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[Manga Dub] I had my sister pretend to be my girlfriend… [RomCom]


What you were dumped again the girl who suddenly asked me that rude question is shizuka izumo she's the Cheery type I'm Katsuya Inari and she's my classmate for some reason I've been caught up in her strangeness recently nothing to do with you no way.

Why do I have to tell you my sad breakup story why do you know that I can immediately imagine who you asked out easy ah okay yeah it was her got a problem no it's not a bat it just seemed Reckless no routine you like.

Girly girls that are really popular with the boys so pursuing her is impossible right uh people like you are quick to see what people like but anyways maybe if you take a closer look he'll find someone who's Bound to You by the red string of bait huh somewhat oh do you mean our cute like a.

Bunny class rep akina why her plus she was the first one to dump you remember uh even though I did my best to forget you sure are cruel nope you read the wrong for not facing reality reality is cruel.

Yep it sure is closer you don't mean our little sister class rep Minaj on she likes me why her making them class reps by the way our gyaru class rep is without a doubt you oh yeah but I won't accept that no routine if you act like that you'll never get a.

Girlfriend no way you better off alone instead why are you so mad Iza my son got up angry and returned to her seat I don't think I said anything to make her angry though more importantly if I can't get a girlfriend.

What'll I do ah welcome home monichan sawing as soon as you walk in the door is something wrong oh akane this is my little sister akane she's a freshman in high school and only a year younger than me but she's childish and friendly and a cute sister well I was teased by a girl in my class.

For not being popular of course I glossed over the fact that I was dumped I have pride as an older brother you know what's making fun of you oh well it was the garu in class the girl and if you get angry there's not much to.

Be done about it oh forgive her for this um what do you plan on doing well let's show her that you do have a girlfriend uh but I don't have a girlfriend and she'd make fun of me again huh that's impossible we'd definitely be.

Caught it's fine there aren't that many people at school that know we are I'm hiding that at akane's request because she's embarrassed to be known at school for being treated sweetly by her brother is this really okay find out from our appearance because of that Al you're going that far I couldn't.

Hide my surprise after hearing what akane planned to do akane was making big moves all for the sake of getting back at izamosan alrighty I'll be making my appearance afterwards I'm forward to tomorrow will it be all right I wonder my little sister full of confidence stood in front of me but I was feeling.

Nervous about tomorrow the next day akane was in good spirits for some reason or is that because she's diving head first into the girlfriend role I expected nothing less of my sister she's not just cute she's good at acting too.

Maybe she should be an actress in the future anyway changing her hairstyle and going so far as to diet well I guess it's fine since it looks good she somehow looks cuter than she did before what the heck who's that cute girl was there a girl that cute at our school as expected everyone thinks she looks beautiful akane is amazing.

no it's nothing he sure are getting stared at huh yeah for sure I wonder why I don't look that strange do I she doesn't realize all the stairs she's getting is because of her looks as usual she's thick-headed when it's about herself and who she looks like right now it's fine is it is it yep people have.

Their eyes on you because you're cute I see akane you sure are cute oh come on don't tease me I wasn't teasing huh naughty teen oh he's a mosan Who's That Girl why does she have her arm wrapped around you this girl is well my girlfriend.

Huh you have a girlfriend you're joking right there was hardly any indication or sign of you having one and I don't know that girl either she's a freshman so that's probably why you don't ah he's the most science info network isn't anything to bet an eye at maybe it's a matter of time before we're found out.

The fact that you deny it because you didn't know isn't that way of thinking a bit childish what did you say you say wait who are you I'm akame and just as you see it I'm katsu yakoon's girlfriend I won't accept it I won't accept you as naughty Jean's girlfriend.

Who could this girl perhaps why are you going so far to make katsuyakuna your enemy I'm not making him my enemy it's just just nothing anyways I won't accept your relationship ah wait he's a massage ran away without looking back what's with her all of a sudden.

