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[Manga Dub] I got dumped and was set up with an older woman, but the beauty that came… [RomCom]


My name is masaki kitamura and I'm 25 years old I work as a Salesman one day my best friend from college Kojima asked to see me he suddenly bowed his head down and begged me for a favor I'm begging you this is the last thing I'll ever ask from you the last thing you're so dramatic lift your head up man.

I'm not being dramatic I just need you to meet her and go on a small date but she's a regular at the restaurant right my best friend's request in summary went like this Kojima became a full-time worker at the Izakaya we were working at during college a regular at the Izakaya asked him to.

Introduce her to a guy she always reserves for big groups with him so he couldn't say no to her uh yeah so I'm currently working through a heartbreak well the more reason to meet her meant that broken heart with another girl casually I was dating her for five years.

You know I met my ex-girlfriend Emmy when I was in college as well we've been dating for five years since I was 20 years old she would visit the isakaya often and wait for me to finish work at the counter while she watched me masaki I'm only from here thanks man.

He waits so long that I got drunk I'm sorry I can clock out now let's go home let's go to your house then just like that we were a lovey-dovey couple until we finished College after we graduated and both started working Emmy started to spend a lot of money instead of saving she would spend money.

On hanging out with friends and fashion in the end I would pay for all of our dates I mean it's true that she's getting prettier and prettier but and last month Emmy finally dumped me sorry Mr massage someone else.

Spoiled me so I was going through a heartbreak at the moment but Kojima wanted to introduce me to a regular at the restaurant she's a beautiful lady you know she seems like a hard worker too she works at a beauty salon then she can meet other guys can't she.

The thing is she's nine years older than either of us so she's 34 years old right now she's a very beautiful lady you don't need to say it twice it didn't seem like he was going to back down so I finally agreed I waited for the woman in front of the station on the day of our date.

Her name was yukari himekawa apparently but Kojima didn't send me any pictures of her instead he gave me her number so we've been messaging for the past three days or so I didn't have any pictures of her so I was curious her polite way of talking and subtle emojis made a good impression.

But I wonder what kind of person is going to meet me um excuse me yes what is it whoa she's so beautiful your masaki-sano aren't you yes I am are you himekawa-san yes I am you can call me yukari.

She was three times more beautiful than what I imagined she looked so young that people might assume that I was the one who was nine years older uh I don't want us to talk here so would you like to eat or drink something around here yes I love that her smile is gorgeous she's so pretty.

That I can't look her in the eyes properly as yukari-san and I headed to a cafe I could feel my heart beating faster we entered the cafe and properly introduced ourselves once more we small talked about our hobbies and whatnot yukari-san looked very mature but she.

Had childish Expressions at some moments speaking to her in person I saw that she was a funny person too anyways why did you ask kojiba what hi I just thought you would be able to meet a nice man at your work or something like that.

I can tell that you're a very Charming person by talking to you like this you're very good acting woman aren't you oh no uh it's nothing I didn't want to just meet anyone I wanted to be introduced to you masaki-san yukari-san you're good at sweet talking.

Too huh I'm serious I wanted him to introduce me to you what you weren't okay with just any other guy the thing is we've met before the first time we met was about five years ago I've been a regular at that Izakaya since then.

Really I never would have imagined that I had met her while I was working at the Izakaya two weeks ago yukari-san was talking to Kojima at the isakaya by the way the guy that was working here five years ago the one that was close to you is he doing okay are you talking.

About masaki he's wearing suits every day and working as a businessman now but I mean he was dumped recently because of his low salary what really yeah they've been dating for five years but she left him because he didn't have a stable future or something like that does that mean he's single right now.

And you give me his number she asked Kojima for my number but he was hesitant to give it to her so that's why Kojima called to ask me the favor I was a bit drunk oh but I did actually want to meet you oh but why did you want to meet me honestly even though she was a regular I don't remember someone this pretty.

Coming to our Izakaya it's a little embarrassing to explain so can I tell you another time oh okay did something embarrassing happen five years ago fortunately I couldn't remember a thing we went to an aquarium after that look look it's a penguin oh they're so.

Cute they really are I don't come to places like this so it's super refreshing I'm having so much fun if I was being honest I couldn't think of many places to have dates with a woman who is nine years older than me and chosen aquarium in the end but it seems like she was having fun.

Yukarisan looked so cute excitedly looking around that I could watch her forever being with her was so much fun and made me feel better too I didn't want to compare her to Emmy but I felt comfortable being around her thank you for spending time with me today.

The pleasure is all mine I had a lot of fun will you go on another date with me again yes of course just like that our first date went pretty well but we went on two or three more dates after that.

But our relationship didn't go any further time continued to pass while she never told me about the embarrassing reason why she chose to contact me maybe I'll rely on alcohol for a date next week I'm going to see a client now will you accompany me.

Oh yes sir of course still my priorities should be making my life more productive it didn't matter when I was a student but it seems like a balance between money and time is necessary for a relationship where are we headed today a beauty salon hopefully we can get a contract for the new model of the facial.

Mess agree let's do our best after going around to a couple of beauty salons we headed to the last one when nice to meet you my name's yukari himekawa what yukari son hello Hello nice to meet you I heard she was working at a beauty salon but I didn't think it'd be here we went into business talk quickly after.

