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[Manga Dub] I caught my school celebrity from falling down the stairs… [RomCom]


My name is chiaki yakaba and I'm a junior in high school I naturally have a face that looks like I'm always glaring so everyone around me is scared of me just kidding to tell you the truth be lucky do you want to bite hey I want to give pewaki a treat too they are so close to me.

She mean give me a treat I was nicknamed puraki after a combination of the words pure and chiaki I wasn't sure if it was the difference in my appearance and personality but my classmates like to make fun of me it wasn't that they were outright bullying me it was more like they were just making fun of me but as a result I.

Was a loner in the class I didn't have an extroverted personality so I was glad that other people came up to me to make conversation but at the same time is he mad it's so cute when he's mad too laughs they shouldn't mess around with a boy going through puberty.

Stop it already aren't you going to eat I'll Eat Alone oh that sucks I wasn't used to hanging around girls at all I was so embarrassed I ran out of the classroom after running out of the class I ate my.

Lunch sitting in the emergency staircase in the back of the school this was my favorite place because there weren't any people around it was at that moment a scream I looked up quickly after hearing a small scream there I saw a girl Miu falling down the stairs it was a dramatic fall something.

Straight out of an anime or a movie but unfortunately this was reality I wasn't able to catch her fall very well the only thing I could do was try to break me with fall I'm praising myself for even having the ability to catch her at all are you okay thank you uh-huh chiaki what are you.

Doing here A lot happened in the classroom earlier so I was eating my lunch here but what are you doing here Miu ayasaki was popular because of her cool Beauty she was known as the Madonna of our school or so everyone assumed because she looked and acted extremely mature I even.

Admired her mysterious character that was until a while ago I was going to eat my lunch here but I wasn't paying attention and accidentally slipped how how do you accidentally fall from the sky Mia wasn't a mysterious or cool girl at all she seemed that way because she didn't.

Have many friends and was extremely introverted wait what's wrong Mio gave out a sudden scream surprised I asked loudly as well because right there right there right there leaning tea hockey you're going to die.

Mew turned pale and pointed at my hand what happened I followed miu's gaze and looked at my left hand there my palm was stained red um this isn't blood this is the strawberry jam from my lunch I was surprised for a moment but I uncovered what happened immediately.

In order to catch Miu I had opened my arms without thinking and was still holding on to my sandwich goodbye my strawberry jam sandwich Mew this is the moment I tried to explain what had happened me you hugged me tightly I was surrounded by a sweet smell and.

Sudden warmth for a boy going through puberty being hugged by a girl was something that could start a panic alone yucky my fault She's So Close dude stop getting distracted calm down dude you need to keep your composure immediately I.

Thought I need to tell her what actually happened but looking at miu's face right now it almost felt evil to explain the truth how would the cool and mysterious me you feel when she realized that she made a mistake she's in a panic right now but once she realizes the truth she'll die of.

Embarrassment from the situation we're in basically my job was to pretend and follow through with Miu I feel bad for making her cut the wrong idea too thankfully tomorrow is a Saturday I'll just tell her that I recovered over the weekend it might be a little weird that.

I recovered so fast but I'll just insist that I'm okay and like that I spent the day pretending I was injured the first place I didn't see how I could start bleeding from Catching someone I guess Mew thought I bumped into something and cut open my palm when I tried to catch her I got through the day somehow and.

Saturday finally came around however here open wide um open wide how did I get into this situation me was at my house but it wasn't just that she was doing something that most guys would dream of to tell the full story of how we got here we have to go back a couple of.

Hours who is it huh me you chiaki good morning that was close thank God I was too lazy to take my bandages off last night why are you here so early in the morning um I wanted to take care of you today what.

My classmate knocked on my door early in the morning that alone was surprising but I was even more surprised when she said that she wanted to take care of me it's hard when you can only use one hand right I remember you saying your parents weren't home today so I thought that I needed to step up and take care of you she asked me if I was going to be alone.

While walking home yesterday but I didn't think that this was the reason why I never would have imagined that Mia was thinking like that when she walked me home because she wanted to make sure I was okay I answered her thinking that she was just trying to make conversation.

It's okay I'm fine you don't have to Baby me all day I can't leave you though it's my fault that you got hurt how can I say no to a face like that looking at her sad expression I didn't have it in me to say no okay then please by taking care of me I'm sure she just.

Means cooking and cleaning a little bit maybe I'll do something for her in return When I have a chance I asked her to come inside thinking like that it wasn't until lunch time that I realized that it wasn't like what I had imagined I made you lunch thanks that looks so good Miu prepared.

Fried rice and Chinese soup for me she placed the dishes on my dining table but there was no spoon um there's no spoon for me yeah I know you're telling me to eat with my hands I know some cultures eat with their hands but is this a normal thing at miu's house no that can't be right.

I've heard that people in India eat curry with their hands but apparently that isn't completely true I can drink the soup from the bowl but I'm not sure how I should eat the rice if there's a culture out there that eats fried rice with their bare hands I'd like to know thanks I reached out my hand to grab the.

Spoon but my fingers only touched the air and at that moment Mew scooped up some of my soup uh miyusan ma'am what are you doing can you see I'm blowing on it because it's hot what I thought she made that soup for me but it was actually hers.

That's kind of embarrassing of me but the food placed on the table was actually mine here open wide uh open wide how did I get into this situation um I can eat by myself though I'm injured on my left hand and not my right.

But I said I'm going to help you because you're injured even if your right hand isn't hurt it's still hard to feed yourself right I know you said that but I mean it's not like I'm having a hard time feeding myself plus I didn't think she would do something like this.

But it's my fault you're hurt please feed me when she says it like that there's no way I could go against her plus I couldn't just say no when I saw how sad me you looked all I did was eat but I feel so exhausted after that situation happened Miu continued to blow on my food and asked.

Me to open why until I finished eating when I finished my lunch I went back into my room to cool my head as a boy I'm really happy that a pretty girl like me who is doing all of this for me but I feel bad she's doing it because of a misunderstanding plus if the other boys in our school find out there might be a bloodbath.

I have Goosebumps just imagining it I'm taking the secret to my grave I was thinking like this when suddenly I heard a knock and saw my door open what what MIA was standing in my room in a nurse costume I've imagined me you in a nurse costume in the past but she looks even better in it in real life.

What am I saying why are you in a nurse costume I wanted to show you that I'm serious even if this is super embarrassing what is she saying how does showing me that she's serious equal to wearing a nurse costume it was embarrassing for her she shouldn't have worn it.

Plus don't you wear a nurse costume to take care of people I've never heard of that logic if that's true then wouldn't dads and moms around the country be wearing nurse costumes to take care of their children when they're sick apparently Mia was a little thick but Mew the most popular girl at our.

School is wearing that just because everyone says I'm pure like I'm still a male I know that she doesn't really have a mysterious and cool character actually knowing that I can't help but think that Mio looks so cute so anyways anyways I'm going to clean your ears for you so lay down over here.

Well I'm okay just lay down this is embarrassing for me too that she shouldn't ask me in the first place but I couldn't go against her as she was holding the Q-tip as if it was a weapon obediently I laid down on her lap.

Um the way she's holding that though scares me a little either way having my ears cleaned by me who actually felt good I thought that she was going to make me deaf a couple of times but the fact that the most popular girl in our school was cleaning my ears was enough to make me happy.

After that Miu cleaned my room did the laundry and took care of me she even made me dinner and fed me just like she did during lunch I was thankful that she did all of this but at the same time I also felt extremely guilty I need to make sure I do something nice for her in return.

