Home Manga Dub [Manga Dub] I ditched studying to go to a hot spring with the prettiest girl in school. [RomCom]

[Manga Dub] I ditched studying to go to a hot spring with the prettiest girl in school. [RomCom]


My name is chiaki akaba i'm feeling very overwhelmed right now hey purekey's studying here allow me to switch on your motivation yeah so feeling motivated yet.

Ah please stop i'm starting to forget all the vocabulary i just learned as you can see my studying is being disrupted by the girls in my class i can't focus and we have exams starting tomorrow you're so pure and innocent.

So cute cut it out guys i really need to study for tomorrow's test i wish i was him i'm not used to talking to girls i don't know why they keep making fun of me it sucks because all the guys hate me.

For it so studying in the classroom isn't going to work but i get lazy when i'm at home i started walking towards the library to find some peace chiaki hey me you did you come to study for your test too uh yeah her name is miyu ayasaki.

She's famous for her mature demeanor and attractive facial features making her the most popular girl in school she's also one of my very few female friends let me guess all the girls were messing with you and you couldn't take it anymore it wouldn't let me focus.

You're so popular with the girls they're just making fun of me if i was really popular with girls i would have a girlfriend by now maybe i can make fun of you too oh come on i'm all worn out she's known for her cool attitude and behavior but she also has this childish playful side to her.

She's actually very age-appropriate you want to study together thanks i don't want to get in your way though we'll get more done together let's start with wait this could turn into a guy's fantasy a hugging lesson why don't you try first.

Wait a minute what is this lesson about um health and physical education you're joking right we don't need a lesson on that i'm just kidding hey let's go to some hot springs that came out of nowhere we're not going why are you trying to get out of studying.

Tomorrow's our first day of exams relax it's just a little break hot springs will get your blood circulation going which will improve your brain function that's what people who are already ready for their exams do who's ever ready well i especially can't afford to lose.

Any study time are we really not going of course we're not it's the day before exact i can't believe we're here you're so sweet chiaki i'm so going to regret this despite what i had said.

Miu and i ended up taking a one-hour train ride out to a hot spring um the water feels so nice doesn't it i guess so isn't this a nice break from all the studying this doesn't count as a break we haven't done any studying hey.

Nobody will go out with you if you're so uptight all the time am i really uptight is there ever going to be a girl who will accept me for who i am there is in outer space i'd prefer for her to be on earth preferably in japan.

Well honestly i think you're pretty awesome huh what did you say i said i think you're pretty awesome um does that mean you uh chiaki do you not like me of course i like you.

Okay i'm glad to hear that uh this is kind of awkward oh maybe we can leave the foot bath and enjoy some real hot springs huh an underage boy and girl taking a bath together doesn't sound appropriate we ended up in a hot spring bath.

Together anyway she looks so mature but she's goofy and sweet and a little clumsy i can't seem to leave her alone she has this strange control over me when it comes to making decisions well it's not only me you women in general have that effect on me that felt really good.

I i'm glad you feel that way you didn't like the bath no of course i liked it i don't know if it's the yukata but i'm really attracted to her right now i should look away right now but i can't help but stare at her look at her.

She's just so beautiful what would happen if the guys in our class found out i came to the hot springs with her it's frightening to think about it hey were you just staring at me um no no i wasn't you were lying you little pervert.

Yeah i couldn't help but it's your fault for being so pretty wait you think i'm pretty ah you did not hear anything oh my gosh what the hell am i saying hey let's play table tennis.

Why all of a sudden i just suddenly wanted to play uh okay then okay then ready whoever gets 11 points first wins loser buys the winner a drink sounds good can i serve first sure bring it on.

I am so ready for this she challenged me i will make her regret it but get ready to get beaten go ah i can totally see everything mia was putting her all into this game.

In fact she was putting too much out and i literally saw all of her yay my point wait why are you looking down oh well i guess i'm just a sore loser seriously oh come on we're just getting started get up wait.

I need to pull myself back together as you can tell she kept gaining points take this i kept seeing what i should not have been seeing our score points were five to ten she had made it to match point.

You're not very good at this are you it's not my best sport this is your last chance i know then i saw it just to be clear i don't mean i saw mew's delicate parts i figured out her weak spot and decided to take a shot where her.

Hands were in backhand form this is a serious competition it wouldn't be right to not take this chance this is where my payback starts my secret technique backhand attack ready here we go oh.

However just then miu's obi came apart and her robe opened wide oh no it's your serve but it doesn't mean you should serve up everything don't look i didn't see i swear i did not even peek.

That's so not true you saw didn't you no i almost did but i didn't tell me the truth no way i could tell her that i had actually been seeing everything from the beginning oh my gosh you're such a pervert it wasn't my fault you saw though you better take.

Responsibility for this what responsibility wait don't come any closer looking like that and so our argument continued for a while but we eventually came to an agreement to get into the hot springs again we should forget about what happened miu seems to have forgotten all about it.

Too hey chiaki yeah what's up let's go over there before we go home the shooting game i've hit it so many times but it just won't fall she's so cute when she's having so much fun.

Okay chiaki you try um okay let me try we had fun and we got on the train after we walked around for a bit thanks for getting it for me it's so cute no problem i was just lucky i'm gonna keep it forever oh okay anyways today was so much fun.

I agree thanks for coming with me no problem going to the hot springs with you kind of felt like a real date going to the hot springs together kind of felt like a date didn't it no it wasn't a date i know i didn't mean it like that we.

Both aren't very good at communicating our thoughts but we were apparently thinking the same way chiaki you really are sweet you know huh that's so random what's the matter you always listen to what i want i just can't figure it out what.

It's strange how you don't have a girlfriend well i have a communication disorder and i'm indecisive i disagree i love spending time with you i don't think you have a communication disorder and you're very sweet really i heard what she said.

I just can't fully believe it i wish i had the confidence to act more boldly plus i feel like i can really count on you you're embarrassing me you're embarrassed that's so sweet cut it out i really can't believe you don't have a.

Girlfriend yeah do you have like feelings for someone huh no i don't suddenly meeu's head was on my shoulder and my imagination started up.

This is what it would be like if miu and i were dating we would have so much fun i'm desperately craving a girlfriend and if that girlfriend was miyu hey um miyu oh she's sleeping.

It's hard chilly she calls my name while she's sleeping how much cuter can she get miu's face looked so innocent while she was asleep my heart was pounding but it felt so right at the same time i eventually fell asleep.

Feeling the warmth of miu's body when we woke up we were at the last stop excuse me this is the final stop for this train what if you want to go back in the opposite direction there is still a train scheduled to depart soon why didn't you wake me up.

I'm sorry but it's partly your fault too you fell asleep first well you shouldn't have fallen asleep i've been studying for two days straight i was exhausted hmm must be nice to be so young we were lucky enough to catch the last train home.

It sucked how we were on such bad terms at the end however seriously that was so stupid of us i know i agree we both felt so silly about the situation we started laughing the moment.

Our eyes met there were some rough spots but i think it's safe to say we had a great day i was happy to see a different side of miyu spending time with her allowed me to feel like we connected on another level but there's something i'm forgetting ah.

I can't believe i didn't study at all these exams are making me want to tear my hair out just in case you were wondering miyu managed to pass all of her exams i on the other hand failed miserably and my next week will be spent in remedial classes you should really study for your exams.

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