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[Manga Dub] I had a friend pretend to be my girlfriend to help my sister, but… [RomCom]


Big Brother hug a little sister the cutest thing a brother can have especially at a young age they're so cute it's almost unfair which is why I always spoiled her without thinking but the result was Big Brother my little sister ended up with a brother complex.

Her name is shiori imamashi I'm show imamashi and she's my cute little sister we said we wouldn't do that sort of thing anymore right if I go along with shiori's advances here she won't leave me alone all day she's growing up now so I want her to put an end to this and create a healthy distance between us.

It wasn't a problem before when I say no she gets all grumpy like that it really is quite a nuisance what's up is she already being clingy again when I let out a big science class my best friend go inukai asked what was wrong yeah she's sulking again because I wouldn't give her a hug this morning oh give her some attention she's so cute.

What harm could it do she's in high school now but she's still obsessed with her big brother she can't carry on like this she'll definitely come and see you on lunch break now even if she just stopped showing up at lunch time I call it progress what's what.

Sorry her name's akari shinro she's bubbly kind and the most beautiful girl in the whole class we were just talking about how she already sulking because I wouldn't give her a hug this morning ah is that your cute little sister who's always demanding attention sorry if it sounds rude but I'm not sure if she.

Likes me huh why every time I walk past her she always stares so intently at me oh I see I'm sorry my sister was rude to you no really it's fine don't worry I'll talk to her thanks super go easy on her okay it's not like she's being mean or anything.

She just kind of stares at me more importantly is your little sister obsessed with you I've always spoiled her ever since she was a little kid and now it seems like she's taking it for granted maybe it can't be helped I mean you were kind.

Really I don't think I am though then why do You Look So Satisfied shut up don't get carried away just because akari said something nice about you I don't need to hear this from you hmm what is it you know I can't help but wonder what your little sister will do when you get married.

Married after all if you get married you wouldn't be able to live together anymore right and your wife would probably get annoyed if your little sister was always coming over to hang out but surely she'll have grown out of it by then you think so.

That way of thinking what led you to fawning over her all the time and her growing up to be this way you do have a point if so it might be better to just stop hoping and waiting for it to get better on its own but in that case what should I do for the time being I started denying her attention lately how about getting a girlfriend.

Huh if you got a girlfriend you could use that as an excuse what do you think I mean um that's hopeless akari show hasn't had a girlfriend for as long as he's been alive well neither have you what's so funny I'm bound to find one anytime now no problem where does your confidence.

Come from hmm well in that case why don't I pretend to be your girlfriend you would sure you are always helping me out this is the perfect time for me to return the favor well I'm pleased but I want you to pretend to be my girlfriend too my little sister's got a brother complex and I need help um go you don't have a little sister.

Huh hey you be quiet um I'm not sure I believe you go sorry ah why do you get all the luck it's not fair well since you're offering I guess it can't hurt to try to tell you the truth you'd be helping me if you pretended to be my boyfriend as I watched go crying.

Tears of disappointment akari whispered something in my ear why well you see lately some of the boys just won't leave me alone it's so embarrassing come to think of it I do often see akari getting approached by guys I wonder if they were asking her out there must be quite a lot of them so.

She's probably getting tired of it I see well in that case by all means I'd be happy to help out if I can really thanks so I guess we're a couple now then no thank you akari I guess we are that's no good show you have to use my nickname huh what do you mean we have to look like we're.

Boyfriend and girlfriend my close friends call me Aki we have to make this look natural I see how about akikkins that's just embar embarrassing no no I'm good surprisingly demanding.

I see Aki it is then and so akari I mean Aki and I became a fake couple and waited for shiori to come see me on lunch break Big Brother let's have lunch together shiori who had no idea came into my classroom in good spirits I think it's amazing how casually she walks in the seniors classroom despite.

Being my little sister seems like she cheered up since this morning there's something I want to show you first shiori that this is akari shin ro we're dating with that the class was in an uproar shiori looked lost and confused.

Huh what do you mean I'm sorry to start dating your big brother all of a sudden I know we've already met countless times but I hope we have your blessing akari shinwell you're the one who the boys are at school are falling in love with right I never thought of it like that but I.

Guess you're not wrong I'm happy you remembered me I remembered because I can't help but notice how pretty you are whenever you walk by oh so that's why you're always looking at me I'm sorry no it's fine don't worry about it thank you but why is someone as popular as you dating my big brother.

I think he's really kind he's always helping me out with stuff it was me who asked about um but if you're dating my big brother why don't you seem shy around him no way are you friends with benefits what do you mean um nothing does this mean you'll be eating together now.

I hadn't thought that far ahead just as I thought that I looked over at akari and she gave me a nod it looked like she was agreeing to eat with me yeah that's right huh what's wrong nothing I just thought it might be nice if we could eat together the sweet gentle shiori from a few minutes ago was.

Suddenly nowhere to be seen she stared fiercely in my direction I see so that's your move is it this is probably less about her wanting to eat with me and more about her doubting the authenticity of our relationship so if we let shiori sit with us she'll.

Probably figure out where faking it straight away leave this to me eyes met for a moment akari winked at me I'm sorry but we just started dating today I'd be really happy if you let us eat with just the two of us seemed as though akari had decided not to let shiori get close even if it meant.

Being thought of as rude since shiori was just trying to find fault with us it was probably the right way to deal with her that said I did feel pretty guilty about having akari play the villain rude I'm sorry shiori will you let us eat together just for today.

As she already said that she left the classroom with a pout on her face a little mean huh our objective is to fix shiori's brother complex in doing so we'll probably have to hurt her feelings more than we just did so if we're going to do this we have no choice but to accept that.

