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[Manga Dub] I got burned long ago trying to save a girl from a fire [RomCom]


yeah Kitty stay there don't move just stay where you are that's it I got you my name is seiji Mata Yoshi my father's a cop and my mother is a nurse my parents both save people for a living.

It affected their education beliefs and they've taught me to help whomever I find that needs it I've been doing exactly that since I was young after the first few times I began considering myself a hero I enjoyed spreading Joy I also like the appreciation people expressed to me one.

Day back in elementary school I passed by a house on fire I didn't hesitate I jumped in to save the people trapped in there I found a girl inside and helped her come out I was glad she was safe but the fire attacked me and left me with huge burns on my back my parents were furious with me but they.

Praised me for my actions your courage and determination saved a girl's life however you would have ended up dead if you weren't so lucky Sergey I want you to listen very carefully to me if you want to save somebody you cannot end up dead otherwise whomever you saved will have to deal with feeling responsible for.

Your death you need to become strong enough to save people stronger yes you will be able to protect those you wish if you become stronger okay Dad I understand.

I will become stronger like a true hero my father's teaching means a lot to me I took his words to my heart and started training to become stronger ah I got you cut it out hey my pack hey Kitty oh it's gone well I'm glad it looks completely fine.

Thank God what are you doing oh mashimasan I looked up to see chinami mashima staring at me with a disapproving look she's a classmate of mine she's known as the prettiest girl at school her cool and bullish attitude only compliments her.

I was helping a cat get down from a tree and sacrifice your well-being to help a cat out you're right I'm not joking around here you could have gotten hurt like seriously yeah um well I did my best to be careful up there here.

Yourself anymore I wasn't doing anything climbing trees is a piece of cake for me saw you fall uh that was only because the cat started scratching me whatever your intention was doing things Beyond Your Capacity is just being stupid.

Ah you can go now thank you mashimasan you're good at this everybody can wrap a bandage around an arm anyways you should be careful on your way home I will be thanks all the other kids call her cold and unfriendly but she's got a soft side they just don't see it she went out of her way to treat my wound oh well I.

Should get home another day on my way home from school another day of saving the human race that old lady seemed so thankful I even got me cons out of it I could never leave a person in need of help jeez will you just leave me alone already she'll be so cold I want us to be friends.

Is it just me or is that come on I know you want to hang out with us I clearly told you guys to get out of my face gosh you're playing hard to get aren't you she's not playing hard to get she just doesn't want to play with you stop bothering her just get out of here who the hell are you that's none of your business you wouldn't know me anyways.

Are you trying to pick a fight with me kid oh moving in without notice what a cheap move yeah hey come here why would I I don't want to get hurt you deserve to get hurt uh no I don't stop avoiding my hits yo you guys what are you doing over.

There crap the police who the hell called the police on us mashimasan run this way are you okay you're not hurt are you I'm fine thank you for stepping in back there I do that for me it was two against one you could have gotten hurt I know there.

Were two of them I was fine should be more cautious hey I worked out a lot those guys couldn't lay a finger on me didn't you see it's not what I was talking about it's just stop being so reckless okay I don't want to see people get hurt because of me anymore.

What do you mean it's nothing huh I wonder what happened I couldn't ask her the reason since she seemed so sad and a few days later fun for picking up trash today okay today we're volunteering to pick up trash off the streets to clean the city.

It's a monthly activity our school makes the students participate in we clean the streets from the school to the station the river is where we find most of the trash why do people throw things out on the streets they have trash cans at home my trash bag is already full.

Oh my gosh it's voice um hey Machi masan is something wrong uh look over there over there there's a cat stuck in the fur what a cat wait isn't that the cat I stayed from the tree the other day oh what should we do it's going to drown if we don't do something don't worry I.

Got this I'll save it get the teacher if anything happens to me okay to yoshikun ah thank God I got there in time less depending on drowning and I got the cat out didn't I.

I know you wanted to save it too mashimasan I did but oh anything about it myself that's why you called me for help thank you for letting me know about the cat I'm freezing hey is those burn marks on your back oh I saved a girl from a fire when I was.

Younger and that's when I got these uh what um okay it's too cold out here I'm gonna catch a cold like this we should hurry back to school after that we rushed back to get a change of clothes however it was too late I caught a cold and had to stay home the next day.

Head is banging I didn't expect my fever to go so high whatever I'll get better once I sleep it off huh someone's coming in is it Mom mom my fever hasn't gone down yet oh I'm so sorry to barge in like this what are you doing here you didn't come to school.

yeah probably but I got sick because I was week s are you okay I'm fine I still have chills running up and down my spine here let me warm you up warm me up how like this hey mushy.