Anyways I'll tell her that I'm better when I see her after this weekend and thank her again for taking care of me that's what I had in mind but chiaki I'll be here at 9am again tomorrow what I said I'll be here to take care of you again tomorrow so make sure you wake up.

Okay I can't get into the house if you're sleeping if that's the case I would have liked to know before you came to my house today too either way it's already late me you should be heading home after doing the dishes so all there is to do is take a bath and go to sleep but I can't just keep pretending like.

I'm injured I told her she doesn't need to come tomorrow but she probably will I'll just tell her the truth yeah that's what I need to do I'm sure it won't be as bad if I tell her the truth now I know it's bad that I'm only telling her after she did this and that for me.

But she's calm right now it'll all be okay if I tell her now all I can do is sincerely apologize and hope that she forgives me chiaki I'm coming in speak of the devil I'm ready to get on my knees and apologize I'm ready come in.

I had to look away after seeing Miu come into my room what's wrong what do you mean what are you wearing I just changed into something that I can get wet in something you could get wet in you can't take a bath properly with your hands like that right I'm going to help.

You wash your back no thank you taking a bath with my classmate especially since she's a girl seemed like a very bad idea I know she'll be wearing my clothes but it's still a terrible idea it'll be bad if any of the boys in our school find out and if any of the girls.

In our school find out about this they'll think I'm a creep let me help you wash up it's my fault you're injured how about that me you you've misunderstood misunderstood I saw that you got hurt because of me stop fooling around to get in the bath already.

She's not listening Miu forcefully pulled on my hand and tried to take me to the bathroom she's pretty strong of course I fought back there was no way I was going to let Mio see me in the bath Muse grip on me loosened up it wasn't that she let go on purpose but that she slipped.

Watch out shoot I need to help her I tried to pull Miu as she fell but even if she was a small girl I couldn't support an entire body with one arm ouch we both fell on the floor thankfully I broke meu's fall like no one was injured however.

She's so close the floor is hard but there's something soft on top of me the floor below me was hard but on top of me was something soft that something was Miu I can't tell if I'm hurting or if I'm comfortable I'm so confused uh are you okay yeah my back hurts a little though.

That too but what about your hand I had pulled Mew using my left hand wait is your left hand not injured shoot I was going to tell her myself but now it's almost as if I was lying to her I mean I was but I couldn't stop sweating me you did do everything willingly but she was so kind because she thought she hurt me and she.

Found out the truth in the worst way possible I was going to get on my knees and apologize but I couldn't do that while I was in this position I was ready for death that's a bit dramatic but I was ready for at least a punch in the face but miu's reaction wasn't how I thought.

It would be what something soft again I'm so glad you're not hurt but it's so embarrassing that I did all of that she's not mad uh um could you get off of me first so it's hardly heavy it's not that huh it's that a lot of soft things are.

Pressing against me my fault oh I should probably watch my words from now on but either way I'll probably make the same mistakes because I can't keep my composure I felt bad and knew I should have said it another way I knew firsthand that Miu had a cool personality.

In my defense I was pure just like my classmate said even if she was my friend being close to me you made my heart race so then if you weren't hurt why are you bleeding from your hand kind of uncomfortable to say but uh it was just my sandwich.

What basically you fell from the sky so suddenly so my half-eaten strawberry jam sandwich was still in my hand when I caught you the red liquid on my hand was just the filling of that sandwich what that's so embarrassing why didn't I notice yeah I'm wondering the same thing.

But thank you you caught me on the staircase and earlier too you saved me twice already of course I'm just glad you're not hurt you didn't say anything because you were thinking about how I'd feel right yeah something like that it was true that I thought she'd feel embarrassed if she found out the truth.

Either way she found out though Jackie you're always taking care of me thank you so much so cute I couldn't stop staring at her smile anyways I wanted to apologize for what happened and do something for you in return I should have cleared everything up in.

The beginning and you did take care of me all day hmm something in return oh huh I want to go to a cat cafe then it's kind of awkward going alone of course that's easy yay I'm so excited yeah this supposedly cool and mysterious girl.

Was way too cute I bet the cats will be cute but I'm sure watching Miu playing with cats will be a hundred times more adorable because I imagine that my brain was completely filled with thoughts about her it's finally over my name is Yuki usio my looks and grades.

Are average I'm a freshman in high school I don't really stand out so to change that I joined the archery club when I entered High School but since I'm a freshman I haven't done any of the cool stuff yet all I do are chores nice work Yuki ah same to you Kai day are the girls already done cleaning.

Up yep there's a lot of us so we were done quickly hurry up and change so we could go home together okay I'll change and get myself together this is kaide natsume she's on the girls archery team and has been my childhood friend since kindergarten we ended up hanging out because of our.

Families whenever kaide's parents would come home late she would eat dinner at my house a lot kaije's looks and grades are unrivaled and she's super popular I've seen her get asked down about once a month even though we are childhood friends I.

Wonder why there's such a level gap between us hey Yuki what did you talk about with my senpai oh with nozamisan she asked me about lack of equipment for the girls team I see but no zombie son why are you calling her by her first name eh she told me to call her by her first name.

Don't you hate being called by your last name anyway geez Yugi your sense of danger is lacking I have no clue what you're talking about but sometimes you say things that I just don't get ah could it be that noise befriending me to use me later on no you dummy Kai day was in a bad mood.

For some reason when we were walking home yesterday hey I don't know why you're mad but it's about time you cheer up I'm not mad she's pretty mad once she gets angry it's hard for her to get herself together morning you two came to school together again.

Today it's just because we don't live far from each other because we're close see as usual because of how kaide acts she has some people thinking that we're dating hey kayode is it okay for people to think we are.

Dating it's more convenient ah if people think you're dating it's hard to ask you out well in the end there are some guys that don't care that she's dating so the confessions haven't really decreased not that you don't think it's bad that you're a caught up in this rumor I've been used to it since elementary school so it doesn't really bother me but if.

There's a person you like wouldn't they be misunderstanding too you idiots she's in a bad mood again I really don't get it but it's probably my fault that she's angry I don't know why you're angry but fix your attitude I'm mad because you don't understand.

Uh looks like it's come to this I'll stop being angry if you compete with me a competition sure but what will we do it'll be on all five subjects on next week's test Whoever has the highest score gets to order around the other person no way you'll definitely win wasn't there like an 80 Point difference on our.

Tests last time that's on you for having low test scores no my scores weren't that bad I had over 80 points across all subjects your grades are just too high I'm not lazy it's just no one is reckless enough to challenge you who has been number one in grades since middle school well if you're number one again I'll.

Listen to your requests another first year has a better chance of beating kaide than I do gotcha don't forget what you said I won't a man doesn't go back on his word so after one week my efforts amounted to nothing Kai day naturally got a perfect score on all subjects bringing her to number one.

With an overwhelming difference between her and second place make sure you listen to my requests as promised yeah but on one condition as long as it's something I can do let me get to my house could we hold hands hold hands if that's fine with you in the past when we would play together we held hands a bunch of times.

But being asked again now feels a bit embarrassing it's probably a good thing it'll be a Kai day's house and not outside I'm going to make some tea so go ahead to my room okay thanks it feels like it's been a while since I've been in kaide's room.

She still hasn't changed into her minimalist approach we really have been together since we were little there's a lot of pictures of me when did she take this photo of just me oh a crocodile plushie I gave her for her birthdays on her bed thanks for waiting cold barley tea is.

Fine right yeah thanks you're still taking care of that crocodile plushie yep now you take care of all the presents you've given me I cut a Crocs on all the time so what's a bit worn out now though crocod oh you gave it a name I think I gave it to you about two years.

Ago yep it was 684 days ago huh why do you remember it down to the T it's natural is it oh because it was your birthday you can do the math easily you were a bit quick with the math so I was surprised I didn't do any math I just remember give me your hand eh we're gonna hold hands now.

