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[Manga Dub] I dated a girl to work on my people skills, but my childhood friend got mad… [RomCom]


Oh you want to do it with you chiaki please Sana I can't you're moving too fast I chiakyakaba a sophomore in high school have the class Madonna all over me do you want to meet chiaki yeah but taking a video of it in right.

It's fine I already got the okay from my parents so let's and so we'll be starting a live stream together from now on oh God exposed again a hooky will be announcing the channel name uh the channel name will be come on chiaki your expressions are so.

Dull we take hey Sana it's too early for us high schoolers to be making a couple Channel that's right Sana and I are starting a couple Channel we're not even dating you know it's fine most of them are just business partners anyway come on now how did it even come to this it all.

Started when I talked to Nana say sana a girl at the top of the school ranks and how I could improve my social skills I know one way to fix it it is a big and rough treatment method but I'm letting you know just in case but I'm not dating you okay but if we date your social skills will.

Automatically improve where do you get that from I'm kidding we'll just pretend to be a couple what pretend to be a couple who'll just become a YouTube couple did I hear that right did you just say a YouTube couple that's right we'll just make videos as a.

Couple and put it on YouTube does that mean we'll be showing the whole world that we're a couple that's fine even if you quit No One's Gonna remember that's kind of sad well that's not the problem here let's give it a shot I'll think of a few ideas.

I don't think I can do that I did it a high school girl and a pure boy this is our first video yay isn't the editing pretty good isn't it amazing we got 1 000 views on our first day you're the star of the show in actuality it's sana's Visual and talk skills I'm just kind of there looking stupid.

So this is the idea for the next video um a date in the city a date yep so let's go right now and so I went along with sana's ideas and after a week of starting the channel Chucky look look we passed 10 000 subscribers what the last video we uploaded of our dates past 100 000 views wait I don't understand is that a lot.

It was as expected more than half of the viewers were males her ideas were a part of the success but most of the viewers came for sana's looks we only upload every three days and yet we were growing at an unbelievable pace but there was one thing that bothered me once we get more famous we can do so.

Many new things work with other famous YouTubers or even an anime collab no we don't have to do all that can you please just focus on helping me improve my social skills it feels like the main purpose of this whole idea was being replaced worrying about it didn't help and as time went on and more videos were uploaded we passed.

30 000 subscribers in no time gotta think of a new video idea let's try um Sana can we talk for a second yeah you have an idea no it's just that my social skills aren't really getting better yeah no that wasn't an idea for a video it's.

A serious concern of mine title will be shy introvert tries to improve social skills results were horrifying something like that what do you think no way what's the point if it ends in a horrifying way what I thought it would be pretty funny don't mix humor into this I'm being.

Serious over here we both tried to think of a good way I could change from my introverted and shy nature meanwhile hi hayasaki Miu was worried I haven't been talking to chiaki at all recently even at school he's busy with doing something with Nana sassan he doesn't give me any attention could they.

Be dating it's chiaki of all people there's no way he did say they were just friends hey check this out what isn't that pure Aki and Sana huh chiaki and Sana you mean Nana sassan wait oh what is this a couple Channel on YouTube you serious taken that's a shock.

Couple YouTuber what's everyone talking about I came back to the classroom after a meeting with Sana our next video will be a date in the city part two to improve my social skills I was to think of a date plan and escort sauna a date with Sana this weekend no no this is not a date it's a video shoot.

Chiaki can I talk to you huh what's wrong Miu you look angry are you hiding something from me huh hiding something from you is she talking about the couple Channel um no nothing in particular are you sure I swear all right never mind then what's up with her attitude.

She seems different from usual I went to the video shoot feeling uneasy after what happened with Miu let's start our city date part two yeah yay okay that's a cut is something wrong chiaki um no not really then put more energy into it this is.

Your video idea you're right you're acting weird today huh well yeah if you have something on your mind talk to me no well this doesn't have anything to do with you so although we're just a business couple we're still Partners so you have to talk.

To your partners about what's bothering you Partners sana's right I'm causing trouble for her Sana look I that day I went to the city alone for some shopping I couldn't even have a proper conversation with chiaki yesterday.

