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[Manga Dub] I gave up on my childhood friend because she became a popular idol… [RomCom]


When Sayo is older I'm going to marry yoan my childhood friend Sayo masaki was announcing to the world she was always with me yoshiki Kido where is she now thank you for coming by today guys I hope you have a lot of fun listening and watching us she was a really famous Idol now she was someone that was completely out of reach how did this happen she was.

Incredibly successful as an idol whereas I was just a regular employee at a small company we hadn't seen each other for 3 years now it was difficult for us to see each other now so I was kind of avoiding her now she still comes back home sometimes but I don't see her for that reason Yos Shiki come over here coming what is it help with chores or.

Something what is it dad's boss is asking him to find someone for his daughter to go on a matchmaking session with you should take up the offer what matchmaking and this day and age does it really matter she's 3 years older than you but she's pretty you should go for it you don't have a girlfriend anyway I mean.

Yeah but I asked for some time to think about it what do I do honestly I was a little caught up with SLE so I didn't feel good about going to a matchmaking session but how long was I going to be sitting there dreaming had to Face Reality at some point I mean just because we got on a matchmaking session doesn't mean we're going to get married.

Just go for it I guess I might be able to find something new with that more than anything I had to give up on Scio already that's how I decided to just go through the matchmaking session the day of the matchmaking session I'm so nervous I hadn't talked to any girls other than Scio let alone got on any matchmaking sessions I was.

Incredibly nervous she was pretty in the photos I wonder how she is in person I'm Ki nice to meet you she was incredibly beautiful am I seriously going to be matchmaking with her hey oh I was just admiring katyan and my mom poked at me to bring me back to Earth um I'm yoshii Kido nice to meet you as.

Well all right I'll let you two Young's talk that's a little too fast don't you think we've only just introduced each other what do you mean you're 24 don't expect me to hold your hand I mean yeah but I can't be left alone with a beautiful girl I'm so nervous I don't mind great job kesan you're everything I've read about well.

I'll be out of your hair my mom and Katie sound's mother left us in the room then the atmosphere was very awkward I wasn't exactly the most talkative person and she seemed calm so it was just silence I want to go home I was so awkwarded out that I didn't care about it anymore I just wanted to go home anyway Kos son what is it you're a.

Little too nervous don't you think no no nothing why is she just staring at me no she's glaring she's glaring at me right A little birdie told me that you like SE misaki the idol but what how do you know that it doesn't matter how I know that it seems like it's the truth you're not just a fan you like her as a potential partner what is she.

Asking oh she doesn't want to marry someone who likes another girl she's smart you don't have to be so tense I just want to hear your truth truth what is she to you what does her existence mean I really got along with SLE from as long as I know I even thought I could be with her her.

Forever I knew that wasn't true in middle school she was signed after an audition at a big-time talent agency she had always wanted to be an idol from when she was young so I was so happy to hear that she had made it but she had to go to Tokyo at the same time to work in her career as an idol we were separated seeing her on TV was one of.

The best things that I could see but at the same time it was sad because I knew she was getting farther and farther away from me there are fans all around Japan I was just one of those fans I'm sure she's going to marry some other popular Idol or a really famous actor or something but I still liked her I ended up not giving up even while at the.

Matchmaking so to me she's honestly I don't think I should say this to the person I'm at a matchmaking session with but I think I was able to really figure out how I'm feeling so I'll tell you she's an incredibly important childhood friend and someone I love she's famous sure but to me she's a woman that I like that should be the end of the meeting.

But it all worked out I'm not going to marry this beautiful woman and I won't feel guilty that I kept a secret from her has you feel better I see she's smart huh it's about time she looked at her watch and mumbled what is she talking about right at that moment stop that matchmaking the door swung open sole what is she doing here.

Yoan you're so mean you said you'd marry me but um what are you doing here what about work I told my manager to move things around I didn't hear about this session till the other night so it was pretty close but why didn't you talk to me well my mom suggest it you're going to just say yes if your mom suggests it I'm here.