Okay huh what was that noise just now what handcuffs why you've been neglecting me and plus you said stuff like this would be fine huh there's no way I said that when we were heading home I asked if I could hold hands in cuffs uh I was tricked but why handcuffs to begin with and aren't handcuffs meant to be used on.

Both hands it's so you won't be separated from me recently you've been hanging out with other girls uh I don't really get it but I'm sure you're misunderstanding plus the girls I talk to just do small talk or pass on information it's not a misunderstanding in the past you only talked to me you had no other girls to talk to.

Isn't that just a roundabout way of saying I'm a Loner and unpopular I'm with you so you aren't lonely well that may be true but anyway since we are handcuffed we can't shower or go to the bathroom we can just go together I don't mind no there are a lot of issues with that.

So cut me some slack I'll be obliterated socially fine I'll use another pair of handcuffs on both of your wrists that way I'll be the only one free well when it's time to eat take them off too I don't like cold stairs from your parents no need to worry I told them I was eating with you today plus they both.

Won't be home until really late the heck is up with all this planning I completely forgot about the great relationship kaide has with my parents and my sister anyway let's make dinner together I haven't prepared anything yet what like this yep it's difficult without my left hand so help me.

If it's difficult you should just take off the handcuffs Yuki using that hand is dangerous let me help oh okay toss the fry pan up more uh okay we finally finished but how are we gonna eat well I guess since it's fried rice I can just eat it with a spoon in my left hand.

We only have one spoon in the house so I'll feed you what kind of house only has one spoon mine apparently you can use your dominant hand so eat with chopsticks I'll use my left hand and eat with a spoon no go eating fried rice with chopsticks is a hassle.

No way it's a fine no one else is here to see say ah I give up whoa it's good that's great feed me too you can use your right hand so do it yourself I fed you so you feed me too ah fine delicious wait I didn't think about this because being fed was so embarrassing but this is an indirect kiss.

What's wrong no it's nothing hey kaidi dinner's done so do you think you can take the Cuffs off soon there's no way we can sleep like this okay I'll take them off if you can answer questions about our memories together that it I'm sure I can answer yep I believe in you question in the past you gave me a rock where and when was it a.

Rock I always make sure to give you a gift on your birthday but did I give you a power Stone bracelet or necklace sorry I don't remember you were the worst Yuki sorry I really don't recall whenever I'm picking out a gift for you I try to think of what would be the best so I have no reason to forget but hearing that makes me happy and all but.

A wrong answer is a wrong answer huh did I say something strange it's nothing anyway the right answer was this 2453 days ago you gave me this rock at the sandbox in the park it wasn't a power stone or a fancy Jewel just a plain old rock that's right I said that from the get-go on top of that 2453 days ago we were in elementary.

School your memory is crazy I remember all of our memories together 2 453 days ago we were playing in the sandbox together are we gonna flash back definitely don't need to right no we do oh look I scooped up something ah a rock candy this rock is Big so I'll give it to you really thanks.

So this rock has a lot of memories attached to it that question was too difficult you had no intentions of letting me free did you it's not like that I remember everything sorry I didn't remember plus that was such an ordinary occurrence there was no way I'd remember everything even though I remember everything even if it's simple.

Everyday things it's a precious memory with you sorry that one was too difficult so let me try another one so kaidi continued to dish out challenging questions how was the weather when we first went to karaoke together so difficult what was your favorite motto in Middle School.

This is too difficult maybe Kai day herself doesn't know the answers either but doesn't want to take off the handcuffs so she's just saying whatever could you tell me the answers the weather in the morning was sunny but when you left it was a bit cloudy your motto was once in a lifetime these questions are so difficult I don't know.

If that's even the right answer in the end I couldn't answer any of the questions it looks like I will be taking off the handcuffs after all I totally lost looks like it's just me huh kaidi what's wrong you couldn't answer any of my questions.

So those memories meant nothing it's not like that I cherish the memories between us virgin even gave me advice she said I should handcuff to you so you would see me as a woman huh oh I'm really sorry I couldn't answer but I heard something that I didn't quite catch when you say reach on you met your.

Older sister ritsu right yeah tell me what ritsu said one week earlier Richard Yuki has been getting popular recently but I want him to look my way huh I can't see him being popular he's incompetent but I guess it can't be helped here's some.

Advice from your dear older sister you have been friends since you were little so you're pretty close right yeah if you appeal to him just a bit I'm sure he'll realize his feelings that's if he was the type to notice your advances there's no way he'd neglect 10.

Years worth of memories with you I guess you're right right he's a big-headed type to not realize even when we work hard as a family to get him to so use handcuffs handcuffs yup if you use handcuffs you'll always be close so even a dimwit like Yuki would realize his feelings for you.

John hmm I think I teased her too much just kidding it was a joke that's great advice I'll do as you suggested huh you're really gonna do it yeah I have to at least do that much with him uh uh I won't stop you but next week I'll carry out my plan after getting my test results so tell Mom Yuki and I won't need dinner.

Uh okay I see so when you were angry the day we went home and the day after that was it all an at yeah since we had to compete with our test scores I see but besides that it seems like there was something more important Kai day have you liked me all this time.

Yes why didn't you realize you dummy I didn't think I would be telling you this way I really am a dummy huh we've been this close and I didn't realize isn't that because we've been kind of like family so you haven't really looked at me in that way that's I'm taking off the handcuffs so go home wait a minute.

Certainly I value you like family but I see you as a woman too really yeah sorry for not realizing until now so that means you'll go out with someone like me yep if you're okay with dating someone like me please go out with me okay thank you what Kylie.

If you're gonna hug me take off the handcuffs first I'll do it later it's a bothersome now later ritsu don't say weird things to Kai day it's fine things turned out well didn't they well I honestly didn't think she would do it though hey you're being too careless but thanks to reach on we are.

Dating so thanks sis don't mention it Yuki where's your appreciation yeah yeah I'm grateful here reach on thanks for the handcuffs no you can keep them huh why if Yuki cheats on you he'll need proper punishment right you're right I'll hang on to them just in case I won't cheat stop saying.

Unnecessary things Master here's your coffee um okay thank you I brought some sandwiches to you if you're hungry thanks I wonder when this started oh this tuna sandwich is so good really my master when did this Q huple enter my life.

My name is chiaki akaba and I'm a junior I'm just a normal high school student too ordinary in fact there's nothing about me that makes me seem Master like I don't have any special talents and I'm not exactly the popular type nor do I use any sort of magic that I can teach Master the Chuck why is he not being so.

Friendly with him I'm so jealous I could cry she dies my one and only angel so if she worships chiaki that makes him my God he already has Mew and Sana wrapped around his little finger how dare he try to get a hold of the most popular underclassmen greedy it makes me sick not your God it's not like I asked for.

Them to give me attention Mio Sana help me I tried to send eye signals to my friends so they would come to defend me I'm so jealous of chiaki I I wish Hina would give me some of her attention I know she's so cute I could just eat her up I agree never mind they have no intention of helping me I've heard people say that.

Being cute justifies everything if I were cuter I wouldn't be in this spot right now master is there something in your eyes oh no close your eyes let me wipe the tears uh what your tears keep flowing you are so kind yes cuteness is Justice I can't.

Deny it I mean look at her a few days ago we were walking home together after school when I noticed something unusual tapioca chiaki you want to get tapioca drinks with us right cheesecake Chucky you want to try the new cheesecake at the cafe right I never got how they could get so heated up over things like this I mean does it really matter where.

