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[Manga Dub] I found out my childhood friend’s crazy secret… but she’s supposed to hate me…!?


Hi Mia it's so nice to see you Mia hey you look as cute as usual today hi boys all the guys in class are fawning over Mia again today hey Mia no response again today my name is Akito seia I'm a High School Junior and I'm pretty much average in everything whether it's appearance smarts or Athletics I don't really stand out at.

All and then there's Mia yamina the girl sitting next to me she's the prettiest girl in our grade and she's got the brains to match she's basically perfect the two of us couldn't be any more different but we've been neighbors since we were born we practically grew up together being childhood friends with her sounds nice on paper but as I said.

Before for some reason she starts ignoring me and giving me the silent treatment H she used to be so nice to me and then everything changed once we started middle school I guess that's around the time when people start to drift apart doesn't matter how close we used to be maybe I should just leave her alone from now on anything would be.

Better than having her just ignore me like this besides she probably hates me now anyway Saturday 3 days later don't just throw away my stuff without my permission I've heard some noise coming from next door since this morning hey wait a second isn't that Mia's voice who's she talking with Mia please why don't you grow up and act your age for.

Once don't you think you've made enough of these why does it matter to you let me do what I want mom maybe it doesn't but you already have so many of these Akito dolls right can't you just throw some of the old ones away huh did she say Akito doll does she mean toys that I used to own no way I'll never get rid of them I want my room to be filled with.

Nothing but a keto someday Now give me those back what's going on here wait a second what is that aito oh hi there aito I haven't seen you in so long oh hi Miss yamina um what exactly is going on here Mia now's your chance why don't you explain to aito here what you've been making I don't want to I know he'll hate me for sure come on Mia you know I'd.

Never do that just tell me what this is about otherwise I'll just see you as a creepy stalker who has piles and piles of dolls of me exactly honey see aito is a smart boy is that what you want him to think shut up mom this isn't about you if you say so dear but please aito come in and let's talk about this inside if you keep screaming out here the whole.

Neighborhood's going to hear us fine let's go inside aito Mia why don't you tell aito all about your room but I can't you know what it's like right Mom fine if you're not going to tell him maybe it would be faster if you just showed him instead I guess but aito promise me you won't hate me okay promise of course I'd never hate you Mia.

No matter what I'll be here for you are you sure you really promise really I promise whatever it is I'll accept you for who you are while making light conversation and jokes we headed inside Mia's house uh what's going on here these are all my aito doll and plushy friends friends I can see that I just thought you had maybe a few lying around.

Here and there but this why do you have so many and on that shelf there they all look the same too these two here are 100% identical seriously look closer this one's aeto number 12 and that one's clearly a keto number 43 see number 12 here is making a loving smile and 43 is making a confused forc smile for 43 I perfectly recreated the face you made in.

Math class last 2 months ago when the teacher asked you to solve a problem and you didn't know the answer what do you think don't hold back I want you to be honest now I've never shown these to anyone else before so I'm even more curious what the real deal has to say uh I don't know if it's a perfect Recreation or not but don't you think.

All this is going a little bit overboard oh but I worked really hard on all of these I was really hoping you'd tell me what you thought she's looking at me like a craft worker trying to sell me the their products I don't understand what's going on here but I don't think Mia's ever talked to me this much since elementary school I'm just so happy to.

Have a conversation with her maybe I can forget about the details for a second although that's a little bit difficult when the details are a wall full of dolls of me wait a second did you just say number 43 uh-huh that one's number 12 and that one's number 43 you're telling me you made 43 of these things they're not things they're aito friends.

And there's 47 doll friends the plushy friends were a bit more expensive to make so I only have 10 of those but tomorrow I'm about to put the finishing touches on a halfs scale model so that'll be friend number 58 58 friends and what a half scale model half my height isn't that way too big I'm 5' 7 so that thing must be.

Almost 3 ft let's see you're exactly 5T 7.7 in so it'll be 2 9.58 in right hey wait is second how do you know my exact height anyway when you were talking with a friend at school I snuck up and measured you from behind oh really I must not have noticed just for the record there's not a bigger one than that is there of course not every time.

