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[Manga Dub] I got married to the girl who hated me, but… [RomCom]


The it girl there's always at least one of them in high school but did you know they exist in the adult world as well there's an IT girl at my company Maria how are you always so pretty you're flattering me She's a Beauty with a playful charm that makes her irresistible however.

Oh she always runs whenever I tomoki kamino come anywhere near her hey tomoki seriously what'd you do to her fuyuki oh come on you know I haven't done anything to her Maria wouldn't avoid you if there weren't no problems she doesn't even want to bring you coffee she asks the others to do it just so she won't have.

To talk to you thanks I feel so much better now that I know she purposely avoids me must have been something you did but I don't even talk to her maybe you said something offensive to her without realizing it that's something you would do not me um.

Hey boss why don't you let me know when you are ready to start working we're truly sorry for you can I stopped talking and headed to our seats since our boss seemed upset with us it's all fuyuki's fault every time fuyuki starts talking to me.

We get distracted it's not the first time we've been scolded oh yeah I was expecting her to do that Maria does everything she can to avoid contact with me but I have no idea why it's like she hates me but we've never had a proper conversation before.

She's cute and I would love to get to know her but maybe pretty girls like her can sense ulterior motives I'm home hey tomoki waiting for you to come home we've received an official offer for a formal marriage interview.

Huh a formal marriage interview that's right and let me tell you right now she's gorgeous stop mom somebody's trying to trick you or something hey I'm not trying to trick anybody tomoki oh I didn't realize you were here this is one of my mother's close friends she's known me since I was born and.

Still visits us from time to time wait you're the one who talked my mother into this yep I knew it I want you to meet my precious daughter I didn't know you had a daughter what are you talking about you guys used to play together she stopped coming once you guys started.

Elementary School she said she was too embarrassed oh I forgot about that gosh I always thought I was hanging out with a boy well I can't believe she was a girl thank God I didn't see anything stupid to her anyways I asked my daughter about it she totally on board that's why I'm.

Here today well I know that we played together when we were young but I haven't seen her since I'm not sure it's the best idea what you guys attend the same University she told me you guys talked quite a lot during that time what no way.

Oh she probably didn't mention her name even if she did I guess she didn't tell you she was my daughter I see well she'll be here soon she's excited to see you again uh-huh there's only one girl I can think of that fits her description she didn't tell me her name and she didn't tell me.

We had met before I'm feeling a bit uneasy about all this she was really quiet and shy I'd be worried for her future if I was her mother too oh she's here tomoki go get the door what why should I go the husband should always beat his wife.

With open arms but we're not married yet I haven't even agreed to go through with the process shut your mouth just go answer the door ah fine hello oh hi there huh Maria.

Um yes good to see you oh what the heck why is Maria standing outside my door wait wait a minute so Maria is the daughter we've been waiting for and she's acting so different right now so weird we definitely did not talk back when I was in university um can I come in please.

Oh sure time for introductions this is my daughter Maria H shiragami it's nice to meet you well I'm sure you know but I'm tomoki kamino it's nice to finally talk to you I wasn't expecting things to move so fast.

But all of a sudden we were introducing ourselves my mother and her friend have always been like this pushy and forceful Ria you have grown up to be such a beautiful woman too kind you know she got her beauty from me.

I never knew shiragami was your last name oh yeah I don't think I mentioned it before I mean I call your mom by her name so it was never necessary plus you know I had no idea your daughter was a colleague of mine surprise we did our best to put you.

Together no wonder my mother was so set on getting me to apply for the company I work for now they were trying to make this happen from the start weren't they oh don't be shy you guys should talk it's not as easy as you think we've never had a proper conversation before.

Um I I appreciate the effort but I don't think this marriage interview is necessary huh why oh I know Maria is so pretty you want to get married to her now cut it out it's just Maria I don't think she wants to have anything to do with me is that true no it's not.

She's denying it tomoki huh don't worry I checked with Maria before coming here what but huh see she won't even look me in the face I am disappointed in you tomoki very disappointed huh what the heck whatever anyways the whole thing depends on you tomoki what.

Do you want to do you can't be serious you want us to get married now no time to date or try things out it's a marriage interview yes you'll be getting married tomorrow if you both agree to do this that's too soon what you guys are saying is crazy we can't get married tomorrow.

After that I tried my best to talk them out of it however neither of the moms were willing to listen to me I got myself into a tough situation they were being ridiculous even if it was a matchmaking interview no couple gets married that fast Maria isn't there anything you would like to.

