didn't.

Want it to happen like this uh her silence hurts her stare hurts hurs everything hurts right now put me out of my misery please reject me as brutally as you want okay right I knew wait what what did you just say I said okay I'll go out with you no way really you'll be my.

Girlfriend yes and I'm not joking around I really do want to be your girlfriend I'm so happy you confessed to me to think that I get to date you I feel like I'm dreaming SU you're kidding man I'm such a great Matchmaker y congratulations you two plain ass introverts make sure to treat each other.

Well from now on what was that about I wonder I can't tell her she can never find out that I only confess to her as a forfeit plus I'm genuinely happy she accepted my confession anyways I'll be in your from now on Tanaka I mean hero yeah I'll be in your care too.

Suzuki harami just like that we started dating the next morning good morning hero isn't it such a great day today am I dreaming nope not a dream what you're seeing now is reality I see re reality whoa whoa wait wait wait wait why are you in my room room hary I'm here to pick you up of course a couple walks to school together after all I'm happy you.

Thought of doing that but how do you know where I live I don't remember telling you my address I know everything about you hoo I know your body measurements grip strength height weight blood type birthday and much more you know a lot I'm impressed I wasn't lying when I said I know everything about.

You which also means there's nothing you don't know if you put it like that maybe that's true too huh really that was a joke of course there's things I don't know right you had me for a moment but well let's just say I know pretty much everything huh what did you say it's nothing don't worry about it now.

Although I'd like to talk more with you it's about time we get going we don't want to be late okay I want to get Chas changed it to my uniform too uh uh can you step out for a bit and wait for me in the hallway why you don't have to be shy I can even help you change if you want it's fine I can handle it you don't have to do something like that I don't.

Have to are you sure I'll put my all into helping you change as carefully as possible you really don't have to I got this just the thought is enough I understand I'll wait for you outside then hold on a moment why what is it what's that you're holding in your hands the pajamas that just left your body I stored it in a Ziploc bag with this I.

Can carry your scent around with me all the time now I have something to tide me over while waiting stop during lunch break I made you a lunch box too have some if you want W looks delicious it's all things I like in there you really do know everything huh it's only natural to want to know.

More about the person you like like har me here hoo eat up have as much as you want if you could eat nothing else but my cooking for an entire week I would be super happy I can give you pre-made breakfasts and dinners too why though a week what difference does that make a human skin cells are replaced about once every week if you eat my food for a week.

It'll be like I remade your whole being in short you'll become a brand new hero made up completely of my overflowing love what a wonderful thought right the weight of her love feels so heavy heavy enough to crush me beneath it on another day it's amazing how intensely Hari feels for me it's the first time in my.

Life anyone has loved me so much I guess it'd be pretty rude if I don't give her love the respect it deserves but how on Earth do I return her feelings on that scale oh what what a spectacular sigh what's wrong oh nothing I was just thinking about how every person expresses their love so differently of course they do but.

Differences aside love itself is a wonderful thing it's not easy too people only have so much love to give after all right deciding to gift that limited amount of love to someone isn't a trivial thing you know I see I guess you're right thanks for listening to me you're welcome it was no problem at all hm why did hary call me out to this kind.

Of place she said we needed to talk it's probably about something important could it be she found out that I was forced into confessing to her hero oh Army uh actually what is this what's going on you know what you did what did I do you were talking with a girl in our classroom just now oh that was cheating huh cheating what exactly was your.

Relationship with her I don't recall you having any female friends I know she's our classmate but don't you think you were acting a little too close with her I should be the only girl you're close to so there's no need to look at anyone else look only at me otherwise I don't know what I'll do I might just lose control for all you know losing my mind.

In the throws of passion so please don't look at anyone else don't get close to any other girl if you do I'll calm down calm down we just met by chance and started talking I'm not especially close to her or anything you're worrying for nothing really really thank goodness if you ever fell for a girl other than me I think I might.

Just gouge those pretty eyes out of your face looking away from me is strictly prohibited understand so I spent my days being smothered in her overbearing love but considering it's from the girl I've been crushing on for forever I'm glad to be the target of her feelings rather I feel so happy and fulfilled every day.