Mia tells a lie she always looks down at her right hand like that Mia tell me the truth it it's a life-size body pillow of you lifesized well I say life-sized but it's not exactly life-sized since I made it when we were still freshman so it's only 5' 5 I don't care that it's 2 in off that wouldn't be that big lump under the.

Covers would it if I don't see it I'm going to be wondering for days can I lift these up aito don't you know it's wrong to go into a girl's room and touch her stuff without her permission I just have to make sure if I tell you not to but you do it anyway what's the point in even asking fine I won't then hey wait Mia tried in vain to stop me but I.

Ripped off the covers this is so uncanny looking it's freaky there's no way you can sleep with this thing next to you right besides isn't it like in the way do you even have room with this thing here no you couldn't be more wrong I can't sleep without him here I was even trying to think of a way I could bring him on our school trip next month if.

That thing was in the same room as me at night I think I'd start crying can you please just not how do you even sleep with that be huh like this obviously how else would I do it she's lying there with a death grip on me curse that stupid pillow why couldn't that be the real me so now that you've seen my room you understand right I love you so much.

I don't even know what to do with myself won't you please go out with me what she just asked me out I I've had a crush on her for so long I I want to say yes but Mia before I answer that can I ask you a question why' you even make all these dolls and plushies and stuff of me in the first place oh fine there is a good reason why I had to make these after all.

There better be so can you please answer the question well it all started 4 years ago so this would be right around when we were starting middle school I guess what this is going to be an entire flashback around that time I didn't see aito in a romantic way or anything but that day something happened that changed everything I really like you will you go.

Out with me that's right when I was in Middle School I got pass out for the first time sorry sat I don't think it's going to work out between us to be honest I just wasn't really interested in love at all back then so obviously I turned him down but then then can I ask you if there's someone you already like no nothing like that I've just never.

Thought about any of this before oh well is there a type of guy you like um I guess someone who's always been by my side and is nice to me without even really thinking about it okay I guess the two of us don't really know each other that well and I'm I'm sure if we were together I want to do everything for you yeah I'm really sorry until now.

I've never even really thought about what kind of person I liked huh wait a second the one person like that around me is oh you're finally done with your thing come on let's go I want to go home and play some games aito what are you doing here do you mean you were the one who said you had to take care of something and to wait for you you.

Remember oh I guess I did what did you really forget well whatever I'm glad you didn't leave me at least come on okay okay hey aito what kind of person do you like huh why are you asking about that all of a sudden well truth is someone just asked me out what really uh did you say yes huh no of course not I don't even know them that well oh yeah and.

They asked me what kind of person I liked really and uh what did you say um I told him I couldn't really think of anything in particular someone who's always been by my side and nice to me without even thinking about it if I told aido the truth it would almost be like I was asking him out man you're such a bad liar huh why do you always know because.

It's obvious well if you're going to be like that I won't tell you okay whatever if I tell you how I know you're lying will you tell me what kind of person you like no I don't care anymore anyway hey that only makes me more Curious so what kind of person do you like hey if you're not going to tell me why should I tell you ah well well well if it isn't oit.

Toeing meia howdy love birds huh big bro what are you doing here I'm walking home from school obviously oh yeah I guess that makes sense anyway don't mind me you were in the middle of a very fun conversation right were you listening don't tell anyone what we were talking about okay you're secret safe with me but Mia can I talk to you for a sec huh.

What is it pakito likes Girl Next Door types wait wait you don't mean hey what are you telling her Mia don't listen to him don't worry I didn't say anything that wasn't true when you say that it only makes me worry more I I just remembered something I had to do don't wait up huh oh all right see you tomorrow now that you mention it I do.

Remember that happening I knew my brother would say something weird but what does that have to do with making all these dolls it has everything to do with it if you really did like the girl next door typ it couldn't be anyone else besides me right and after that I couldn't help but start to look at you different so then I figured I needed to.

Practice talking to you normally that's why I created a keto friend number one I guess that makes sense I'm really sorry to say this though but don't you think you've been giving me the cold shoulder and it's only gotten worse since then as soon as we got into High School barely even talked to me at all uh oh that's because of this huh the LIF siiz doll.

Again that's related uh-huh I told you I made this when we were freshman right I guess so but what does that have to do with anything um well after I made this I just wanted to sleep with it every night and I started to love you so much that actually talking to you only made me feel more Awkward oh aito I just love you so much let's spend the night.

