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[Manga Dub] I bought some condoms in front of my childhood friend, and my plan worked! [RomCom]


My name is isuki aukari I'm 19 University student living with my parents my dream is to work in a job related to law that's why I go to law schore I have a childhood friend who attends the same University as me she lives in the next house next door to mine as soon as I rang the doorbell to her house morning aun can you believe.

How cold it is hayari hayako my childhood friend open the door she's 21 years old and a junior of my University her dream is to become a teacher she's studying education her name makes her sound bald however she has a gentle demeanor and a kind personality I've had a crush on her for years now yeah it's freezing did you.

Realize it was snowing last night I did the snow didn't pile up but there are still some clumps left here and there but none of that matters my heart is warm as long as you're on my side huh oh on Chen has figured out why you're cold as aun you don't have a scorf on hiero Chan only sees me as a younger brother she refers to herself as on Chan.

Whenever she talks to me I don't think wearing a scarf will change how cold it is you are underestimating the power of a scarf warming your neck changes a lot you know here you go you can use Onan scarf today no it's okay hey Chan I don't want you to catch a c now you're underestimating your Onan I.

Hate being cold that's why I have two scarves on I doubled everything I wear including my gloves socks and underwear hey don't make me talk about my underwear azuk you're such a BF I never told you to mention anything haoran gosh this is humiliating whatever anyway here my scarf I'll help you wrap it around your.

Neck see don't you feel warmer uh yeah thanks she's always trying to take care of me just like an older sister wood I should be grateful my bomb with her is something many people dream of however I can't help but wish for more I want her to see me as a man someone worth feeling romantic feelings towards I had been in love with.

Her for so long ever since that day AI Chan and her family moved in next door 10 years ago the hayako family came over to introduce themselves that day after our parents got through greeting each other I'm hio I'm 11 it's nice to meet you how old are you she offered her hand for a handshake I stood there open mouth I.

Didn't know what to do my brain couldn't digest how pretty the girl in front of me was uh azuki aukari I'm nine I like your name Yak Joo sounds pretty cool thank you don't worry I'm not as scary as my name sounds she looked like an angel but I never had the guts to tell her to her.

Face so do you want to play at the park with me we live next door to each other I want to be friends with you sure I'll go hey do you want to climb trees you want to climb trees I've never tried how did you learn to do it I stood there in Ozz Yari Chan wiggled up the tree like a monkey I couldn't believe my eyes aun come on.

Up uh I've never climbed a tree before I cried out to her and she wiggled her way down she then gave me tips on how to be a good tree climber yes grab that Branch uh okay to be honest I didn't care if I could climb trees or not but I did my best because she seemed eager to teach me and I also wanted to show her my.

Masculine coolside oh uh the park looks different from up here it feels amazing right this is what I love about climbing trees thanks for climbing with me today it meant a lot you're like a little brother it feels nice I've always wanted a younger brother you know well if that's the case I'm okay.

With being your little brother then I only said that because I wanted to keep her close because that's the day I uh oh really this is great okay you can consider me your own mid from now on fell in love with hiar Chan I wanted to get to know her better and becoming her little brother figure was the best way I could think of and yes we did get close.

After that but I didn't realize the problem back then she'll never have feelings for me if I'm her brother the thing is we wouldn't be so close if it wasn't for the whole younger brother thing so there's nothing I I can do about my complicated situation H haari Chan suddenly slipped she lost balance and began to fall my.

Arm shot out and grabbed her before she could fall are you okay yes thank you for saving me hun her face is so close it's making my heart race I wish we could stay this way forever how's it g I'm glad that you're here with me I can trip all I want as long as I'm with you no let's try to be careful not to trip.

Okay hey I don't want you slipping on the ice again do you want to hold my hand sure oh you're such a gentleman I love you she holds my hand and tells me she loves me so easily it's because she only considers me a younger brother and it feels like she's pushing it in my face but I don't plan on giving up I'll show her I'm a man worthy of being more.

Than a younger sibling to her one day on our way home from school as can I stop by the drugstore today Mom asked me to buy some toilet paper on my way home sure go ahead and stock up I'll be your baggage man ohuk you've become such a generous guy Chan is so proud of you I was walking around the drugstore when I found something funny the strongest.

Rubber in space what the heck I picked it up because it sparked my curiosity oh aun is there a girl you're planning to use that with I didn't realize haari Chan had finished shopping she was standing behind me Hai Chan no there's no girl you got to believe me I don't plan on using this at all she was the.

Only girl in my heart I desperately denied her accusal to prove my innocence yes you're right you're just a kid it's too early for you to be thinking about these things it's too early but I'm 19 years old I'm practically an adult I'm not a kid anymore you're always John Trea me like a child didn't sit well with me I acted.

Out which completely contradicts my argument I'm a healthy grown man I can buy condoms if I want especially these they're the strongest rubber in space what ukun told me he would buy three boxes because he could and stomped off to the checkout counter he said he didn't have anybody to use it with but he's buying three.

Boxes is he not telling me something if there's a girl I think I'm going to cry oh n is going to end up in a pool of Tears wait a minute why would I cry because he's buying condoms ukun is like a little brother to me there shouldn't be any reason I would be upset with him using them with somebody still why do I feel so upset.

