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[Manga Dub] I had to take her shirt off to save her, but everyone treats me like a pervert [RomCom]


Good morning Miss Sakura yes good morning you look beautiful as ever today it's lovely to see you thank you every morning when I get to school there's one beautiful girl that is surrounded by all of the classmates not only is she so beautiful that anybody would chase after her with her eyes she also had brilliant grains and her family has a major.

Company and is wealthy she was blessed not only twice but three times and her name is Sakura Sakura zaka j s is so cute just because of her I still feel glad that I came to this high school that's over exaggerated what even just once I wish I could make him my girlfriend now that we're Juniors I guess I should just feel lucky that I.

Got to be in the same class as her this goes without saying but I tudo sakurami had a crush on Miss Sakura well it would almost be weird not to fall for such a beautiful girl that was like an angel however as you can see I'm a loser at school without any redeeming qualities and so just to be able to admire her from the corner of the classroom every.

Day was enough for me uh tuo is staring at Miss Sakura again he's so weird but all the other guys are looking at her too that being said it is understandable to be grossed out by it from a third party perspective I should try not to look at her so much anymore um the reason why I developed a crush on Miss Sakura was actually related to the.

Library club last year we both happened to be part of the same club and during our break time and after school there were a lot of times that we would be assigned together because of that I actually began to talk to her and I was drawn even more to her personality and her attractiveness well now that we're in the different clubs I don't have any.

Opportunities to talk to her but that was such a nice time if I had the opportunity I would love to be able to get close to her again that's what I was thinking when w day after school I finished up an errand from my home room teacher and I was getting ready to leave and head back to the classroom when nearby I heard a girl scream what.

Happened Sakura she suddenly just collapsed M Sakura Mass Sakura can you hear us wake up just stop breathing wait but why isn't everyone trying to do anything somebody please just hurry up and bring the AED sure I just need to give her a heart massage and CBR for now please come back please with all the commotion.

More and more people were gathering however not one person tried to help I just didn't want to lose the person that I liked and I did what I could to continue giving her CPR the doctor masaka oh thank goodness before the ambulance arrived she was somehow able to gain Consciousness with this we' still be able to have a happy school.

Life with Miss Sakura around or so I thought but reality was much more devastating can you believe he was massaging her chest like that not only that but he was even giving her mouth to mouth and used an AED that's so disgusting seriously what a horrible guy no matter how much you like Miss Sakura I can't believe he was touching her body.

While she was in qucious why am I being sold off when I wasn't doing anything shady at all all I did was do what was necessary and give her CPR to save her life but starting the next day everyone in the class labeled me as a pervert of course the teachers understood the situation and they praised me for it but I was even more isolated from the class.

And had nowhere to go I wonder how Miss Sakura is doing I heard that her life was saved so that's good but it's been hard going to school every day I'm home wait I just remember that Mom and Dad are both away on a business trip even if I stayed home from school I'm home alone anyway so nobody will say anything yes any guess at this time must be some.

Doorto door salesman that's what I thought when I opened the door standing there was a middle-aged and very well put together gentleman um I ask who you are I'm very sorry to bother you and show up without any prior notice I am Sakura sakurazaka father the father what but why wait are you here to tell me you're going to sue me for touching your.

Daughter's body even though it was an emergency situation I swear I didn't have any ulterior motives whatsoever her heart was stopped and she wasn't breathing so I just wanted to save her that's all it seems like you have some kind of misunderstanding but you can relax I came here today to thank you for saving Sakura's life the other day to.

Thank me it seemed like this would be a longer conversation so I invited Miss Sakura's father into my living room first I'd like to explain a little bit more about Sakura ever since she was a little girl she has a very weak heart she's had a few surgeries over the years and we've taken her in and out to the hospital often I didn't know that but.

That reminds me she always sits out during gym class now it makes sense recently her body seemed stabilized and so we weren't as worried anymore but I couldn't have imagined she would have an episode in school if you hadn't acted quickly and taken such precise measures even her doctor said that she may not have been saved say thank you truly.

