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[Manga Dub] I got fired, and a childhood friend passed by and saw me… [RomCom]


I got your back you don't have to worry about a thing what you don't want to do this with me uh that's not what I meant to say I looked into my beautiful childhood friend's face we were at a park as the sun was setting let me tell you why this is happening it goes back a few hours.

dear my beloved father and mother have you been well by the way your son just got fired today what am I supposed to do with my life now my name is kotaro Yamada I used to take my job as an office worker seriously I did everything they asked me to do and I never complained once that wasn't.

The most impressionable employee but I belonged there and I thought I was going to stay for a long time what the are you kidding me I came to work today and found out my company was laying off a bunch of employees I didn't know how to react when I saw my name on the list I was aware that the.

Company was struggling under the impact of the recession I would be lying if I told you this announcement was completely unexpected but I always told myself that I'm still young and my bosses knew how serious I was about my work I fooled myself into thinking I was in the safe zone so yes.

It came as quite a shock for me but I knew they were planning to downsize my boss has talked about it but I never expected it to happen to me I mean I haven't had the most impressive work performance but I did the best I could gosh you're supposed to do now I might find a new job.

But I have to find a place to live first ever since the company hired me I've lived in company housing so now that they're firing me it also means they'll be kicking me out of my house you believe they only gave me a week to move out it's impossible how can I find a place.

To live and move all my things in a freaking week maybe I should go back to living with my parents I wish I could have stayed here I don't want to go back yet oh I feel like such a failure uh kotaro huh it's been a while kotaro how are you.

I thought I would have bumped into you here Rina the girl with the pink hair is Rina Ogawa she's a childhood friend we used to live in the same neighborhood and did everything together I went to school with her till high school and we would hang out at each other's houses however it wasn't easy to.

Make time for each other once we started college we stopped keeping in touch and I haven't talked to her since I'd almost forgotten about her we haven't seen each other in so long wow it's been too long how have you been life has been great it's been treating me pretty well Rina.

What do you do now me I work in the apparel industry I own a company what you own a company you've always been the active type that's incredible I love hearing compliments so kotaro what are you doing here I was thinking I guess thinking about what are you in.

Trouble or something trouble yeah that would be the right word for it come on you can tell me anything uh well I what you were fired today uh-huh they threw me out I wasn't ready to go back home yet but I don't really have a choice why don't you come work with me uh I don't quite understand.

You needed help and that you didn't have a place to stay well yeah I did but I live by myself I think it would be nice to have some company I don't want to cause any trouble don't worry you won't be geez that's what you're worried about we've known each other our whole life.

Be able to lean on each other a little right you know thank you I'll stay with you until I get back on my feet great come on and so I decided to stay with Rina until I found a job and a new apartment Serena what the hell see dude this is not an oopsy situation what.

In the world happened here this looks like the end of the world seriously how can you live like this hey don't be so mad at me it'll be okay I made sure to make a pass so we could get around how is any of this okay you live in a pile of trash I totally forgot about how Rena was.

She's the most sloppy person I know she was never keen on keeping her room clean Rina it's a wonder how you survived living in here it's because I'm busy I don't come home much where do you stay oh I just stay at hotels and go to work from there and then I come home I'm too tired to take care of all this crap too tired do you.

Even clean I can't remember the last time I did uh I get that you're busy but this is unacceptable Rina okay why don't you sit over there while you wait yes sir half an hour later I think I've seen my phone I like cleaning I'll be in charge of it since you're letting me stay here.

I'll make sure to keep it this way a woman shouldn't be living in trash thank you kotaro oh hey thanks to you I'm finally going to be living like a human I don't want to imagine how you've been living until now you're making me worried Rina work is everything to me at the moment oh.

you're hungry do you want to eat out it's okay I'll make something here let me raid your fridge for ingredients okay wait what the hell is this energy drinks no I'm not asking about the contents of your fridge these energy drinks keep me up and Alive.

Where's your food I don't have any they're all rot while I'm away I know you're busy with work but you need to take better care of your body laughing is not going to fix things you'll regret not being healthy after you grow old uh yeah I know but fine we can order in tonight yay we'll.

Have a pizza party didn't I just tell you to be healthy I have no idea Arena's lifestyle had become this catastrophic he's basically saving my life I should help her fix hers I decided to become Rena's support system starting the next day good morning Rina.

Oh what Fruit Market wasn't open but thankfully the convenience store was it's not much but I'm sure it's better than an energy drink had a warm breakfast at great for you well then I have no choice but to eat it this is so exciting.

Exciting so it's delicious I'm glad convenience stores are great they even sell eggs and miso they didn't have fish so I bought a ready to eat dish it doesn't matter this is amazing thank you it's nice to see her enjoying the meal.

Today's mission is to fill her fridge with necessities I focused on housework the next day to make her place livable I cleaned the room again especially the spots I couldn't finish yesterday I also went grocery shopping the laundry needed to be done and I prepared dinner and a nice bath the day went by fast I.

Barely finished before Rina got home hey kotaro you're home what's wrong you look out of it it's nice to have somebody waiting for me at home I always come home to a dark room when I lived alone I like walking through the door to a lit up room.

