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[Manga Dub] I caught the wedding bouquet, so I handed it to the girl at work that seemed unhappy…


Miss Yi thank you for the materials there was nothing in particular to fix yes thank you very much for checking my name is toshiki minura I'm in my fifth year of working and I'm a 27-year-old office employee it is my fifth year so little by little I was given bigger responsibilities and I'm working really.

Hard along with my junior colleagues Miss yai is always very meticulous with her work it's only her second year but she's a junior colleague I can finally rely on F yai she was my junior colleague 3 years younger than me and because you're often put on projects together she is a junior colleague I get along with most oh it's already 12:00 I.

Should go to the cafeteria to eat my lunch hey toshiki do you want to eat lunch together that is if you're okay with Yu joining us sure it's been a while since I've had lunch with you guys so and yada hey you know I'm technically a sour now too well I'll still respond to either so it's fine Yuzu saari Yoshi.

Sawari they both Eder the company at the same time as me and one month ago they just got married don't you two usually pack your own lunches but today we're eating at the cafeteria we both overslept today so we didn't have time to pack anything yeah even though we over sleed we still made it to work on time so we're safe oh I.

See but you're both always on top of it it's r that you overslept last night we were up late planning our wedding so we were both tired that's right this next week isn't it yeah it only happens once in our lifetime so we don't want to mess it up plus we're living people from work so we need to be proper I'll probably never.

Understand what that's like but it must be hard hey now you're already 27 and at a good age it's probably not that far off for you either you're the only one in our age group that isn't married well yes because you guys got married all the others were already married so you're not dating anyone nope ever since I started working I haven't.

Dated anybody I don't go anywhere to meet people either I see then what about someone at work like your Junior colleague FAA that's definitely out of the question plus we only talk about work anyway really I think you guys would look good together she's really good at her job and she seems like a good girl she definitely is a good.

Person but even if I've thought so she probably wouldn't want it we're also 3 years apart 3 years is nothing why don't you try inviting her to dinner no I don't think I will if she has a boyfriend already then it would only be Troublesome to her plus because she's a good person I would want her to marry someone way better than me and become.

Happy you know you're a really good guy but you have no courage can't she at least say that she can make her happy that's what Yoshi said to to me hey that's embarrassing so you don't need to talk about that if you're going to be lovey-dovey do it elsewhere sorry sorry oh I think I have a good idea where did that come from I bet it's going to be.

Something stupid anyway that's not true well anyway you just wait and see sure I going get my hopes up a good idea I wonder if she's going to introduce me to someone I did have my hopes up a little bit but but nothing happened from that day until the day of the wedding I wonder what she was talking about with that good idea either way it was.

Probably just an impulsive thought so I shouldn't think about it more importantly today is finally the wedding this rare to see such a big wedding venue these days almost everybody from the office is here they have quite a lot of their friends here too oh Mr minura nice to see you it looks like we're at the same table wait.

Who is this beautiful person she just called me by my name so that must mean we definitely know each other is that you miss Yi yes it's me do I look like somebody else well no you just look completely different from when you're in the office yes I thought I needed to match the TPO and did my best but do I look weird I'm not used to wearing.

Clothes like this and on top of that I am not wearing my glasses and I'm trying contact lenses no if anything thing looks so great on you but I I think you should always be like this um thank you very much you're very good at giving compliments Mr minura even though you're my senior colleague you always thank me.

And compliment me at work too I don't think senior Junior College matters when it comes to things like that it's not necessarily a compliment but I think it's normal to thank somebody when they help you with something the fact that you think that's normal that's what makes you good at compliments and great see your colleague I don't know about.

That but thanks maybe it's because she seems different from usual but I feel like my heart is racing a little bit the ceremony will begin in about 5 minutes so please take your seats oh looks like the wedding is about to start from there the wedding ceremony began that was a beautiful ceremony Mrs saari looked beautiful here it was I have to say it.

