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[Manga Dub] I had a child on my lap when I gave my seat to a pretty girl on the train… [RomCom]


I played with your Channel today what did you guys play we played house each time was the dad and I was the mom did you have fun uh-huh it was a lot of fun I'm now Yuki yasuda a freelance writer since I'm a freelancer my schedule is flexible so for the last three days I've been taking my niece Haruka to nursery school instead of my older sister who's.

A busy single mother we also played with origami what did you make giant isopod a giant isopod yeah it's cute oh is that so I don't really understand young children's taste in things she doesn't look so good and there are no seats vacant it is close to rush hour when everyone makes their way home.

Um excuse me me yeah um you look really pale please take this seat it's all good for you to push yourself my mama always says that you need to take care of yourself that working too hard isn't good for you I'm terribly sorry no Haruka sorry and thank you then may I yes.

Please have a seat thank you very much and you too haruka-chan the lady's complexion improved after sitting for a Time she appeared to be feeling much better by the time you and I got off the train the next day that lady is she okay I hope she was able to get home safely.

This place the cafe has a nice atmosphere I'll do some work here today welcome ah you're from yesterday thanks to you and hurricane I was able to get some rest no need to thank me just doing what's right I'm now Yuki yasuda my name is Ayumi Hasegawa Miss Ayumi I'm surprised to.

Meet you in a place like this I'm the owner of this Cafe you don't say does that mean this is your shop yes exactly I inherited it from my grandfather it's a shop that's been cherished and cared for for many years then something on the house you don't need to do that as I said earlier I was just doing what I had to do that's why it's.

Really okay no you son doing what's necessary there are many people who don't show such kindness and yet you helped me your genuine kindness really saved me you are my hero a hero I'm a little embarrassed to hear you say that so please let me offer a drink well then thank you for the kind offer it's.

Delicious I'm glad you like it the atmosphere here is very nice it's relaxing um May I do some work here work I'm a writer and I thought it would be nice to write some articles on my laptop yes please feel free to it doesn't get that crowded here so please stay as long as you like of course you can come every.

Day as well you are most welcome thank you very much this is here and that's uh is everything okay huh quite some time has passed quite some time it's this late already I was too focused and didn't notice she looked very serious and cool huh uh no I uh oh embarrassing I I'm sorry for staying so.

Long that's okay it just means you are that comfortable here right if so then I'm glad I'll leave the money here it's about time I take my leave um if you don't mind here cookies it's cookies we baked here please enjoy it with everyone thank you very much huh what does she mean by everyone maybe she.

Means with the family she's a wonderful lady who considers not only me but also my family I returned home feeling relieved and the next day I started going to ayumi's Cafe you're here today as well yes it's easier to get work done here plus the coffee here is delicious it's great to have something nice to drink while you're taking a break on top.

Of that my motivation has increased and I've been feeling really good lately that's good to hear I may not be able to work anywhere else but here oh my how delightful this is a gift for the hard-working now yuki-san wow this cake looks delicious a new cake I tried baking I think a palette thank you for the food.

It's very good I'm glad I would order this every day if you put it on the menu really then I'll make it a special menu special a cake made special now Yuki it is a dish that only you the hard-working now yuki-san is allowed to order huh that.

Makes me really happy I'm sure there isn't a deep meaning behind it I'm sure she just baked it as a reward for me who's really working hard even though I'm aware of it my heart is still pounding no yuki-san are you okay yes I'm fine just really happy thank you so much in this way the cafe visits continued I became more and more.

Attracted to ayumi-san who always watched over me kindly One Day writing an article on movies makes me want to go to the movie theater it's been a while I received a flyer earlier on my way over maybe I'll go on my next day off oh a movie I'm isan sorry I was just curious because you were staring at me so intensely I was.

Just writing an article about movies for work and then I thought I'd like to go there's a movie I'm interested in so it's nice timing too actually I'm curious about this movie too it looks interesting doesn't it the action is also very flashy and exciting then why don't we go together together uh I'm sorry would this be considered a date.