For you you're so mean the S stop I'm getting dizzy Cal Cal down SE you're going to ruin everything you're just a thieving little huh KDAY Sis Sis what are you doing here sis been a minute huh let me explain but first let go of his shirt thanks a Katie son that was.

Freed sis so like wait you have a sister yeah I call her my sister but we're not really siblings we're cousins huh so this is why are you in a matchmaking with yoan this is just me being a bother it's not real what so your mom was in on this yeah my mom your mom and seo's mother all worked together why would.

You se you need to be honest with how you felt too that's how we were bothering you I won't argue that I was the reason this all started s this I just gave you the choice I didn't say anything you came here because of how you felt right and I heard how he felt too it's up to you two youngans now she left the.

Room um what do I do she clearly likes me right but she's a huge Idol with so many fans y Yan what did you like her more than you like me no way you had a promise with me to marry me but you came out to a matchmaking though you fell for her in the photos.

Right you cheat her no it's not like I came because I like the way she looked then why did you come here you're not making any sense I mean I wanted to try to move forward I wanted to make a decision I wanted to just put an end how I feel H yoan that's too mean Sayo you you won't meet me at all and on.

Top of that you're going to go out on matchmaking sessions to get over it you didn't think about how I felt at all well we live in separate worlds now that's just what you believe I live on the same Planet as you and in the same country as you I am right in front of you and you think we live on different.

Worlds then what was I supposed to do it's easy for you since you have been so successful but to me my childhood friend is now a h hit and everyone loves her it's pretty normal for me to think we can live in different worlds now yoan but it's just me avoiding responsibility sorry S I know that I was the one first had backed off I thought.

That you'd forgotten about me that's not true I still like you yeah you came all this way for me she came to stop this whole thing while moving Heaven and Earth that action spoke a million words an idiot could tell how she felt sorry you must hate me now huh nope not at all really she's still just as kind as I.

Remember I'm sorry for being so selfish if you're okay with a guy like me I'd love to be by your side yoan of course I want to be by your side too then I've got to figure out how to be by your side then huh I mean you're in Tokyo I a't to make more money otherwise I'm just going to be leading off you that's fine I don't think I'm okay with.

That Mom and Katie would K my butt too more than anything I want to make her happy on my own do you have a plan I mean I just kind of came up with something I can go to Tokyo and do something that might help me out I mean whatever if you're going to be with me yeah I'll record for you at least until you stop being an.

Idol in other words words if I stop now you'll marry me now I think that we're jumping the gun A Little Too Soon there we can at least go out right hello were you listening to what I said I'm just joking are you though I mean I'm already pretty old maybe it's time to graduate anyway this girl is really going to quit being an.

Idol I mean I'll still work hard for a year then I'll work hard on myself for a year too yeah I'll be looking forward to it then we can ignore this whole thing that's how I was able to get sy's forgiveness I'm so glad she forgave me for my selfish actions afterwards she went to our house.

And SE Chan welcome eat up we're welcomed of lots of incredible food makes sense why there's no food in that store pH your mom is just as spunky as ever no why you on me come on we're finally okay okay with each other dating now I haven't had enough of you so I'm absorbing as much as I can now but we're not dating yet we're basically already.

Dating it must be because we had just met for the first time in a long time she seemed very happy after we separated I started studying hard about programming I thought that this was the best thing I could do once I'm in Tokyo from what I hear the demand for systems Engineers are on the rise and depending on what.

Field you go in you can actually make quite a bit of money it was a year until we were able to meet up again I'm going to work and study hard a year later yes just like I said I'm going to be retiring as an idol and being a singer thank you for all your support up until now I'm going to be working as SE misaki the singer s Stouts being an idol and I.

On the other hand kokun when are you going to finish bye this afternoon sir I was working really hard in a busy company in Tokyo as aist systems engineer I didn't have much technique or skill yet but I'm doing all right it's pretty tough but welcome home I've made dinner already SLE often welcomes me home those.

Nights and healed me she tries to finish up work to make it so she can be with me when I get home she really is a beautiful girl we had a great wedding half a year later thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.