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[Manga Dub] I became a hermit after my best friend betrayed me… [RomCom]


15 square meters that was my world now my name is Kira Satoshi I'm 17 and I don't leave my house of course there's a reason for why I came to be like this I was writing a novel in order to become a professional writer the genre I was writing was light novels and Fantasies when I was 16 years old I.

Won a literary contest as well I don't mean to brag but I thought that I was walking a steady line towards becoming a professional writer yes until that incident happened I had a friend who was also trying to become a writer his name was suichi kobayakawa he was both a good friend and my rival my friend betrayed me he stole the work I.

Had written he had asked me to show my work to him just for reference and so I showed it to him I couldn't even imagine that my friend and comrade shuichi would do something like that I of course let the people know of what he had done he had stolen my work my soul I couldn't just remain silent.

But the people around me turned their backs on me and accused me of trying to frame shuichi for plagiarism I don't know how that came to happen honestly perhaps shuichi had prepared well in advance so that he wouldn't come to any real trouble because nobody listened to what I had to say on top of that the work that I had written which shuichi.

Then stole won first prize in a contest I was broken I became desperate and felt there was no hope why do I have to go through such a thing I was just writing a novel because that's what I enjoyed doing then one day I stopped going out of my 15 square meters world this is why I was going video games which had become my.

Daily routine I'm hungry which means that she's probably gonna come soon as soon as I thought that the door of my room opened with a bang and ayaka ebizawa came to my room ayak is in the same school year as me and a childhood friend of mine we live next to each other so both of our families spend time together often.

She also comes to my place as if she were a part of my family and she's also the only one who's not a real family member who can enter my room I always tell you this but could you knock the door first even if I knock you won't answer so it's no use and I know that you are inside anyway well that's true anyway we are going to have a snack.

Party ayaka poured out the bag of snacks that she had brought with her today is all tips sounds healthy I'm impressed that you bought so much today there were new types of tips I thought you being cooped up in your room should know the latest snack information so I brought all the new.

Ones I don't want that kind of latest information I guess that whatever that remains you'll eat the rest right yes I will spend the next few days eating them all up you'll get fat if you eat so much how dare say that to a lady don't worry my body is not the type to get fat really but I think there is a bit of fat around.

Your stomach wait a minute what are you looking at ayaka blushed and quickly put her hands on her stomach well you take care of your health for someone who doesn't go out of his room then why don't you go outside so you can really move around if you want we can go out now I can exercise with you no thanks why it would.

Feel good to get some air if you don't want to exercise we could go for a walk I also declined that offer I can exercise in my house I see there was a moment of awkwardness this is not good I need to change the subject say ayaka are you drawing these days yes I am the other day I got my drawing in one of the magazines it's been a while since that.

Happened mayaka took out a magazine and opened it to her drawings page wow you're getting better and better really yeah really I can see that you're getting more skilled from just looking at it I'm happy when you tell me that ayaka ayaka had started to draw around the same time that I started writing.

Novels and the magazines included her drawings in their Pages she hasn't won any contests yet but I feel that it won't take long for that to happen in particular the drawings she has done recently have vastly improved I feel that ayaka who's sitting next to me Feels So Far Away is it just my imagination.

No I know it's not we live in different worlds ayaka is living in a bright shiny world I'm living in a dark world that's why ayaka is so shiny that I can't look at her straight ayaka you are the only person who can protect your work so make sure to protect your drawings Satoshi.

Sorry to say such a strange thing no it's a it's all right I'll also have some of that then one day I was absent-mindedly looking at my bookshelf there were many books both thick and thin these books were the ones I had gathered in order to attain my dream but now that they've lost their purpose.

They were sad books for they were only allowed to sit there on the shelves hey ah this is not a dojo so please leave oh sorry I made a mistake so I will take my leave no what that's not it I couldn't drive her away trying to drive me away your cute childhood friend is coming to see you.