Invitation two of us right sorry I ended up asking on a whim please don't mind it I'm really sorry oh my god really what was I thinking I hope this doesn't make things weird between us then on the weekend my sister had to go to work on her day off so I went to.

The cinema with my niece Haruka yeah it was so cool which character did you like she just like me ah the cute pink girl right yeah I am isan ah it's big sis from the train hello Haruka Chan hello you watched a movie with now yuki-san yep we watch character it was great.

Hey big let's go out to eat together huh but we're going to eat lunch food tastes better when there's more people to enjoy it with hey Haruka I'm so sorry for troubling you want to eat with big Ayumi sun has her own plans don't be selfish.

No it's better with more people still is it really okay for me to come yeah no problem let's eat together and if you insist sorry to force you ayumi-san about it the one who should be oh what do you mean by oh all right let's go what did she mean by that yum the.

Omelette is delicious Haruka it's all over your mouth also you need to eat slower okay she is so cute isn't she right she's the apple of my eye her eyes are like yours eyes maybe it's similar since my sister and I look like our mother a few minutes later vicious wasn't it you don't mind why.

Don't we have a meal together like this again of course if it's fine with you congratulations you won a prize when customers pay they automatically enter our Lottery and you want tickets to a first class amusement park it expires in two weeks sis did say she has to work on holidays for a while would you like to.

Go with us Haruka seems very attached to you so I'm sure she would love it if we could all go together we couldn't simply do that that's going way too far I'm hurry up what Ayumi son what was that about after that I lost contact with ayumi-san however I made my way to the cafe in the hopes of figuring out why she acted so.

Strangely but what aimi-san isn't here yes it's rare for the other to take a day off I see got it I'll come back another time saying that I went to the cafe the next day but again ayumi-san wasn't there the clerk informed me that she had taken a long vacation.

I desperately wanted to get in touch with her so I tried to contact her but there was no response just when I was wondering if I'd never see her again I happened to bump into her ah ayumi-san no no son can I talk to you for a minute I have nothing to say why is that did I do.

Something wrong oh you you have nothing wrong so the problem is with me what do you mean if I stay with you any longer I will end up destroying your happiness my happiness I because it's beat me so kindly even though you're married I'm single why what about hurricane she's my sister's kid I've been taking care of.

Her since my sister is very busy yes afraid so please forgive me because of a misunderstanding on my parts I did something terribly rude ah don't worry about it but I kept avoiding and ignoring your messages I'm so embarrassed I'm really sorry.

Uh um no Yuki son is the invitation to the amusement park still available I would like to go of course if it's all right with you let's go together the promised day fixes I have to write that one sure let's go let's go yay don't pull Ayumi Stan too much I'm fine now wants to hold big sister's hand too what no that's because.

Can you hold his hand what um I guess then sorry you two look great together then swept away by the energetic Haruka we enjoyed the amusement park as much as we could after spending all that energy I don't blame her I'm sorry for earlier Haruka.

Said something weird what weird thing you know about us going out maybe it's because she's a girl she's a bit of a precocious one it's not weird huh ayumi-san I don't think it's weird at all because I also agree with her I also think we should go out I want to I've been wondering about you since the day you.

Gave up your seat for me I grew more and more in love with you as you frequented the cafe but I gave up on you because I thought you were married are you me son and now that I know you're not I I how you be son I like you please go out with me yes I like you as well during my visits to the cafe I got.

To know you and fell in love with you I'm yours if you'll have me now you are you Misan are you guys gonna kiss don't mind me like I could and just like that ayumi-san and I became lovers then I wrote a book using ayumi's Cafe as the.

Setting it's a love story between a cafe Clerk and a customer the novel was a huge hit and ayumi's Shop prospered many people rushed to the cafe but a place for me was always reserved thank you as always tell for the aquarium thanks for thinking about Haruka.

But if someday we have a child let's all go out together of course a life sweeter than a romance novel is likely to continue thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well