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[Manga Dub] I gave my all to the spoiled super model as her manager… then… [RomCom]


That's not the way my brother would have done it be more like my brother otherwise I won't do it but I don't know how use your brain idiot you're the manager or maybe you're so useless you can't even think for yourself if you keep going like that he won't even come close to my brother it's harder than I expected I thought.

I'd found a way to get closer to her as selfish as she is but I can't I have to try a different tactic it all started just a few days ago thanks again manager it was nothing it's much easier to do my work when you're around I'll send you your schedule for the next.

Job later good work today I'm sure you get plenty of rest okay got it bye my name is Akira sudo I've always enjoyed helping others ever since I was a little kid hoping to be of use to others I got a job as manager of Pop idols and models at a large-scale production company I go to work every day knowing that I'm supporting all.

These amazing people to give inspiration to others and it's totally worth it it's almost time to go home huh it's the boss yes this is sudo did you get out get out um yes sir right away something must be up for him to call me.

So suddenly like that what's the matter boss you've gotta help me tsubaki's managers keep resigning one after another and I don't know what to do again sir Tsubaki is the name of a supermodel whose real name is Tsubaki kacho thanks to her Flawless style and perfect posture it's said that there are no.

Clothes she can't look good in she's especially popular with a younger generation and anything she wears sells out in the blink of an eye despite being the best at what she does or maybe because of that she has a reputation for having a terrible personality she's selfish inconsiderate and coldly aloof none of her managers.

Last long so sir what is it you wanted me for iron manager you're still new here but you're hard working plus your managing skills are impressive I've heard nothing but good things from the people you've worked with so please think of it as doing me a favor okay I couldn't refuse such a direct request from my boss I'll.

Do my best I'll beat tsubaki's manager thank you you have no idea how grateful I am you'll be starting your new position in a week so good luck yes sir a week later I arrived at the office meeting room to introduce myself to my new client excuse me you're late how long were you going to make me wait huh but I'm 10 minutes.

Early so what as a manager you should be here before your client the boss said that you were a computer manager what a disappointment I'm stuck with someone who can't even get a meeting faster than his client I'm sorry I'll be faster next time the fact that you really think there'll.

Be on next time is laughable if you're not going to take this seriously you should just quit I don't have time to waste you're going to have to do better than that if you're planning to keep your job that is yes I'm truly sorry ah well that's enough for now so what's your name my name is Akira sudo pseudo fine I'll.

Remember that and I assume you know my name already of course your Tsubaki Kato correct oh that's a good boy now then let's get down to business and try not to get fired will you wow what a personality what she said isn't wrong I'll heed her warnings and do my best and that's how I began my job at.

Stubbaki's manager but she was more difficult than even I'd expected hey I want tea not coffee but you just said you wanted coffee I'm not working unless you bring me tea maybe I should just leave I'll go and buy it right away I don't want this lunch bring me a sandwich instead I won't do well on my.

Next job unless you do got it I'll go and buy it now I feel like having something sweet we still have 10 minutes until the next shoot oh and get something from me but the nearest store is 15 minutes from here hey I told you I want something sweet now go and get it right away every day I had to obey her.

Every command which was for the most part unreasonable to say the least her attitude wasn't just directed at me but also to her other staff members she was a troublemaker heart and soul I can see now why all the other managers left her what's wrong if you're looking down is our senpai you're in charge of that.

Troublemaker kid right how's it going terrible actually she just won't open up to me I don't know what else to do to make her trust me more you know she wasn't like that when she was a kid what do you mean she began modeling when she was a little child.

Uh here it was when she was still in elementary school her brother supported her throughout her career oh so he was acting as her manager they worked together for so long but about three years ago her brother fell ill he took a break from the industry to recover but he just got worse and in the end he passed away.

That's when she started acting up she probably still hasn't gotten over his death brother huh does that help with your problem with Tsubaki yes thank you I think I might have an idea I'm glad to hear that good luck Akira the next day Miss Tsubaki what is it I want to go home I heard from a senpai your former.

Manager was your brother right some what so how about you think of me as your brother here's the way that's happening please somehow I'll do my best to act like your brother if you say so then fine I don't think you can do it though from the next day I began to behave like I was her brother good work to date.

Tsubaki hey what did you think about the last shoot it was really good that's it my brother used to praise me more oh well um you were really cute Tsubaki I don't want to be praised by you cold as usual huh be quiet go away you're annoying me uh I want to be praised by my manager you're.

Going to replace my brother aren't you so praise me more um your expression was great and your eyes looked really mature you were perfect right up to your fingertips I was mesmerized and see you can do it if you try I'm going to do even better next time so you.

Better watch me Mr bakkie we're starting soon on my way wow she really is doing even better she really made good on her promise she's a true professional wow after work hey are you going straight home my.

Brother used to give me treats when I finished working what kind of treats would you like I'd like something delicious and sweet something sweet I know there's this great shop nearby wow the place has jumbo pancakes jumbo pancakes.

