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[Manga Dub] I fell in love with my older step-sister… [RomCom]


After all sister heroines are the best I'm a rather normal senior high school boy who likes romantic comedy manga and I've just finished taking the entrance exam so I'm taking some time off before I enter University to read some manga that I haven't read before now I'm gonna read a work with a heroine who I've known for a long time.

No Tekken the heroine is always the sister I won't accept any other choice I was about to pick up the manga but my sister Chloe cakey she took it away from me and handed me with and handed me one with a heroine who was a sister well she's my sister but we're not related by blood she's my stepsister after my father.

Remarried when I was in junior high school um sis what talking why are you sleeping in my bed because it's warmer I wouldn't want you to catch a cold the heater is on don't underestimate the winter cold even if the room is warm we.

Need to keep warm well then why don't you just put on more clothes that's a lot of laundry isn't it in times like this human skin is the best isn't it warmer like this well of course it's warm but not only my body but my head is getting hot too.

My sister and I aren't actually related by blood and she's a very beautiful woman who wouldn't get aroused by such a combination of conditions right oh it's warmer if I do this sis ah it's so warm I can feel my body filling up with the tucking energy.

Talking energy it's the source of energy that keeps me moving I'll Supply myself with enough for a week so stay still whoa I can't take any more of this sis please get away from me or else I'll I'm gonna eat you oh okay you don't have to get on just get off.

No I want to get closer to you I missed you while I was in college if you miss me so much why don't you get a boyfriend you're so popular you should be able to get one in no time right you know Tekken you are the only one and only one in this world there's no way some boyfriend can take your place do you understand.

No I don't understand I don't understand any of what you're saying I have no idea why you like me so much either thinking back I feel like I've been maxed out in terms of likability since the moment I met you I asked you once I asked her once when we first became siblings like she cared.

So much about a book reading indoor junkie like me the brother that's all she would say even if someone wanted a brother I'm pretty sure they'd be disappointed if it was someone like me oh that's right Tekken why don't you take a bath with me today I'm sure it'll.

Be warm if we take a bath together warm enough to beat the winter cold no way that's not something a male and female at this age would do we do it because we're a male and female at this age oh that's the kind of person you are this is not the time to be making remarks like that I'm almost at the.

Limit of my rationality just just get away from me I'll leave if you take a bath with me don't be selfish if you don't stop you're gonna make me dislike you no you can't dislike that's the last thing she wanted to hear from me she backed away from me with tears.

Streaming down her face I'll move I won't even ask you to take a bath with me please don't dislike me I understand all right all right just stop crying for now then Tekken do you like your sister I do I like you too she stopped crying and instantly turned into a big smile.

She's older and beautiful but childish I think it's a little dangerous that I find this kind of thing cute she's always so close to me maybe it's time for me to move on but even if I decide to do that how do I do it hey Tekken what sis you're graduating soon aren't you exam.

Season is over and Valentine's Day is coming right yeah what about that don't get chocolate from other girls you have me yeah but we're sister and brother all you need is me understood okay okay but I don't think a Loser Like Me would even get chocolates though.

Yeah there's no way that I a manga otaku indoor guy will get chocolates from someone other than his own family I've always been like that and I'm sure I'll always be like that that's what I thought however um please take this what I got a chocolate from a girl on the.

Same Library board my head is in turmoil over this first turn of events in my life I'm just checking but are you serious is it some kind of punishment oh I see it's an obligatory chocolate you'll give them out to everyone right no I'm not what.

It's only for you you're kidding right I never thought a guy like me would get chalk this like this it must be some mistake no it's not you're very caring diligent and nice Kachi kin am I yeah you might not realize it but you're rather popular among girls oh please it has to be a lie right.

I'm not lying I've never gotten chocolate from anyone other than my own family though I think everyone was just stuck it takes courage to give someone chocolates and even if you lie to them saying it's an obligator shot they're watching each other to make sure nobody gets ahead are you serious.

I'm serious but since we're graduating and won't see each other that often I worked up the courage and she doesn't seem like she's lying I didn't think people thought of me like that you don't have to reply Kaji ishikin I know you don't think anything of me so she said she was just happy to be able.

To confide her feelings to me and this would later turn into a big incident tuck in what's that tell me honestly which Pig gave it to you I won't get mad but first what's that big thing back there sis I won't get mad so tell me honestly.

It's a life-sized chocolate of me I tried my best to make it just for you hey I see but I can't eat that much that much can be good for your health but I worked so hard to make the mold using silicone says when were you doing that it's dangerous are you worried about me oh takun your.

Kind okay from next year I'll coat myself in chocolate it's a little hot but I'll do my best no just give me something normal if it's normal it's no better than the rest I mean come on Tekken answer my question already which Pig gave it to you she's a mem Pig She's a member of the library board.

All right those obligatory chocolates no she said it's only for me damn it the chocolates I got are only for me the moment I said that my sister snapped she appears to be carrying a huge aura behind her my Tycoon has finally fallen into the.

Clutches of another woman oh why wasn't I born two years later then I could have gone to the same school and graduated the same year then other women wouldn't have the chance calm down sis she just gave it to me she even confessed her feelings for me but said she didn't need a reply.