Because she's worried about you don't say yourself that you're cute you should take a good look in the mirror what what say that you lazy ass I am actually quite popular a guy from another class asked me out the other day so you must be worried now right so in order to not be worried about me being taken by other boys come call from tomorrow in order to.

Protect your cute childhood friend see that must make you want to go outside right no way I'm going outside you answer fast sadly I was looking at your bookshelf there are really old books there how do I say it like really old that are difficult to read oh that over there that's how to write in an old style and a dictionary as well a book a.

Book and write sentences and not how to write a novel ayaka's eyes were wide open the right to write a good novel it's important to write good sentences well it's like my pet peeve it's strange to say this about myself but I'm conservative when it comes to writing I might not be suited to writing light novels that are recent.

Trends but I persisted because I wanted to express the traditional and uniquely Japanese sense of empathy in my work I don't think that a particular type of expression should be used just because they're light novels that said it also doesn't mean that I'm right so I don't mean to go against the style of writing that's the trend for light.

Novels now coming up with new ideas while being familiar with the past that was my identity when I was a writer that is how I was thinking back then as I wrote my eyes narrowed and with a bit of nostalgia I felt some pain in my heart I see Satoshi you are incredible you were.

Writing your novels with film principles of your own and you were reading so many books and working hard no my hard work isn't that incredible I just thought that I don't want to continue doing the same thing right now I'm not the kind of person that ayaka thinks I am at least now I don't need these books anymore so I could get rid of them the words I had.

Uttered to myself so many times came out but I couldn't put it into action despite what I thought Satoshi let's have a snack party I'm hungry ayaka took out her snack as usual this was the same as usual but what happened after that was different I thought we could play a game so I bought this what are these rice cakes filled with sweet.

Bean paste thank you for asking this is Russian Roulette rice cakes I can imagine from the name what you're trying to do these rice cakes are you don't need to explain out of the five that are here one of them tastes horrible right that's right you'll definitely play the game with me right what if I decline I want to leave.

Until you play it with me I thought as much okay I'll play it after all she takes care of me every day so I guess I should do something then before you change your mind choose one okay then this one okay this one are you ready on my mark well bite into it together okay then get ready set go I put the rice cake into my mouth and at.

That moment what's this mud like taste that's spreading in my mouth this is not something that a human should eat oh it seems like you lost a draw you why didn't you eat it I tried to eat it but you are quicker than me you liar I know you slowed down I can tell from the expression on your face well in that.

Case I will enjoy my rice cake did you know the good ones are so elegantly sweet that one feels like they're in heaven how should I know that damn it you cheated you deserve to be punished then I'll take a bite it's hot I mean I thought the sausage with a bad one I dragged myself on the floor to the rice cakes container and.

Took it in my hand hey it seems like there's only one good rice cake and all the other ones are not the bad ones were terribly bad terribly hot terribly sour and terribly bitter so you only had a one in five chance to get the good rice cake what I wasn't told such a thing it's not about not being told it's about not reading the.

Label on the container it doesn't matter which Satoshi give me some water sorry I don't feel so good I can't move get it yourself the rain was beating on the window gently seems like it was raining today are you alive and well today ayaka opened the door in her usual Sunny self sorry to disappoint you.

But I'm still alive that is the best it were alive you can manage to do today's rain is strong Away by the floor how about it you want to go outside with me and see how it is right I'm not interested at all I saw you with an umbrella just now walking fine oh how.

Disappointing she heaved a big sigh hey I'm going to tell you something that you probably don't want to hear but please listen to me Satoshi write a novel one more time what is it all of a sudden I told you that I won't write anymore that is not your true intention because if you truly don't plan to write a novel anymore you would have thrown away the.

Books on your bookshelf but the fact that you still have them means that you want to write right deep inside you want to write don't you then why don't you if you write a novel and make it public then there would be someone who would understand you ayaka doesn't understand she doesn't realize that I'm finished as a writer I.

