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[Manga Dub] I got demoted and became super popular…!? [RomCom]


This boy works for me do you mean he used to how desperate do you need to be to bring that up just say desperate no matter where he used to work at he's now my colleague uh I still work with him too you just work with him right you're not his boss in any way you're just a colleague too um YouTube please calm down.

You you'll be quiet yes ma'ams the two beautiful women fighting over me how did a nerdy office worker like me end up in this situation it all began a few weeks ago so I'll put this here and this there and uh my name is Takashi Keto I work my butt off while I was still a student and was.

Somehow able to get a job at this large company I'd always wanted to work here so I tried my best every day to give it my all but my motivation isn't paying off and I'm having trouble showing any results what's wrong you don't look so well miss Suzuki just as I was sighing to myself Miss Suzuki spoke to me she's been a.

Senior colleague of mine ever since the year I first entered this company she's always been by my Clumsy self side and has always helped me through troubles but the harder I work to try and improve the more mistakes I end up making it's just that I made a mistake again you don't have to rush just work hard at.

Your own pace as long as you keep working hard hey are you still working on that Mr eonon the guy who came barging into our conversation with Mr eanon another worker at our department he's a colleague of Miss Suzuki and therefore a senior of mine I don't know if he wants to get with Miss Suzuki but whenever.

Anyone else is speaking to her he comes barging into their conversations this guy can't even finish a simple task just leave him be you're what people call inefficient I knew that's how everyone else thinks of me I'm probably dragging Miss Suzuki down anyways don't say that.

Miss Suzuki he just takes a bit more time than others but he takes all of his tasks seriously on top of that he doesn't waste his time chit chatting as you do waste if you have the time to be talking here why don't you go back and focus on your.

Work I was planning on doing that anyways you don't have to be so hideous you know I don't mind whatever you call me Mr Suzuki I'm sorry about that why are you apologizing I mean Mr eonon isn't wrong at all I really am a slow worker and I'm slowing you down for sure.

Hard for everyone to finish at the same time anyways besides you're working hard and that's what matters Miss Suzuki it means that you're neat with your work you stick with your speed if anything I know you're good parts the most no need to rush let's take it easy together.

Yes ma'am Miss Suzuki hasn't given up on me besides no one else cheers me up as she does I'm so grateful to have a senior like her why are you smirking like that I've never seen a smile that big on you I just thought I needed to work harder does that make you smirk that much it just means I'm that motivated right.

Now all right I'll work hard to make Miss Suzuki proud I worked at my own pace but tried to work more efficiently without lowering the quality but the results weren't showing as always and I was starting to feel pressure on my shoulders Joe you 'll move to a department more in the.

Countryside what why it's not all that please don't take this negatively this is good for you too good for me we're gonna have you trained in the countryside you might be able to notice something new working in a new environment we're sending you so you can grow I see.

She said training but they're just trying to get rid of me aren't they it's because I wasn't able to make myself of any value to the company I know Miss Suzuki wouldn't give up on me but hey keto why does your face look like that huh what's wrong with my face it looks like you just heard that the.

World is about to end I just thought I needed to work harder is that all it takes to make you look that devastated I'm going through a lot oh sorry then but don't push yourself too much all right you're too serious with your work sometimes thanks whether I hate myself for it or not the.

Fact that I'm getting sent away from the headquarters doesn't change since then I worked hastily to get some paperwork done to move during that period things were awkward between me and Miss Suzuki so I just avoided eye contact and made sure not to talk with her more than the bare minimum I'm the one avoiding her since it's awkward but.

It's kind of lonely without her maybe I'll never see Miss Suzuki again after I move I wish I could have worked under her for even a bit longer before I knew it my moving day had arrived don't have the time to be depressed I'll just do whatever I need to do come on I got this I made up my mind and walked.

Into my new workplace nice to meet you I'm guessing you are Mr Takashi Kido my name is hayato sugimoto I look forward to working with you hi my name is Ira Sato let's have a great time nice to meet you my name is Takashi Kido I've been moved from the headquarters and I might cause some trouble even so.

I'll work very hard so help will be greatly appreciated thank you tank I messed up my self-introduction what am I doing can I not even have a good first impression are you nervous right now don't be so stiff right pause sometimes I feel like you're.

A bit too loose though Miss Saito creative Billy if I feel like I'm hooked up in a Cell you know be nervous at all unlike headquarters this place is easy going and free-spirited all right then I'll look forward to working with you Keto yes ma'am I'll be looking forward to working.

With you starting today as well she seems like a unique person way different from everyone all tense at the headquarters all right I'll succeed here no matter what propelled by my motivation I finished the work that was given to me it was like time went by different than in the headquarters there a second couldn't be wasted and no.

Mistake would be tolerated that's how I felt back there so I was always tense but here things are loose in a good way Mr sugimoto told me there was no need to rush as long as I finished my work properly this place is such a nice place to work at there's definitely a difference in the workload but I can actually take my time here.

Maybe I really will be able to work freeheartedly at this place thanks to not having to be in a rush all the time my negative impression of work in general had gone away I gradually stopped beating myself up about my capabilities at work which ultimately led to an increase in my productivity one day at work.

Hmm why won't it work is something wrong um I was trying to do this more efficiently but oh for this you can set up a system instead of doing it by hand let me just there now if you type in this number wow everything I've been doing by hand is already done I'm sure this shortcut will save you a bit of your time.