Right now does this mean that I have feelings for ukun that I never knew about before is it possible do I like him as in like like him buying three packs of condoms was the most embarrassing thing in my life as I returned to aari Chan um aun don't ever use that with anybody okay huh I.

Don't have a partner to use it with anyway the that's true what am I saying I have no right to tell him what to do or what not to do he probably thinks I'm an idiot something doesn't seem right with her could it be that she suspects I have a girlfriend because I went ahead and bought them I have to let her know.

That's not the case I will never use these condoms ever I promise um okay he's trying so hard to deny my accusation it makes him even more suspicious a few days later I was at the cafeteria eating lunch when hiyari Chan came up to me oh.

Auki can I sit next to you no I want to eat lunch with you today uh sure why is she calling me differently and she stopped calling herself Anan I wonder what's up with her I spent the past few days thinking hard about what I feel for azuk Kun now that I've made it clear I can't treat him like a.

Little brother anymore I can't treat the guy I have feelings for like a little brother that's just weird that's why I'm calling him by his real name to show him I don't consider him a younger brother anymore azuki you like tomatoes you can have mine here open up oh thanks I raised the Tomato to his mouth but no.

Put it down hotty feeding him the Tomato would mean I'm treating him like a young child I stopped my myself just in time and held my arm down well what are you doing it's okay nothing to worry about oh you eat broccoli now I remember how much you hated them I'm a full grown man eating broccoli is easy peasy lemon squeezy I lifted my hand to pet aun's.

Head I wanted him to know that I was proud of him but then I realized no right hand you have to calm down you cannot let yourself be controlled by your desires pitting his head would mean that I thought that he was a little brother and so I held down my right hand before I could reach out aun's head was he.

Already CH going insane or something treating him like a man is much harder than I thought how much longer will I be able to control myself on our way home from school hey azaki can you tell me about your life before you met me oh why' you want to know H well I realized that I don't don't know much about how your life was before we met I want to.

Know more about you auki because I'm in love with you it's something I would never dare to say right now oh I see ask me anything I have nothing to hide from you okay so this is what it feels like to have the person you like be interested in you one day at home I lay on my bed in my room thinking about how Yar Chan's Behavior.

Changed these past few days she's calling me a Zuki now and she sto referring to herself as on Chan she doesn't pet my head anymore and it feels like she's purposefully distancing herself is it just me or could it be that she's trying to refrain from treating me like a kid or her younger brother not that I'm complaining well I.

Guess I do feel somewhat lonely just a little bit I was still deep in thought when the doorbell rang I jumped up to answer the door hey I heard your parents won't be home tonight I'm here to make dinner can I come in sure thanks yaran I love everything you cook I'm so excited what can I do to help oh uh how about you chop these vegetables sure I'm on it.

Woo I'm the king of vegetable Choppers hey slow down it's not like we have a time limit but you're amazing aun you've got skills I am the queen of flavors and seasoning yes you're the Queen Yari John this is so good Yi John your Curry is the best I've ever had thanks after we finished eating I.

Turned to Yari Chan to ask her about something that had been nagging in my mind so haari Chan there's something I want to ask you you stopped treating me like a little brother is there a specific reason why you're acting differently around me huh oh um well uh just to make things clear you only have to to say anything if you don't want.

To uh it's okay I'll say it I uh I admire how straightforward and reliable you are azuki I'm in love with you that's why I stopped treating you like a brother because that's not what you mean to me anymore it would be weird if I acted that way when inside I'm attracted to you oh I had no idea so a Chan you like me yeah you have tears in.

Your eyes you don't want me to like you you're crying because you despise me no not why I'm crying these are tears of joy har we Chan I'm happy huh wait that means yes exactly you are the sweetest most adorable girl I know and I'm in love with you I've dreamt of this day since the first moment I laid eyes on you.

Really I had no idea you liked me for so long gosh I'm so sorry I should have realized how you felt about me it's okay you don't owe me an apology for anything it's not your fault I fell in love at first sight har Chan when did you realize you liked me um I'm not sure when exactly but the moment I realized I did have feelings.

Was a moment I will never tell ever what why that makes me more curious how can I tell him I realized I liked him when he bought condoms in front of me there is nothing romantic about that it sounds absurd this is totally inappropriate for a cute love story not to mention the humiliation I'll.

Face fine you don't have to tell me if you don't want to but just FYI I've always liked how you treat me you don't have to change your behavior huh why well I can tell it's not easy for you uh well I admit you Trea me like a younger brother bothered me at times but it won't be a problem from now on I'd rather you treat me like.

You always did than have to watch you suffer are are Chan you should act the way you want to Don't Force anything she looked up at me with a bright smile and walked towards me she sat in the chair next to me andun alun aluk you're such a good boy you have no idea how proud of you I am enough enough of that friction burn well.

I mean I've had to hold it in for so long my right hand is finally free I can pet you all I want now this is the time to pet your head are Chad you're acting crazy again I don't think much would change even if we become a couple heyan you're right but there will be some things that'll change give me an.

Example well how about this har CH is my girlfriend now but that doesn't change how I feel for her at all still I predict my heart will go through many challenges as our relationship moves forward thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other.

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