Suddenly got irritated there's no one there's no one there would be no such person oh ayaka's expression stiffened when she saw my anger there's no one who would want to read my writing a guy who tried to accuse someone of plagiarism say that about yourself Satoshi who that did you I didn't but people out.

There think that I did I'm finished don't bother me anymore my life was over when my work was stolen by someone who I thought was my friend Satoshi you are so stupid you have no guts I won't give a damn about you anymore ayaka turned her back towards me and ran out of my room I was left alone and felt.

A great sense of loss I felt deeply hurt I know that I was the bad one but I couldn't go after ayaka that night I could not sleep even after the hour got very late a few days after that ayaka didn't come since that day I kept on checking the clock I'm such an egocentric guy I thought to myself.

To still hope that she would come even after I said such terrible things to her I heard a knock and I looked in that direction Satoshi sorry I said such considering your feelings there is something that I wanted to tell you no matter what so I came I think that this will be my last time to come here what I.

Felt a great shock my heart started beating fast and I could feel my mouth drying up I always liked you Satoshi from a long time ago oh but it's not because you were writing novels I like Satoshi who was always working hard towards his dream but that's why I wanted to be on the same stage as you so I started drawing I wanted that someday.

I could do drawings for your novel that's why I try to draw things that would match your novels compared to your novels my drawings aren't that good at all I'm going to stop drawing as well there is no longer a reason for me to continue drawing but thanks to you I learned the importance of working hard.

So let me say thank you for that so I'll go now bye-bye oh things went white in front of my eyes I realized that I was standing outside of my room I also I also liked you ayaka I realized that I came to like you because you were so supportive of my writing but after that incident I thought that I no longer had the right to like you ayaka I'd fallen.

So low that I didn't think I should like you and I couldn't go out of my room I couldn't forgive my miserable self my body started to shake and tears were running down my cheeks I couldn't forgive myself for making you worry about me it's for being unable to be honest I thought that I'm really a terrible guy I.

Could say this now but I also hope that I could write something that would match the level of your drawings and I was dreaming of the day when I could make a work together with you if I could be permitted to I would like to write again no it doesn't have to be a novel it can be anything.

As long as I can make something with you as the words came tumbling out of my mouth the tears 2 flowed I didn't know that one could cry so much Satoshi ayaka came towards me and Drew me to her if you want to write so badly then right it's fine all those people who say bad things about you I will just punch them.

Away so let's work hard this time I will try again in order to protect your dream I will also work hard for you who I treasure I felt a ray of light shining in my Dark World a few years after that I'm still writing stories today but these aren't novels they're scenarios for romantic manga videos now I've moved from the.

World of novels to romantic manga videos and I'm working there the video channel is called Yuki Alice's romantic manga this was where I chose to start over also I'm not using the pen name I used before so the only person who knows my past is ayaka hey Satoshi there is something that I want you to do with me as I was writing ayaka came now.

She and I are living together with a plan to get married what do you want me to do hockey game why do we need to do a Pocky game all of a sudden because the scene that you are writing now has the heroine play the Pocket game with the main character right so in order to draw that scene I want to use that experience as a reference you can't.

Make something while playing a Pocky game can you it's fine I set my own smartphone there so I could record this you plan to watch it again that's embarrassing just do it this is for the sake of making a good video is that the only reason why you want to do this I'll let you imagine what happened after this say do you you think that it'll be.

Possible for the Alice channel to overtake the system Channel Canon it might be difficult but I am writing in hopes that we can I want to see a story of a younger sister overtaking a great older sister that is so like you Satoshi but for that I need your support ayaka so please help me of course of course I'm your own purse.

Ayaka hugged me from behind her warmth gave me courage and strength we will continue to work hard in the world of romantic manga videos in order to keep going with a dream that I have once abandoned after this there would be a big clash with a fateful person on the stage of romantic manga videos but that story will be continued in.

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