We go hang out after school um how about we just go to McDonald's or something no Donald would be very hurt if he heard this the one on the left is Miu ayasaki she's the most popular girl in the class and known her cool and mature character many students worship her.

I don't only mean the guys she's extremely popular among female students as well however the real me you I know tapioca drinks were popular a while back they're not a big deal anymore but I've never had the tapioca experience I could never build up the courage to walk into the shop and buy one it's just a timid girl.

Everyone thinks she's cool because she's too scared to talk to people the one on the right is Sana Nana say she's the most popular girl in the classroom next to us and everybody worships her she's the queen bee at the top of the pyramid she gets hit on quite a lot there are guys from other schools that.

Wait for her outside the school gate just to ask her on a date she's always shining and charismatic just imagine the typical queen bee type you want Happy yoga drinks you've got to get over your awkward shyness gosh fine we can go get tapioca drinks today but promise me we'll go get cheesecake soon okay however she's soft on the inside I.

Have to admit she's a very good person me you and I became friends when I caught her doing something nobody would have imagined Sana and I became friends because I once saved her from danger these things happened a while back both of our friendships started because of pure coincidence but now we hang out a.

Lot and we even go home from school together I had never expected things to turn out the way they did the girls every day stop it do you think the tapioca will fill up my stomach is a large too much you just say.

Whatever pops into your mind huh I always get thrown around when I'm with them but I'm enjoying my life what is nothing I thought I felt like someone was staring at us was it just my imagination I looked around but there wasn't anybody looking this way or giving us any attention.

Sorry I guess it was just in my head look huh I looked where Sana was pointing oh there was a lone shadow around the corner where we had just passed certainly wasn't one of ours but it looked like it was trying to stay close.

It didn't move as if it was waiting for us to start walking again could it be a stalker following one of you two stop you're freaking me out it has to be saunas she's got many huge fans me no way it's gonna be yours even if it's not I don't want it me neither I bet the stalker would be much happier following you he's your fan.

No he's yours stop forcing the stalker onto each other this is supposed to be a scary situation but they've somehow turned it into a farce at that moment I truly thought the stalker had nothing to do with me it's just mine I thought it was just getting pulled.

Into their comedy Act well you may not realize it but you have a lot of male enemies what that's true some guys were talking about you today during break time they were saying how you were always with us and how annoying you were I could tell they were upset with you do you remember how some of the.

Upperclassmen were giving you the finger while threatening you about how you should enjoy it while it lasts that's all your fault I can't tell them it's because they're beautiful since it's too embarrassing but still I can't deny the fact that it might not be a stalker but someone out for Revenge.

I feel the hate from Miu and sana's fans every day they all make sure I know they hate me I live a dangerous life full of risks one of those crazy fans could attack me anytime any day is it me is that shadow lurking around waiting for the best moment to pounce on me Rocky we promise we will find you in.

Your next life and we can be friends again we will never forget you so don't you dare forget about it stop acting like today will be the last day of my life and stop praying I don't care anymore siyaki I ran straight towards the shadow while I promised myself that I will haunt those two Traders for all time.

The adrenaline rush quickly turned my fear into anger I didn't care if he was jealous or if he hated me I was determined to find out who was trying to hurt me you coward you got a problem with me why don't you come say to my face instead of hiding behind a wall huh.

Uh oh I was shocked to my bones I thought it was either a stalker or someone out for Revenge but the shadow belonged to a young girl a little cute girl what huh.

Sorry for following you without your permission what don't cry I couldn't understand what was going on mio and Sana came running after me and they looked just as confused as I was uh here I chew you wanna hide you oh thank you she opened her mouth I wasn't expecting that but I placed the candy in her small mouth.

The girl seemed satisfied with the green apple High chew so this is what tapioca is like so chewy he was just living life her way as usual we were at a cafe known for its delicious tapioca drinks and we brought a guest with us again.

Hey it's okay I'm sorry for scaring you too the girl sitting across from me turned out to be one of our underclassmen we but she was so small and cute and had such an innocent face she could pass for a middle school student that's how young she looked.

My name is Emma Hinata do it wait Sana you know her she's pretty famous everybody calls her Hina the cute and small sophomore her nickname is taken from her last name Hina is the Japanese name for a chick it was the perfect name for her.

It's as cute as your nickname Piercy stop calling me that and I'm far from cute either I think they're both cute enough talk about cuteness sohina can you tell us why you were following us earlier.

Uh well he knows back straightened as she got ready to explain why she was lurking behind us she suddenly looked very serious mature woman cheer woman strange watching her talk about wanting to become a mature woman because she was.

Eating the ice cream off the top of her melon soda float there was no doubt she was cute rather than mature um I don't understand how does wanting to become mature and following us have any connection I want to learn from you learn learn I could see she meant it she stopped.

Drinking her melon soda and gave Miu and sana a look of admiration Mew you were popular for being so cool and mature you are my role model uh I'm popular I want to be more like you graceful and composed um this is the first time I've had tapioca milk tea I think I prefer coffee of course without milk and sugar stop.

Acting like an adult you were the one who was whining about wanting to try tapioca you are always shining you're like the sun people are attracted to you no matter what oh well you are good at compliments I wish to be more like you a woman who was always caring and confidence.

it's true even tiaki who used to be so gloomy has brightened up because of me she did take credit for the changes in my life please don't wink it's making me blush you too me I was surprised that she even knew my name I wondered what mature characteristics she found attractive in me.

You are now officially a gentleman all the sophomores know you as a mystery womanizer who has the two most popular girls at school eating out of your hands um that kind of makes me sound like I corrupted them or something she hockey your little perv time to say goodbye to shiaki the gentleman I should have known I had a.

Terrible reputation he not clearly didn't understand why her words were hurting me I hope she's forever innocent and pure she doesn't need to know but Hina seems to be curious her will to mature fast was strong nobody looked like a little kid that's why I want to at least be mature on the inside.

so I could learn the ways of a mature woman I hope you will accept the three of us looked at each other I mean we have no idea what we could teach she thinks we're mature but we all know that we are far from it I mean Miu is.

Known as the mature one but it's just an image people put on her since she doesn't talk much it would be easy to say no but well why don't you guys try it out don't get me wrong it's not just because she's so freaking adorable I was just impressed I know it took a lot of courage to go.

This far to meet us you admire Miu and Sana and it shows through your actions Hina is younger than us but I think she has qualities that we can learn from she's small but I can see how strong her determination is and I think it would be good for my friend Miu everybody thinks she's cool and mature but the truth is she's.

Just an introvert who feels awkward talking to people I'm sure the three of them will become good friends since Sana is there to support them with her good communication skills we haven't been friends for long but it's strange because we can always tell each other's thoughts okey dokey I'm actually excited about it.

I mean who doesn't like having a cute girl around I agree we'd love to be friends with you Hina oh my gosh is this real you're one of us now killing me side of the three of them warming up to each other was so sweet it made my black coffee taste sweeter than ever.

I love happy endings huh I didn't put off a great first impression but I hope I can learn a lot from you wait I thought the story was over wait what I thought you just wanted to learn from Miu and Sana huh no I.

Planning to ask you I want to learn from you what only me there are three of us wait why me I admire me you and Sana but you are the man who has succeeded in becoming their closest friend everybody calls you a mystery womanizer but I consider you a master of attraction I want to learn so much more about you.

Hey so that means you were following us today because you wanted to talk to me that's correct I've always admired you chiaki that almost sounds like a love confession as I look back on our short time together I realized that Hina had been.

Looking at me most of the time not me or Sana Sana and Miu were smirking that's right he wouldn't dare try to crush hina's feelings with you chiaki master of attraction uh.