Please raise your head I just did the bare minimum that any human should have done is that so according to the teacher it sounded like all of the other students weren't able to do anything and they were just standing around watching even if you know what to do in your mind there aren't that many people people in this world who can turn that into action.

Thank you very much oh by the way how was Miss Sakura doing ah thanks to you she is hospitalized but she has calmed down quite a bit if it would be all right with you would you mind coming to visit her in the hospital only if you'd like you mean me I think she'd be happy to see me though what are you saying of course she would be my daughter also.

Wants to thank you and I know she'll be happy without a doubt so if possible I would like to ask you to come if you insist sir then sure I will Mr sakaka said this to me but how did Miss Sakura really feel about it I was prepared for the worst and for her to hate me but the next day I went to the hospital where she was resting and hey thank you so.

Much for saving me uh What uh why are you so shocked uh well I mean uh even though it was an emergency situation um wait a minute are you worried that you gave me mouth to mouth and that you had to touch my body I'm not bothered by that at all I am more bothered that you had a negative feeling even though you saved My Life um really even if you.

Might feel that way when I think about standards for the rest of the world oh then please allow me to correct you perhaps there are woman who would not want a man to give them resuscitation however it does not bother me at all if anything I am full of gratitude if this is going to bother you then uh let's see why don't we have you take.

Responsibility for it responsibility of course that means that you are going to have to take me as your wife what Miss Sakura is my wife I'm home welcome home honey do you want dinner or to take a bath or do you want me first I think I'll have you then aw honey oh no no no there's no way I mean of course it would be a dream to be like that with.

Miss Sakura in the future but your face is so red what were you imagining just now uh well that's um I was just joking I'm sorry for teasing you I figured but I am actually thinking that that would be nice in the future and I'm pretty serious about it what oh I have an examination after this if if you wouldn't mind and only if you would be.

Okay with it would you please come tomorrow too sure I can but uh aren't some of your friends going to come visit you oh yeah those people that are always around me aren't friends like that what do you mean being friends with me me they are probably hoping for something good to happen to them I mean if they were my real friends they would have at.

Least called me don't you think massak made a face I'd never seen before and seeing this expression on her I didn't know what to say I'm sorry I ruined the mood a little bit no if anything I'm sorry that I couldn't say anything in return if you're okay with it being me I'll come here every day until you're discharged thank you so much every day I.

Just lay here in this bed and wait for time to pass so now I have something good to look forward to well I'm glad to hear that Miss sakuro zaka it's almost time for your examination well then I should get going sure but please come again tomorrow promise tuo yeah you call me by my name why not so I want you to stop calling me Miss and just call me.

Sakura okay sure Sakura well done from that day forward just as I promised until Sakura was discharged from the hospital I went almost every single day to visit her no matter how much I was bullied at school talking to Sakura could make me forget about it all Sakura always thanked me for coming to visit her but in reality I.

Was the one that was being saved what you're being discharged today yeah so right now my dad is doing all of the preparations to get me discharged but why didn't you tell me yesterday that means that I didn't need to come visit you today right that's not true at all because if I said it I thought you probably wouldn't come and visit me so.

Come on it's way too cute of a reason you you're grinning so much are you making fun of me no not at all not at all but if you wanted to see me if you said so I would have come any time Sakura sorry to keep you waiting all of the paperwork is finished well what is this Dad um this is it it's nothing is that so well then let's just say it was.

Nothing then it really is nothing nothing at all I'm so glad you made a for recovery but if life goes back to the way that it was before then there's no question that I will have much less opportunities to talk to Sakura there was a small part of me that was sad about it but I held it in and went to school the next day good morning Miss.

Sakura how are you feeling good morning everyone thanks to you all I'm fine now I'm so glad we all panicked when you collapsed I know right everyone was so worried about you as usual Sakura is super popular the moment she came back all of the classmates surrounded her in an instant however most of them are just trying to flatter her and that's all.