Being together with her that it's kind of surreal the happier I was the more guilt I felt towards her even if I did mean every word of that confession I still only did it as a forfeit although I had no intention to deceive her I can't deny that's how we started I don't know when it'll come out that I only confess to her as part of iata's game.

But if she ever finds out she'll hate me for sure the best thing would be to tell her before she finds out on her own I need to find a time to tell her the truth if not my chance finally came do you want to go on a date a date we haven't gone out together on the weekends yet you're right we always tend to hang out after.

School I want to go on a proper date with you hero me too har me I want to go out and have fun with you you do then let's go to the amusement park this weekend sounds good we can make great memories there let's take lots of pictures too of course I'm looking forward to it on the day of our date I was so excited about today that I.

Couldn't sleep at all I didn't think I've ever looked forward to something so much if only this happiness could continue on forever but if that's what I really want I have to tell her the truth as soon as possible sorry I'm a little late no don't worry I didn't wait that long har me you look completely different I'm.

Shocked makeup is banned at school but since it's the weekend I can dress up as much as I want I wanted to show my best self to the guy I love what do you think am I beautiful you're beautiful even without all this it's just that you're extra beautiful today I'm happy to hear you think so highly of me me thank you hero shall we.

Go then wow I haven't been to an amusement park in so long what do you want to ride first is there anything you're scared of I'm fine with everything why don't we just conquer the whole park sounds great so first we should go for one of the screamers let's start with that roller coaster over there sure let's go Oh but.

Before that uh what's wrong it's really crowded today cuz it's the weekend we don't want to get separated so do you mind if I hold your hand I'm happy you thought to ask okay let's hold hands be sure to hold on tight so you don't lose me of course H that was fun those spinning teacups took a lot.

Out of me though did they always spin that fast are you okay I'm pretty nauseous let's take a small break at that bench over there how do you feel slightly better now that I'm sitting down but I still feel kind of sick then sit here and rest for a while I'll go buy you some water huh there's no need.

To go just for me I'm going because I want to you just wait right here hary so nice I've been lying to such a nice girl all along well not really lying but still that confession right I've made up my mind I'll tell her me the truth today no matter what I'll apologize and confess to her again properly this time she's.

Taking a long time did she get lost I'm getting worried maybe I should go look for her if I remember correctly the venting machines should be in this area as I said I came with my boyfriend come on just drop that loser and hang out with us how dare you uh please stay away from my my girlfriend huh you you're that introvert.

From school huh what the heck what are you on about how's she your girlfriend I'm telling the truth what do you mean isn't your girlfriend that plain Bookworm Suzuki there's no way you bagged such a gorgeous girl give it up already anyway if she really is your girlfriend aren't you cheating on Suzuki what a jark this is Suzuki though huh.

This is harami Suzuki In the Flesh for real Suzuki I didn't know you look like this it's a waste for you to be dating this guy hey you break up with her right now I'll be taking over from you what the hell are you saying how about it Suzuki you definitely prefer me over that introvert don't you in the first place he doesn't even really like you.

What do you mean I mean he only confessed to you as a forfeit for a game uh that was I'm sorry y makes a fair point it's true that I confess to you because of the forfeit but I genuinely like you har me I'm sorry for not telling you until now I didn't want you to hate me I'm really sorry I knew though about the game and.

The forfeit huh how because I bugged your school uniform of course huh since when remember when I sewed your button back on for you she did it such a long time time ago I didn't notice at all AA I have no interest in anyone but Hiro after all Hiro is my faded partner faded what are you talking about I first met Hiro when we were in kindergarten he.

Saved me from a dog that had escaped from its leash even though he had fallen down and gotten hurt while helping me he still smiled and told me that everything would be okay we lived in different school districts so we didn't attend the same Elementary or middle schools but I search searched for him as hard as I could and finally managed to enter the.

Same high school as him I don't mind that our relationship started that way it doesn't change the fact that he's mine now as you can tell I don't have even a little bit of interest in you so you can walk away now the hell what a bore come on you guys let's go I don't care how we started you're mine now as long as you can you to say.

You like me and look at me like this that's the only truth I care about I love you with all my heart you should know that I won't forgive you if you leave me now yikes in this way we safely affirmed our mutual love for each other I'm slightly worried about her possessiveness but I'm sure there's only Happy Days waiting for us in the.

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