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[Manga Dub] I caught my school celebrity from falling down the stairs… [RomCom]


My name is chiaki yakaba and I'm a junior in high school I naturally have a face that looks like I'm always glaring so everyone around me is scared of me just kidding to tell you the truth be lucky do you want to bite hey I want to give pewaki a treat too they are so close to me she mean give me a treat I was nicknamed.

Puraki after a combination of the words pure and chiaki I wasn't sure if it was the difference in my appearance and personality but my classmates like to make fun of me it wasn't that they were outright bullying me it was more like they were just making fun of me but as a result I was a loner in the class I didn't have an extroverted personality.

So I was glad that other people came up to me to make conversation but at the same time why is he mad it's so cute when he's mad too laughs they shouldn't mess around with a boy going through puberty.

Stop it already aren't you going to eat I'll Eat Alone oh that sucks I wasn't used to hanging around girls at all I was so embarrassed I ran out of the classroom after running out of the class I ate my.

Lunch sitting in the emergency staircase in the back of a school this was my favorite place because there weren't any people around it was at that moment a scream I looked up quickly after hearing a small scream there I saw a girl Miu falling down the stairs it was a dramatic fall something.

Straight out of an anime or a movie but unfortunately this was reality I wasn't able to catch her fall very well oh the only thing I could do was try to break me with fall I'm praising myself for even having the ability to catch her at all are you okay.

Thank you uh-huh chiaki what are you doing here A lot happened in the classroom earlier so I was eating my lunch here but what are you doing here Miu ayasaki was popular because of her cool Beauty she was known as the Madonna of our school or so everyone assumed because she.

Looked and acted extremely mature I even admired her mysterious character that was until a while ago I was going to eat my lunch here but I wasn't paying attention and accidentally slept how how do you accidentally fall from the sky.

Mia wasn't a mysterious or cool girl at all she seemed that way because she didn't have many friends and was extremely introverted wait what's wrong Miu gave out a sudden scream surprised I asked loudly as well because right right there.

Right there leaning tea hockey you're going to die Mew turned pale and pointed at my hand what happened I followed me who's gaze and looked at my left hand there my palm was stained red.

Um this isn't blood this is the strawberry jam for my lunch I was surprised for a moment but I uncovered what happened immediately in order to catch Mew I had opened my arms without thinking and was still holding on to my sandwich goodbye my strawberry jam sandwich me you this is.

the moment I tried to explain what had happened Miu hugged me tightly I was surrounded by a sweet smell and sudden warmth for a boy going through puberty being hugged by a girl was something that could start a panic alone.

I'm sorry it's my fault so close dude stop getting distracted calm down dude you need to keep your composure immediately I thought I need to tell her what actually happened but looking at miu's face right now it almost felt evil to explain the truth how would the cool and mysterious me you feel when she realized that she made a.

Mistake she's in a panic right now but once she realizes the truth she'll die of embarrassment from the situation we're in basically my job was to pretend and follow through with Miu I feel bad for making her get the wrong idea too.

Thankfully tomorrow is a Saturday I'll just tell her that I recovered over the weekend it might be a little weird that I recovered so fast but I'll just insist that I'm okay and like that I spent the day pretending I was injured the first place I didn't see how I could start bleeding from Catching someone and.

I guess Mew thought I bumped into something and cut open my palm when I tried to catch her I got through the day somehow and Saturday finally came around however here open wide um open wide how did I get into this situation me was at my house but it wasn't just.

That she was doing something that most guys would dream of to tell the full story of how we got here we have to go back a couple of hours who is it huh me you chiaki good morning that was close thank God I was too lazy to take my bandages off last night.

Why are you here so early in the morning um I wanted to take care of you today what my classmate knocked on my door early in the morning that alone was surprising but I was even more surprised when she said that she wanted to take care of me it's hard when you can only use one hand.

Right I remember you saying your parents weren't home today so I thought that I needed to step up and take care of you she asked me if I was going to be alone while walking home yesterday but I didn't think that this was the reason why I never would have imagined that Mia was thinking like that.

