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[Manga Dub] I got fired, so my childhood friend bought me for $10,000… [RomCom]


My name is wataru hibiki and I'm a 24 year old business worker I've been working at a department store in the countryside since I graduated I'm currently in charge of purchasing Suites to sell my hobby is going around places to eat delicious foods I'm just a normal man and there's.

Nothing special about me I'm going to suggest Japanese sweets for our next Food Fair what do you think uh I like Western sweets more don't sesame seeds and red beans give off a lame Vibe this is Kuroko harada my co-worker she would confidently flirt with me a lot and now we're in a relationship.

Kuroko gets upset when things don't go her way so I follow along with what she says most of the time we're living together now at her house because she says I want us to live together at my place Lane Japanese sweets have a deep history you know people started making them in the Jomon.

Period and it started spreading around because of tea ceremonies I don't really care about that do the rest then you're my boyfriend so you can do that for me can't you I think you should educate yourself at least a little bit I started working here because I wanted to sell makeup but they started Personnel relocation gosh.

They have no taste I have no interest in snacks or sweets Kuroko used to be in charge of the makeup department but moved into this department about three months ago it seems like this job is a bother to her so she always forces me to take care of things gosh the Suites are going to be.

Delivered later so you better help me with that at least okay fine what are they bringing in today luxury bomb kuchen from the Mitsubishi pastry chef I asked you to order it last month didn't I oh.

I think they're here let's get this done quickly so we can get lunch I'm tired wait hold on how many trucks are there isn't that a lot dudes our storage became full from all the boxes the trucks delivered all right that was 8 000 pumpkins thank you 8 000 we normally order a hundred and that's.

Even a lot wait where did Kuroko go hey what is all of this what's in charge here I was called to my boss's office to explain what was going on you were supposed to order 80 bomb kuchens why were there eight thousand the paperwork says you're the one that made the order what's going on what that's not possible wait a second that was when.

I remembered something that happened between me and Kuroko a month ago are you sure I can leave you in charge of the orders I told you of course of course I did it this is easy but you're still not used to it so let me double check for you you're so annoying you only act like my boyfriend during times like this let me.

Do it my way I remember now was the one that made the order but eight thousand so that's a loss of two hundred thousand dollars for department store in the countryside that's a tough loss if you're clearly at fault we might have to think about charging you compensation for damages.

It's my responsibility I'm so sorry it might be hard to stay in our company after making a mistake like that you don't need to come to work starting tomorrow in the end I was made into the person guilty of the mistake I was fired from my job and even had to.

Pay compensation for damages to say anything back to him I guess I'm at fault for not double checking what the hell is going to happen to me now when I returned home I felt a sign that something was wrong at the door Kuroko are you home what is this.

Is this my stuff it is I want you to leave what are you talking about I'm not interested in a man who got fired from his job and needs to pay a huge sum of compensation fees hold on a second I moved here because you told me you wanted us to live together in your house it was way easier that way and I thought.

It was a win for me said you could pay my rent and about me getting fired you were the one who made that order weren't you why did my name come up I don't know you don't have any evidence that I did it you're the one who made that mistake I'm not interested in a broke man who doesn't know how to do his job get out already.

Give me back the spare keys too but what did I ever do to you you're so annoying don't contact me ever again goodbye wait I had nowhere to go and I didn't have much money on me either I went into a restaurant that was open 24 hours did I do something.

I didn't tell my job about Kuroko because I thought that was better I don't have a home or a job how much will I need to pay I don't have much savings either because I spent all my income on food oh God my life is over oh I have a phone call hello.

Time right now don't you come have dinner with me okay okay uh yeah I guess I do have time I'm at the usual restaurant so uh got it I'll be there soon wait for me she always calls me at the perfect time this is Miku kirishima my childhood friend we went to the same school from kindergarten all the way to college she.

Looks pretty and what's popular with the boys still I grew up with her thinking of her as my sister so I didn't really understand them she still calls me up from time to time and makes me go shopping or go to dinner with her so.

What are you carrying are you going to travel the world or something that sounds like fun take me with you there's no way I do that it's a long story I bet you got yourself involved in something again Mr kiss up wataru well you're correct she seems to always see right through me.

I was explaining everything to Miku when I think I got the gist of it you got fired from your job lost your home have nothing to your name and for roaming the streets right that's basically it gosh what are we going to do with you fine you can live in my house for now what really seriously I'll even let you borrow ten thousand.

Dollars to help you get back on your feet oh my God you're doing the absolute most for me is it really okay Queen Miku but on one condition what is it anything for you Queen it's nothing much just sign these marriage papers why marriage papers one of the names is blank what are you going to do with this I have good connection sweetie a young.

Man's marriage papers are actually super useful you're joking is she going to sell me to a foreign country I could expect that from Miku so what's it gonna be you don't need to sign it if you don't want to but if you're going to be homeless and sleep under a bridge you're going to feel yourself slipping closer to death.

This is bad this is a terrible idea but who cares anymore did I make a mistake I might have set myself up for something awful just like that I was able to get my hands on a place to live and some money I was so thankful to Miku but in exchange I was in no place to choose who.

I would be getting married to oh this is nice shall we get going what to do yes thank you in advance why you live here on your own yeah anything wrong with it such a fancy apartment there's someone at the front desk come on let's go inside already Miku you were super rich.