Really makes me happy to see my two colleagues look so happy I was honestly feeling lazy about coming to the wedding but I'm actually glad I came we will now get ready for the bouquet toss so will all of the ladies who are participating please come Gather in the front oh this seems like fun so I'm going to go sure good luck the basas huh I know a lot of.

People actually hesitate and Nobody ends up getting the bouet hope it lands in the hands of somebody who actually wants to get married I'm going to throw it now she just do way too far down is she it's coming this way I'm pretty sure nothing bad comes from it dropping on the floor but how would it look if I avoid it but wait why is it coming so.

Fast shoot I reacted and accidentally caught it I'm sorry I didn't mean to catch it are you allowed to do a redo on these things there's no need for a redo is there either you take it yourself or you give it to somebody that you want to give it to that's ridiculous no but wait a minute I'm pretty sure the bo Kate house is about sharing in the happiness.

So I guess somebody that I want to be happy Miss yaoi if you'd like would you please take this for me what Miss Yi what's your answer um uh why are you giving it to me I guess because I wanted you to be the happiest out of anybody here wait a minute why does it sound like a proposal thank you very much in that case I want you to.

Make me happy Mr minura oh and of course I would like love to accept this bouquet sure I'll be happy if you would accept it a lot of excitement occurred throughout the wedding venue and the ceremony ended on a high note one week after the wedding I was having lunch with the Newly Weds who had just got him back from their.

Honeymoon thanks again for coming to the wedding yeah it was a really great wedding congrats again so how was it after the wedding after I went home by myself why excuse me even though it seemed like things were going doing so well with FAA well then what about the day after the wedding it was a Sunday wasn't it no nothing in particular what.

I'm going to double check but you are dating though right no we're not dating what even though there is such a spark between you two hey you serious that you're not dating after all that well after that I got too shy and I wasn't able to talk to her and even now I can't talk to her about anything besides work you need to get it to together I was.

Really looking forward to hearing more exciting updates today oh that's why he came to the cafeteria today even though you pat your own lunch that's right how pathetic anyway you need to go invite her on a date she asked you to make her happy so that must mean that she probably doesn't have a.

Boyfriend yeah I know I'll try asking her later after work don't ask her later you need to go now if you wait till after work if you don't finish at the same time then you won't be able to talk to her this is exactly why nothing has progressed even though an entire week has passed sure you more like my mom instead of a colleague but thank you I'm.

Motivated now I hurried to finish up my lunch and I went straight to miss yaoi oh she's in the break room alone this is my only chance to ask her Miss Yi do you have a minute yes what's the matter um I I was wondering if you'd like to maybe go for dinner sometime is that for work or is that a date uh that was extremely direct uh it's it's a date well then how.

About this Friday what are you sure I didn't think she would agree to go on a date with me this easily it actually caught me off guard yes it will be our first date you're right is there anything uh in particular you want to eat nothing comes to mind right away is there anything in this area that is good H how.

About Italian it was a while ago but there was a place I went to with sawatari that was really good that sounds great um I just want to ask but that salari is a male right yeah before he got married we used to out for drinks sometimes he really likes pizza so he always made me go to Italian restaurants with him oh I see I also like Italian so.

Let's go there sure sounds good well then I'll make a reservation yes thank you very much I'm looking forward to it she's so cute I was getting nervous about my first date with Miss yaoi and before I knew it it was already Friday we left work separately and decided not to meet at the restaurant but this feels fresh and is.

Nice um sorry to keep you waiting not at all I also just got here you're always wearing glasses at work but you changed into your contact lindes yes it is a date so I wanted to put in some effort and wear contacts thank you you look great thank you very much she's so different from when she's at work this.

Is bad for my heart all right what should we order I would like to eat the pecino good choice why don't we get that and one pizza from there while eating delicious food we had non-stop conversation we're having a few drinks and it feels good if I'm going to ask her out then now might be the only chance Mr mura would you like to try.

Some of this paccino what sure I guess I'll try some well then I'll give you a small Sher plate no I can beat it to you no it's fine so cute it feels like we're already dating wait a minute maybe Miss yai is already pretty drunk and I guess I can let her feed me no I should wait until we're officially dating for these things yeah actually I'll have the pasta.