When she walked me home because she wanted to make sure I was okay I answered her thinking that she was just trying to make conversation it's okay I'm fine you don't have to Baby me all day I can't leave you though it's my fault that you got hurt how can I say no to a face like that.

Looking at her sad expression I didn't have it in me to say no okay then please by taking care of me I'm sure she just means cooking and cleaning a little bit maybe I'll do something for her in return When I have a chance I asked her to come inside thinking like that it wasn't until lunch time that I realized that it wasn't like what I had.

Imagined I made you lunch thanks that looks so good Miu prepared fried rice and Chinese soup for me she placed the dishes on my dining table but there was no spoon um there's no spoon for me yeah I know you're telling me to eat with my hands I know some cultures eat with their.

Hands but is this a normal thing at miu's house no that can't be right I've heard that people in India eat curry with their hands but apparently that isn't completely true I can drink the soup from the bowl but I'm not sure how I should eat the rice if there's a culture out there that eats.

Fried rice with their bare hands I'd like to know I have a spoon here thanks I reached out my hand to grab a spoon but my fingers only touched the air and at that moment me you scooped up some of my soup uh musan ma'am what are you doing can you see I'm blowing on it because it's hot.

What I thought she made that soup for me but it was actually hers it's kind of embarrassing of me but the food placed on the table was actually mine here open wide uh hope and wide how did I get into this situation.

Um I can eat by myself though I'm injured on my left hand and not my right but I said I'm going to help you because you're injured even if your right hand isn't hurt it's still hard to feed yourself right I know you said that but I mean it's not like I'm having a hard time feeding myself plus I didn't think she would do.

Something like this but it's my fault you're hurt please feed me when she says it like that there's no way I could go against her plus I couldn't just say no when I saw how sad me you looked ah all I did was eat but I feel so exhausted.

After that situation happened Miu continued to blow on my food and asked me to open why until I finished eating when I finished my lunch I went back into my room to cool my head as a boy I'm really happy that a pretty girl like me who is doing all of this for me but I feel bad she's doing it because of a misunderstanding.

Plus the other boys in our school find out there might be a bloodbath I have Goosebumps just imagining it I'm taking the secret to my grave I was thinking like this when suddenly I heard a knock and saw my door open what Mia was standing in my room in a nurse costume I've imagined me you in a nurse.

Costume in the past but she looks even better in it in real life what am I saying why are you in a nurse costume I wanted to show you that I'm serious even if this is super embarrassing what is she saying how does showing me that she's serious equal to wearing a nurse costume.

It was embarrassing for her she shouldn't have worn it plus don't you wear a nurse costume to take care of people I've never heard of that logic if that's true then wouldn't dads and moms around the country be wearing nurse costumes to take care of their children when they're sick.

Apparently Mia was a little thick but Mew the most popular girl at our school is wearing that just because everyone says I'm pure like I'm still a male I know that she doesn't really have a mysterious and cool character actually knowing that I can't help but think that Mio looks so cute so anyways anyways.

I'm going to clean your ears for you so lay down over here well I'm okay just lay down this is embarrassing for me too and she shouldn't ask me in the first place but I couldn't go against her as she was holding the Q-tip as if it was a weapon.

Obediently I laid down on her lap um the way she's holding that though scares me a little either way having my ears cleaned by me you actually felt good I thought that she was going to make me deaf a couple of times but the fact that the most popular girl in our school was.

Cleaning my ears was enough to make me happy after that Miu cleaned my room did the laundry and took care of me she even made me dinner and fed me just like she did during lunch I was thankful that she did all of this but at the same time I also felt extremely guilty.

I need to make sure I do something nice for her in return anyways I'll tell her that I'm better when I see her after this weekend and thank her again for taking care of me that's what I had in mind but chiaki I'll be here at 9am again tomorrow what.