That and while my co-worker talked about our product I glanced into yukari-san's face yukaristan looked unfazed as she listened to the presentation she seems like she could professionally separate her work and personal life so we didn't mention anything about how we knew each other.

I'll discuss this with the higher ups and contact you with a decision in a few days tops thank you so much thank you so much everything went peacefully so my co-worker and I headed back to the office but on the way back huh a text message from yukarisan oh this was my first time seeing you in a.

Suit you look so handsome well obviously she noticed it was me I want to drink something with you while you're wearing that suit oh do you want to go drinking after we both finish work I'd love to all right now that that's decided I have to finish and clock out on time well well that.

Person was a beauty wasn't she I agree I would have asked for her number if I was 10 years younger if he was 10 years younger I wonder if yukari-san is in a rush about marriage and having kids already nothing is it about your work or something in.

Your private life um yukarisan marriage and things like that well I am 34 already so yes to an extent she is I didn't put too much thought into it in my early 20s but there was a point in my late 20s when I was feeling a bit panicked but after going past my 30s I.

Stopped thinking about it so much what why not I like my job at the salon right now and I don't want just anyone out there I want to grow old with someone I love someone you love that's why I'm part of the unsold good section oh my classmates got married.

Already to be honest it sounds kind of like an insult when my friends tell me that I'm working hard at my job but I don't care I already decided that I'm going to be with the person I love um and that person I got the subtle hint the person yukari-san was talking about was me.

But it seems she was being considerate and trying not to talk about heavy topics with me however I was curious what was actually going through yukari-san's head oh I can't drink anymore what it's only your first glass kind of a lightweight.

I thought she was strong with alcohol since she was a regular at an Izakaya in the end I left the restaurant within an hour with yukari-san on my shoulders yukarisan are you okay just getting started yeah let's head home then masaki I like you what.

Nice even to an old lady like me you're such a responsible and kind person musakikun old lady you can't respond you're beautiful yeah you make me nervous every time you look at me I get sad whenever our dates end then I get excited for the day I get to see you.

Next really are you sure you're not just being considerate of course not oh the taxi is here let's get on it after that I followed yukaristan to her apartment but wait haven't I been here before I was suddenly hit with a sense of deja vu at the same time memories from five.

Years ago came back to me five years ago when I was still working at the Izakaya we were closing soon but there was a lady sprawled out on the counter um Excuse Me Miss we're closing soon I know whoa she's super drunk Kojima what should I do.

Our boss isn't here I'll take care of the rest so can you drop that lady home I guess so we decided that it was dangerous for a woman to walk alone at night and so I ended up dropping her home when we got to her room the lady pulled my arm please don't leave me alone I couldn't.

See the woman's face clearly because it was dark but now that I think about it I feel like it was yukari-san I couldn't leave her alone so I stayed with her until morning of course I didn't do anything sketchy because I was dating Emmy this room the drunk lady five years ago that was you wasn't it.

Yes I'm sorry for being selfish that time it's completely fine I was actually kind of sad that day a man and a woman alone in the same room but you didn't do anything with me I thought that I wasn't attractive because of that oh that's not it at all I had a girlfriend at the time I mean not anymore but.

I didn't know that you had a girlfriend still I can't believe that I did that when I got drunk what about now I'm an old lady now but yukarisan you're so attractive that I don't think I deserve someone like you honestly I'm the one who's not confident.

I've had feelings for you for five years since that night what do you want to do tonight when she looked at me with those puppy eyes I felt so much love for her yukari-san had feelings for me for five years then there's nothing else for me to do but reciprocate those feelings no I just simply wanted to have yukari-san by my.

Side six months after that my ex-girlfriend Emmy contacted me she said she had something she wanted to talk to me about a long time no see mataki how have you been yeah it's been a while misaki I heard you got a promotion after your sales went up congratulations.

How do you know about that my friend at College works at the same company that you do oh the one working in general affairs so anyways will you get back together with me what now to my boyfriend because I realized I wanted to be with you I'll support you now for all the times you've supported.

Me she's doing this because she found out I make more money now I realized after we broke up that Emmy only saw me as her personal ATM her boyfriend probably broke it off with her after finding out she was a terrible Spender I'm sorry I can't do that still love me.

Love me why would you say that I'm married now we only filed our papers last month so our wedding is next year what the hell I didn't hear about that Emmy happiness to you is living a luxurious life isn't it but that's not what happiness means to me I finally found someone who actually loves me.

She's older than me but she's beautiful and cute I love spoiling her and she's wonderful it probably doesn't old lady that was late to get married masaki are you done yukari let's go we're already done with this.

Conversation okay see you Emmy good luck with everything prize because I was an old lady with you the complete opposite she looked like she was surprised at how pretty you are you sure Emmy never contacted me after that by the way Emmy apparently quit her job.

And went back to her hometown she was forced to leave since she caused problems by hitting up too many men from her workplace I mean I guess it was a good thing you broke up with Emmy I think so too anywho thanks Kojima for allowing me to meet yukari it's nothing it's nothing.

You look beautiful yukari thank you masaki happy together of course I'm going to love you forever just like that yukari and I are living a happy and wonderful life as a married couple thank you for watching how was today's.

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