It's huge I can't believe she's going to eat all this wow it's huge here I go just okay I'm done what the but there's still over half of it left my brother would eat the rest of it for me here I go thanks.

Do this for my career Tsubaki continued to make demand after Demand with the words my brother would have done this for me and I ran around trying to fulfill them although it was me that suggested that she treat me as her brother one day after work after weeks of this.

Kind of treatment hey why are you so determined why won't you quit why do you ask I mean normally people don't like it when they're treated like a slave but you don't give up why would I quit supporting people trying to give inspiration to others has always been my dream I'm just doing my job even though I have a terrible reputation.

With the support staff if you ask me you act the way you do for a reason I know that doesn't excuse your attitude but I still won't give up on you I want to help you do your work the best you can you're a weird manager Akira I don't know about that anyway where do you want to go today.

You don't have to take me away today in fact you don't have to take me anywhere after work from now on you go home and rest that wasn't rude no let's go home I'm tired okay after having this conversation tsubaki's attitude changed her selfishness had disappeared she stopped being cold and.

Aloofed to the ground staff and actually started to be polite to them some people wondered about the change in her but nonetheless it was good to not have to deal with her outrageous demands those who'd known her a long time just said she's back to her old self thank you for today sudo you were great today as usual Tsubaki.

Your smile was absolutely dazzling your being there made it easy for me to smile naturally if you thought I was dazzling it's thanks to you Akira that's good of you to say well it's the truth thanks again for today see you tomorrow right see you tomorrow dubaki's reputation is getting better.

All the time she's changed her attitude and she apologized to the people she'd been rude to in the past she really is an honest good kid after a while I slowly started to develop feelings for her feelings were forbidden as her manager but I just couldn't help myself plus the.

Only reason Tsubaki is so friendly with me is because she thinks of me as her brother snap out of it several days passed with me trying to hold in my feelings the latest convenience store Suite that's right it's filled with cream I have to try it.

Shall I go buy it oh you don't have to it'll be a treat for your working so hard plus the convenience stores just around the corner really you do that thanks Akira the register was so crowded it took more time than I thought just cut it out come on just a little while.

Bucky come on let's go out together we'd be a great couple no way I know your reputation as a Playboy those are just rumors you won't know unless you do it yourself hey stop touching Tsubaki Kira yo stay out of it you're just a manager.

No I won't stay out of it stop harassing Tsubaki oh yeah what are you gonna do hit me can't can you that's not the point I'm not backing down all right fine how about you take this you're the one who's going to get hurt a manager.

Flirting with woman again aren't we I'll have to give your talking to before the next shoot whoa hey let go ah are you all right you know that kind of thing has happened before my brother protected me the hen just like you did but ever since he passed away I had no one to protect me that's why I was so rude to everyone I.

Thought if I acted tough no one would come near me I'm sorry for how I treated you before it's fine I didn't mind let's keep working hard just like before Akira thank you so much several weeks later what is this oh what's wrong The Weekly Magazine it has a picture of me and you and.

What bring me Burning Love would write such nonsense you've gone up in the Public's eyes so someone must have leaked it this picture looks like it was taken in oh this is from when I had the photo shoot.

But the guy who came out to me the other day and him he's probably sore because I rejected him and the person who sold this photo is I'm sorry Tsubaki I was the one who acted in a way that could have been misinterpreted.

I was supposed to be the one who supports you when I let you down I'm truly sorry but you don't have to apologize more importantly what should we do with this don't worry just leave it to me I'll take care of it in an industry where popularity is.

Everything this Scandal could be fatal the only thing I can do is on a later date boss please let me resign my post at tsubaki's manager I suppose it's because of this magazine there's nothing between me and her but love scandals can be fatal in this industry I think I should keep my distance from.

Her to make sure it doesn't happen again Tsubaki can do just fine without me anyway why are you trying to quit behind my back Tsubaki why are you here I caught her in Akira I thought she'd want to stay in all of this not going to let you resign as my.

Manager but if we go on like this the rumors will just spread I wouldn't mind if the rumors became the truth huh what are you I like you Akira don't give up on me even when I was being selfish and you protected me I like you I really like you what about you Akira am I not good enough for you.

No way you're not good enough for me I like you too Tsubaki then don't go Let's Stay Together Forever but I won't forbid it if you're really serious but in exchange you'll have to explain all of it to your fans and staff thank you sir Tsubaki and I really started dating thanks to a scandal of all things.

We announced our relationship properly to the fans and staff and received Their Blessings by the way the guy who sold us out was highlighted himself for the Amorous entanglements and ended up getting tossed out by the industry I guess that's what we call Karma although we made our relationship public and were accepted by most tsubaki's popularity.

Decreased for a bit but we worked hard at both our jobs and relationship and we're finally blessed with a child of Our Own Tsubaki continued her career as a model even after she became a mother and these days she's making a comeback as a mom Talent slash model let's do well today as usual Akira I'll.

Support you today and always and both are private and work life right post today's video please check out our other videos as well