They're thinking about seeing her expression now compared to what she was like when we were talking in the hospital room it was a clear Shadow surrounding it now she must not even enjoy being with them that being said it's not like there's anything I can do about it oh jeez too is here again today it's seriously amazing he can come to.

School every day he's got some bows what's the matter with him what when you collapsed he touched your body didn't not only that but you were unconscious and he took advantage and kissed you seriously unbelievable so the whole class has been confronting him about it confronting him but why uh um you want have want some guy that you don't even.

Like touching your body right that's why because you're so nice in your place we I never once thought that nor did I ask anyone to do that what have you done at that moment the entire classroom fell silent probably because he always kind and always mild mannered Sakura snapped also considering her health I quickly stepped in to quiet her down um Sakura.

Don't you think you're getting a little too mad not at all if anything this still isn't enough but first of all why didn't you tell me that you were being treated like this at school well that's of course there's no way I could tell you knowing you you'd probably blame yourself for it considering your health and Recovery I didn't want to make you.

Worry necessarily even if that were the case that doesn't make it okay for the person who saved my life to be treated so badly as long as you are involved with me don't ever try to carry it all by yourself I'm sorry as long as you understand so did you just say that I don't like too when did I ever say such a thing was because he's so simple and a.

Loser and so what if he a simple and might be a loser what about it I do not dislike Tako not one bit if anything I admire too both as an individual and as a man the classroom became even more cold like an ice box but of course it would that's because the intouchable Sakura who was admired by every single guy in the class just openly admitted to.

Liking me but why me too you just thought but why me didn't you what I know I shouldn't say this about myself but I know that I'm popular I am very lucky to have many people Express their love for me but the person I felt for is you but what about me is tuo you saved my life even when I was in the hospital no matter the day without missing a.

Single day you came to visit me is this not enough of a reason to like you it's not not enough but of course there are plenty of other things that I like about you so many that I can't even express them all so please have some confidence in yourself you were way too hard on yourself and think of yourself too lowly what until this moment until this moment.

All I ever thought was to compare myself to others and how I had nothing going for me I didn't have any particular talents and I look like just any other guy that could be found anywhere on top of all that I'm a loser and a loner and I haven't done a single thing that I could brag to others about I was well aware that I was the pit bottom of the.

Class cast and that's why I had completely given up on Sakura talk do I've told you how I feel now now it's your turn I I can't believe she just said that she likes me I had to give her an answer otherwise it's rude I I've always liked you Sakura huh at first it was love at first sight but ever since we started talking together in the.

Library Club I felt even more for you and how you don't treat anybody differently and are nicer everyone I know I don't have much going for me but if you'd like please go out with me yes I'd love to but what Sakura not in front of everybody why not if anything I want to rub our love in all of their faces that would be revenge for you too.

Wouldn't it I have a feeling Sakura is a type that you really shouldn't anger after that also thanks to Sakura all of the bullying towards me and immediately stopped I was relieved that would finally get to return to Peaceful days at school that I couldn't even that I couldn't even remember how long it had been but why is she so close to me tuo.

Tuo tto tuo you seem really pale lately but are you okay what uh yeah I'm fine but are you sure you're not pushing yourself too much isn't there something on your mind or something that's bothering you uh ever since the day we became a couple sakur began sickening me at all hours of the day all of those people who had.

Ulterior motives of Sakura completely lost any opportunities to speak to her and now I can feel the cold glares full of various emotions directed at me because of that it's extremely awkward and I feel uncomfortable but there's no way I could tell her that if anything the fact that I get to be with her is all I want so tuck do do you not trust.

Me that's not the case at all I was able to become the boyfriend of the girl that I liked so uh I guess I'm just overwhelmed about it and to the point where sometimes I feel like I might be dreaming and therefore therefore I'm just so happy that I can't handle it I guess I'm also super happy that I get to.

Be your girlfriend and we're going to be together forever okay what it was almost like a proposal from her I didn't know how to respond Sakura zilus hasn't completely healed yet but I know that I can promise this for sure no matter what difficulties may come our way I'm going to support her with everything that I have thank you for watching how was.

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