You Mr keto I'll make sure to speed up my work by using this don't go too hard on yourself our motto is after all to work Loosely in a good way that's right oh yeah I'll give you a piece of chocolate for helping me open.

Up huh no um I can eat it myself come on don't be shy open up how is it isn't it tasty it's my favorite chocolate it's delicious but uh what's wrong are you getting a bit shy how adorable please don't tease me I'm sorry all right let's get back to.

Work then shall we being moved to an office in the countryside was the best thing that had ever happened to me especially because Miss Saito would always talk to me and make sure that I was doing fine thanks to that we'd speak to each other very often and she became the closest person in the department to me one day as I was working hard with.

The support of my new friend my name is Momoa Suzuki and I'll be working here starting today I look forward to working with all of you what how's this possible Miss Suzuki Miss Suzuki moved here on her own will is that so why would you leave the headquarters to come here I wanted to see how much you've grown so.

I thought it would be best for me to request to be moved here myself so I could be with you every day isn't it natural to worry if my precious worker is doing well I didn't know you thought of me as a precious worker I thought you gave up on me because I didn't live up to your expectations I would never.

Why would I ever give up on you I believe in your talents more than anyone Miss Suzuki um could you two please go back to work because you can't just show up and act like his girlfriend not acting like his girlfriend you were acting like he's your ex or.

Something by the way I forgot to tell you but Tito's working with me so please don't bother us it's not like he's working with only you right he's working with the whole department and that includes me this besides he and I do indeed have a long history so I'm not his ex but I have been beside him for a very long time.

I know keto more than anyone this this past doesn't matter I'll continue to get to know more about him so it'll be fine um YouTube please calm down please yes ma'ams ever since Miss Suzuki moved to our department the two have been fighting over me Non-Stop keto would you like to eat lunch.

Together keto's eating with me so could you please go eat with something else all three of us could eat together right Keto uh well don't you think it would be hard for a nice boy like keto to say no to that keto let's go home together oh I'm sorry.

But he's going home with me today could you ask again on another day oh three of us could go home together by keto wouldn't you be fine with me being there well you know that he can't say no to that you did the same thing during lunch.

One day as the two continued to fight over me we had a meeting about our company's new plan for a business in the countryside if they're looking for a business opportunity in the traditional Countryside maybe we could use traditional hay sandals zory and traditional Japanese sweets how would we combine those two we combined these two.

By making a pair of zory shoes made out of traditional sweets do you mean we should combine two Representatives Goods of the countryside into one let's have some traditional sweet stores cooperate with us on making this sure we'll be able to make something great all right let's get to work then the.

Plan was decided and we explained it to the most famous stores in our area they kindly accepted our request as they wish to help Enlighten our community out of the many traditional Suites of Japan we decided to make our product with a Monika shell what should we do about the filling inside I want to make it something.

Unique aren't there tons of fruit Gardens in the area yeah compared to other places I think there's a lot if so let's utilize that as in we'll use not just any filling but fruit filling so we are trying to incorporate traits of the countryside even on the inside.

Exactly since we're using fruits we can also change the flavors depending on the season that sounds like a great idea all right let's start making some trial products this is how with the help of a sweet shop we were able to make the Zori shoe Monica as soon as we sent a sample to the.

Headquarters we received some great feedback one day Mr eonon was sent from the headquarters to inspect our progress what's up Cheeto long time no see Mr eanon are you still working like a turtle as always there's no way a guy who couldn't do anything back in the headquarters could.

Improve at another place aren't you being a pain in the butt to everyone here too how long is it going to take you to acknowledge that you're not fit for this job hey don't talk to him like that huh keto is great at what he does thanks to him our office is in the best shape it's.

Ever been in but he got sent to this place because he was horrible back at headquarters am I right besides what did he do in this project anyways he's the one who suggested this project what this guy besides it's not all that he's bad at his job it's that he wasn't able to live up to his potential in the headquarters.

I thought that given the positive atmosphere in the countryside he'd be able to live up to his full potential I sent him here because I believed in him Miss Suzuki besides how good are you at your job have you accomplished anything potential we don't even know whether that product.

Will take off anyways we already got approval from the headquarters you're gonna complain then why don't you try it yourself what how does it taste she's so good not there's no way a product like this is.

Gonna be a hit it will indeed uh what did he even come here to do you too you believed in me I'll work harder than right now and I'll make you proud it's good to work hard but you shouldn't push yourself too much besides if you're gonna work hard work hard next to me no you're working hard next to me.

The three of us will work hard together three of us I mean if KIRO says so I guess we need to take a break from this war fine problems popped up here and there but that doesn't change what we need to be doing to make a variety of fruit.

Fillings we went around to make deals with several fruit makers one year later a few influencers thought that a fruit-filled Monica was cute and it became a buzz thanks to that our project became one of the most important ones of our company and our department was greatly appreciated for our hard work apparently Mr eonon is starting to get.

Side-eyed at the headquarters for not showing any results for the company a few months later hey keto funny you gonna love me back oh we've been trying to steal your heart for so long oh um even after several months Miss Suzuki and Miss Saito were still after me if he won't give in would you like to.

Share him with me that might be a good idea loving him together what do you two hear yourselves we won't tell you to pick one anymore yeah just take a love coming from both of us I'll love you forever I'll love you forever too.

I guess this romance in the countryside isn't gonna end for a while thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well