Fine I get it I'm a man of my word I'll take care of you yay it got me totally whipped I guess I dug my own grave today I will do my best to be of ucu Master I will carry your bags and massage you anytime you want you don't have to do.

That you're not my servant um and also if needed I am willing to have adult-like intimate lessons to learn the ways of maturity should it be so hesitant about it I will always try my best with any request you make please make me a mature woman.

It's the weirdest conversation I've ever had I will be her master but I'm still a man now she has me imagining all the naughty lessons we could have people say that one's first kiss tastes like lemon can you show me if it's true.

um chiaki I know I know just don't say anything my friends always tease me and toy with me now they're looking at me like I'm a perv I hope we get along well master chiaki at least he and I is smiling which.

Brightens my day I think we'll be able to get along fine I feel weird about this master thing but I'll go with it it's the best thing to do for Hina the newest addition to our group I'm tiaki akaba and I'm kind of awkward but I do have this one female friend shiaki good morning.

Good morning Miu she's Miu ayasaki known as the cool Beauty in my class but that's just an image that everyone has of her the truth is that she's not cool so much as just quiet and awkward we became acquainted when I happened to catch her meowing at a cat on the street our Strange friendship has continued.

Like this until one day this is so heavy and the staff room is so far hey you're taking that to the staff room right I'm heading there so I can take that off of you really is that all right don't worry about it leave the heavy work to me.

A few minutes later this is too heavy I ended up hurting my back but this is nothing if I could help me you owe on another day when it was raining oh no I forgot to bring an umbrella should I go to the staff room to borrow one here Mew I'll lend you my umbrella.

But you'll end up drenched I'm tough so I'll be all right oh wait chiaki why does he keep helping me like this does he have feelings for me or maybe he's just being nice as a friend but if that's the case I need to hurry home and let him know about it that night.

I'm shivering I ended up getting a cold that along with my back injury left me bedridden I'm glad that Mew didn't have to go through this at least let's you've always been so frail a monster no wait it's just Mom.

I made some porridge for you honey but what's up with the mask oh what do you think like usual I put it on and now this thing won't come off why are you getting upset all of a sudden I'm the one who should be upset just to be clear this monster is my mother oh why did you lend your umbrella.

Anyways a friend needed it so I mean but you should have known this would happen if you oh but I see what was it a girl tell me was it a girl you gave it to you're being creepy don't come near me.

With that mask on if it was a girl you should have just shared the umbrella together no way people would gossip if they saw so it was a girl huh oh such Young Love and Blossom sharing an umbrella would have been so cute there's no love blossoming anywhere okay if you're done here can you just leave.

Sure sure oh if you want to get better quickly you should pray to your guardian angel what the heck is a guardian angel I guess being helpful to others was more difficult than I thought you might be curious why I was trying to help out Miu so much well a little while back I asked the neighboring classes.

Social butterfly how it could become less awkward you say you want to cure your social awkwardness but I never see you trying to approach other people come on I'm trying my best here why not just go out with me then why would I do that don't you know your girlfriend is worth.

As much as 100 friends where's that statistic even sourced from him the source of course sochiaki I love you I can't trust you get away from me this is Sana nanasay my other female friend she's overly friendly and always jokes about going out with me.

Despite her casualness she's a lot more thoughtful than you might think what do you mean you know be virtuous that doesn't explain anything if you do a good deed where no one is watching someone is always going to pick up on it.

Isn't that kind of a contradiction you are watching more than you think uh okay then you could deeds will spread improving everyone's image of you once people start gathering around you maybe your social awkwardness will get better well you might have a point it's kind of weird logic but it's worth.

A try so I started with what I could I went to school early in the morning to clean the classroom but there was a chance that the people in class didn't want me to touch their stuff so I decided to just clean up miu's desk only nice.

Now let's see how she reacts after that I waited for her reaction huh why is the area around my desk so clean did someone mess with it she must be pleasantly surprised during lunch I happened to notice her eating such a tiny lunch box that can't be enough food oh wait I came.

Up with a great idea the next morning I left something special on her desk Fried Chicken why right now good she's surprised my mom's Fried Chicken Is Amazing by the way this was just a fraction of my acts of kindness.

While messing with my phone I found a picture I took oh this is the photo from the other day I forgot to send her might as well print it out and send it to her secretly maybe I'll go buy an envelope to put it in too someone took a photo of me who knows my secrets oh.

She must be so surprised she can't speak that picture I took is cute after all with all of these Anonymous acts of kindness I was feeling great and I was sure Mia was pleased too or at least that's what I thought during lunch that day Mew called me out to the back of the school.

You have to help me what's wrong someone is after me probably a stalker what she's shaking so much she must have been really scared I need to protect her can you explain what happened so you see my desk was all weirdly organized maybe they were trying to cover their tracks after they did.

Something to it also there is a container of Fried Chicken on my desk even though I'm on a diet and then the hidden photos of me oh oh no that's what you meant I'm scared to yucky what if they've taken other embarrassing pictures of me that's don't worry about it there's nothing.

Like that what how can you be so sure do you know something about this what no never you know I've heard before sometimes it's the people closest to the victim that turns out to be the stalker oh no oh but maybe I don't have that many people I'm close with.

Singling me out aside from you I guess there's no one else so I guess it must be someone that I don't know chiaki if you see anyone strange around me please let me know oh uh sure so close to reaching the truth but not.

Quite there that's me for you the next day I reported to Sana that things weren't going well yeah this whole virtuous thing just isn't working out for me did something happen everything I've been doing out of the good of my heart has backfired completely.

Oh no when someone like me tries to be kind and thoughtful it just turns out creepy that's reality then why don't you try being outwardly kind outwardly like the opposite of unseen kindness yes we have to show off your good deeds so that everyone can see.

Wouldn't that be like forcing it onto people won't that make me look kind of selfish better to do some good out of selfishness than to do no good at all you need to have the strength of mind to not waver no matter what people say strength of mind huh well I'm sure if you work hard more.

People will start appreciating you if you build a good mentality you'll definitely cure that awkwardness too oh okay well I guess I'll try again it all seemed kind of futile but I decided to try again I want it to be extra kind to me you to make up for what I've done so far and this is the result of that.

After the first night I was feeling a little better but I was feeling weak mentally I really didn't want to go to school tomorrow and have to face Miu meanwhile at school and we heard that pure little tiaki is out today what why chiaki is out what's going on.

He was caught in the rain yesterday and got a cold I think didn't he hurt his back earlier from carrying something heavy yeah he's always been so frail that's is it my fault he's out today oh right I have class duty today the teacher asked me to bring some papers to chiaki's house.

Really then why don't we go visit yeah we can go take care of him while we're at it no you can't uh I use Aki what's up all of a sudden if he's not feeling good you shouldn't bother him that's true I guess it'll be bad to mess with him too much I know where he lives so I'll deliver.

The papers to him oh you don't mind but wouldn't it be a bother for you it's all right please give me the papers all right then wait that's a bad idea ayasaki why because because he's a creep that's why huh a.

Creep I saw it all I arrived at school early and I witnessed him doing something around your desk wait so that was chiaki's doing that's not all he also put a weird thing on your desk also one time he put an envelope on it that must have been blackmail or something does that must mean.

He was thinking of me from the Shadows all along but we're just friends right does this mean he's not satisfied with our current relationship oh no what should I do um if you don't want to go we'd be happy to do it for you no I'll go I have to make sure myself I'm worried about you so I'll go with.

I don't need you oh so strong and independent it's cool that she faces threats head on she rejected me so coldly but I love that about her I have to ask chiaki directly I wonder what he thinks about me after school that day I visited chiaki's house.