And why is he keeping that YouTube channel a secret from me he should just tell me about it if she's just a friend wait is that chiaki and Nana sassan so we're going to have pure Aki pick out a date spot today hey don't call me that I'm so excited.

Chiaki what are you doing he's even grabbing arms with her okay let's go to the first date spot I'm the one that's escorting you today the first spot chiaki took sauna was a dress shop where couples could enjoy cosplaying together how do I look looks great Sana you can pull off.

Anything you too Chucky pear looks are pretty nice no compared to you I look hey no negative comments allowed that's a mark off what if you're on a date with a girl you need to show confidence let me start over I look pretty good with this cosplay am I right.

No one likes narcissists either so be careful what do you want me to say then none of his son looks so cute and shiaki looks like he's having fun the next spot was a fancy dessert shop wow look at this parfait face so cute how do you know all these places um well one of my friends introduced me.

This is the place I was telling chiaki about oh well he's just using it for this video it's no big deal it's still rubbing me the wrong way watching those two made me feel uneasy but I didn't know what to do and the final spot they visited was the top floor of a high-rise building lucky don't let go.

You all right my heart's fluttering is it because I'm up so high or is it because you're grabbing my hand it's probably because it's so high up I think hey sauna let's wrap it up so she's grabbing on to him chiaki what me you huh Mia why are you here.

Oh well I just wanted to see a nice view what are you doing here with none of his son uh um I hey you two uh actually is it okay if I talk to you ayasaki-san chiaki can you leave us alone for a second ah um sure.

As I left those two alone I felt my heart getting heavier have those two ever talked before hope nothing goes wrong um I asked not as his son about their relationship between her and chiaki and so it's not like we're actually dating I guess you can call it a business couple chiaki and I are just.

Friends is that so but why did you two start a YouTube channel in the first place chiaki wanted to get better at socializing with people so through these videos I was hoping he would gain more confidence and improve that I see chiaki was just trying to change.

Himself well that's where you're wrong there is something I heard from him just before we started shooting chiaki was talking about how he wanted to improve his social skills for a certain friend a certain friend.

He didn't tell me who it was but that person is similar to chiaki with a shy and introverted personality but they're working really hard to change he said he wanted to learn from them and try to change as well because that person right how sweet huh seems like they're a really important.

Person to tiaki even today's plan he was just going around places he wanted to go with that special person but isn't that kind of awkward for you no no don't worry chiaki was pretty shy about it but I told him it's just practice rehearsal for the real deal.

I see none of his son I admire your strength not really not as strong as you ayasaki-san I can't really be alone I wish it could be cooler like you uh I I'm just really shy I wonder who that person is chiaki talks about me you you're pretty close to him aren't you do you know um I'm not that.

I thought for a second that special person would be me but that can't be possible I'm pretty jealous but we're a business couple so I can't hug him all to myself for now so do you actually like chiaki yeah I do he's done a lot for me even though he has no interest in me.

But there's no time to be sad I'm going to become that special someone he's talking about Nana Sasson what a strong-minded person if it were me I would have already gave up oh yeah ayasaki-san you can call me by my first name just call me Mio yep oh kamisana nice to meet you Miu.

Sana nice meeting you Emil want to join us for the video from now on huh me you're really pretty Mew views will Skyrocket um I'll refrain myself from media exposure all right we need to shoot the ending so let's get chiaki back out here.

I need to apologize to chiaki for misunderstanding him hey sauna me you chiaki wait what's going on I don't know but I mean chased how you're okay we got him hey hey look over here you're so much cuter in person aren't you so pure.

Oh wait is it true that you've never kissed a girl before do you want to try with me please have my feet help me stop me you chiaki why are you flirting with other girls you cheater yeah you cheater what are you guys talking about hurry up and help me here.

Apparently I had fans but it felt like I lost something important in exchange later that day this scene went public on YouTube during the date with sana a group of girls came in and barged into the scene causing an interruption after that I was jostled by a group of fan girls this got a million views but blew up in the worst.

Way all over the platform our channel was banned hey pure Aki let's make a YouTube channel we start as a Playboy YouTuber please help me the two pretty girls were angry at me for whatever reason truly Foster's shy introvert tries to.

Improve social skills results were horrifying storyline thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well