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[Manga Dub] I dated a girl for a week as part of her punishment, but… [RomCom]


The batsu game will be to ask chiaki akaba out from class B for a week oh shiaki is that guy with the scary face right there's a rumor that he's so innocent he's called Pure P oh what the heck so Mega me you should play the game with us too huh me party pooper alert come on get over here.

I don't want to do this but I don't want them to hate me either my name is chiaki akaba and I'm a junior I try my best not to look scary but people say I glare a lot but some have found out about my innocent personality and they've started calling me puriki I don't have a lot of friends but I have a few chiaki let's go home.

Oh hey Sana yeah let's go home this is one of my friends that I was telling you about her name is Sana nanasay she's the most popular girl in school and then my mom started freaking out like crazy Sana looks like a Japanese girl and she knows how to have fun don't forget her nice body she's always friendly and cheerful a lot of guys have.

Crushes on her still can't figure out why she hangs out with a geek like me it's a mystery hey you are looking at me right now weren't you no I wasn't dude your face it's too close you are so cute and innocent she's always like this towards me joking and teasing.

And I think we have a pretty good friendship going on but Sana seems to want to change our friendship into something else in a nutshell she's developed feelings for me so have you considered dating me at all I don't think that's a good idea are you sure about that until any other girl would give you the.

Time of day you know I actually agree with you on that no girl in their right mind would even consider dating me will you go out with me let me take that back the day after I walked home with sana a girl came up to me after school she said her name was Megami kohinata I didn't know what to say she was a.

Completely different type of Beauty from Sana but extremely attractive huh do you have feelings for me um well anyways please go out with me is this a part of a botsu game or something how did you know oh so it is a part of a batsu game I shouldn't have asked her I'm so pathetic if that's the case I don't.

Think I can date you I knew it sorry for making you come out of your classroom for this you should be I mean I knew it was a botsu game from the beginning so I'm not hurt at all but still what should I do what will I tell the girls oh why can't I just stand up for myself hopefully caused trouble for this guy.

Too whoa she seems to have a lot on her shoulders eyeball huh communicating I'm good at expressing my thoughts to people sorry well it wasn't very nice of you to ask me out just for a bat suit game but I'm willing to listen if you.

Want to talk I decided she needed somebody to vent to according to megumi she recently transferred here in the middle of the school year having her shy personality didn't help her make any friends and she's still mostly a loner in class she has trouble saying no to her classmates requests because she doesn't want them to hate on her hearing.

Her story reminded me of myself I could imagine how she felt all alone in a classroom full of students but I really shouldn't have done this to you I know it's too late but I'm really sorry I should have said no no matter what I think so too I wouldn't have done it even if they ended up hating me but to be honest.

I understand how you're scared about people hating you he's taking it so seriously I wasn't expecting it but I found myself feeling sympathetic towards megumi I get where she was coming from she just did it because she was scared of being alone so Mega me do you want to continue having this kind of Friendship with your.

Classmates if so I'll do it you just don't want to be left out right well yes but what do you mean you'll do it I'll date you for a week I'll pretend I don't know anything about the batsu game what but it won't do any good for you it's too much to ask I'll be all right I'll just be pretending it's not a big deal but you know whether it's a boyfriend or.

A friend you should try to find somebody that you can open your heart to someday uh okay I promise I will and so Mega me and I decided to pretend to go out for a week fake relationship day one well I didn't realize just how purine it is that you are well that's why they call me pure key well I like it I think it's really cute.

Fake relationship day two look I made this open till for you would you like to try it thanks it's amazing Mega me you're good at cooking too that's so nice of you to say it's the only thing I can do fake relationship day three Mega me you have an older sister yup but she's the exact opposite of me personality wise I.

Bet she's pretty if she looks anything like you huh fake relationship day four um would it be okay for me to call you chiaki from now on you see I thought we would get closer if we decide on how to call each other that's fine with me I mean my friends all call me chiaki so.

Then you can call me megu okay then megu what is it your face is red thing starting to like chiaki for real but the thing is he's only dating me because it's part of the batsu game I don't know what to do you should try to find somebody that you can open your heart to someday why is chiagi being so.

Nice to me but I can't tell but I wonder what she okay thinks of me the fifth day of our fake relationship ducky you don't have any time for me these days look out there today okay oh my bad sign up but I can't today did you wait long.

Um who is she oh well she's sort of my girlfriend I don't understand a word you're saying I said she's my girlfriend what's up what the hecky Anna calm down let me explain what about me what do you mean you have.

A girlfriend oh my gosh is this my fault no it's not what you think chiaki and I are not dating for real but shihoki said you're his girlfriend I'm his girlfriend kind of but not really things were getting complicated so I decided to start from the beginning geez so you guys are just pretending to.

Be dating for a week so she could finish her batsu game so glad you understand now couldn't have gotten so worked up that's right now you know that it's not like we have feelings for each other um silly I want to confess I have started having feelings for chiaki what I'm sorry I started liking you since we.