Um hello is chiaki feeling okay yes he's just sleeping right now who might you be oh I'm Miu ayasaki a classmate of his I guess I can't see him face to face then not no unfortunately oh I think I've seen her somewhere before what a pretty and nice girl though I guess my son's got some game.

I'm a little busy right now so could you please leave the papers in the mailbox yes I'll do that oh but if you really really want to see tomoaki there's one good way really what is that it's that night I was suddenly pulled out of bed by my mother Mom I'm still not feeling well don't be silly you're just lovesick.

Aren't you what the heck no come on come on just sit down right here I was forced to sit down in front of the computer which was showing a video call what me you hey chiaki how are you feeling not feeling that good oh um I'm feeling a bit better now considering all the things I did this.

Was too awkward after a little chatting me you finally brought up the subject so the person behind all those weird incidents was that you chiaki cleaning up around my desk giving me Fried Chicken printing that photo for me someone told me they saw you doing all that.

Oh God she knows I'm so sorry for the trouble no I should be sorry for treating it like a stalking incident not at all I'm really sorry I went meddling like that I was actually happy to know you were doing all that for me I could tell you really cared that's a relief to hear.

I get well soon okay I'll see you at school I'm feeling better already thanks to you apparently I also have a guardian angel so I'll recover in no time that's so silly so the misunderstanding was cleared up like that and things went back to normal for us.

But it didn't end there I'm going to go now okay oh yeah bye it looked like we ended the call there but um listen listen Chucky I talked toyaki just now me you you forgot to hang up the call is that the plushie I gave her a while back.

My heart's pounding hey Chucky what do you think about him he's really cute you know what's cute about him Mew he helped carry stuff for me and hurt his back oh how cute he lent me his umbrella and caught a cold.

Super cute it's so cute that he doesn't think things through is she making fun of me anyways chiaki is just too cute I really love I'll pretend I didn't see or hear any of that I went to bed early wondering about what I saw fully recovered from my cold I went to.

School the next day good morning oh hey good morning Miu our relationship is back to normal but I can't help but feel that Mio has become closer to me by the way it seems that the papers she delivered to me were an invitation to an upcoming open house and Mom why would you ever decide to visit your high school son's class you didn't.

Even take off that mask you said there are no open houses in high school but it looks like you were lying hmm oh and there's that girl from before let's see Yogi's Guardian Angel is so scary it's staring right at me sorry I'm so sorry after that day Miu started getting a.

Little distant maybe it was all just in my imagination that we were getting closer before one day after school in the classroom starting today you are my little puppy here try saying wolf for me woof I'd become a dog for the most popular girl in class okay now you're going to give me a kiss.

Now come on do it your master is giving you orders I apologize for the embarrassing scene let me explain how this happened I chiaki akaba have a friend that's a girl chiaki do you have a second what is it Mew this is Miu ayasaki anybody who encounters her is drawn to.

Her cool and mature demeanor however chiaki your hands are so soft huh she's actually a softy they say that you are lovable if your hands are soft and why don't I have any friends she's not acting this way on purpose or anything me was a natural goofball everybody thinks she's cool because of.

Her looks and her shyness guys flock around Mew since she's so pretty whenever she walks down the street Guy starts following her like little ducklings following their mother her physical appearance added to her shy personality this is what caused everybody to think she has this cool Untouchable personality however Mew just.

Sucks at talking to people just like me I get along with you just fine but I can't seem to talk to other people properly you know I was just about to say the same thing great minds think alike huh I guess that's why we ended up befriending each other since we don't have the power to make any other friends I didn't have any.

Other friends and one day after school shiaki listen to this I found a good way to overcome our shyness oh what is it hypnosis wow really that sounds like such a hmm what did you just say I said hypnosis chiaki uh what I said hip no sis she can't be serious she's trying to fix things by.

Learning hypnosis I see hypnosis no thank you why it's the best solution to our problem where did you even get that idea seriously she told me that she looked it up online and hypnosis seems to be the best way to overcome our problem weren't there any other options um there was a vase worth 500 000 Yen or.

This Power Stone bracelet for 700 000 Yen I see let's go with hypnosis everything me you looked up looked shady and untrustworthy The Only Thing Worth trying on her list of possible solutions was hypnosis geez seriously hypnosis it's ridiculous so who's going to do the hypnotizing.

Well I was thinking me huh what did you say I said that I'm going to hypnotize you then I'm going to have to say no why I promise it'll work I want to do the hypnotizing I can't just let you ruin my life she's totally clueless and it's me you she's too clumsy to make it work Tada.

I've actually already done the research Mio took out a hypnosis book a shady one called super hypnosis hypnotizing for beginners totally crazy hypnosis guaranteed the author is mind controller kitamura are you kidding me however that'll work out for me okay let's try it out huh you were so against it a little while ago I was acting to see if.

You were actually serious about it that's a lie there's no way she'll succeed I mean did you look at how stupid the book she studied looked thought of a good idea I'll hypnotize her back let me elaborate you'll be impressed I'll pretend to be hypnotized and later on praise Miu for being so talented it'll totally boost her.

Confidence and then she'll be able to overcome her shyness for sure however the one thing that's bothering me is that none of this is going to be beneficial for me at all oh well anyways I'll just go with whatever she plans on doing okay then let's get on with it oh no hypnosis is complicated there are.

Certain steps we need to take before starting steps first of all we need to make sure that you and I are both willing to build a strong rapport with each other whoa she's pulling out some difficult vocabulary here what the heck is rapport it's a.

Relationship based on Mutual understanding and empathy it's very important to make the hypnosis work well you know I always trust you Mew no it's not just that huh that's not enough to make it work that's not enough to go on to the next step what do you mean by that well um the book said we have to be at the.

Highest point of trust and attraction to make strong hypnosis work she plans on putting strong hypnosis on me is my shyness really that bad oh okay well can you just walk me through what we have to do then we finally started to build rapport but so what do I need to do first we need to hug okay that's easy wait.

What no no we can't do that but it said so mind control mura said we needed to hug to start the procedure that idiot mind controller okay come here please uh are you sure about this I'll be fine it's just you oh okay then is this okay yep just a little harder like this.

Yes next we need to stay in this position and you need to stroke my hair what kitamura is crazy don't say that about my teacher he's he is brilliant I know he wasn't there but I couldn't keep it in there was nothing I could do I followed her orders I hugged her and stroked her hair yeah this is so.

Embarrassing I can't take it are you sure this is how we do it really yeah this is exactly what the book said okay after this you need to habit on me are you little freak get down here oh my gosh stop it chiaki you need to calm down how are you going to build rapport if you keep getting so heated up.

Do you not see how weird this is I mean why would he even mention comment on in a book for hypnosis my heart is racing how is this going to help but it was in the book the instructions were even numbered this is all so wrong guitar is a pervert being so riled up won't fix anything fine.

Here I go okay I'm ready and you have to make sure to say your lines too okay I know okay here goes hey don't get too ahead of yourself you want to be my girlfriend don't you what I'm not getting ahead of myself and who said I wanted to be your girlfriend get away from me who permitted you to open.

Your mouth I'm the one giving out orders if you don't like it you can run run run yeah I can't do this you know I can't do this you're not the only one who's embarrassed this is insane kinamura wrote this book imagining all of these things happening to himself.

This is enough right we can go to the next step now right I think so I'm pretty positive and so the hypnosis finally began I want you to keep your eyes on this five Yen coin keep looking at it I've seen this before you will start feeling sleepy sleepy.

Sleepy when I clap my hands together you will immediately fall into a deep deep sleep now what oh my gosh I made it work no she really didn't I'm just faking it to go through with my plan she seems to believe me okay here's where I show off my acting skills.