I said I'll be here to take care of you again tomorrow so make sure you wake up okay I can't get into the house if you're sleeping if that's the case I would have liked to know before you came to my house today too either way it's already late Mia should be heading home after doing the dishes.

So all there is to do is take a bath and go to sleep but I can't just keep pretending like I'm injured I told her she doesn't need to come tomorrow but she probably will I'll just tell her the truth yeah that's what I need to do I'm sure it won't be as bad if I tell.

Her the truth now I know it's bad that I'm only telling her after she did this and that for me but she's calm right now it'll all be okay if I tell her now all I can do is sincerely apologize and hope that she forgives me I'm coming in speak of the devil I'm ready to get on.

My knees and apologize I'm ready come in I had to look away after seeing Miu come into my room what's wrong what do you mean what are you wearing I just changed into something that I can get wet in.

Something you can get wet in you can't take a bath properly with your hands like that right I'm going to help you wash your back no thank you taking a bath with my classmate especially since she's a girl seemed like a very bad idea I know she'll be wearing my clothes but.

It's still a terrible idea it'll be bad if any of the boys in our school find out and if any of the girls in our school find out about this they'll think I'm a creep let me help you wash up it's my fault you're injured how about that me you you've misunderstood.

Misunderstood I saw that you got hurt because of me stop fooling around to get in the bath already she's not listening Mio forcefully pulled on my hand and tried to take me to the bathroom she's pretty strong of course I fought back there was no way I was going to let Mio see me in the bath.

Oh me use grip on me loosened up it wasn't that she let go on purpose but that she slipped watch out shoot I need to help her I tried to pull Mio as she fell but even if she was a small girl I couldn't support an entire body with one arm.

Ouch we both fell on the floor thankfully I broke meu's fall and no one was injured however laughs she's so close the floor is hard but there's something soft on top of me the floor below me was hard but on top of me was something soft.

That something was Miu I can't tell if I'm hurting or if I'm comfortable I'm so confused are you okay yeah my back hurts a little though I had pulled Mew using my left hand wait is your left hand not injured uh shoot I was going to tell her myself but.

Now it's almost as if I was lying to her I mean I was but I couldn't stop sweating me you did do everything willingly but she was so kind because she thought she hurt me and she found out the truth in the worst way possible I was going to get on my knees and apologize but I couldn't do that while I.

Was in this position I was ready for death that's a bit dramatic but I was ready for at least a punch in the face but miu's reaction wasn't how I thought it would be I'm so glad what something soft again I'm so glad you're not hurt but it's so.

Embarrassing that I did all of that she's not mad uh um could you get off of me first sorry I'm I'm probably heavy it's not that huh it's that a lot of soft things are pressing against me I should probably watch my words from.

Now on but either way I'll probably make the same mistakes because I can't keep my composure I felt bad I knew I should have said it another way I knew firsthand that Miu had a cool personality in my defense I was pure just like my classmates said even if she was my friend being close to.

Me you made my heart race so then if you weren't hurt why are you bleeding from your hand it's kind of uncomfortable to say but uh it was just my sandwich what basically you fell from the sky so suddenly so my half-eaten strawberry jam.

Sandwich was still in my hand when I caught you the red liquid on my hand was just the filling of that sandwich what yeah I'm wondering the same thing but thank you you caught me on the staircase and earlier too you saved me twice already of course I'm just glad you're not hurt.

You didn't say anything because you were thinking about how I'd feel right yeah something like that it was true that I thought she'd feel embarrassed if she found out the truth either way she found out though chiaki you're taking care of me thank you so.

She's so cute I couldn't stop staring at her smile anyways I wanted to apologize for what happened and do something for you in return I should have cleared everything up in the beginning and you did take care of me all day something in return oh huh.

I want to go to a cat cafe then it's kind of awkward going alone of course that's easy yay I'm so excited yeah this supposedly cool and mysterious girl was way too cute I bet the cats will be cute but I'm sure watching Miu playing with cats will be a.

Hundred times more adorable because I imagine that my brain was completely filled with thoughts about her that was today's video please check out our other videos as well