Spent so much time together these past few days what should I do Mega me just told us that she has feelings for me but I'm aware that shiyaki has no intention of dating me after this week I know that we are just dating for the batsu game it doesn't mean anything more I am thankful for everything you did for me chiaki oh she seems like such a nice girl and so.

I'm totally fine with breaking up in two days that's what we had planned that's right we're going to be breaking up in two days yeah hey it's yucky can I borrow Omega me for a second huh uh uh okay I left the room to give Sana and mega me some privacy to talk so tell me the truth how do you.

Want this to end um to be honest I don't think I deserve to ask him if we can keep dating I mean obviously I'm not good enough for him oh my goodness you are so frustrating what is this crap about you not being good enough if you like him just say it I apologize no I am the one who has to be sorry I.

Lashed out because I was jealous of you Sana do you like chiaki as well yep I do I really do I like him so much I don't know what to do about it but no matter what I do it's hopeless he won't say yes to me but I wonder why chiaki is so hesitant to take the next step with you Sana I don't know maybe it's because of his personality chiaki is super shy and.

He doesn't have a lot of confidence I wish he believed in himself to me he's the most attractive guy in the world I know what you mean he's so innocent it's adorable I know right but at times he's so reliable and I feel safe with him and he's willing to do so much for others oh why are we getting so excited talking.

About him you tell me seriously though he's amazing such a pure and honest person that's what I like about him the most I didn't know they had this conversation until later on after that I ended up walking home with Sana so what are you going to do about it megumi well we're planning to break up in two days so are you sure.

About that she's such a nice girl and we hit it off earlier after she said her feelings for you are real she regrets putting you in a messy situation with the whole batsu game thing she feels so bad I see to be honest I think you guys make a nice couple she's not like me she's modest and caring what's going on.

You seem a little different today what am I always like oh well you I just don't know why you're complimenting her so much even I think I'm weird even if the person I like doesn't like me and like someone else I feel like I'll be okay as long as the person I like is happy with his partner I don't know why.

Sana I'm jealous obviously but I wouldn't blame you if you chose her I could see why you would start liking her so chiaki I want you to promise me that you'll treat her right okay anyways I have to be somewhere so I'll get going shiaki you need to seriously think about what you're going to do hey Sana Sana ran off without trying to hear my reply.

Me dating chiaki is Sonic gonna be okay with that but I don't even want to imagine spending my days without him in my life megumi dad has something important to say to us okay just a sec I'll be right there Mom the next day I went to megami's classroom during lunch break but she wasn't there I felt this weird.

Uneasiness so I looked around for her huh what do you mean you can't keep doing the patsu game that's Mega me and some girls from her class I have developed real feelings for chiaki now so I don't want to keep fooling him you actually have feelings for that guy he's pure cute with scary eyes what's.

There to like don't you dare insult him he's sweet and wonderful he's done all of this just to make my life easier he knows it's a batsu game but he's kind enough to go along with it for my sake hey so that means you broke the promise you made with us geez whatever happened.

To chicks over dicks hey there you are megumi huh Sana oh it's that Sana from class C Mega me did you forget we were supposed to eat lunch together uh um oh do you guys want to join us too Mercury is going to eat lunch with my friends and me from now on.

Let's go Sana came at the right time and the girls immediately left they knew better than to fight with Sana the most popular girl in our school thank you for saving me hey stop it you did a great job making me you straight up told them what they needed to hear I guess Sana is handling.

Things after that I took Mega me over to a nearby bench to talk to her guess what I've been thinking and I think you are the perfect match for chiaki what do you mean why don't you continue dating Chucky for real that way his life would be fulfilled he deserves it what did I say something wrong it's not.

That you didn't say anything wrong I need to tell you something but I want you to keep it a secret from chiaki the next day was the seventh day the last day of our fake relationship I met up with megumi um chiaki I just wanted to thank you for the past week hey I had a lot of fun too thanks megu.

So we'll be parting ways now but I have one more favor to ask you a favor what is it I want you to treat Sana right Sana why please she really cares about you she likes you more than you think I want you to put a smile on sana's face Mega me never came back to school after.

That I heard later on that she moved to Hokkaido because of her father's work she wasn't coming back dear chiaki akaba are you doing well are you being nice to Sana like I asked it's been a month since I moved to Hokkaido I feel really bad for just disappearing on you and leaving you without saying goodbye I've gotten used to the life in Hokkaido it's.

A nice place to live I wanted to tell you about the friends I made in Hokkaido they're so funny and sweet I'm having fun every day it's all thanks to you and Sana you guys changed me I keep wishing I could meet somebody like you over here it would be great to have a boyfriend.

But it hasn't happened yet I hope I find someone someday someone I can truly open up to I'll never forget about you guys Mega me KO Hinata P.S make sure you never do anything to make Sada cry I'm glad Mega me is having a good time at Hokkaido yeah I agree are you crying chiaki I'm not crying yeah you are.

No I'm not okay okay just let it all out then we'll go home I'll buy you something good to eat thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.