Okay then first tell me 10 things you like about Miu ayasaki 10 things I like about Miu okay wait what kind of request is that hey I thought that you were under hypnosis oh crap I'm under hypnosis thank God for a second there I thought he was awake.

It would be embarrassing if he actually heard my question I'm awake Miu but something's wrong if he was really under hypnosis he would have said 10 things about me already I'm under I'm sleeping I am so under hypnosis you're doing great he seems to be under.

I'm so glad she's such an airhead I somehow managed to get her to believe me but now I have to think of 10 things what do I do oh I know I like mew's hands okay that's one I like the first joint of your pointer finger that's two The Joint that's weird I also like the second joint of your pointer finger.

I like the second joint of your pinky finger oh my gosh he keeps talking about finger joints oh why does he like my finger joints so much I succeeded I earned three points with just finger joints fine next when I clap my hands you will become a doggy what a dog okay here we go now woof.

Oh my gosh I can't believe this is happening to me but I have to go through this for meu's sake even if it's not going to help me at all oh other paw doggy chiaki you're so cute so cute having so much fun please stop please just stop this now it's okay let me pet you oh.

I want to try out something I saw in a show the other day starting today you will be my loyal dog here say woof if you understand is he making me do what show did she see this on no you will come here and kiss me come on hurry your master is giving you orders.

Oh dear you're a bad doggy so you're saying you can't follow my orders oh no she's ordered me to be a dog and now she's going to take my first kiss Jesus Christ how much longer do we have to continue doing this I thought you were sleeping I've been awake the whole time.

Seriously what is wrong with you 10 things I like about you become a dog I only ordered you to do that to see if you were actually under so embarrassing and you wouldn't stop what were you going to do if I actually kissed you were you going to just let me no I was just going to stop you at the last moment and tell you to wait until.

Next time why are you ordering me to do such things it's my last resort self-mind control what what are you doing I'm going to hypnotize myself now you should have just done that in the first place instead of just wasting my time.

I will erase every memory of everything that happened after I tried to hypnotize chiaki oh God so you're just going to avoid the situation my memory will be gone when I clap my hands now Mew clapped her hands and when she opened her eyes oh wait chiaki if you have any idea what I was just doing.

You're so obvious your face is bright red Miu so weird I don't remember anything Mew seriously it's a it's oying stop it but now what's wrong chiaki well Mew you're so watching her trying to act so hard it.

Made everything seem so silly and I just cracked up no no it's nothing I just thought you were so funny hey anyways I think I've forgotten what happened this afternoon too if we look back on what went on this afternoon me will be the most embarrassed so I decided it would be best for me to pretend I forgot.

So let's just forget about everything we did today I think we both experienced enough embarrassment for the day we should put it to an end by tomorrow we'll be back to the original Way We Were let's try something less unusual to overcome our shyness huh what's wrong.

Oh Chucky you sound like huh why do I sound like no oh come on let's end the hypnosis already I'm getting so hungry why don't we head home oh you're back to normal no geez Mia will you cut it out already let's go home ah.

Chiaki paw why would I give you my paw other paw seriously that's enough hypnosis what do I do what should I do he still hypnotized he's acting like a dog what do I do Mr kitamura my hypnosis techniques are crazy I apologize in advance if there are any After Effects ciao.

Oh this is not good later on tiaki you seem a little different these days how I didn't get a haircut or anything um you're whooping woof let this be a lesson never try hypnosis if you're not a.

Professional hey Mr akaba I got serious stuff to talk to you about what is this what's all the hurry circle look at these photos is there a girl here that's your type what he showed me were some photos of a popular Idol group this is really out of the blue what's up.

This is to get you to become infatuated with these sexy Idols like me huh give me a break I have absolutely no interest in these so-called idols my name is chiaki akaba my classmate is a die-hard idol fanatic aptly called otaku he approached me and well he started gushing about how great this or that Idol was.

I know that you the great Lord akaba would appreciate who would be the most fabulous how would I even know that and stop calling me Lord akaba would you well that's because you are pure and Noble Lord akaba a sex-deprived fellow like you would become infatuated with this sex deprived give me a break man and.

Again stop with that Lord crap I suppose I have a look especially my glare that makes me look a little intimidating and hard to approach which by the way is not true at all despite my looks I don't have much luck with girls and so my classmates pick on me for being squeaky clean.

World just for fun could you tell me which of these girls you find most attractive oh man all right give it here he seems to think it's so easy but I have no idea about these Idols this year's a group that I am oh so crazy about don't you think that this one here looks a bit like miss Nana say okay yeah she does look a bit like her and.

This one looks similar to my classmate Miu an idol huh I'm Mew ayasaki your angel from heaven hmm kind of nice I must admit but a little like those cute anime witch characters on TV well if I was to pick a cute Idol I suppose if I was to pick one it would be her.

I pointed to one girl that looked a bit like my classmate Miu she didn't seem too flashy I see and could you give me as to why you chose her well let's see she seems different from Sana this one looks like she's quiet and unassuming.

I suppose I prefer a girl like Miu sana's more of a model type but Miu looks more like the idol type in my opinion I just happened to blurt out what I honestly thought when hey what do you mean by that how different am I in your opinion huh hey Sana so chiaki you prefer Miss ayasaki to me.

Is that what you're saying so you think I'm not cute okay chiaki at least you're being honest hey come on wait I didn't mean it that way goodbye come on it's on it how did I even get myself into this mess apparently Sana was listening to the whole conversation and it really upset.

Her she just took off looking a bit insulted what I said was she was more of a model than an idol a model being prettier in my opinion that's what I meant to say Sana apparently took it the wrong way but I guess I didn't explain it properly so I wanted to explain and put things right.

Um hey Sana can I talk to you for a second please I'm busy but it seems sana's pretty pissed off and would not even give me the time of day I would try and talk to her several times but she managed to avoid me at every turn one day after no progress Lord akaba there was an extremely important favor I want to ask you sire.

What now this is just between me and you but I made up my mind I'm gonna go for that new rent to Idol scheme I'm hearing about renter Idol what the hell is that is there even such a thing where have you been all these years it's a scheme that allows you to rent an idol of course they're not professionals but close.

Enough oh yeah you can think of it as the idol version of those dating sites I suppose hmm I see and so what's it got to do with me didn't even realize such a thing existed for your information I decided to select the pretty girl like that Idol I showed you the other day she was my favorite so.

Does he mean that girl who looked a bit like Sana oh shoot wait one second there's an idol that looks like Sana going to be rented out I'm in love I will be your idol and yours alone maybe that ain't so bad.

However it's not what you think sire not what you're imagining mind you it's more restricted to watching a stage show with her performing or just taking photos together that kind of fan service don't get the wrong idea I don't have any lewd thoughts or anything oh are you sure about that okay get on with it what's this.

Important favor you want yes yes about that when I rent the idol well I would very much appreciate if you would come along I'm off it no way I decided on the rental because there was one that I really liked but the more I thought about it the more nervous I got Lord akaba please come with me.

Besides you have no interest in Idols so it's easy for you right no interest it but stop with the Lord ah what's the use do you really have to ask me I mean go ask somebody else I'm sure you can find a lot of takers huh how can I ask anybody else it has to be you my Lord akaba of course I'll pay for everything so please help me out here dude uh.

Seems like you have your mind set on it so all right I guess yes you're sure about this no backing out later okay that's that keep your weekend open I'll contact you about the details later yeah right so I reluctantly gave into his pleading and now I was about to experience this.

So-called Renta Idol thing to be honest fan of all this Idol stuff but then again might be kind of fun then that day came huh why is Sana here it was Sana who came she was the Renta Idol really you are the rental Idol huh.