Together again oh Mia I love you too I promise I'll treat you right for the rest of my life I'll support you for the rest of my life too even if I forgive you for the terrible impression of me don't you think you're getting a little bit of of yourself here oh but every time I hug this pillow I have the best dreams about the two of us like last.

Night I dreamt that you went right up to me and whispered right in my ear I don't want to hear it the more you tell me about this the more cursed it sounds I think your mom was right you probably should throw these away wait a second don't say such mean things to my friends well for one thing it's not fair to me why should these dolls get all your love.

If you really like me I want you to tell me for real huh what do you mean ah I guess I couldn't hide it forever the truth is I've liked you for as long as I can remember but ever since middle school I thought you hated me so I never said anything but when you told me how you really felt I couldn't help but be relieved although I'm not sure how to.

Think now that I've seen your room oh but that doesn't change what I think about you okay I really like you so will you go out with me yes but are you sure you're okay with me more than okay I love everything about you except for all these dolls can we please get rid of them huh what's wrong with them I thought you liked everything about me.

Well you don't need them anymore right you have the real deal right here aito don't tell me you're jealous of my aito friends I don't know if I'd say I was jealous exactly I just don't think we get along very well you hate them don't you how can I not we both liked each other for so long but because of them we were never able to say how we really.

Felt oh but maybe I should walk that back a bit I think what my brother did was far worse than what any of these dolls ever could I never knew you had a side like this to you of course I do and when the girl of my dreams started treating me like dirt I didn't know how I was supposed to go on oh yeah I'm uh really sorry about that I guess I should.

Have told you my feelings earlier huh oh sorry I I didn't mean to take my anger out on you or these dolls if I just had more courage maybe I could have asked you out back then too yeah I guess we're both to blame then right I guess so but can't you at least part with some of these cleaning this place must be a nightmare and you can't exactly have.

Friends over like this I don't care I don't want to have anyone else over but you and don't worry about cleaning now that we're dating I'll make sure my room is even more spotless than it is now okay but I just don't think I'll feel comfortable being stared at by these Mees every time I understand where you're coming from but I just don't.

Think I can say goodbye to any of my friends I have so many good memories with all of them well if you put it like that I do feel bad about throwing them away huh she's looking at her right hand Mia tell me what you're really thinking you know you can't lie to me right I'm really happy to be dating you but I like being surrounded by my aito friends too.

Fine can you just promise not to make anymore I won't I promise but if I'm done making new aito friends what if they get lonely forget about the dolls and let's make new memories together instead aido I love how you always say exactly what you're thinking I guess I did huh but not saying what we really wanted to was.

Exactly what got us into this mess in the first place so from now on let's both be more honest with each other okay yeah you're right I'll tell you everything I'm thinking too great I'm glad we're on the same page then now that we're dating we have a lot to catch up on to make up for all the time we hit our love for each other 3 months later.

Since the two of us started going out we've gotten so close that if I told someone she used to ignore me they wouldn't believe it there's just one problem Mia can I ask you something whistle whistle don't try to whistle this away you can't even whistle to begin with who's this oh that I just had a passing urge didn't you did you say.

You weren't going to make any more of these once we started dating I know but then you started making all these new Expressions that I never seen before and I realized I was the only one who could ever see them then I felt like I needed to immortalize them the only way I knew how her reasoning is so cute it's hard to stay mad but these dolls are so.

Infuriating I I don't know what to do and not only that but now this room is filled with all the dolls from before and like a billion pictures of me there's even more me staring at me now what's wrong with that we're dating so can't I have a few pictures here and there even you have to agree that this is more than a few right everywhere I.

Turn all I see looking back at me is my own face but in the 4 years I was making all my aito friends I had to take so many pictures of you for reference and I couldn't exactly hang those up right now that I finally have so many good shots of us together it would be a waste not to show them off wait did you just admit you were sneaking pictures of me oh crap.

Uh no Mia get rid of all the pictures you took of me without my permission a but the statue of limitations is already up anyway right everyone of those pictures represents an important memory for me you can be as cute as you want but it's not going to work this time I know the two of us will continue to have our quarrels from now on but I think.

We're going to be just fine thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well