Later before that do you mind if I say something sure you can tell me anything thank you then I will in the beginning I only saw you as my junior colleague at work what is that true yeah but at the wedding and and I thought about who I wanted to be the happiest and you were the first person that came to mine and that's why.

I would like to make you happy Miss yai please I would let to go out with you what wait a minute am I about to get rejected the time of the wedding I at least thought she didn't hate me but did I misread her uh um aren't we already going out though what since when what do you mean since when when I asked you at the wedding to make me happy you said.

Yes didn't you uh I was just saying yes to you saying you would accept the bouquet from me no way I completely thought we started dating at the time and I thought that we were both so shy about being in a relationship and that's why we're having trouble talking to each other you are right that it felt like I was asking.

You out and I got too shy into trouble talking to you I realized my feelings for you at that time but then I didn't know how to interact with you after that I see I had no idea if you didn't think we were dating then when I tried to feed you earlier you probably thought I was a crazy girl trying to feed you when we weren't even dating didn't you no I just.

Thought that maybe you were a little drunk and being assertive I have a high tolerance so I would never get drunk with this little alcohol I see but I was happy about it and I thought it was really cute plus I thought we should do that once we were already dating that's why I asked you out first I see yeah so I still want you to.

Do it to me okay I will well then since we weren't dating already I guess I should give you my answer that being said I thought we were already dating so I think my answer is obvious that's true but would you mind letting me hear your answer anyway yes I also like you Mr minura and how nice you are.

In and out of work please go out with me yes it would be my pleasure I thought this was going to be our first date as a couple but I guess this is actually going to be our anniversary spot that's true but to me I also will remember the day you gave me the flowers at the wedding forever yeah it's a very important day.

To me too well then why don't we have our wedding on that day what I'm sorry I got way too ahead of myself no I was happy to hear it this time I am not misunderstanding am I you're not I hope that we can get along well enough till someday get married to you Miss yai thank you very much I guess this is now also the place where you proposed to.

Me I guess so our relationship began out of momentum and misunderstanding but I have a feeling we'll get a long well from here 30 minutes later we left the Italian restaurant and we're walking down the street um Miss yai I'm a little embarrassed after grab my arm like this why not we in a relationship after all well that's not true but if you run into.

Someone you know it will make me blush wait oh oh look if it isn't Mr minura and Miss yuchi Mrs sari nice to see you you too based on this I guess you guys are now dating yeah well yes I actually thought we were dating from the day of your wedding but he officially asked me out today yeah I don't blame you for thinking that what I heard 3 days ago.

From this guy that you guys weren't dating I was shocked I'm sorry but we got here in the end so it's fine right I guess so if you weren't dating then it would have been pointless for me to aim right at you and throw the bouquet at your seat what that wasn't a coincidence I completely thought that you got too excited and flew it over to me there's.

No way you would go that far out of a coincidence well that's true right I used it as a softball team and I aimed it for you that's why I was able to throw it over there but I felt bad for the girls who actually came to the front to catch it so I tried not to make it look like I didn't know on purpose I see so that good idea you were.

Talking about before was at the boat okay that's right you really are a good guy but you don't have any courage so I gave you an opportunity I know I said this before but you really are like a mom oh auna just so you know this guy just didn't realize his own feelings but before the wedding he was always talking about you and saying what a great girl.

You are and that he wanted you to be happy so I created the opportunity with the bouquet but I'm sure you would have ended up together regardless what is that true hey you don't need to say all of that I didn't know you were looking out for me that much Miss minura yeah you're the junior colleague.

Best at your job so you're on my mind I didn't know if you had only told me earlier we could have been dating much sooner I know but since this guy has no courage shut up leave me alone funa if this guy becomes tou Shay again you need to tell me I'll smack some sense into him hey give give me a break yes thank you very much oh but I think.

We'll be fine from now on since after he asked me out he also proposed to me earlier what tell me more about that but please give me a break I'm sure a lot of people have something to say but I know we'll be fine through it all thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.