Thanks I'm glad you think that way wait I think I smell something really good oh I made dinner for you and the bath is ready you want to clean up first I finished the laundry but don't worry I didn't touch any of your underwear or anything okay sweet God I'm a human.

You're a goddess I'm no female it's just a childhood friend of yours then you're my savior I said I'm an ordinary person jeez overreacting much take a bath before it gets cold okay thank you kotaro um.

I can't believe you prepared dinner and dessert you're the best I made that custard pudding using the microwave sure what the hell I'm living like a human thinks to you you can't go on living the way you did you'd kill yourself is there anything else I can do.

You're letting me stay I need more ways to thank you I'll do anything you want me to do ask for anything yeah anything that's possible for me to do well I'd like to be supported emotionally emotional support don't laugh okay I.

Won't um I want you to pamper me and I would appreciate you complimenting me oh what know how weird I sound adults don't for stuff like this but I want to be rewarded for the hard work I put in every day.

Relax it's okay you're adorable when you blush Rena adorable not adorable Rina come here uh-huh really yes really I already know how you like to be treated like a princess you used to ask me to cuddle you all the.

Time when we were kids stop bringing up the past that was a long time ago good old kindergarten days can't believe you remember that it's a memory with you I've always kept it near my heart this is kind of embarrassing okay you want to get off oh that's not.

What I meant gosh oh you're just being mean my bad I'll just stop Arena I'm so proud of you you've gotten so far although you've been sacrificing your private life for your work a bit too much still it shows how hard you've been working I admire that.

I really do thank you kotaro working hard to achieve my call isn't anything special everybody does it but it's nice to hear somebody acknowledge the effort your claim that you're not special is an example of why I adore you so much so modest plenty of people refuse to put in the effort but you've given it your.

All and you've achieved great things you should give yourself more credit kotaro I wish you would be proud of yourself like I am I've never met somebody who pushes themselves as much as you do gosh you're making me blush I'm serious Reena you're doing a great job.

I'm so glad to have you back in my life kotaro thanks but why all of a sudden well I'm just so happy right now Taro you're the only one who can make me feel this way so thank you I'm looking forward to my next pamper session with you me too the days went by and I felt fulfilled living with Rina.

Everything was perfect however I can't stay here forever she's been taking care of me for a while now what's wrong uh I was thinking about how I should be looking for a job right now oh I don't see a problem with how things are now.

I mean I'll go back to endangering my health without you here but I'll support whatever decision you make kotara thank you Marina's always rooting for me I'm getting a job no matter what I had plenty of drive but in reality life is everything but easy I applied to several companies but I.

Never made it to getting hired the more I struggle to succeed the Deep Rife fell into a hole of Darkness to if I fail Rina has worked hard and she's done so much with her life compared to her I'm kotaro are you okay you don't look too good are things going okay with the job hunt.

Oh I'll be okay I'm just having a little trouble finding a decent job kotaro hey we should eat some food I'm pretty confident you'll like today's dinner I challenged myself I pushed myself but everything led to failure whatever confidence I had left before.

Starting the job hunt was gone I felt utterly defeated I can't keep going on like this staying with Rina will only cause her trouble I should leave I can't stay here I'll tell her tonight that night you're leaving why I don't want to be a burden anymore.

You're not I've never thought of you like that but I haven't been able to find a job tomorrow you're doing the best you can you take care of me even though you're busy job hunting but the situation hasn't improved I keep getting rejected I'm hey why don't you try something completely.

Different huh what do you mean if you can't go back to where you were before you can make a new place for yourself if you can't find a saucer for your cup you should become the saucer kotaro what do you think are your strengths look into yourself find what you are capable of I don't know.

Me too I want to support Rina Rina is a working woman job to help people like her housekeeping service you found the light at the end of the tunnel Taro this is your chance I'm here for you go get what you want thank you Rina I'm going to do this Rena helped me.

Start my business I created a company to provide housekeeping services to working women I had no clue what I was doing but Rina walked me through step by step starting a business with no walk in the park but Rina stood by my side the whole way my housekeeping service became a huge hit a few months after the startup.

My moment of success I was getting more customers every day my business became one of the biggest in the housekeeping industry Rina I don't know how to thank you I did nothing this was all you kotaro I there's something I want to tell you Rina.

What is it I have feelings for you Rina you were here for me when I needed you the most and I realized how much you meant to me Tara at first I thought I would be the one supporting you but by the time I realized it it had.

Become the other way around Rina I can't imagine my life without you I love you hey I love you kotaro I have since we are classmates what seriously yeah duh I wouldn't invite you to save my place if I didn't Nina.

Tara I love you with all my heart I want to be with you forever Rina and I officially started dating after confessing our feelings for each other we moved to a bigger apartment since our previous one was a little too small for the both of us we split the housework since both of us are busy with work life is finally.

Treating me well nothing is impossible as long as I have Rina by my side I'm hoping she feels the same way about me great job tomorrow you have your whole life to learn let's take it one step at a time.

I'll teach you everything you need to know thank you Tara I love you well I love you too Rina I hope our lives together will continue like this for the rest of our lives check out our other videos as well