Say I'm fine what you and I are going to get married tomorrow you're okay with that yes I am wow she can't say no to her mother because she's such a nice daughter she's willing to sacrifice her life to.

Satisfy her mother no choice gotta step up and convince our mothers if I don't Maria will have to live with a man she hates for the rest of her life still I keep imagining how amazing life would be if Maria was my wife I'm against the marriage why are you doing this.

You both don't seem to realize that you are completely ignoring our opinions there's no way huh I didn't I didn't mean that my oh wait what why are you crying I'm not crying see now look what you did.

Wait how is this my fault you made her cry you have to do everything to make it up to her oh my gosh I am not signing marriage registration papers because of this this is the only way tomoki that's right you made my precious daughter cry how else are you going to make up for this.

Uh no please here tomoki say these papers cut it out I couldn't fight off the pressure in the end I had no choice but to sign the papers I then gave the form back to the mothers this is insane you guys already have a condo prepared for us we all went down to the city hall.

To turn in the marriage forms Maria and I headed towards the address our mothers gave to us we found a condo all ready for us with furniture and utility setup we could move in straight away and I could tell they had planned this whole thing thoroughly uh are you sure this is what you want to.

Get married it yes of course but you don't even like me why do you think that well uh you always avoid me at the office oh what did I say to upset you tomoki you are so clueless always has been.

What you think I'm clueless I know you thought I was a boy when we used to play together crap she knows you treated me differently from the girls we met at the park plus you still don't recognize me do you huh you're Maria my childhood friend.

No not that you don't remember talking to me at University am I right well uh I think I would remember if I talked to somebody as pretty as you pretty laughs I'm glad you liked my comment oh no back to the topic I used to wear glasses I looked nothing like I do now.

Oh yeah she was right she looked completely different the only thing about her that was the same was her height she had changed 180 degrees to be honest I don't think anybody would recognize her she had changed so drastically over the.

Years young Maria Maria at University and Maria now all of the Maria's were so different there was no way I could recognize her why am I being scolded for this it would have been so much easier if she had just told me when we met at University I realized you were around a lot at University but now I see that it's.

Because we used to spend so much time together when we were kids I decided I should just be casual with her since we were friends back when we were students yep but they also followed you around in hopes that you would someday recognize who I really was why didn't you tell me.

I mean I was scared what if you had said you didn't remember me plus I knew you always thought I was a boy so it would be more advantageous for me if you got to know me as a girl advantageous please don't tell me you have no clue what I'm saying this is why I called you.

Clueless oh my bad okay let's put aside our time together during University what about at the office why did you avoid me oh well I mean I tried really hard to become an attractive woman so I wanted you to only see that side of me huh that doesn't explain why you were avoiding me.

um okay I have feelings for you they always have but we started working together I liked you so much I couldn't look you with the eyes geez I can't believe you're making me say this what you liked me oh for God's sake hey stop rolling.

Around I can almost see your aunties it's your fault tomoki you're driving me crazy I'm your wife you're only allowed to mess with me like that in bed I wasn't expecting that comment anyways calm down for a second Antonio to the whole office no don't they'll all start picking on me.

What can I do to make you feel better oh you act sweeter how do I do that like you could stroke my hair oh like this is this.

Is this really happening so adorable now that I've had time to think this is a dream come true for me I just got married to the most popular girl in the office can I have a hug ah are you sure of course that's why I'm asking you I wrapped my arms around her just like.

She asked me to do I will never forget the way she giggled at that moment I don't think I ever want to let her go we cuddled each other all night that was the start of our sweet life together life at the office changed drastically as well.

Here have some coffee tomoki thanks Maria thank me when you get home tonight okay I'm looking forward to it hey love was in the air nothing could stop us now obviously the guys at the office hated me a lot of them had a crush on Maria so I don't blame them things at the office were uncomfortable.

For a while after Maria and I got married but none of that mattered once I got home Tom Pokey come here Maria let me stroke your hair and hold me I know I know I'll be right there these are just examples of the sweet things Maria would do to me I'm the.

Happiest man on Earth Maria you're such a baby I love getting pampered by you tomoki hahaha I have to admit I enjoy it too then I will let you pamper me for the rest of your life what an honor I'm aware that the start of our marriage wasn't ideal.

But I guess I have to thank our mothers for forcing us into getting married she's the sweetest wife ever she looks so calm and mature but she loves to cuddle and I find her child like charm adorable I plan on giving Maria everything she wants for the rest of our lives I'm excited to see where this road we are.

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