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[Manga Dub] I got kicked off the team so I started training with a cute girl… [RomCom]


Chiaki you're off the team what why you just are just get off the court would you i'm chiaki akaba during pe class i was kicked off the basketball team by my teammate i'm not a great player or anything but.

I've really put my effort into it what is this you guys are no better than me that's a bit straightforward what no better than you you got that wrong buddy you want to know the truth you're annoying i thought we were friends you're a bunch of jerks wait a minute chiaki to show them i could do it i headed.

Toward the court this is when i'll show them the results of my practice with this jump shot i was just about to fly into my jump shot girly pure achy attack come make that stop oh how embarrassing such a cute kid to get an idea of the.

Opponent's weaknesses is commendable but to mess with a man's masculinity that's going a bit far because i'm supposedly pure at heart they nicknamed me buraki just because i have this minor resistance towards girls this is the treatment i get go figure no matter how hard you try you are pure.

Aki man i can't stand these chicks are you okay should i hug you to make you feel better yeah so it goes damn why him you thought we were friends we're right back at you you jerk.

It's not like i like being treated this way house pure rocky ah what's wrong with this world isn't there a vaccine or something i can get to protect myself from those girls are you daft there is no such thing dating the obvious is miyu ayasaki a very mature and confident young woman.

She's popular around her classmates as the cool princess she's also one of my few friends she's popular among her peers as the cool gal but look at you what you got a lewd look on your face come on cut it out.

So you don't deny feeling a bit naughty come on me you not you too sorry about that she's supposed to be known as the school's cool and collected one but she jokes around and plays little tricks at the end of the day she's just your normal high school kid but i'm a little heartbroken.

Huh why is that i mean in front of me you act normal i'm a young girl too after all ah yeah i never even thought of it i never thought the day would come when i would be such good friends with the most popular girl in school.

But but what there is something that i only know i know that you're only pretending to be cool and confident you're actually very shy and introverted seems my words are being bent out of shape.

Sorry to be such a recluse that's right miyu is your fake cool school girl at school she doesn't like to mingle with the other students and as a result she's seen as calm cool and collected however she's actually a bit shy and has a hard time talking with others she only takes.

This attitude to hide her insecurity she looks the part too so her classmates are somewhat wary of talking to her on the other hand she yearns for people to talk to her and exchange phone numbers or emails she wears headphones but she's not really listening to music she isn't reading some novel or essay but how-to.

Books on how to interact with people the can of black coffee is actually just milk and sugar she looks cool but inside she's an introvert that's miu ayasaki in a nutshell how i came to realize this about her is another story altogether hey miyu you're still on the team.

Why don't you join others sure i want to but the others won't let me join you seem to be overstating things yeah sometime back right before a game let us take care of this take a break on the bench relax but i want to play too we can't have you getting hurt or.

Anything will do a good job on your behalf so don't fret let me join okay everyone we can't have miss ayasaka getting bad grades we gotta win this match uh-huh okay go for it everyone i want to play basketball too.

I get where you're coming from but it could be that the reason girls always pester me is your fault really forever shunned from playing basketball you're blowing it all out of proportion truth be told i'm not actually laughing with that game over pun intended.

Hey let's practice practice yeah secret practice sessions to get back at them secret lessons with the most popular girl in school maybe because i'm still in my early adolescence i can't help myself but it sounds kind of sensuous.

I can just imagine miu as a teacher chiaki i will teach you everything you need to know and in her cheerleader uniform go go chiaki i love i love chiaki yeah chiaki would you give me secret lessons whoa you dope my imagination is going out of.

Control it goes without saying that miu has no inkling that the secret sessions are of a sexy nature okay let's do this after school okay yeah right let's do this i went along not really sure what we're.

Going to do exactly the final bell announcing school had finished marking the start of our undertaking so in this secret session what exactly are we going to do well first off skin chip what skinship that's right skinship her expression was.

Serious as could be so i had to speak up do you mind if i skip this session what i seriously put thought into this you know you should take your school lessons more seriously what i wanted to tell her she was out of her mind but i felt pity for her chiaki you.