She said she was satisfied with the way that she was she said that she was satisfied with the way that she was able to tell me how she feels satisfied sexual desires too I bet she's still eyeing your body with an Eagle Eye even though she pretends to have given up on.

You that's absurd I agree that we're both the same and girls have sexual desires too but I don't think what she's saying is true she's a quiet girl who likes books I said that back but that's even more suspicious she must be.

Doing some unspoken and unbelievable things in her fantasy world because she's not open about it how dare she tarnish my Tycoon it doesn't matter what you do in your fantasy world you're free to imagine I think it's healthy if you're venting in your fantasies so you don't do it in real life.

But my sister doesn't seem to be convinced and she keeps getting rougher and rougher oh at this point it's useless no matter what I say it's best to leave her alone for a while I left my sister in a tizzy and went back to my room changed into my loungewear and laid down.

Without even noticing the further trouble that was coming my way I slept well wait what why am I in a car oh morning Tycoon says uh where am I in my car right oh where are you trying to take me while I'm in my sleep well it's a very nice place a nice place.

Yeah that's where me and Tycoon are going to tie the knot who are going to be happy in front of God so we won't be disturbed by another Pig are her eyes really scary she said something about God could this be a life-threatening situation and not just chastity sis um I want to use the bathroom could.

You stop the car there's a portable toilet right there so use that you're too prepared oh I think I'm okay but I'm getting a little hungry then eat your sister that chocolate is on the back seat so have a taste with love from your sister.

You brought it no wonder it smells so sweet I am so happy to have my beloved Tycoon eat it my sister's eyes have gotten even scary my sister's eyes have gotten even scarier I feel like we're heading towards somewhere with less and less people if I.

Don't do something it could be really bad I have to get off this car as soon as possible come on Tycoon we're here get out of the car it seems that we arrived at our destination I have to convince her somehow before she takes us to God or else my life will.

Be in danger wait a second this is why are we at a church as part of their Valentine's Day event they offer a special service for couples a commemorative photo wearing a tuxedo and a wedding dress I'm going to be your bride Tycoon I won't let any other Pig.

Take you away so that's what this was all about looks like my sister wanted to take a commemorative photo with me good thing I was wrong I wish you would have told me in advance you weren't me unnecessarily unnecessary worry I thought you're actually gonna take us.

To God saying something like let's be together in the next life second you have such strong imagination there's no way I would do that I was a little annoyed at my sister who was laughing so hard in my imaginary story why wait until the next life we can just get married in this one.

In this one we're sisters and brothers we're step siblings right the only legal limitation is by Blood since we're not related by blood there's nothing wrong with marriage but there's always a matter of public opinion our love for each other is more important it's foolish to hold back what.

You really want to do because of what other people say oh yeah what about our parents what are you gonna tell Mom and Dad I'm gonna be honest with them they know I like you they already gave me the green light are you serious that's right that's why neither of them.

Call I mean who do you think put you in the car I couldn't have done it alone you're right that means yep it's parents approved come on let's get dressed and take a picture together okay you two look over here and smile okay great hey Tycoon sorry about today with everything.

Why all of a sudden you always run off like this don't you I know but I hope I didn't annoy you by bringing you here while you were sleeping I was surprised but not annoyed but why I couldn't stand it when you got a chocolate I mean it was only one though.

Still I'm not the same age as you and we can't spend time together during the day so I wanted something tangible to show that you are mine to appeal to you I see sis why do you like me so much you always say you've always wanted a brother but this isn't something you would do to a brother is it when I asked her that she turned red to.

The ears which was unusual for her and began to speak at first I really thought of you as my brother but it didn't take long for me to see you as a romantic interest you would always greet me with a smile and before I knew it I became attracted to you and started to think I wouldn't.

Want you to be anyone else's I see I didn't think you felt that way because you've been the same all this time you're so insensitive Tycoon she laughed at me as if she was trying to be cheeky I return the same smile okay one last photo please kiss as an.

Oath in front of God oh if it's embarrassing you don't have to actually do it can what should we do what do you mean I like you I like you as a brother but I like you more as the opposite sex I like you so much that I go crazy when I think that someone might steal you.

Away that's why I want to kiss you in front of God but you don't write you like me as a sister but you don't see me in that way so you don't have to if you don't want to you can just pretend to kiss me like the cameraman said but but if you think that you might like me even a little bit has the opposite.

Sex I want to kiss you my sister told me in a whispering voice my answer was you called me insensitive but so are you sis what you tell me you like me every day and get so close to me how could I not be conscious of you.

Or sister and brother but we're step siblings of course I'll think of you in that way Ben I've been holding myself back because I'm your brother but if you say so I won't from now on I'm gonna face my feelings I don't know if it would be the answer.

You want but yeah that's enough for now thanks second the moment the shutter clicked my sister hugged me the veil was fluttering and hiding the mouth but that's the best part because of its mysteriousness this photo which may or might this photo.

Which may or may not have been a kiss was later entered in a photography competition and won a gold medal but that's for another story sis my beloved stepsister winked at my flustered face and said marry him remember that okay God.

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