In the courtyard we'd probably be seen by a lot of students for akari who wanted everyone to know she had a boyfriend it was the perfect place after that we ate our lunch outside in the courtyard while laughing and joking around it was a little cold from time to time.

But I think the other boys might have felt jealous when they saw me eating with akari who they all had a crush on even so she's cute and kind so I really enjoyed eating with her I guess they do seem kind of like a couple I wonder if they're not just friends with benefits after all hey show shall we walk home together.

As soon as school ended akari came over and asked me with a smile our houses are in the same direction so she probably thought we'd look like a more convincing couple if we walked home together sure shall we go hang out somewhere huh really.

Yeah let's go on an after-school dates that way people will really start to get the idea you're right sure where do you want to go a shopping date would be boring for you right not really I think it's a good idea I'm happy as long as you're having fun.

Really hmm But I want us both to enjoy it I wonder if the game center would be a better choice and with that as akari suggested we went to the game center what do you want to do hmm oh a cow a cat a cat oh that stuffed but I'm hopeless at claw machines leave it to me huh are you good.

Chiori always used to beg me to win toys for her so I think I could probably I threw a few dollars in just to be safe and began to aim for the cat the result I got it this is for you Aki so thank you seeming to treat it with great importance akari hugged her stuffed cat.

Tightly she looked so cute are you sure it's okay for me to have this yeah I want it for you and besides I wouldn't know what to do with it thank you um I have some money don't be silly think of it as a Memento from our first date that was cringy.

Wasn't it even while saying first date we were ultimately just a fake couple playing around in spite of that I might have overstepped the mark huh Aki it just felt like the right thing to do see.

If she's not careful she's going to give me a heart attack doing things like that but it was so cute and I was glad after that we played on the music games and went home we didn't get to spend long together what with it being straight after school but I think I wanted to hang out with akari again or rather from that day onward we began.

Going on after school dates almost every day and continuing like that for a month how's your little sister been lately at karaoke after school after finishing her song akari suddenly asked me about shiori how do you mean she hasn't tried to sit with us at dinner since that day I'm curious what.

She's been like at home ah right well she kind of started lying in wait in my bedroom for me to get home and she's always asking about how our dates went at home she never leaves me alone now akari stood up with a Stern expression.

On her face as if she had something on her mind after hearing what I said and then for some reason she sat down right next to me what's more she was so close our shoulders were touching what's wrong nothing they're not jealous.

Are you when I asked because she looked upset akari nodded and pulled me in even closer what's she doing this is just too cute my relationship with akari has remained the same since the beginning a fake couple but after coming to spend every day.

Hanging out together I fell for her maybe just maybe she felt the same about me I wonder if she'd let me stroke her head but if I do something like that so suddenly so huh what I've had so much fun since first spending time with you a month ago.

Maybe you don't feel the same because we're a fake couple but I have feelings for you I wonder if we could stop being a fake couple and start dating for real hockey I feel the same about you I want us to be together for real.

Really you mean it really I'm not the kind of person who can hold back my feelings over something like this so glad say you wanted to end that's funny I was worried about the same thing you're super popular after all I was worried you'd avoid me if I said I.

Wanted us to become a real couple after all this only started as a ploy to keep boys away from you I'd never do that that might be how we started out but then I've developed feelings for you really I'm so pleased so that's how we stop being a fake couple and started officially going out.

And then we lived happily ever after um but wait don't you think maybe we should tell your sister about this it appeared there was still one more thing we had to do yeah you're right ultimately it might look exactly the same as before to her but as long as her brother complex isn't cured it's probably best to tell her the.

Truth with that in mind we quickly went home and decided to face shiori head on well really you mean you deceived me when we told her everything as a as expected shiori looked extremely unhappy she stared at us intently as if she wanted to say something I'm sorry we lied but my feelings for.

Show are the real thing now but we believe you after you've already lied to me I can't ask you to believe me but I want you to see for yourself how we are together if you do I think you'll understand that we really are a real couple I see you don't have to go out of your way to prove anything to me though.

That's why we wait what really there's one thing you misunderstood from the beginning I don't have any romantic feelings towards my brother huh he's only ever spoiled me as his little sister I like spending time with my big brother but not once have I ever said I wanted him to be my lover come to think.

Of it she has a point did we get this wrong I did feel some jealousy towards you for having my brother all to yourself but that's just because you were hogging him I'm not going to complain if you just start dating normally that's why I stopped getting in your way at lunch after you said you wanted to.

Eat together and I didn't bother you when you hung out together after school either right I did keep an eye on you for a while to make sure you weren't just toying with him but eventually I realized you weren't uh I'm sorry it turned out we deceived my sister based on a misunderstanding and we were.

Both riddled with guilt but I guess if you ended up getting a girlfriend out of it it's not so bad right shiori you're such a cool little sister as long as my big brother keeps spoiling me like he used to you could do whatever you like with him.

A curry no Aki even though shiori was the youngest of all of us she looked like the most grown up I see I'm really sorry about all of this and thank you no no not at all but if you ever hug my brother all to yourself I'll be coming for you with everything I've got to take him back so just remember that okay.

After a final warning and a bitter smile from Aki we chatted normally for a while and parted ways on the way home as I was walking Aki to the station she stretched out tall with a happy expression on her face hey Aki I'm sorry I got you wrapped in all this it's okay like she already said if for that we'd.

Have he has a point if we'd never been a fake couple we'd never have started dating for real he's such a sweet girl too going to be so much I'm looking forward to it too it's going to be great show as she said so Aki hugged my arm tightly with a happy expression on her face.

We became a fake couple based on a misunderstanding but now we're the real deal and the two of us no the three of us are all going to live happily together from here on out thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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