Know nothing huh okay then just explain what this skinship has to do with anything it's not just about basketball it's our aversion to people that we have to fix right yeah i guess you're right about that her reason is warranted and i listened.

Closely to what she had to say we're the same in many ways you've got this aversion to girls and have this aversion to people in general since we're the same we could talk without hesitating yeah so let's do something together that we don't get all nervous about seems like the best option that's what.

You call skinship yeah that's right that's skinship after listening to her impassioned explanation i began to feel it all had merit kinda weird for me to say this but i can't understand why you shun other people but you have no problem talking with me.

That's because you're chiaki that's all meaning she doesn't even think i'm human the more i think about it the more miserable i feel you seem to make sense let's give it a go okay let's do these sessions boy if she would just come out and admit she's not that cool and stow itself but.

A sweet and cute gal all her problems would disappear so what exactly are we gonna do first let's do some eye gazing dare into each other's eyes why when you're out on the court you always avert your eyes when you encounter an opponent let's try and overcome this.

Aversion yeah maybe you got a point there if we put our chairs together facing each other and sit close staring into each other's eyes this session can get underway okay are you ready yeah okay five minute eye gazing start.

What is this surreal atmosphere but this surreal feeling really starts to wear on you miyu is really cute i must say each part of her is perfect and being gazed at for such a long time really gets your heart pumping just looking at her luscious lips make me want to catch my breath.

It makes me realize the fact that she's considered the cutest girl at school being so close and looking into each other's eyes really had an impact i wasn't the only one to admit this hey what if you avert your eyes it's not exactly practicing.

Here is one person who's overly nervous and red-faced hey miu your eyes are darting from here to there you okay i'm not averting my eyes come on you just did it now i can't help it when i look at you i get all.

Apprehensive it's that face you're at fault my face hey say you're sorry you're the one who suggested this session i'm sorry by the way chiaki why aren't you nervous huh honestly i may not show it but i'm as nervous as miyu i may be even more high.

Strung than her being an adolescent you tend to give others the impression that you're brave hey i don't get nervous i'm not like you hello me you hey miyu hello anybody home did i awaken the sleeping lion.

I don't know what set off the urge for this sudden hug attack what the hell are you doing a rough play this is going way too far i mean we're super close for comfort my body is a dime a dozen just one coin will do it for that matter use me as you please oh my god that's some erotic statement.

Coming from you i guess she really didn't intend for this skinship session to go this far she just reached emotionally to my pride if we continue this my heart's gonna burst out or it's just gonna wither away damn i lose huh so it's not just me you're feeling.

Queasy too no not just you i was more nervous than you to be honest what i was tense from the very start i thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world damn you beautiful that's not fair you can't say that when we're so close.

If you just back off all our problems are solved if we get all red-faced i suppose it means the session is done put it another way it may just have been paradise in the next pe session it came time to test out the results of my secret session.

Pure aki attack manta man attack get close at this point i would have just given up and missed the shot but i'm a different person today after an intensely sensual experience with the coolest gal in school i'm gonna ha.

I made the shot i did it chiaki you can do it when you try we're gonna win this one today so keep it up buddy leave it to me my aversion to girls hadn't waned in any way but i think i've moved away from the pura aki nickname.

I mean my real name is chiaki anyway chiaki are you ready me you it seems i wasn't the only one to get something out of that session okay go for it mind you i'm not holding back just because you're a girl.

Whoa i did not expect that i didn't think she would use her sensual tactics here shoot nice shot pure aki sure could not resist a sexy attack from you saka keep that up and we're gonna win this leave it to me.

Actually i wanted to call foul but seeing that uncommunicative miyu so happy i left it at that i can't call foul let them enjoy their team spirit hey jiyaki why the hell are you getting this sexy treatment from ayasaki get off this court or better yay get the hell away from this school we're the victims.

Here i take that back i call foul i didn't do anything wrong hey chiaki huh go ahead you can fight back with something naughty to me that is chiaki you're blushing darn it i'm gonna win this match you can bet on it.

I'm looking forward to it she often chides me and makes jokes about me but then at times she really needs my comfort you're never bored being with this fake cool and stoic girl you just naturally smile when being with her she really did a number on me during the game as you might have expected.

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