Massage the best way to warm someone up is by Body Heat that doesn't mean you I heard this is the fastest way to warm someone up well you're right but still oh I guess I'm hungry I haven't had anything to eat yet oh you need some food.

I've been sleeping this whole time I didn't get up for meals I'm glad I came then here you can have some of this I brought over some yogurt and pudding of jello feel free to pick whatever wow I appreciate this I guess I'll wait huh uh what's wrong.

Can I eat it to you uh you don't have to do that I can eat by myself it's okay I can do or of course you can okay open up uh ah how was it it's pretty good I'm glad hey is there anything else you want me to do anything else why.

I want to take care of you are you feeling responsible for my cold well yes I am if I had got it into the river myself you wouldn't have gotten a wet and caught a cold so yes I feel responsible for you getting sick she's such a good person you don't have to feel that way none of this is your fault I did it because I.

Wanted to I almost forgot what happened to the cat it didn't have a collar so I think it's a stray cat um I decided to take care of it really that's great news I was really worried it keeps getting in trouble well it's safe and sound now it sucks well.

Yesterday I wish I could see it sleeping okay how about I drop by tomorrow I'll take some pictures of it huh you do that for me only if you want me to thanks that would be great I'll be looking forward to it okay the next day.

It took some great photos she's sleeping here and that one is when she's playing and this is the cat eating her food oh I also have this video of her eating for you have a look oh it's adorable did you decide on a name for the cat gonzabero.

Yeah cool huh uh I guess that's a way to describe it it's the perfect name I want her to grow up strong with integrity she's a girl but you named her gonzabero should be a girl named I have high hopes for her yeah I'm sure she'll do great things anyways have still have a fever I've been wiping my.

Body with wet towels uh not yet I'm feeling a bit sweaty and sticky wait do I smell bad I'm so sorry I should have wiped my body before you came you smell fine I wanted to ask if you would like me to help you huh help me wipe my body nah that's asking for too much it's okay let me do it.

Let's use something to help you saved my life it's the least I can do I saved your life wait I don't remember saving you from anything you remember the girl you saved from the fire right right yes I will never forget her what no way were you the girl in the house.

Yes the girl you saved is me whoa I wasn't expecting that yeah we both grown up quite a bit back then I was in the hospital as well I wanted to thank you but it took a while before I could get up and after that I got scared since I knew you got hurt because of me and then you left the hospital I never saw you again.

My parents talked to your parents while I was still in bed they didn't tell me much about it because I wasn't in the best condition it's been knocking at me ever since I didn't thank you I never apologized to you I didn't even go see you I am truly grateful for what you did for me that day I want to apologize to you.

For not thanking you properly but you rest your life for me and I also wanted to say sorry for leaving you with such big scars you don't have to apologize to me my Burns have healed everything is fine but I saw them big you suffered because you saved me I I I'm actually proud of it it's proof of.

My courage so don't be sorry about anything okay nobody forced me to go into the fire I chose to my father told me to become stronger if I wanted to protect people that's why I've been training to protect the ones in need I learned that lesson because of my experience with you so thank you you.

Shouldn't be thinking me but it's true surviving that fire is what made me who I am today overstatements you think so well I'm not complaining I say that about you thanks I guess hey I'm being serious what do you mean.

Oh you're not as smart as you look I'm not following not being able to thank you isn't the only thing I've regretted I fell for you the moment I saw you that day I've been longing to see you I wanted you in my life huh wait I'm so confused I don't know how much more clear I could.

Be about this uh I'm trying to say I like you Mata yoshikun why like me uh well the thing is say no more I'm aware that you don't have any romantic feelings for me yet I want you to prepare yourself because.

I'm going to make you fall for me no matter what yes ma'am after that mashimastan began to spend more time with me she was so forward even all the other students noticed the change rumors that mashimasan suddenly changed spread all over the school eventually people started to think we were dating I.

Overheard many students talking about it a few months after she first confessed her feelings to me so have you started feeling anything from me yet uh well I'm not giving up anytime soon I mean I've liked you for so long you're the only one in my heart I'll spend however many years it takes.

To make you see you're the only one for me you're worth it you really like me that much I do I really like you you're my hero you always will be ah I give up how can I not like you after you express your feelings for me this much so Mata yoshikun to you.

Yes I do I like you mashimasan oh wow this is the best thing that's ever happened to me you'll be my exclusive hero from now on you're the best and so this is how mashimasan and I ended up dating from now on I want to be her hero she's my priority in life she's the one dearest to me and I'll.

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