Oh nichon you're unexpectedly cruel all righty that should be enough huh why all of a sudden Zig Yahoo who was making fun of you was her right I think we got her good enough so there's no need to pretend today anymore I guess you're right yep it's fine if we tricked her for a day ah is that so yeah even if we aren't in.

Contact at school our last names are the same so we would get found out eventually well we could trick her and say we're cousins but going that far is a pain we'd probably be bombarded with questions so with that I'm done pretending to be your girlfriend so I think you should tell her the truth.

Next time she asks okay I gotcha well let's hurry up and get to class man even though I went through the trouble of changing my hairstyle but oh well siblings can't get married after all morning everyone he's here hey we came to ask you about that girl you came with wow this became quite the rumor.

Oh izumosan that stuff before you idiots you backstabber ah why you easily dropped me for a freshman you had no direct interaction with up until now is that what you're doing to get a bunch of girlfriends ha maybe it was harder on her than I thought since she thought I couldn't get a girlfriend sorry but actually that.

Girl was my little sister if you wanted a girlfriend that bad why'd you huh a little sister yep her full name is akane Inari phew pretend you had a girlfriend sorry why did you do that because of that I.

Was totally just depressed no what I just said now is wrong it was a bigger speech that's right a figure of speech anyway cut out with the lies if you do something like that again I'll stop being your friend he's almost on quickly went back to her seat maybe she was jealous hey Inari that girl from.

Before was your sister huh introduce me please introduce me to your sister onisan who are you calling oniisan no absolutely not there's no need to say it after that I was surrounded by the guys but there was no way I'd let her into this flock of wild beasts so I turned everyone down came to talk to me for some reason after.

Class what's up well would you like to hang out with me huh um is that a no no I'm down this is the first time izumo's son has asked me to hang out with her so where do you want to go anywhere you want to go is fine with me I see having the decision making on to.

Me I guess in this case if I was akane I'd want to go to the arcade or a department store I'm sure izumo-san would be happy too if we went shopping how about we go to the department store oh are we going window shopping oh sorry was that a bad choice we can do something else it's fine I thought maybe you didn't.

Want to do it you know since boys say that stuff isn't Fun ah I see it's all good I hang out with my sister a lot so I'm used to it oh I see then I want to go to the department store okay let's go getting the okay from Iza mosan we headed to the department store izumosan sure is being Meek today I think Ethan wasan is cute.

This ice cream is so good when we got to the department store some delicious ice cream caught our eyes so we ended up eating ice cream before window shopping it really is delicious do you want to try some of mine huh come on if anything don't you want to try a different flavor let's swap cones izumo San brought her ice cream cone close to my mouth is this.

Okay is what I was thinking but since I had the chance I took a lick of her ice cream how is it okay guess it's my turn here you go how is it it's good I see we ended up feeling embarrassed so.

Without another word we ate our ice cream however that time wasn't strange or bad but somehow a feeling of Happiness on top of that he's the most Sun surest cute seeing izumo-san eat her ice cream bashfully made her look cute and I ended up imagining her as my girlfriend after that we had fun window shopping as planned and headed home.

Today was fun yeah it was easy mohsan what's wrong well you can take your time thanks um you'll probably think this is strange but he wants a girlfriend right huh well yeah and well what about me huh.

What do you mean I've liked you for a long time I've waited all this time for you to ask me out but after seeing what happened today with your sister I realized I can't wait around so please make me your girlfriend he's a musana to put it bluntly I was shocked I had the slightest idea that she even liked.

Me but yeah I hope you accept me as well I was already interested in her so the answer is a given really yep we hung out today and I realized I'm interested in you too even though I say that since you asked me out you may not believe me.

Yeah I'm looking forward to us Iza mosan no shizuka-san so just like that shizuka-san and I were dating after that we told akane that we started dating and she gave us her blessing but something somewhere seems to have gotten complicated so in order to make her feel safe.

I'll make sure to bring shizuka-san happiness thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well