Otaku didn't you even know that come on dude okay guys let's have some fun today yeah let's have a ton of fun Yes siree yeah right have fun of course otaku knows about Sana and he looked pretty nervous Sana seemed a little uptight too and she would peek a glance at me now and again.

But Sana is working so she makes no attempt to talk to me man this is driving me crazy okay about today's schedule first off we'll do the live performance and then go on to the greeting slash handshaking stuff and then finally we can go on to the photo shoot what do you think yes that sounds great okay then let me get prepared just.

When Sana was getting ready for the performance uh huh huh what's the matter otaku I forgot about one important thing huh one important thing you know I just remembered I forgot to do the homework I was assigned it's due tomorrow oh yeah well you got plenty of time to do it when you get home later today right no way it's the otaku family rule we must.

Not go out to play unless we have finished our homework oh yeah maybe in this case they will so I'm really sorry but I gotta get back home don't you worry about the money I got that covered Lord akaba and one other thing can you put together a report of today's little gathering.

100 Pages or so will do see ya what are you nuts a hundred Pages this guy said what he had to say and just simply took off and left me holding the bag besides what's with the stupid reasoning what the hell am I going to do now he's the one who wanted to do this rent to Idol stuff I mean this wasn't even my idea.

Excuse me but huh yeah I have to prepare so could you leave the room please oh yeah right sorry about that what an idiot right ah I just went along and did what I was told and left the room but maybe I should have just canceled the whole thing but she's already preparing and to cancel it now would be kind of impolite.

Oh boy completely screwed that up you should have said it sooner too late now well I've come this far might as well have as much fun as possible I go for go for it having a super fun time go Sana go Sana for some reason I was having a lot of.

Fun this Renta Idol isn't all that bad I was never really interested in Idols at all and thought this rent to idle stuff to be some stupid gimmick but this is actually great once you get into it and come to think of it Sana does make a pretty good Idol and some of the dance.

Moves were how should I put it sexy okay get ready for it the last song of the day yeah gosana after the live performance it was finally time for Greetings handshakes where fans get to shake hands with and talk to the idol of their dreams of course it's all sort of pretend play.

Thank you so much for coming today yeah I should be thanking you I had so much fun really I'm so glad so then could you root for me in no other Idol of course there's nobody better or prettier than you don't go changing your mind now what I would never do that you have my.

Word how can I not root for you after that performance that was amazing the time just flew the last part was a photo shoot okay here we go a picture of the two of us come on get a little closer would ya whoa that's pretty close but I suppose we're supposed to do it.

Like this wait come on what are you waiting for I know this is supposed to be work and all but I feel sort of I don't know confused huh what's up oh well Sana wants to do stuff like this so I have no right to say anything but I still had mixed feelings about this whole thing but all in all although.

I had such feelings Sana looked like she was having fun and I did get to see a side of Sana that I had never seen before which was sort of refreshing so thanks for coming today I had fun that does it for today that's it huh wow that ended so quickly oh yeah by the way you know chiaki yes Donna what is it she said it was all works so I figured no.

Talking about personal stuff but maybe that's not the case what did you think I mean you know my performance was I a good Idol I really thought you were great your performance was top-notch and very pretty and Idol like oh really did you really think so well of course it's a given.

Yeah right I'm just glad that you finally thought that I was suitable as an idol huh does that mean does that mean you're doing this rent a idol gig because of what I said well I suppose I was yes that's right uh yeah I practice all kinds of songs and dance steps don't get me wrong it was not to get revenge.

Or anything it's just that I didn't want to be seen as unattractive I suppose I just wanted you to see me as pretty huh I'm so sorry for what I said it was insensitive of me but that was all a misunderstanding misunderstanding what do you mean.

I never thought you were unattractive in the least I think you're very attractive I've always thought so huh really but you said that I was not I don't like what was that about see that's what I mean I may have said you didn't look like an idol but I said you seemed more like a model that's what.

I said but you didn't catch the last part you're pretty stylish and fashionable just like a fashion model I see so that's what you meant huh I'm so relieved it was all just one big misunderstanding I feel so silly yeah well me too.

I'm relieved you understand if that's true I just brushed you off they must have come up as really obnoxious sorry about that no no I didn't explain it clearly you know me not really good with words uh if you don't mind could you not continue with this rent to Idol stuff huh why.

You know although it's probably just a job you still have to dance and sing in front of these fanatic fans as you did with me today right yeah I suppose I don't know what I'm even talking about it's just that you Sana dancing and singing in front of complete strangers well.

I can't bear it so that's how you feel yeah so that's why I want you to quit doing this idle rental stuff okay I see so chiaki you don't want other guys ogling me is that it yeah that's right what is something wrong with that so that means you got a crush on me is that it uh-huh no.

No don't get too far ahead of yourself I mean you know well truth be told the whole rent an idol is all just made up made up what do you mean for starters there is no such thing as a renting Idol I mean come on did you really believe it huh are you serious hold on a second what do you mean.

Then what was all this today the whole performance handshaking and photo op I asked otaku to bring you here we set up this whole thing huh for real I wanted to show you that I could be an idol so I asked otaku for some advice he's really into Idols as you know so I figured he had some good advice and well he did the this ain't happening he told me all.

About Idols it gave me some pointers on how I could showcase my idol capabilities so to speak so he came up with the idea of a rent an idol and lured you in works like a charm didn't it hold it right there yep that's right otaku helped me out every step of the way.

Otaku you lying SLB that lying no good cretan I thought it was my friend track me like some dirty rat oh yeah for your information he decided to help me out because I resembled his favorite Idol apparently yeah I do recall him saying that when we were looking at those photos no mercy for these two no way.

Chiaki you did say you were going to root for me all the way right not another girl right so just this one time please forgive me I'm gonna stop being a fan darn it I was swindled tricked into it the cute face isn't going to do it please don't look at me like that you did promise me that right chiaki no way you would fall for.

Another girl I know it ah please don't ever look away always be with me don't know how long I can hold out how could any normal guy not forgive such a cute and Angelic face with that this whole rent to Idol episode came to a conclusion hey Chucky close for comfort back off Sana Mr friendly hug.

Fell to a fan that's all please ever since that day Sana would come to me like this every day and start teasing me not that I really mind hey otaku good morning oh my princess Sana well thanks for all your help otaku because of your help shiaki calls me cute every single day now.

Uh not exactly every day so everything went according to plan I'm so glad I was able to be of assistance to my Lord and princess now it's Lord and Princess give me a break these guys these two have no Pang of guilt about mocking me well I have one little payback in store for them.

Hey otaku for your help as a form of appreciation I wanted to give you something you will accept it won't you really for me wow I didn't realize how much you two appreciated My Hope here it is and I hope you will read it from start to finish.

Huh what's this with that I handed otaku a stack of papers the document he asked me to write okay this report is about my impressions of the rent to Idol episode there are approximately 200 Pages huh 200 Pages you asked me to write it remember I took the time to write this you will.

Read it won't you yeah well of course he said 100 pages but I opted for 200. form of harassment or maybe I should say otaku abuse you seem calm so you figure it's someone else's business do you what do you mean by that I wrote it all down.

A little tidbit what song you sang how your performance was what you said how you said it the works I put down everything I remembered even your little ticks and weird little sexy movements all the good and bad points it's all in there yeah okay so what she has no inkling everything that.

Happened that day it's all there uh everything yep all the embarrassing details the stuff you said the little hip Twirls everything don't want our classmates getting a hold of this document they'll squeeze it for all it's worth please don't show anyone please I'll do anything.

Sana was super cute doing that idle stick but truth be told I prefer Sana as a normal fun-loving high school girl seems more natural much cuter in my opinion thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well.