Wait didn't I tell you my business online was successful so I'm running two companies right now I'm so busy every day because of it so you're okay with taking care of household tours right it's the least you can do this place does look kind of messy there's even a pile of laundry she must be super busy.

Are you going to complain oh no I'd love to do them for you suddenly I became a stay-at-home husband I've always loved cleaning and cooking so I was having fun with it cleaning cleaning laundry laundry dinner is ready too I wonder when miku's coming home I'm so tired I feel dead welcome home.

It's already past midnight do you always come home this late yeah bosses are super busy busy huh I made dinner let's eat together oh my God what to do you made all of this this is a beast it's nothing are you even eating properly normally.

Um pre-packaged food from the convenience store snacks or alcohol I thought so you only had alcohol in your fridge I'm going to have you live a healthier life from now on yes sir thank you before I knew it a month passed after I started Living in miku's place until now.

She was living an unhealthy life she wasn't even eating properly but it seems like she enjoyed my cooking because she started eating breakfast and even started drinking less she was energetic again oh I'm so blessed but I think you've got me a little chubby I think that's healthier and looks cuter.

Don't you unusual I think this is the first time you called me cute is it oh I know said you're so good at household chores you should make it your job but will that be successful there are a lot of people being hired for cleaning and chores nowadays A lot.

Of people do a lot of freelance business maybe you should give it a try you could use our website housekeeping services as a job I've never even thought about that just like that I use the ten thousand dollars Miku lent me to start my housekeeping business my cooking was extremely popular and a.

Lot of my initial customers became regulars before I knew it my income was much more than what I made when I was a businessman hey Becky your cooking is so delicious you're very knowledgeable too so I have a lot of fun talking to you thank you so much if it's about food or sweets ask me anything my housekeeping.

Business was starting to become successful in order to do a cheap advertisement I uploaded a video of me cooking online suddenly I became famous in the industry as an ex retail businessman turned into a chef you're so famous now it's all because you saved me Miku no it's because you worked hard I only.

Pushed you forward a little bit I'm so happy for you and your new job my experience from when I was a businessman is helping out a lot speaking of I haven't been contacted by my old job about compensation fees for damages I wonder if all those bomb kuchens were sold.

I wonder what happened oh your phone is ringing it's Croco she wants to get back together with me what curvoko as in your ex someone that dumped you and chased you out right why is she contacting you now I don't know either she said she wants to see me.

Okay then go see her but it might be better not to see her anymore can't do that she's probably Gonna Keep contacting you until you do in exchange I'm going to go with you that's okay right yes ma'am she seems mad.

Is everything okay the next weekend Kuroko immediately came to see me I'm here oh you've grown so much you're living in a super nice place now you look kind of tired what to do I can't do this without you I don't know how to clean or do laundry I even tried to cook but it wasn't the same.

So let's start over nice to meet you kuroko-san that's very selfish of you to say who are you this is none of your business I'm about to use childhood friend I'm responsible for him right now so this is my business I bet you started dating him because he's easy to take advantage of that you.

Dumped him because he was no use to you right come on tell the truth that's not true I love what to do hmm that's very convenient that you started contacting him after he became famous that's just a coincidence coincidence you contacted your ex that you chased out of your house there must be a big reason why you wanted to see.

Him perhaps you needed help with money by the way kurokosan I heard you got fired did you do something wrong how did you know about that the department store you work for is one of my important clients who the hell are you by the way I bought out most of the Baraka muchans from the company that sold them all that's when I heard about kuroko-san.

What really that's why I wasn't asked to pay compensation the quality of the product was amazing so I was able to make quite a profit oh also I told your bosses that you weren't the one who made the mistake with the order that's why they did an investigation but.

You also falsified paperwork did forgery embezzlements and things like that didn't you why why did you do that Kuroko because life is all about money if you don't have any money you can't be happy if you have money you can get whoever and whatever you want I need to be happy.

No matter what happens okay what's acting like a baby you can't gain happiness from the money you made by putting someone else through hell get your act together and put in the effort uh I was putting in the effort Croco you can't be happy with just money life.

Is about making other people happy too think about it a person can't live without the help of others Kuroko was forced to pay a huge compensation fee for damages by the department store she cried to her parents and is somehow surviving like that seems like she's going to have to live a.

Frugal life for a while as for me my company was on a roll I Was preparing to move out since I had rented an office living space I say moving but I don't have that much stuff you're really going to leave oh you're home I'm not going to make you take care of me forever I see here you go.

Thank you so much you saved my life Miku you don't need to give it back to me I can't just do that but man I can't say no to you ever again because of this anyways I'm heading out now wait don't go anywhere I've been in love with you this whole time about to do.

Wow what are you saying all of a sudden it's not all of a sudden don't you know how much I've been trying to make a move on you but we're childhood friends I'm giving you gifts every year on Valentine's Day at your birthday have a day what it's I've only had eyes for you.

Swear I've had feelings for me for that long I'm sorry I must have made you feel lonely all that time I was so happy during the first few months that we lived together you always contacted me whenever I was sad or in trouble and forced me to hang out with you was that all on purpose.

You're so easy to read what to do Hell by looking at your social media I can feel whether you're going through a tough time or whether you're in pain I didn't know I guess I really am dense you finally realized going to deal with you I also have feelings for you Miku.

Really just saying that I'm not I thought that we would be better off as childhood friends but I can't hold my feelings in anymore me neither well he might be the happiest person in the world I promise to protect you for the rest of my life.

Let's get married of course thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well